Pluto in Sagittarius

Pluto in Sagittarius

Pluto in Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius is one of the five signs that we have been able to accurately observe Pluto pass through twice in recent history. Pluto was in Sagittarius between 1746 and 1762, and then it moved through it again between the years of 1995 and 2008, marking the generation known as “Generation Z.”

People born during both of these periods were brought up with paradoxical understandings of the world. On the one hand, these were times of prosperity, but at the same time, political tensions were reaching breaking points.

In the eighteenth century, the oppressed and poor were becoming more and more impatient with the ruling classes, while at the beginning of the twenty-first century, terrorist attacks shook people’s understandings of themselves and fostered extreme nationalism.

People born during this time are highly aware of the need for change, and are prone to interest in political change and revolution. This is a group that are highly aware of social inequalities and problems, and are dedicated to bringing them into the public eye. They are also natural leaders and are excellent at inspiring people with their charisma and energetic personalities.

People born during this time often butt heads with the Scorpios who came just before them because of their profound differences in worldview. Both groups see the problems of the world and are very dedicated to solving them, but while Scorpios approach these in a highly intellectual and isolated way, Sagittarians are more dedicated to involving people.

Both of these ways of approaching problems are valid, and in fact, both are needed in order to reach genuine success. But given how strong-willed both signs can be, getting them to work together can be a serious challenge! A Scorpio will frequently see a Sagittarian as simplistic, and relying too much on emotional manipulation, while a Sagittarian may see a Scorpio as cold or detached from reality.

Only when a Scorpio learns to appreciate the value of emotional impact, and a Sagittarian realizes that they don’t have all the answers, will the two be able to work effectively together to find success.

Pluto in Sagittarius Women

To a greater extent than any sign that came before, Sagittarius women fling themselves into spheres that have been traditionally reserved for men. The blurring of gender boundaries in the twentieth century has been taking place over the last several signs that Pluto moved through, but Sagittarius does it in the most distinctive way.

This could be seen last time Pluto moved through Sagittarius as well. The middle of the eighteenth century saw more and more women becoming involved in intellectual life, as it was a period of many great female writers and philosophers. There were always women in these fields, but this was a time when more and more women were feeling the confidence to enter them, rather than just a unique few.

In the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, several decades of women being told that they could do anything men could do culminated in an explosion of female entrepreneurs and academics alike. New media and self-publishing are becoming more available, making it possible for the young women of this time to bypass some of the restrictions that have tended to keep women (especially those who take care of families) out of the public intellectual life.

Women at this time have also become more interested in how expressing femininity in “traditional” ways can be a way of reclaiming power, which is why women of this time who self-identify as feminists are more prone to enjoying stylized “feminine” fashions and aesthetics than the equally self-identified feminists of several decades earlier. To a Sagittarius, a sign that highly values autonomy and authority over your own life, it’s all about being able to make that choice for themselves.

As the first generation truly born and raised on social media, women of this time have extremely expansive social networks and value social relationships very highly. Whether that means having a smaller group of friends to which one is completely dedicated or a massive web of friends that are all valued, Sagittarians definitely consider their social connections to be more important than the Scorpios before them.

Pluto in Sagittarius Men

Men born when Pluto was in Sagittarius share many, many characteristics with women of the time. The only real exception is the reclaiming of traditionally “feminine” styles and aesthetics – although men of this time may be more comfortable, on the whole, with being seen as “feminine,” it’s not really a reclaiming, but a softening of boundaries.

Men of this time are charismatic, sociable, and highly dedicated to social issues. The high degree of connectivity afforded by social media in this time means that far more people than before are able to put their opinions out into the world, so these people, most of whom are teenagers and young adults now, have grown up feeling free and willing to speak out about their opinions on the world.

This has led to a generation that is focussed on finding ways to comment on and change the world. A great premium is placed on putting your ideas “out there,” and the general understanding is that most change is achieved through sharing ideas. Men of this time tend to be even more willing to participate in these dialogues than women, although the gap has become very narrow by this point!

In the eighteenth century, last time this attitude was in the air, was a period of social critics and satirists mercilessly skewering the values of their time through literature, speeches, and publications. The very same thing is happening today, except that the skewering is happening on Facebook and Youtube rather than in pamphlets and almanacs!

Men at this time also highly value social relationships and networks, and although the modern stereotype of the social media-obsessed youth is definitely a female one, men are no less likely to do this. Just like young women of this time, men take their social relationships seriously, whether those relationships are very close friends or distant networks.

