What Does the Sagittarius Symbol Mean? Sagittarius Signs Revealed

What Does the Sagittarius Symbol Mean? Sagittarius Signs Revealed

Trotting through life with a wink and a smile, the Sagittarius is a firm friend indeed. Optimistic, intelligent, strangely lucky and a lover of fun and travel, Sagittarius people are quirky and appealing.

Like any other zodiac sign, the Sagittarius symbol is one rich in history, but also very descriptive of the personality of these people.

But much like anything in astrology, there’s a layer of mystery to unravel as you explore this idea.

So, what does the Sagittarius symbol mean? Sagittarius signs revealed always show a personality brimming with smarts as much as smiles – so read on!

What does the Sagittarius symbol mean?

In the traditional zodiac, the star sign of Sagittarius is symbolised by The Archer.

Although you might consider an Aries to be more the traditional warrior archetype of the zodiac, and would be right to do so, Sagittarius has the same courage and morale you’d expect of an archer from the olden days.

As a result, the Sagittarius sign is based on the silhouette of an archer drawing back the string of a bow, as ancient astrologers interpreted from the shape of the constellation in starry skies of centuries past.

It won’t have taken you long after meeting a Sagittarius to know that they’re direct people, keenly individualistic and tremendously honest.

Likewise, they are spontaneous people, very much the shoot first and ask questions later sort.

Shooting from the hip with their opinions, but keeping things light and lofty, is a perfect summation of the Sagittarius personality type.

Like a classic archer, they are pinpoint accurate in their perspectives and don’t hesitate in taking action as soon as they deem it necessary.

Therefore, if you’ve been wondering what is the Sagittarius symbol, learning it’s The Archer is likely no surprise.

The term ‘straight as an arrow’ was likely cooked up to describe Sagittarius honesty, and seeing the arrow-shaped Sagittarius glyph only reinforces that idea.

About the Sagittarius zodiac symbol

The most commonly seen Sagittarius symbol, as you’ve likely seen in various keyrings, on tee shirts and even in the odd Sagittarius symbol tattoo, is that of an arrow.

The pointy head of it is tilted upward, and the tail is marked with a cross shape.

The fact that the head of this arrow is lifted up and to the right is symbolic of the confidence and uplifting nature of the Sagittarius native.

People born under the Sagittarius sun sign are well known for their positive outlook on life, and have a curious way of describing even the most stressful of life’s situations with a big grin.

That smiley nature is not done to charm or deceive us though – again, the symbol for Sagittarius teaches us that these folks are as straight as their symbolic arrow.

Sagittarius people don’t lie easily, if at all, and are very much the kinds to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

It’s refreshing to know that what you see is what you get with Sagittarius people. The simple, clean design of the Sagittarius glyph and the arrow it represents speaks volumes on that.

However, the arrow symbol of Sagittarius also speaks of how these folks have a keen way of getting to the truth of whatever they turn their gaze to – like an archer effortlessly letting his bolt fly to the bullseye.

Although Sagittarius people are sometimes easily led astray by others’ lies and dishonesty, they also have a fantastic way of piercing to the truth of a matter with utmost clarity and sincerity.

A Sagittarius won’t rest until they get to the bottom of things.

Think also, when contemplating what the Sagittarius symbol is depicting to us all, how piercing a shot arrow can be.

Similarly, a Sagittarius can sometimes drop a truth bomb on people very spontaneously, although never with malicious intentions – and the truth sometimes hurts!

Of course, if you tactfully point out how a Sagittarius has rubbed you the wrong way, you can expect heartfelt apologies.

These people are far too charming to stay outraged at, and like the arrow, they move so fast that there’s just no sense dwelling on the negative.

The Sagittarius symbol animal – the horse and centaur

The bow and arrow that is so symbolic of a person with a Sagittarius star sign is, in many depictions, being wielded by the mighty centaur of myth and folklore.

The centaur is a creature with the upper body of a human, yet the four powerful legs and solid hooves of a horse from the waist down.

They’re often depicted as proud warrior people, and so the bow and arrow of Sagittarius fits well within their persona.

Although seldom angry, a Sagittarius can prove formidable when his or her mind is put to task. Likewise, they speak their mind and see no purpose in lies and deceptive behaviour.

That code of honour is often found in the centaur tribes of fiction, to say nothing of their sure footed nature and swift galloping speed.

And of course, talking of which, another animal often associated with the Sagittarius is the majestic horse.

The very essence of freedom that horses represent meshes perfectly with the Sagittarius mindset – always an eye on the horizon and the means to get there.

Similarly, anyone who has worked with horses can attest that, although these beautiful animals need rest and big meals, they’re also very eager to make the most of their time in the open.

Just try and show Sagittarius person limitations or reasons why they can’t roam free, and they’ll be just as put out as the restless stallion bashing his hooves impatiently against the stable door, itching to get going!

As with many things with the zodiac though, there’s a darker side to Sagittarius to overcome. Essentially, it’s that age-old struggle between humanity and the primal urge.

A Sagittarius will happily lounge in the sun all day to soak up life’s pleasures, but in doing so will feel uneasy at a lack of profound truths and clarity in his or her surroundings.

