Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius brings your fiery tenacity into cooperation with the Ruling Planet of communication skills.  You are very eloquent and inspiring.  Many people have told you they would vote for you for one elected office or another.  You are also gifted by Jupiter, the Ruling Planet of Sagittarius, which is also the Ruling Planet of Hopefulness.

Mercury in Sagittarius Traits

You are an enigmatic public speaker, and you might find fulfillment in a job that allows you to oversee large projects or multiple groups of workers.  You are loved for your ability to see the broader picture, analyze your role, and optimize your own way of helping.  Mercury, along with the element of fire, and the Hope of Jupiter, will help you conquer any obstacles in your path.

You are a problem-solver.  Remember to cheer yourself on while you are cheering for everyone else.  Show gratitude to anyone working under your authority.  Your skill for recognizing a need, and offering comfort to others, is a unique gift of yours.

Mercury in Sagittarius Women

Mercury in Sagittarius Women all carry the Optimistic glow brought to you by Jupiter.  You have an inner warmth because you are a Fire Sign.  Remember that others may be attracted to you for these positive vibes you seem to give off.  If you are in a relationship that does not seem to give back as much as it drains from you, then you could take steps to create a safer and healthier dynamic.

A Sagittarian Woman has Hope in her corner.  Hope is literally backing your actions with positive energy and ideas, thanks to Jupiter.  Use this good attitude and your popularity to share the love with others.  Mercury, ruling your communications will guide you on the best uses of your healing and hopeful energy.

Men love your inner Fire.  You bring a lot of excitement to your friendships.  Your romantic partner will truly appreciate your passion in the bedroom.  You are effortlessly seductive.

Part of your seductive appeal is your intelligence.  Not only can you appreciate social constructs as large as religions, languages, and philosophies, but you crave this type of exploration.  Your fun and spontaneous spirit will serve you well and put you in the position to enjoy the fun many miss out on.

Your Zodiac symbol, the Archer/Arrow speaks to the focus you give to your communications with others.  You are amazingly skilled at planning a message and delivering it, with accuracy.  A lack of passion, which is uncharacteristic but natural, will pass quickly for you.  You always find your niche, and you fit in well with just about everyone!

Love and fulfillment will find you because you are open.  Make sure to practice being receptive.  You might benefit from mindful meditation and reflection to help in this pursuit.  Find the balance within yourself, so that your Fire does not burn a hole right through you.

Mercury in Sagittarius Men

Men with Mercury in Sagittarius are fueled by Hope and powered by Fire.  They love to explore—new cuisines, new travel destinations, and newer levels of closeness, in relationships.  This man knows how to look at the grand scheme, but might miss details—so forgive him if he spoils you all year only to forget your anniversary.

When you Man with Mercury in Sagittarius makes a clerical mistake, or misspells something important, or forgets to mail a check, you must be willing to rise above feeling annoyed.  Be thankful for this man, and his abilities to grasp larger concepts.  Even if he seems distracted, try to understand that he is probably multitasking, and wrestling a tough topic.

This man will never be boring because Sagittarians despise feeling bored.  He will always have a new hiking trail or something exciting to look forward to.  This hope, inspired by his Ruling Planet of Jupiter, is contagious.  You may find yourself out of your comfort zone, but Mercury in your Sagittarian Man’s house will keep you both on the bright side.

Show your Man that you appreciate his uplifting outlook on life.  Let him know that you understand he is human and makes mistakes, like everyone else.  Spoil this man while he is at home because he is likely to be on the road again, at some point in the very near future.

This man will not tolerate clinginess well.  To get and keep his attention, make sure to not only allow him personal time and space—also, share your thoughts with him.  Your man with Mercury in Sagittarius wants to know how you are doing.  He will also try to lift your spirits, given any opportunity.

Mercury and Sagittarius in Love

Mercury and Sagittarius in Love, together, paint a lovely picture.  You know how to care for those around you and cheer them up.  Be aware that you must give and take in a relationship.  It is only healthy if duties are divide up in a way that feels fair to both people.

Your best prospects for love are a partner that appreciates your wanderlust.  A fellow traveler on the path with you will benefit you greatly.  Having someone to walk a trail with will help you build your own understanding and emotional intelligence.  You would love a globally-minded Aquarius or a truth-loving Libra—both of which will stoke your senses of curiosity and satisfaction.

Your worst prospects for love are Cancer, the homebody, and Pisces.  A Cancer partner may want to stay home more often than you.  Even with the most understanding partner, shared interests and activities help us bond and separate hobbies foster more independence.  A Pisces might throw their Water on your Fire.

Find love and fulfillment by finding a partner who appreciates your style of communication and how you spend your free time.  You do not need permission, but you will feel emotionally closer by speaking about these topics with your lover.  Anticipate that you might miss each other when apart, which will only make the reunion that much sweeter.

Dates for Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury appears, in Retrograde, in Sagittarius, on January 4th.  Mercury will then right itself and go Direct, on January 8th.  Do not be dismayed that your year begins with Mercury in Retrograde.  Mercury in Retrograde does not mean the sky is falling.

Retrograde events remind us that sometimes we should pause, sleep on a decision, mull over a paint color, and react less violently to change.  If you are in a relationship, Mercury in Sagittarius is a time you can use to reconnect and emotionally check-in with your partner.  Your love life can experience positive effects from Mercury in Sagittarius, even in Retrograde.  Be open and be an active listener, especially during Retrograde.

Mercury will enter Sagittarius on November 5th.  Mercury will go into Retrograde, in Sagittarius on December 3rd.  Remember this is a time for rest and relaxation.  Reflect on the past year during Retrograde, because Mercury will show back up on December 22nd, now Direct, to help you finish the year strong.

Final Thoughts

You may have a bug-out-bag or BOB already in place, in the case of emergencies.  These types of habits are not pessimistic—they are about the big picture: survival.  Your insight for emergency preparation and/or your minimalist lifestyle, paired with a love of travel, have taught you how to pick up and go.  Make sure that you are also sensitive to what you are leaving behind.

Again, Jupiter will help you find the Hope, in even an extreme case, such as a survival scenario.  You will not succumb to dark thoughts and disappointment.  You are the flower that pokes through a crack in the sidewalk.  You are tough, determined, and beautiful.

Mercury in Sagittarius will help you see the positive in any situation.  You will be able to keep your calm, and also help others, in times of crisis.  When not in damage control mode, make sure you get enough rest.  Meditation and reflection will help calm you, especially at very active times—such as when Mercury is in Sagittarius.

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