The Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun in Sagittarius lights the path of this traveler.  You are a Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter.  You are the ninth sign in the Zodiac, also known as the Archer.

In Numerology, 9 is ultimate culmination of the positive attributes of numbers 1-8.  Sagittarius can have it all.  Be strategic in your quest for love and beauty.  As you have a tendency to pull up roots and move along, it might be hard for you to find a partner.

However, there is much to love about you.  Those whose hearts you capture will keep you as a lifelong friend, at the very least.  You make an amazing friend.  You are a great listener, and give sage advice, when consulted.

Sun in Sagittarius Traits

You are dependable as a friend and lover.  You are not apt to ghost or cheat on someone.  However, when you are hurt, the fiery side of you will want to go nuclear.  You are not afraid to burn bridged, when necessary.

Depending on your birthday, your month birthstone may be either Topaz or Blue Topaz.  Your Zodiac birthstone is the Topaz, but your strongest color is turquoise.  The fragility of turquoise, along with its association with spiritual clarity is fitting to your personality.  Also, the turquoise has long been thought to enhance the ability of those who hunt or live off\ the land, as the Archer would.

Turquoise represents the duality of both the Archer and the Centaur.  Turquoise is a mix of blue and green.  It is a mix of the colors of the land and seas.  The beauty of turquoise—like you—comes in the blending of so many beautiful things into one.

Your Numerology of 9 represents this attitude of yours to take all the best ingredients and create something amazing.  Mix your love of people with travel and reflection.  You do not have to stay in one place too long, but do not let an environment’s beauty escape you while you are there.

The Sun in Sagittarius emblazons your already hot sense of humor.  You are the life of the party when you want to be.  Use your year to focus your aim, Archer, on appreciating your current soundings.  You will probably be on the move again soon, and you will make new friends everywhere you travel.

You can find love as well.  You are the type who could be very proud of a life full of fascinating lovers, from around the world.  You may not desire a romantic life partner.  Your capacity for love is largest in the Zodiac for nurturing the friendships and family ties that matter most to you, while never staying in one place for too long.

The Sun in Sagittarius Women

Tyra Banks (b. December 4, 1973) is an inspirational Sagittarius.  She is known as a pioneer high fashion model—one of the first women of color to be recognized and paid for such work.  She has traveled the world many times over for her profession.  She does not seem to place more emphasis on finding love than doing her job.

You can find fulfillment in your job and have loving and healthy non-romantic relationships.  You are fine with being single.  However, make sure that you are not selling yourself short.  If love finds you, it is worth the time spent to stop and smell the roses, on your journey.

Other amazingly stunning Sagittarius women of color who have become fashion industry and pop culture icons include Iman (b. July 25, 1955), Naomi Campbell (b. May 22, 1970), and Chrissy Teigen (b. November 30, 1985).  These women demonstrate the sharp tongue of the Sagittarius woman.  She will speak her mind and refuse to sugarcoat things for others.

Archer, you have the ability to pierce the hearts of any partner you desire.  Iman married David Bowie and Chrissy Teigen is married to John Legend.  Maybe you would also benefit from an artistic partner.  They will hold your interest, but also understand your creativity and craving to keep wondering.

The Sun in Sagittarius Men

The Sun in Sagittarius men enhances their initial attractiveness.  These men are also more likely than most signs to gather a reputation for womanizing.  These men are often creatives and work with many talented and beautiful women.  However, these men often forge seemingly inappropriate relationships with women in their lives and can be prone to cheating.

Famous examples of these traits are seen in celebrities like Brad Pitt, Frank Sinatra, and Woody Allen.  Brad Pitt (b. December 18, 1963) has kept public opinion of him high for over two decades.  He left his first wife for another woman.  He then divorced that woman, citing his issues with substances and anger as part of the problem.

Frank Sinatra (b. December 12, 1915) also remains an American icon and is often remembered as a romantic.  However, in his day, he was known for his playboy ways.  He also held views that were more popular at the time, but now read as overtly racist and extremely wrong.

More infamously, known for cheating on his wife with their own adopted daughter, whom he later married, is Woody Allen (b. December 1, 1935).  Allen’s films are still highly regarded, although some modern audiences are not as enthralled with his work.  Remember, an Archer is a nomad by nature, and they shoot to kill.  They may not mean to hurt you, but an Archer man cannot help himself.

The Sun in Sagittarius and Love

The Sun in Aries itself shows you the combination of fire and air work well for you.  These signs will make your best love matches.  Specifically, Aquarius, Aries, and Libra will make the best partners for most Archers.

