How can I find my Spirit Animal?

How can I find my Spirit Animal?

Introduction to Spirit Animals

A spirit animal is identified as a teacher or a messenger from the divine realm. Mostly, it comes in the form of an animal and connects with an individual personally. It presents life lessons and acts as a guide through its unique nature and abilities.

A spirit animal teaches you what you need to learn to overcome the challenges you will face once you embark on a spiritual journey. Spirit animals are all around us; it is up to you to believe in their existence or not.

Have you ever noticed a particular animal crossing your path again and again? Once in a while, we all have had an unusual encounter with an animal that made us ponder over if there was a deeper meaning to this encounter. Whenever you come across an animal and wonder “how strange,” it is most likely a spirit animal.

Purpose of Spirit Animals

The primary aim of spirit animals is to give you hope, strength, guidance, and comfort. The world is filled with different spirit guides. It is up to you to notice these spirit guides around you and observe and understand the signs indicated by them.

Just like we have signs and boards on a highway that guide us on which way to go and which road to take. Similarly, spirit animals are signs on the highway of life. The Universe put up these signs to guide and support us through life. Often, they give us approval, a nod to move forward in the right direction.

Sometimes, spirit animals can be a red flag for you. They can warn you against a particular danger looming over your life. They can dissuade you from going down a certain road and warn you against a wrong choice you made, which can cause harm in the future.

How can I find my Spirit Animal?

There are various techniques and ways to discover your spirit animal. It’s just a matter of belief and faith before you start seeing your spirit animal. Remember that a spirit animal cannot be chosen. It chooses you!

Here are some of the ways you can follow to find out your spirit guide:

Pay close attention to your dreams

Dreams hold an essential place in our lives. Sometimes dreams are a way of conveying an important message from the Ascended Masters.

Try documenting your dreams whenever you see an animal occurrence. Write down all details that you can remember. If an animal recurrently appears in your dreams, it is a definite sign of it being your spirit animal.

Get close to nature

Sometimes getting in close contact with nature and being observant about your surroundings can help you find your spirit animal. Whenever you step out, abandon all your gadgets and immerse yourself fully in observing the nature around you.

Look for signs and symbols. Observe the pattern of the birds flying above you. Listen to the sound of the wind, take notice of its direction. Look for any peculiar animals hiding somewhere, waiting to be found by you.

This process is quite essential in your quest to find your spirit animal. Your capability to discover your spirit animal and your receptivity to its guidance depends on how well you observe nature and look for signs hidden.


Meditation helps you connect differently with the world. It helps you discover many aspects about yourself and your surroundings that are not so obvious otherwise.

Sit quietly and meditate for some time to focus on your intuition. Channel your inner wisdom into doing a quick search in your subconscious mind to find your spirit animal. If a certain animal keeps coming to your mind, don’t ignore it. It might be a sign.

Try to keep an open mind and heart so that you can be more receptive to your spirit animal’s energy.

Discover past connections

Your spirit animal may have already crossed your path in the past, but there is a possibility that you failed to take notice.

It could have been your childhood pet or any other wild animal that lived in your garden, and you encountered it many times. Try remembering and coax the animal out of your subconscious.

Conduct a ritual

It is believed in some traditions that your sprit animal can be called by conducting a ritual.

The ceremony of calling the spirit animal involves the burning of incense and other medicinal plants and herbs to draw in the animal with the scents.

Chanting verses and creating altars is also a way to urge the spirit animal to show itself in your vision, dream, or live form. Ask for the guidance and support of the spirit animal rather than forcing it to reveal itself. Be tender, and do not chase away the blessings of the spirit animal.

In a nutshell…

Once you have discovered your spirit animal, it is high time that you start listening to it. Consider your spirit animal, your guide, and well-wisher and remind yourself of the qualities and attributes it possesses and incorporate them in your life.

Spirit Animals are all around us. It is just a matter of faith and observation. When you step into your day, be observant of your surroundings and look out for signs. Be aware of any animals that cross your path. Once you start noticing, you would be surprised to find the synchronization in these encounters.

Spirit Animals are guides that provide meaningful insight into your life. They lead you on a path of spiritual awakening and help reconnect with your Supreme Creator. They are here to protect and guide us and remind us to get back on the right track and move forward in life with motivation and a positive mindset. 

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