Given how young this generation still is, it is still a little difficult to say how their traits will develop over the next few decades, as Sagittarius interacts with the other planets that Pluto moves through. The few years after Pluto moved out of Sagittarius, through Capricorn and Aquarius, in the eighteenth century were marked by enormous upheaval and change. We can’t know yet whether the people born under this sign this time will bring similar upheaval with them.

Pluto in Sagittarius In Love

The highly sociable nature of people born under Pluto in Sagittarius makes relationships a hot-button issue for many of them. They are highly interested in developing relationships for social currency as well as personal fulfillment.

I always say that Sagittarius is the high-powered executive of the zodiac, and just like a boss or a businessman, a Sagittarius has a skill for networking and “massaging” her relationships.

For this reason, especially while most Sagittarians are still quite young, relationships are quick, transitory, and not necessarily very emotionally meaningful. Contrast this with the Scorpios just before, who are highly unwilling to enter a romantic relationship without taking the commitment extremely seriously. It’s a huge shift over the course of just a few years!

Of course, young people born under all signs tend to move through relationships more quickly than older people – it’s just part of figuring out what you really want in a partner! For Sagittarians, this is simply a more pervasive tendency, and one that, I predict, will last significantly longer into their adult hoods than it did with the last few signs.

This is not to say that Sagittarius does not take relationships seriously. This is a social, charismatic sign, and Sagittarians care very highly about other people, both their partners and their friends.They are dedicated to helping their friends and partners have happy, successful lives. Many consider finances and career options to be important factors in a successful relationship, as these young millenials search for ways to achieve financial stability in the currently rather bleak job market.

Once someone born under Pluto in Sagittarius does form a relationship that they emotionally invest in, this is a sign that will do everything in their power and more to find happiness for their partner. They are dedicated to each other in a highly practical way, and committed to finding happiness in the form of shared loyalty and personal dedication.

 If you attract the love of a Plutonian Sagittarius, you can be sure that you will never have to “go without” – they will happily shower you in both emotional and physical riches.

 Dates for Pluto in Sagittarius

Because of Pluto’s erratic, elliptical-shaped orbit, it spends a different amount of time in each sign, meaning that it is quite difficult to accurately determine where it was more than a couple hundred years ago. Pluto’s last movement through Sagittarius, from 1746 to 1762, is the second most ancient phase of Pluto that we can state accurately.

Less than fifteen years after Pluto passed out of Sagittarius, the American Revolution changed the face of the Western world forever, as the passionate young people of Sagittarius, combined with the slightly older sociologists and philosophers of Scorpio that came just before them, took over power and made the changes they saw as important.

We can predict, therefore, that within the next five or ten years, in a similar period of time, we will see similar sweeping changes to our world. Sagittarians should be highly conscious of the years between 2018 and 2023, as these are the years that are in the perfect time frame for them to step into power and start making the changes that they’re already talking about.

Pluto is currently in Capricorn, which is not always a sign that plays well with Sagittarius. In 2024, it will pass out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, with which Sagittarius shares a sense of inspiration and a social consciousness. If you’re feeling a little put-upon today, and feel as if your ideas for changing the world are not being appreciated, just hold out for the shift into Aquarius! That might even align with the final steps of the social change we can predict.

Final Thoughts

Sagittarius has had a fascinating effect on the world, expanding the ways in which people can connect with each other through social media, and making it possible to get your ideas out into the world in ways (and with a speed) that previous generations could never even have imagined.

Connectivity, and the ability to express one’s views, are highly critical values for most people born with Pluto in Sagittarius. These are values that they hold highly. This is obvious by the passionate debate over the limits of free speech that is currently raging among young people.

Of course, everyone wants some boundaries on what other people are allowed to say, but at the same time, this entire age range of people believes far too strongly in the importance of being able to express themselves to allow that right to be taken away from them.

If you were born while Pluto was in Sagittarius, your charisma, social skills and networking abilities, and your passion for expressing yourself to create change, will all lead you towards great success in the public world in the coming years, especially as Pluto shifts more out of Capricorn and into Aquarius.

For Plutonian Sagittarians, do you feel like the above descriptions fit well with your values and personality? Alternatively, do you see them a great deal among people your age? Remember, Pluto affects an entire generation of people at once, so no single person will exemplify all the characteristics that are connected to Sagittarius. It’s more about the general zeitgeist and the widespread values that are being held by the time than what one person’s individual values and personality traits are. What characteristics do you have personally, and which ones do you notice more in the general behaviour of larger groups of people your age?

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