The Sagittarius Rising And Ascendant Personality – A Complete Guide

The Sagittarius Rising And Ascendant Personality – A Complete Guide

Your rising sign is of greater importance than most what people believe. It is a common misbelief that your sun sign is the only zodiac parameter that influences your personality traits.

In fact, the truth is, it is just one of the several different parameters and signs in your chart that have a profound influence on your persona.

Among these various signs, the Rising Sign assumes a lot of importance. After all, it denotes that sign that was rising above the earth at the exact time of your birth.

While you will need to know your birth time down to the minute to accurately know your Ascendant, it is also possible to approximate the same.

If Sagittarius was above the horizon when you were born, this means you are a Sagittarius Rising sign.

It is this very Ascendant that governs your general outlook and the way you present yourself to the world around you.

For the Sagittarius rising signs, Jupiter, their chart ruler, blesses them with good luck and protection. The planet has an attitude of expanding everything, which results in those under its influence exaggerating things at times.

These individuals love fun and adventure above anything else and greatly value their freedom. They will easily get bored and constantly seek new experiences and feelings that can satiate their craving for adventure.

Their easy-going nature is often mistakenly perceived by others as a lack of seriousness and they often project themselves with childlike behaviors, which adds to the confusion.

They have permanent hope-inducing filters fitted to their eyes which means they will always see the future with a great sense of optimism no matter how bleak the present situation.

They are highly generous and justice-loving in every sense of the word and will willingly participate in noble and charitable endeavors to help those in need.

Traveling is in their nature and they love witnessing new cultures, traditions, and places, which make them feel alive. They are, in fact, driven by a relentless search and quest for knowledge.

Life is a challenge and is lived with great positivity. Life for these individuals is a great journey with many milestones. They are highly creative, energetic, and enthusiastic.

They possess fiery and dynamic qualities. Extremely broad-minded, they let everyone live their own way without interfering.

They are gifted with inspiration and energy that drives them all through their lives.

Here are some amazing personality traits of the Sagittarius Rising sign that are absolutely true and will resonate with you even more if you are one yourself or happen to have one in your family or friend circle!

Sagittarius Rising Signs Have A Powerful Sense of Intuition

The Sagittarius Rising signs are courageous, clever, and self-confident individuals. They have a strong sense of intuition and are deeply philosophical in nature.

In fact, they are often over-optimistic about life. Supremely positive, like no other! They will be filled with an unparalleled enthusiasm and faith.

Sagittarius Rising individuals are blessed with the ability to envision what the future has in store for them. These will be devoted souls walking on the path of spiritual enlightenment.

These individuals can use their highly evolved sense of intuition to better see and understand the future than most others.

However, it is important to educate yourself well, for, your intuitive abilities will be enhanced manifold with your development on the intellectual plane.

Sagittarius Rising signs will discover the purpose of their lives quite early in life. You trust your ideas and know that they have come to you for a reason.

You tend to derive inspiration from your ideas when the moments of dullness or crisis present themselves, at which point, these ideas inspire you to keep going.

You do have material goals but also spiritual aspirations. You are blessed with the ability to express your sentiments in a few words.

This rising sign is connected to the body parts of the hips and thighs, which means that these individuals might be able to better focus while walking rather than sitting.

Walking meditation techniques too allow their sense of intuition to bloom and their thoughts to guide them well in the right direction.

These individuals often appear to be in search of something, a search that continues throughout their lives. They are quite active and restless. They are very confident but might not all be very outgoing in their lives.

These individuals are actually looking out for experiences unlike any others they have felt before and will live in the world of their visions and dreams for the future.

They will set a goal for themselves, achieve it, and set another one.

Sagittarius rising persons will keep looking for something that can interest them and add some value to their life: it is from these opportunities that they derive inspiration to live.

They have an unshakeable faith in life and will quickly recover from sadness, failure, and disappointment.

