Sagittarius: Five Ways To Avoid A Bad Date Before It Happens

Sagittarius:  Five Ways To Avoid A Bad Date Before It Happens


One of the best ways to handle a problem is to handle it before it happens.  As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

It is one thing to scramble and try to patch things together when a bad thing has already happened; it is another to simply be on the lookout so that bad situations do not occur in the first place.

This is especially important to note when it comes to matters of the heart.  You have to understand that you might think you are a very strong person.

You might think that you are a very emotionally resilient person.  However, you do not want to go through tough emotional times if you do not have to.

Make no mistake about it.  It does not matter how strong or resilient you are.

Bad emotional experiences do have a way of harming you.  Bad memories can come up again and again.

In many cases, we are totally unconscious about the subconscious effects of traumatic past emotional bad experiences.

This is why it is always a good idea to try to avoid bad situations as far as your emotions are concerned.

Here are five ways a Sagittarius can do to avoid a bad date before it happens.  Make no mistake about it.  Going through a bad date can impact you negatively on an emotional level.

Do Not Settle for Borderline Dates

You need to interview your potential date.  Ask this person what he is about.

Pay attention to what the date will be about.  Pay attention to the location and pay attention to the setting.

In other words, pay attention to a whole range of different issues.

While Sagittarius people can get along in any kind of social situation, you need to make sure that the date makes sense to you.  Make sure that your date meets your standards.

Do not settle for borderline dates.  Do not settle for people just because you want to go out.

First, it is unfair to them because you are using them.  Chances are, nothing will happen in the date and it will not lead to any kind of romantic relationship.

It is unfair to them because that is what they are looking for.  It is also unfair to you because you can spend that time looking for somebody who is worthy of your attention.

Do not ever be desperate.  Do not feel that you have to fill some sort of dating quota.  You are more important than that.

You should respect yourself by not doing that.

When in Doubt, Leave Them Out

If there is some sort of doubt with your date, then you should skip them.  You should be polite to them and say that you would like to decline their offer of a date.  It really is that simple.

You have to understand that if you go on a date with somebody you doubt, you are setting in motion a bad relationship. 

If things do progress, it started off on a very bad foot and there is a lot of suspicion and skepticism in the air.

These factors can subconsciously and negatively impact whatever relationship you have.  In many cases, it can actually poison the date before it even happens.

Make sure that you are 100% sold on your date before you even entertain going out with that person.

Spend Some Time Talking to Your Date Extensively

The two issues that I raised above can actually be dealt with quite effectively by simply spending time talking to your potential date.  It really is that simple.

When you talk to somebody, it gets harder and harder for them to lie.  It becomes easier for you to trap them in any kind of exaggeration of embellishment that they throw out to you.

When you spend time talking to somebody, you also work out whatever doubts you may have in your mind regarding that person.

At the very least, a somewhat clear picture of your date comes to mind and, at this point, you can then make an informed decision as to whether to go on a date with that person or not.

Do Not Get Blinded by Pictures

This happens quite a bit.  A lot of women get really nice-looking pictures of guys and they decide to go on a date with those guys just based on these pictures.

There is a serious problem because it is very easy to lie with pictures.

Everybody has a good side.  Everybody has a good hair day.  Everybody has a specific time where they look physically good.

You only need to take pictures during these times and you are sure to make a good impression.

If you do not want to get blinded by pictures, you have to ask them for different pictures at different times and at different situations. 

This way you can get a real understanding of what they truly look like.

While you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, you are still a human being.  You often make judgments based on looks.

There is nothing wrong with this.  As long as you are getting accurate pictures that show this person at different situations and at different times, you increase your likelihood of making a truly informed decision.

 Do Not Compromise

If there is anything off regarding your potential date, call it off.  It really is that simple.

Do not compromise your standards.  Do not compromise your principles.

There are so many nightmare stories I can tell you of women who get so desperate about getting some sort of attention from a guy or feeling loved that they go on one date after another.

They readily compromise their standards and these dates often end up as disappointments.  In many cases, they lead to outright disasters.

Never compromise your standards.  Stick by them.

As long as your standards are realistic, then they would lead you to the right place.

You have to understand that there is a big difference between not compromising and simply being stubborn.  You have to know that difference.

By compromising too easily, you might actually put yourself in all sorts of danger. 

We are not just talking about emotional danger here.  We are also talking about possibly physical danger.

Again, if something seems off about that guy, maybe he bent the truth a little bit, maybe he exaggerated in the past, and maybe there is some sort of personal biographic detail that rubs you the wrong way, call it off.

It really is that simple.  You can always lean on your backup strategy of simply talking to that person more extensively until your questions are resolved.


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