Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Two tricksters combine when Sagittarius and Sagittarius get together, and as a result, the relationship that comes about is anything but dull.

With a shared love of fun, exploration and putting new ideas into action, this couple will push the boundaries in more ways than one.

But of course, two of the same star sign getting together in a relationship always brings a fair few complications – niggles that neither partner will want to face up to.

Get a head start on those with this analysis of Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility – the definitive guide to this feisty pairing.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility overview

While it’s safe to say that this star sign is not the most stereotypically romantic in the zodiac, Sagittarius people are nonetheless endlessly fun to be around, and always happy to know that their actions mean something fulfilling to others.

Professional astrologers tend to try and see instances of two of the same star sign dating one another on a case by case basis.

There are other factors in the birth charts of each individual that make them distinct from one another, after all – yet also plenty of similarities to explore.

There’s such a thing as having too much in common, but Sagittarius is a star sign very much of the live and let live mentality.

Luckily, even those things that grate on one another will just elicit shrugs and chuckles rather than aggravation for the most part.

Sagittarius is a star sign whose birthday falls right at the end of the year, among the coldest months in the calendar in the northern hemisphere.

Nonetheless, Sagittarius is much more sunny and summery in disposition than that seasonal alignment suggests.

Friendly and open-minded, Sagittarius people are as straight as an arrow – appropriate, given how strong the symbolism of archery is in their astrological descriptions.

More specifically, Sagittarius is represented in the zodiac by the mythical centaur wielding a bow and arrow.

It can sound a little monstrous at first, but Sagittarius is of no mind to harm anyone.

In fact, they balk at the thought of anyone being hurt or wounded in life’s big journey – instead, the spirit of the centaur here represents strength, freedom and a piercing need to uncover the truth.

Much is often said of the playfulness of this star sign, and you can bet that Sagittarius and Sagittarius dating is rich with chuckles from start to finish.

Yet these folks are also keenly curious, and always want to uncover the great truths in life – be those philosophical or practical.

Whether they’re a good-natured journalist who cuts to the heart of the matter, a talented comedian who remarks on life’s quirks with a wry grin, or a spiritual leader keen to remind us all that the Powers That Be want us to crack a smile once in a while, Sagittarius longs for honesty at all times.

This makes a relationship between two Sagittarius partners beautifully transparent in the communication stakes, but that can be a double-edged sword too.

After all, Sagittarius people are also known for being brutally honest sometimes, and this can make their relationship a bit of a rough diamond.

Matches between the Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man

The differences between the genders in this star sign is pronounced enough that understanding how a relationship between two of a kind plays out means taking a look at this relationship from the perspective of both sexes.

Beginning with the Sagittarius woman, we find in her a free spirit who nonetheless places a lot of value on integrity and keeping one’s word.

The Sagittarius woman is a remarkably individualistic person, who prefers to lead life on her own terms rather than follow the example of others.

She’s not rebellious or confrontational – she just has her own path, and a tremendous need to walk it.

It’s very likely that she’s also multilingual, or in some way highly curious about cultures far removed from her own.

She finds a great deal of similarity in these energies in the Sagittarius man, but is most likely to fall for him for his sense of humour.

Both the Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man are capable of indulging in quick-witted banter than bounces back and forth at a gleeful pace.

The relationship will likely hit the ground running and barely pause for breath, and it’s pretty likely that the Sagittarius woman is the one who makes the first move.

She sees no point in leaving anything to chance, and acts on her feelings as soon as they arise.

That said, the relationship is likely to initiate on a far more physical level than on a stereotypically sentimental one.

The Sagittarius woman values emotional fulfilment, but she is also capable of finding that more through a fun relationship than a soppy one.

The relationship can seem superficial to onlookers because of this, but the Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man alike are entirely disinterested in what other people think.

They’re here to chart their own course, and live in the now.

The relationship won’t have a pinned down long term perspective a lot of the time because of that. It could end in a week, or it could run for five years – it’s hard to say, and who really needs to know if the here and now is so good?

However, the Sagittarius man would do well to leave his Jack the lad tendencies at the door here.

Although the Sagittarius woman is fun loving, she’s of no mind to put up any misbehaviour, and her man knows he’s missing out if he squanders his chance with her so quickly.

It’s likely that these two lovers will engage in plenty of travel through their relationship – in fact, they might even first meet while on vacation.

Each respects the independent ways of the other, giving them both plenty of room to breathe.