Similarly, they can get so caught up in philosophical pursuits that they forget to live in the world that contains them.

Further Sagittarius symbol mythology is seen in Chiron

Although Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer, is an astronomic object that has its own significance in astrology, for a Sagittarius particularly, the mythology of its namesake is a poignant touching point.

A centaur-like those discussed, Chiron was part of Greek mythology, but was not as bawdy and war-loving as his fellows.

While the other centaurs idled their days away with thoughts of conquest, victory and the thrill of battle, Chiron was known for his wisdom and soothsaying.

Chiron wanted to dig deeper into life’s great riddles, much like the Sagittarius that his people, the centaurs, have come to represent.

And much like the Sagittarius zodiac symbol, he did so by broadening his mind, learning of medicine and science.

Through their uplifting natures and open minded ways, Sagittarius people are similarly pleasant and even healing to be around.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and a Sagittarius soul has the talent to keep you chuckling even on the darkest, gloomiest, rainiest dark nights of the soul.

The symbol for Sagittarius in the zodiac elements is Fire

Sagittarius shares the distinction of representing the fire element of the zodiac with lively Aries and prideful Leo. Each such star sign evokes the element of fire in their personality in their own distinct ways.

The element of fire is a deep Sagittarius symbol meaning to light up the darkness, to burn away that which impedes us and to warm us in cold, dark places, or in cold and dark periods of existence.

The brave explorer, forging into a forgotten city in the dead of night with a burning torch held high to ward off evil and light his or her way, is a vision that stirs the Sagittarius spirit, even if only subconsciously.

The idea of unravelling a deep and meaningful forgotten mystery in life and bringing it into the gaze of the world is intoxicating to these souls.

They want these great truths illuminated by their flame not to seek glory or fame, but rather to bring a beacon of hope to humanity as a whole, and move a step closer to unravelling the great game of life and showing its truest nature.

Of course, fire also speaks of passion and energy, which a Sagittarius has in abundance.

These people are very seldom without plenty of energy to get things done, and just as a flame needs to be given constant fuel to keep burning, they need a constant influx of ideas and inspiring surroundings to get things going.

A bored Sagittarius is like a dying ember of a winter’s fireplace log, and will make quite the fuss in finding a new exciting thing to see or do.

But once they find it, up comes the spark of brilliance and away they go on their next adventure!

Sagittarius zodiac colour – purple

Countless astrologers agree that the colour of a rich royal purple perfectly suits the Sagittarius mindset. Its regal tones may make you think such a colour would be better suited to a Leo, but for a Sagittarius, a rich deep purple is too enticing to ignore.

For one thing, it’s a noticeable colour, letting all around them know that the Sagittarius has arrived – and with them, excitement!

Secondly, purple encourages respect and trust, and those are qualities that a Sagittarius soul puts forth at all times.

They want you to know, if they’re wearing purple, that they’re trustworthy people and expect likewise from you.

Lastly, purple has an indulgent and excitable quality about it, that wonderfully sums up the Sagittarius outlook.

Lucky, fast moving and eager to get the ball rolling – no wonder purple is such a strong Sagittarius symbol.

The Sagittarius ruling planet is Jupiter

Jupiter is the great giant of our home solar system, a huge swirling gas giant of energy, heat and mystery.

Its distinctive spot and swirling surface clouds make it a planet you can recognise at a glance.

In astrology, Jupiter is a planet of generosity, kindness and abundant good fortune. Sound familiar?

There can be little doubt that Jupiter rules Sagittarius, thanks to how brilliantly that summary matches the personality of the Sagittarius.

Good luck, perhaps bestowed by Jupiter’s vast and watchful gaze, seems to follow the Sagittarius wherever he or she goes.

It’s a fantastic symbol for Sagittarius because that good luck is often their saving grace. Like many fire signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius lives in the moment, and charges ahead on adventures with a big grin.

Of course, life isn’t always so smooth, but when the chips are down, the good fortune that so smiles on Sagittarius from Jupiter seems to come into play almost magically.

A sudden financial windfall, the right soulmate for their current life path or just the right job opening will suddenly appear whenever these people need it most.

What is the Sagittarius symbol? Fire, arrows and fortune!

Despite being characterised by the bow and arrow, as wielded by a warrior race of mythological beings from ancient times, Sagittarius doesn’t see life as a battle.

Instead, it’s a wonderful game to be enjoyed and indulged in.

The Sagittarius symbol meanings are broad, yet they all tie into the spirit of generosity, optimism, compassion and desire for the truth that makes up the Sagittarius spirit so fully.

The arrow that symbolises the Sagittarius glyph is a symbol of directness, swiftness in thought and deed, and of a piercing quality to their words that can catch some unawares.

It’s also traditionally the carrier of messages, just as Sagittarius longs to deliver messages of truth.

Centaurs and horses that make up the Sagittarius zodiac symbol, meanwhile, speak of the freedom and love of moving through life without impediment that’s at the heart of keeping a Sagittarius happy.

This freedom of thought and action perhaps defines them most of all, contested only by the broad infectious smiles we know and love.

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