The Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius Traits

The Moon in Sagittarius Traits add up to equal your love of adventure, the outdoors and meeting new people. You hate to stay in one place for too long. You have an emotional need for travel and exploration. When you do land at your home base, you seek light and open areas in which you like to spend most of your time.

Your Lunar Sagittarian traits might cause some to label you as a gypsy or wanderer. They may call you immature, irresponsible, or detached. However, you are happiest when on the move. Do not let other people slow your progress.

Escapism is healthy, in moderation, for Lunar Sagittarians. Make sure if you decide to take a last-minute trip, you inform someone of your travel plans. Pack essentials and emergency items. You are known to go with the flow, so always be prepared for what could be around the next river bend.

The Moon in Sagittarius Women

The Moon is Sagittarius brings out the universally-minded women. The Lunar Sagittarian woman cares not just about becoming a mother or nurturing her own family. This woman wants to protect how all families live, around the world. She is more the humanitarian type—one who thinks of all orphaned children as her responsibility, in a way.

These women, with Moon in their Sign, make empathetic teachers, helpful counselors, and amazing friends. While you may tend to run from your own problems, you stick by friends during difficult times. Your loyalty and compassion do not mean that you put down roots, though.

The Woman with the Moon in Sagittarius needs emotional freedom. She will make special and intimate bonds with many friends and lovers, but may never want to settle down or commit for the long-term. These women are not submissive and do not need companionship to be fulfilled. On your quest for love, be honest with prospective partners about your wanderlust, up front.

The Moon in Sagittarius Men

The Moon in Sagittarius allows men extra access to their more emotional, traditionally feminine, side. These men are not afraid to try and fail. They are usually fairly strong communicators but never stay around long enough to communicate much at a time.

Sagittarius men, even with the emotional pull of the Moon, are hard to tie down. They are the consummate cowboy—always out on the range, and just too far out of reach. These men can stay emotionally unavailable. They might accidentally lead a woman on, just being themselves.

Depending on his Star Sign, and the strength of its tendency towards relationships, the Lunar Sagittarian Man may not be interested in finding a long-term partner. Remember, he is an archer—a hunter—by nature. He lives for the chase and the kill, and then he is on to the next conquest.

The Moon and Sagittarius in Love

The Moon in Sagittarius needs you to be fulfilled in love and will bring happiness your way. Pay attention to the Moon phases, as these reveal changes in your sign brought on by Lunar activity. Love and fulfillment are on their way to you, so prepare yourself by reflecting on what the past year has taught you.

Your best prospects for love are Aries Moons, Leo Moons, and fellow Sagittarian Moons. The fiery and ambitious Aries will inspire you to reach your goals. You respect each other’s honest and independent natures. The physical chemistry between you two will be blazing.

The Moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Leo can find one of the best matches in the Zodiac. You meet each other’s emotional needs thoroughly. This is a best friend and a lover. You two can commit to serious relationship goals, but also enjoy simply cracking each other up, like two crazy kids in love.

The Moon and fellow Sagittarians will click immediately—and can form an eternal and loving bond. Love and fulfillment mean the same things to you both. Depending on Star Signs, however, you may be too much alike to bring out the other’s best qualities. This will frustrate you both and could be a deal-breaker.

Your worst prospects for love are the more mysterious Lunar Pisces and the demanding Lunar Virgo. The Moon in Pisces is characterized by a love of the otherworldly. While you are not as sensitive as the Lunar Pisces to emotional turbulence, you will find that carrying their baggage is too much for you. You can appreciate these people more as friends—but even in that case, you will both be lacking something the other one is needing.

The Moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Virgo are not a love match. Lunar Virgos need order; they require borderline perfection. The anal tendencies of these people will alienate you. You desire freedom in routine and behavior that a Lunar Virgo will see as emotionally taxing and very annoying.

Dates for the Moon in Sagittarius

Dates for the Moon in Sagittarius (November 23rd-December 21st) happen both while the Moon is in your Star Sign and at 4 other times during the year. The Moon will affect your childlike and emotional side all year long. Below are dates that show what the Moon will be up to during the time of Sagittarius, but also at various times of the year at which the Moon will affect Sagittarius the most:

The Moon in Sagittarius begins on November 23rd, as the New Moon, which begins a few days before. A First Quarter Moon appears on November 26th, followed by the Full Moon on December 3rd. The Last Quarter Moon appears on December 10th, followed by a New Moon on December 18th.

March 20th brings the first Moon in Sagittarius for 2017, in the Last Quarter phase. On June 9th, a Full Moon appears in Sagittarius. Later in the year, a First Quarter Moon comes on August 29th. Rounding out your Dates for the Moon in Sagittarius this year will be a New Moon on December 18th.

The Full Moon on June 9th is the time when you feel all eyes are on you. You are the center of attention. You are turning heads and making dates. If you are already in a relationship, it is the time to spice things up—your partner will be into it!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is your time to live it up. Make new friends. Speak your mind. Show off your sense of humor.

The New Moon on December 18th is a time to quiet your mind and reflect. Think of this as cleaning up after the party you’ve been enjoying. It is time to be grateful for the past but focus on the future. This is the time that you will use to find a new hobby, get back into an old one, or meet a new friend to share time with.

Final Thoughts

You are a dreamer, according to the Moon. You are the eternal romantic traveler; you feel at home, and make friends, all around the world. You would benefit from a profession that either requires you to travel or allows you the time and money to travel on your own accord.

Be aware of your escapist tendencies. Always run towards something, and not just away from conflict. Let your travel teach you about the world. Allow your personal travel markings to teach you about your inner Moon Sign child.

You have so many loveable characteristics. People adore you. Yet, you always feel to call of new journeys. Do not blame yourself for people missing you; let them love and miss you, the same way you are asking them to let you roam.

A Question for You, Dear Sagittarius:

In a perfect world, you are getting paid to travel all over the map, for work. You want to move, and your significant other can go with you.

If you could afford to move your home base anywhere in the world, where would you find yourself?

What do you think?

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