The good points:

  • Fun fun fun from start to end, this couple understand that life’s too short not to wear a smile throughout
  • Broad horizons and philosophical discussions create deeper meaning in the union of these two playmates
  • Neither partner here likes to waste their time, and the relationship moves a mile a minute because of it

The bad points:

  • The Sagittarius man can be reckless and irresponsible, but also refuses to let himself be reined in
  • The Sagittarius woman is often running late or forgetting important appointments, so caught up is she in the excitement of any given moment
  • The relationship could lack the nuance and depth needed to go the distance, and neither lover here is interested in the boring work to fix that

Matches between the Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman

Looking now at the perspective of the Sagittarius man dating a Sagittarius woman, we find that this hot-blooded male can finally discover in her someone capable of keeping up with his antics and mischief.

The Sagittarius man crinkles his nose at the old school dating game, and has no time for fuss and bluster in anything he does.

Life can be so maudlin and full of bureaucracy that he’s continuously urgent to cut loose, feel free and do his own thing.

His insatiable wanderlust is a big part of that, and he’ll likely throw himself in the deep end when it comes to travel, hurling himself to the other side of the world at a young age just to see what happens on his adventures.

He’s always looking on the bright side of life, with a peculiar but endearing way of describing even his greatest hardships with bright eyes and a broad grin – the way one might remark on seeing something amusing happen on their casual stroll to work.

There’s not a worry in the world that can drag him down, but also nothing that can slow him down – least of all love.

Luckily, the Sagittarius woman shares his view that life is for the living, and the pair will hit it off in a big way when their rapid paths finally cross.

The Sagittarius man will particularly appreciate how up for the physical side of love the Sagittarius woman can be – she has no qualms in exploring any of his cheeky ideas, and likely has plenty of her own for them both to try too.

The Sagittarius man is bored easily, and once the spark of newness in any one place, thing or person wears out, he tends to get curious about finding new opportunities.

Rather than be insecure about this though, the Sagittarius woman is so like-minded she just might beat him to the punch!

As such, it’s hard to say in confidence just how long this relationship will last, as it all seems to hinge on the immediate fulfilment both partners are getting.

This can make things seem superficial to onlookers, but at least both the Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman know where they stand here.

The good points:

  • The Sagittarius woman is one of the few females capable of not only keeping up with the fast-paced activities of the impulsive Sagittarius man, but even overtaking him
  • The relationship will be free of fuss and drama, as neither of these star signs wants to get caught up in that kind of nonsense
  • There’ll be plenty of spontaneous adventures and exciting travel plans for this daring duo, which only brings them closer together

The bad points:

  • There’s such a thing as too much independence – these two could be so busy doing their own thing they forget to keep the relationship from going cold
  • The Sagittarius man has no time for sentimentality or big emotions, but neither does the Sagittarius woman
  • The spark could fade as quickly as it ignites for one or the other partner, and they’re prone to move on fast

Sagittarius and Sagittarius friendship compatibility

Put simply, friendship compatibility for Sagittarius and Sagittarius is superb

. Having said that, friendship compatibility between more or less any star sign and Sagittarius tends to be high, as this star sign is very gifted in making friends with people from all walks of life.

That’s because Sagittarius is incredibly open-minded.

They have to be, in order to process and appreciate the truths they seek to bring into the light, as well as absorb the cultures they long to explore.

As such, Sagittarius and Sagittarius friends are likely to hit it off right away. In fact, tying in with the broader theme of our discussion, Sagittarius is the one star sign most apt to blur the lines between love and friendship, so sometimes they might cross the line from both angles.

It’s all fun and games of course, and this is predominantly how Sagittarius and Sagittarius friends connect. In fact, as born tricksters each, much of their friendship could be made up of ingenious prank wars – just be careful not to take it too far or cause any genuine trouble!

Sagittarius friends can party all night and still have more than enough energy to power through work the next day.

Where other friends seem to slow down after a time, Sagittarius and Sagittarius friendship is built on a furnace of fun times that never seems to be extinguished.

Because these two understand one another so well, there’s never any fear of the friendship becoming too enclosing, or minimising the independence of the other.

If one Sagittarius friend feels the need to spend six months abroad, the other may well be the first to offer to drive them to the airport.

One should never underestimate the ability for Sagittarius friends to lend one another a sympathetic ear either.

Things that get these folks down in life are rare, but that only increases the impact of when they are indeed caught unaware by negative life events.

Step forward the Sagittarius friend in times like this – full of mischief enough to bring on the smiles, but also intelligent enough to dig deep into life’s troubles and root out solutions too.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius marriage compatibility

To be bluntly honest – this star sign would have it no other way, after all – Sagittarius and Sagittarius marriage prospects aren’t always very high.