Sociability, Freedom, And Humor Characterize Sagittarius Rising

They have an excellent sense of humor and will always find a way to laugh and cheer others up no matter how low they might actually be feeling themselves.

It is important for your family, friends, and loved ones to understand your yearning for freedom and let you govern your life, for you cannot be held in binds of any kind.

Your independence is extremely important for you. In fact, responsibilities and commitments of life might push you to remain a child and shy away from taking the duties that adulthood conceals.

They will never indulge in gossips and casual chit-chat. Sagittarius Rising prefers indulging in intellectual discussions on higher knowledge.

They possess a knowledge of several different fields and might, therefore, lack details like some others who thoroughly research one particular subject of their expertise.

Although they are great at social interactions and delight others with their collaborative skills and humor, these individuals will often seclude themselves if doing so can help them come up with great ideas that can benefit humanity as a whole.

It is not recognition that they seek, however. It is that unquenchable thirst for knowledge and new ideas that drive them.

While interacting with those around them, they often tend to become nervous and pour out all they have to say without giving it a thought.

They can also be very diplomatic and tactful when interacting with people and help resolve conflicts and differences.

You are basically looking out for someone talkative, outspoken, witty, and most importantly fun when it comes to relationships.

Since Sagittarius Rising individuals tend to get bored with people, things, and situations soon, they will seek another partner if they do not find their relationship intellectually stimulating.

You are very deeply connected to your family and loved ones and their attitude and thoughts towards you influence your own feelings and the way you perceive yourself.

The Sagittarius Ascendant individual is very emotional and sentimental and can go to great lengths for their loved ones.

Their happiness and safety assume prime importance for which they can sacrifice anything.

Often, there might be something unnatural about their family which appears perfectly normal to them. They think about their emotions a lot but seldom express them to those around them.

There are many mysteries and secrets in their life which are closely guarded and locked.

Interestingly, a Sagittarius Rising Sign can bring other people’s thoughts and behaviors under their control without them even realizing.

Sagittarius Rising Signs Are Indefatigable Optimists

You are often seen by others as an inspiring figure who refuses to look down upon life and will never give up, no matter what.

You are very optimistic and positive and are away from trivialities that do not really matter. You are a strong believer in luck, grace, and miracles.

You are the eternal indefatigable optimist and idealist. It is not in your nature to take things as they come on their surface: you will want to dive deeper and analyze them from the inside.

This allows you to see things from a different perspective, form your own conclusions and acquire wisdom which others might often miss. This also leads to the generation of new, path-breaking ideas in your mind.

Religion, philosophy, and spirituality are often your main focuses and greatly interest you. This is because they echo your ideas of doing away with the petty things we are all caught up with and look at the bigger picture.

Sagittarius Rising individuals have a very dynamic personality that is ever evolving.

Unlike some other signs, they will not hesitate in discarding their old beliefs in favor of new ones if they think the latter hold greater wisdom and truth. It is certainly not in their nature to remain static.

You live for change. You will be dead if life stagnates and constantly need something to keep you going.

Sagittarius Rising signs enjoy traveling since it opens up horizons and allows them to see the many facets of life.

If they are not able to travel physically to a place for any reason, they will bury themselves in books and make a mental journey.

New cultures, traditions, religions, and languages always fascinate them to no end. This creates a broad area of interests and gives them a refreshing perspective on life, things, people, and situations.

This adds to their understanding of mysterious phenomena and helps them deal with adverse situations in the best possible manner without ever getting intimidated.

The Sagittarius Rising Personality And Appearance

These individuals have a well-developed physique and are tall. They will often have thick eyebrows and eyes that are bright and shining. They are characterized by having a large forehead and a long nose.

Their complexion is usually fair. They tend to have elongated limbs when compared to the average person.

They might experience problems with their weight and with their hair too. The latter is particularly true for Sagittarius Rising males.

They sport a lovely smile which makes them stand out from the crowd. They enjoy laughing and having fun always, after all!

