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vulture spirit animal

The Vulture Spirit Animal

When the vulture spirit animal flies its way into your life, you will be experiencing a new beginning of sorts. This is because vulture symbolism is associated with purification and rebirth. The vulture is full of positive energies that allow it to fly high in the sky in search of food and a resting place, […] More

Published March 25, 2019

Turtle Spirit Animal

The Turtle Spirit Animal

The turtle spirit animal is one of the oldest living animals in the world. There is so much wisdom that you can gain from the turtle symbolism, such as persistence, endurance, and longevity. When the turtle spirit animal appears to you, it’s time to slow down, just like with the snail spirit animal. It travels […] More


Worm Spirit Animal

The Worm Spirit Animal

The worm spirit animal is considered a spiritual groundskeeper, just like the snake spirit animal. Worm symbolism shows you that by interacting with the world around you, you are also nourishing your body, mind and soul. It shows you that even the smallest, gentlest, and shyest people have the capacity to demonstrate great love. It’s […] More


Snail Spirit Animal

The Snail Spirit Animal

Children find the snail spirit animal cute and entertaining, but adults see it as a pest that can wreak havoc in their garden. However, don’t be so quick to dismiss this little creature because you can learn so much from the wisdom that only the snail symbolism can give. Common Snail Spirit Animal Meanings Just […] More


Salmon Spirit Animal

The Salmon Spirit Animal

The salmon spirit animal appears to you when you need guidance in your life or when you need to cope with life’s challenges, just like the orangutan spirit animal. It’s a fish that can swim successfully upstream, and this salmon symbolism teaches you how to find your purpose and cope with challenges. Common Salmon Spirit […] More


Zebra Spirit Animal

The Zebra Spirit Animal

The zebra spirit animal is beautifully unique in appearance, with its trademark stripes that confuse predators and mesmerize onlookers. Zebra symbolism teaches you to be quick on your feet and have a vision of what you want to happen with your life, just like the black jaguar spirit animal. Common Zebra Spirit Animal Meanings The […] More


Seahorse Spirit Animal

The Seahorse Spirit Animal

The seahorse spirit animal is a unique creature that’s always calm and collected as it navigates the seas. There’s a lot to learn from the seahorse symbolism, such as being patient and content with where you are in life, and with how slowly or quickly you are going. Common Seahorse Spirit Animal Meanings Just like […] More


the meaning of seeing a seagull

The Seagull Spirit Animal

Calm and easygoing in all its pursuits, the seagull spirit animal brings you the gift of a lighthearted attitude. Unlike the flamingo spirit animal, the seagull symbolism conveys the message that even with an untidy appearance and a disorganized life, you can see situations with clarity and view them from different perspectives. Common Seagull Spirit […] More


Lobster Spirit Animal

The Lobster Spirit Animal

The lobster spirit animal is considered the scavenger of the sea. With the lobster symbolism in your life, you can scavenge your own emotional landscape to gain insights and focus on other aspects that you have neglected. The lobster is a fascinating creature that is ripe with meaning, just like the koi spirit animal. It […] More

Published March 24, 2019

polar bear spirit animal

The Polar-Bear Spirit Animal

The polar-bear spirit animal is a powerful spirit guide. It’s not surprising because the polar-bear symbolism represents strength and endurance, as well as acceptance and surrender. Just like the bear spirit animal, the polar-bear meaning is telling you that you should surrender to where you are in your life. Even if you feel like this […] More


Quail Spirit Animal

The Quail Spirit Animal

Although the quail spirit animal is small and appears unassuming, it can be quite cunning and elusive. Just like the pheasant, the quail shows you to be always one step ahead, and to be aware of your surroundings to avoid danger and people with not so honorable intentions. Common Quail Spirit Animal Meanings When you […] More


Pheasant Spirit Animal

The Pheasant Spirit Animal

The pheasant spirit animal is an attractive and powerful totem that craves wide open spaces to roam free and spread its wings. This pheasant symbolism is significant, because it teaches you to be more open to new experiences and to be comfortable being around new people. Common Pheasant Spirit Animal Meanings Just like the ostrich […] More


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