This has nothing to do with compatibility though, but rather the mutual viewpoint these two have on marriage overall.

For one thing, it’s a huge commitment that feels very enclosing a lot of the time. The ceremony itself, whatever the culture, hasn’t exactly moved with the times as much as either Sagittarius wants, and who wants to end up old, decrepit and resenting each other?

There’s some tongue in cheek to how Sagittarius people see marriage, but suffice to say it’s not exactly top of their agenda for the most part.

When they meet the right partner, it’s going to come up in conversation for sure, but it’s also one of the few things in life they won’t rush into.

However, there’s a lot going for Sagittarius and Sagittarius marriages, not least the fact that once the pair do get hitched, nothing really needs to fundamentally change.

The duo are still going to be people who favour fun and unpredictability first and foremost.

They’ll also find that, when all is said and done, few zodiac signs other than a fellow Sagittarius are able to cope with their need for independence each within marriage.

With this mutual understanding in place, they can get wed while still roaming the world at the drop of a hat.

Indeed, the marriage itself might lean towards the unorthodox. The career of one Sagittarius spouse might involve them overseeing a project in a foreign country alone for six months, for instance – yet not only will their Sagittarius partner support them in this, but once the pair are reunited, they’ll carry on as normal.

The way this married partnership can go with the flow makes it altogether equipped to last long into the elder years.

The Sagittarius and Sagittarius marriage is likely to be one able to look back on many fond years of memories, in jokes and foreign places galore.

As always though, the pair should make sure their impulsiveness and need for constant fun doesn’t cause them to think their marriage has gone stale.

Every relationship goes through peaks and troughs of excitement, and theirs will be no different – although perhaps more entertaining than most.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius: Common issues and problems

There’s a lot going for Sagittarius and Sagittarius in love – so much so that it can be easy to overlook the sour points in life.

In mentioning that alone, we come to the first issue this couple could indeed face for being so like minded.

Sagittarius is a star sign preoccupied with pleasure and hilarity – both to give, and to receive. Things that are sad, that instil worry and despair, or that cause anger and resentment are all swept casually aside by these folks.

It makes Sagittarius people seem like that nothing can slow them down, but actually, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that both Sagittarius partners seem to be running from a lot of problems.

Worse still, if there are issues in the relationship that are weighing it down and in need of talking out, it could be far too long before either Sagittarius partner is willing to address the matter.

That’s despite the fact that this star sign is one of the most overtly honest there is.

This brings up the next point – Sagittarius and Sagittarius couples are made up of two remarkably honest people.

The fact that this has countless advantages goes without saying, but Sagittarius people are known to run their mouths before thinking, and this means they can sometimes land some home truths on their partner that don’t just hit the mark so much as bowl them over.

The level of impulsiveness on display from both Sagittarius partners can make this pair quite reckless from time to time too, despite the fact they mean no harm.

They can inadvertently trample each other’s plans, cancel on date ideas or just not be around when needed because of this.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

When two of the same star sign get together, astrologers always know that sparks are going to fly – the only question is if they’re sparks of chemistry, or of animosity.

Fortunately, Sagittarius people tend to no have a speck of animosity about them, and are far more likely to delight in having found a kindred spirit in one another. More than anything, these folks want a partner who’s a best friend and a playmate, up for any and all adventures.

Sagittarius is a star sign ruled by the fire element, which does much to explain their energy, brightness, warmth and boundless curiosity.

Uprooting the truth is a noble goal in every Sagittarius spirit that’s easily forgotten when the pursuit of pleasure is indulged in too much.

That said, there’s no denying that this will be a fun relationship with plenty of smiles – in many ways, Sagittarius and Sagittarius in love can remind us all that relationships don’t need to be so full of seriousness and worry.

Yet these partners will inspire one another to do more and do better, and good luck will smile upon them all the while.

Perhaps it’s the influence of planet Jupiter on these folks that does it, but there’s no denying that Sagittarius people seem to be born lucky.

If the pair can keep an eye on their impulsiveness and remember that a slow period in their relationship doesn’t mean they need to jump ship and find a new horizon, there’s every reason for this relationship to succeed.

Together, Sagittarius and Sagittarius in love can hopefully learn to bravely face their issues rather than running to distract themselves at every opportunity.

It’s well worth doing so, and placing their trust in one another, as between them they can find astonishing answers to life’s greatest questions.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility score: 8/10

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