Sagittarius: Seven Tricks to Stay Calm When Interacting With People You Don’t Like

Sagittarius: Seven Tricks to Stay Calm When Interacting With People You Don’t Like


Sagittarius people are blessed. They really are.

At least when it comes to social interaction, Sagittarius people seem to have it all wrapped up.

If you tend to clam up or get nervous around people you don’t know too well, you might find yourself envying your Sagittarius friends.

You have to understand that other horoscope signs often take a long time to warm up to social settings. Some horoscope signs are more introverted than others, at least they behave like introverts.

With Sagittarius man or woman, they can spark up a conversation regardless of whatever social setting that they find themselves in.

In fact, the more hectic and intimidating a social setting may seem to other horoscope signs; the more excited Sagittarius people become.

That’s how blessed they are. It’s as if they were born extroverts.

This doesn’t mean that they are great public speakers. This doesn’t mean that they can stand readily in front of a crowd and perform.

All this means is that regardless of where you throw them and regardless of how many strangers surround them, they can do well on a one-to-one basis.

However, as blessed as Sagittarius people may be in their gift of talk and personal outreach, they are not perfect.

They can find themselves interacting with people that they don’t like. Their natural appeal might just catch the attention of people Sagittarius people would rather not deal with.

If you’re a Sagittarius and you want to handle such unpleasant or possibly annoying or irritating interactions well, here are seven tricks that can help you.

Trick #1: Find something about them to compliment

If you’re annoyed at somebody, you’re probably annoyed for a subconscious reason. It’s easy to deal with conscious annoyance.

In fact, that kind of annoyance goes away. If you’re conscious about what it is about that person that is throwing you off, you can focus on that and block it out.

You can impose your will on that irritation and power through your experience with that annoying person.
Sadly, oftentimes, things aren’t this easy.

It’s the unconscious annoyances that really throw you off. If there’s just something about them that is putting you off, you can look for something else about them to compliment.

When you do this, you neutralize the annoying features of their personality or their way of talking.

Your mind is focused on the positive, and this cancels out the negative aspect of their personality.

Trick #2: Focus on the big picture

If you’re interacting with people that rub you the wrong way, it’s very tempting to just get up and leave or just shake their hand, ask for the bill, leave the restaurant, and never see them again.

It’s very easy to do that, but you’re burning your bridges if you do that.

Instead, you should focus on the big picture.

There’s a reason why you’re interacting with this person. Keep your eyes focused on the prize.

By focusing on the big picture and looking at the reward at the end of the tunnel, at the end of the process, you should be able to weather the negative signals that are annoying you.

 Trick #3: Remember that you’re learning from them

If you’re feeling annoyed or irritated with the person that you’re dealing with, you can choose to interpret this situation in one of two ways:

You can interpret it as a threat and a hassle, or you can interpret it as a test.

If you interpret is a threat and a hassle, then you lose. Why?

You fail to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

However, if you look at it as a test of your willpower and your personality, you create an opportunity. You create a very powerful opportunity for personal growth.

You can look back at that situation and say to yourself proudly that you didn’t take the easy way out. Instead, you let a negative situation turn you into a better person.

Trick #4: Mirror their words

One way to build instant likeability is to make the person in front of you similar to yourself.

Maybe the reason why this person you’re interacting with is rubbing you the wrong way is because of the things that they say.

When you start repeating stuff to them, they will start being more conscious about what they are saying. Eventually, their tone and the subjects they’re focusing on might change.

This is a very powerful technique for changing how you feel about somebody.

In many cases, when they change what they say, you might actually develop a liking for them.

Trick #5: Mirror their mannerisms

We are attracted to people that are similar to us. We are attracted to people that are familiar. Similarity is often confused with familiarity.

When you mirror the way that they talk and the way they gesture with their hands, you might become more likeable to them.

This can lead to them sending more positive signals. These positive signals might be strong enough for you to change your judgment of them.

Instead of feeling annoyed, you might actually become intrigued and fascinated.

Trick #6: Engage a third party into your conversation

If the person you’re dealing with is just unbearable, and you’re really just about to blow it, the best thing you can do is possibly get out a friend to step into the conversation.

This way, you can focus on your friend instead of the person who is the source of your irritation.

This doesn’t always work. However, if you’re running out of options, this is definitely a strong alternative. It is also very practical.

In many cases, simply having a third personality in the mix changes the whole tone and flow of the conversation.

It can even change how you think about the other person.

Trick #7: Set an appointment in a better setting

In some cases, the reason why you’re responding so negatively towards another person might be due to the environment.

By simply setting up an appointment to engage that person in another location, you may be setting up a more positive experience.

Never hesitate to try this option.


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