They keep smiling even without any apparent reason and sport a childlike innocence. They are very light-headed when it comes to making decisions. Serious is a word that doesn’t exist!

They are absolutely in when it comes to activities that involve fun and humor. Add some good food and they will be happier! In fact, they are not merely attendees and participants in such events.

They will often organize such events themselves on a grand scale and invite over friends and family to have fun.

You will often find a Sagittarius Rising sign joking or acting silly. They also have a flair to learn new languages and cultures.

They are often mistaken as impatient individuals owing to their willingness to seek constant change and adventure in life.

They aspire to take the lead in all projects that involve them and will not hesitate and managing things themselves.

These individuals will not stand obligations at all. If they do something, it has to come from within. You cannot force a Sagittarius Ascendant to do something unless he absolutely desires to do so!

Sagittarius Rising men will charm women at their first meeting, thanks to their great sense of humor and amazing personality.

They are themselves attracted by educated, talkative, and emotional women. The ideal partner can analyze their opinions and conclusions and even challenge them without hesitation.

They will never try to please people and behave as they normally do.

They love hobbies, particularly those that involve a lot of physical activity. They will love sports and adventurous trips. Basically, anything that can drive that adrenaline rush!

It is action and action alone that they seek. Sagittarius rising wishes to discover the world and indulge in pure action.

Sagittarius Rising Signs Are Extremely Benevolent

Jupiter, their ruling planet, makes them compassionate, benevolent, enthusiastic, lively, and generous.

There are many who merely talk about justice, equality, and fairness without doing anything concrete. They will only engage in analysis and discussions, if at all.

However, for a Sagittarius Rising sign, justice, righteousness, and courage are not mere philosophical constructs.

They will do everything in their might to bring justice to someone who has been denied the same.

In fact, the big-hearted and generous souls that they are, they devote a great part of their lives to do right to those who have been wronged. You will help bring justice and wisdom everywhere.

You simply cannot tolerate injustice and cruelty and would like this world to be full of wisdom, justice, and fairness.

My Final Thoughts

Sagittarius Rising signs are dreamers indeed, well ahead of their times, who are blessed with an extremely powerful sense of intuition.

They envision well what’s about to come and strive in the right direction towards the realization of their goals.

However, this is not where they will stop. Rather, they will continue their never-ending journey to the next milestone.

Sagittarius Rising signs are very talkative and they are really good at convincing people. They have a grand vision of their life and will stay away from all things small, insignificant, petty.

They are firm believers in miracles and will never give up on life. They are good at business, politics, religion, and management.

Those with a Sagittarius Ascendant will prefer a peaceful and calm life at home. They believe in imparting positive thoughts and values to their children through performing arts and sports.

Highly intelligent, they choose mates who will communicate well.

Moreover, they are passionate lovers and cherish a partner who can add fun to their lives. They will sacrifice anything for the wellbeing of their loved ones.

Often, the Sagittarius Ascendant will impress others in their social circles with their excellent sense of humor and sociability skills.

In fact, even when they feel depressed or dull, which is seldom the case, their humor-seeking abilities keep them moving forward.

They will always seek the company of people who have some fun and adventure to add to their lives.

They are really philosophers at heart who see life from the bird’s eye view without falling into petty issues that others overly concern themselves with.

They are the epitome of optimism and positivity and will hope for the best even in the worst of situations where there is no hope.

They have an unshakeable faith and enthusiasm. It is this quality of a Sagittarius Ascendant that inspires others around them who look up to their positivity in times of distress and chaos.

They are all in for justice and equality for all, striving to make the world a better place, full of wisdom and righteousness.

Compassionate and benevolent, they will willingly contribute to noble causes that can better the lives of the lesser fortunate.

Creativity, energy, and a zeal to unravel the mysteries of life keep them going. They have a great yearning to explore and experiment. Action and positivity define the Sagittarius Rising!

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