The duality of your sign is symbolized by the centaur, who is another common representation of your star sign.  Half-man and half-animal this also represents your innate human characteristics and their interactions with your higher-minded thinking.  An Aquarius will understand this best.

An airy Aquarius love with bringing you much fulfillment by allowing you to be true yourself.  They will understand your need for a certain amount of freedom, and refrain from becoming jealous easily.  Finding an Aquarius will assure that you stay interested in your conversations—and in the bedroom.

An Aries will bring extra heat to the relationship.  Unlike Aquarius, an Aries likes to be more dominant.  An Aries will keep you laughing, as well as happy in bed.  Ultimately, though, they might be a bit too demanding to stay with long-term.

Leos are another fiery sign that can ignite an Archer’s libido up like fireworks.  They require a lot of attention.  If they are understanding of your need for independence this relationship could be great.  Show your Leo much respect, because Lion’s temper is not to be toyed with.

Matches you should avoid are illuminated by the Sun in Sagittarius.  A Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo will all demand far too much from you.  Even if you want to make them happy, these relationships end in resentment and heartache for you.

A Capricorn will try to fence you in.  You will feel weighed down by their stubbornness, clutter, and strict lifestyle choices.   You are a rebellious sign.  You might end up feeling like a Capricorn would rather parent you than be your partner.

A Taurus will literally trample your spirit.  While they are passionate and charismatic people, Bulls are not known for checking underfoot before charging.  A Taurus will want you to stifle your needs for expression and exploration.  No one is worth giving up your voice.

Your worst match, according to the Zodiac, is the Virgo.  The perfectionism and critical nature of the Virgo will not work for you more bohemian way of doing things.  You will feel judged and disengage; even if you want to show that person love, their actions might make it impossible.

A Gemini or Sagittarius could work for you in the sense that both will be open to your need to travel.  You might be the type to carry on an open relationship or date multiple people at once.  Beware of spreading yourself too thin.  Refine your inner circle when necessary.

The Dates for the Sun in Sagittarius

From the middle of January until the beginning of November, your star sign will remain undisturbed by many outside influences.  On October 5th, this will change as Mercury enters Sagittarius.  After getting to hibernate all year, you may have to adjust rather abruptly to Mercury’s pull on you.

Not to worry, the Sun in Sagittarius will show up on November 21st.  This will reenergize you.  Use your newfound energy to shake off the slumber.   You may have caused some destruction in the past year.  You may have amends to make.

Now is the time to step up and be a stronger you.  Check in with those close to you.  Your wanderlust might have kept you out of contact for longer than you intended.  People of other star signs will be hurt or even mad about this.

Those that truly love you will have missed you the most.  They are also the most likely to understand the importance of your absence.  Needy friends and family are allowed their feelings but do not enter a romantic relationship with someone who does not understand your need to travel.

Venus will show up on December 1st, ready to applaud the emotional efforts you have been making.  December will see you on a love high.  Cherish it, because you know that you will be back on the road soon.

On January 4th, Mercury Retrograde could combine with the funk after New Year’s and try to bring you down.  Remember all the hard work you have been putting into your relationships recently.  Do not let them die now.

After dealing with this, your star sign will have another restful period until the next cycle begins.  Take this time to reflect on issues you may still need to address.  Congratulate yourself on the steps you have taken thus far.  Make a list of new places, people, and relationships you would like to see in the next year.

Final Thoughts

Of all the Zodiac signs, you are the one who is hardest to hold on to.  You are probably alright with the idea that you may never get married.  This does not invalidate any of your relationships.  On the contrary, if you find a friend or lover who can tolerate your times away, cherish them.

The people who prove they will be there for you really will always be there.  You create in your relationships unbreakable bonds.  Remember how much you truly mean to those in your life.  You are the one who is most at risk of not realizing how amazing you genuinely are.

Study the duality of your own nature during your travels, as the Archer or Centaur would do.  When you understand your human duality, you will be able to transcend many of your problems.  Practice being adventurous without being careless.  Sometimes your optimism in your own future can allow a lag in your preparation for it.

The Archer in you is aiming for something.  Make sure you hone in on your targets and goals for the next year.  You can get too ambitious when planning, so make sure to temper your excitement with a healthy dose of realism.

The Centaur in you also aims for a better understanding of his own condition.  It may take you a lifetime to figure out what makes you tick.  Take your time, and do not let anyone rush you.



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