The Vulture Spirit Animal

The Vulture Spirit Animal

When the vulture spirit animal flies its way into your life, you will be experiencing a new beginning of sorts. This is because vulture symbolism is associated with purification and rebirth.

The vulture is full of positive energies that allow it to fly high in the sky in search of food and a resting place, just like with the tiger spirit animal.

It makes use of the earth’s energies, and deftly navigates the air currents to accomplish its tasks — a true testament that you must weigh everything that you see and be 100% sure before doing anything.

Common Vulture Spirit Animal Meanings

The vulture is one of the most powerful and intriguing birds in the world. It’s also among the most misunderstood!

People are quick to think about death, decay, and destruction when they come across the vulture. But little do they know that it’s a wonderful and very special bird.

If you wish to know the meaning of the vulture in your life, you should know that it appears when you are expending too much personal energy.

You have all these resources in your life at your disposal, but you still feel exhausted and ill-equipped.

The vulture totem encourages you to master your energies and accept the support that comes from your environment.

Use the tools that you have with you to accomplish your goals, and be open to receive the help that your loved ones can offer.

The vulture spirit animal possesses no real voice, which means that your actions speak louder than your words. Stay true to your promises, honor your word, and just do things!

Like the spider, vulture symbolism also speaks about purification and the restoration of harmony in your life. It symbolizes the time to right your wrongs and break free from the shackles of your own ego.

The vulture meaning also brings to focus the real meaning of life and death. The vulture spirit animal has an uncanny ability to locate death and feed itself from death.

It teaches you to embrace and truly understand the meaning of death. Because for the vulture, the death of one means life for another.

Here is why the Vulture Spirit animal is Lucky for some…

Everyone knows that the vulture is a scavenger. If there’s any vulture symbolism that you should take to heart, that is of resourcefulness.

Having the vulture totem in your life can be inspiring and eye-opening, just like having the possum totem. It can bring forth a lot of great new opportunities.

These opportunities mean more luck and abundance for you. Use them to accomplish your goals.

Work with your vulture spirit animal. Soon you will see the colors of the things around you and the aura of the people you are surrounded with.

Teach yourself to receive the true vulture meaning in your life. The vulture can soar above its limitations, and so can you!

You only need to use your energy the right way. Learn to let go of anchors that weigh you down, and move on from people, things, and places that are no longer working or making you happy!

Vulture spirit animals as messengers of change

The vulture meaning hopes to make that change in you, which you have been putting off or refusing to change. These are traits that you fear or dislike the most about yourself.

The vulture spirit animal forces you to acknowledge these traits and scrutinize them. Learn to accept your flaws and do what you can to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

As a messenger of change, the meaning of the vulture urges you to take control of your life and to be strong amidst the challenges.

Even if things scary the future is bleak, choose to take the brighter and more positive direction.

Positive Traits of the Vulture Spirit Animal

You are resourceful and creative, and you use all your senses to find available opportunities.

You know that there’s good in waiting, and you will not hesitate to do so if it means the promise of love, happiness, peace, and abundance.

Like the vulture spirit animal, you are highly perceptive and have very keen insights. Also, when you choose to be loyal to someone, you can be relied upon to be there until the end.

You are strong and impervious when the situation calls you to be. You are also unconventional, which keeps your life very interesting!

Negative Traits of the Vulture Spirit Animal

The vulture spirit animal is opportunistic. Oftentimes, when you share an affinity with the vulture, you just wait for someone to take a misstep for you to swoop right in.

In your desire to grab opportunities, you sometimes end up taking advantage of people and situations. You like to get ahead, but sometimes at the expense of someone else.

Call on your Vulture Spirit Animal when:

  • You want to become less image conscious.
  • Do not focus too much on what other people will think or say about you. Raise your head with dignity and always walk in confidence.
  • You need an exercise in patience.
  • Remember that all good things come to those who wait. Work hard and strive to be a better person, and soon you will receive your reward.
  • You are going through something challenging in your life.

Whatever suffering you are experiencing, know that it’s only temporary. Soon you will experience happy days, and along with it, a renewal.

5 Unusual Facts About Vulture Symbolism

It is perhaps fair to say that if you are asked about vulture symbolism that you will then find yourself in a situation whereby you believe that this will be something that is negative and potentially even dark in nature.

However, that does not have to always be the case as these different facts surrounding the vulture spirit animal is going to be able to show.

1. It is symbolic of positive energy.

This is going to be a surprise, but the vulture is actually linked to positive energy rather than the negativity that people tend to link to it all.

It also gets you to think that you do indeed have the appropriate energy to go ahead and achieve whatever you set your mind to.

After all, they soar and achieve their aims, which is something that you need to be able to do on your own.

2. Your actions are going to speak louder than words.

This is also going to be linked to the idea that your actions will always end up speaking louder than words.

You cannot just go ahead and talk about it, but instead you need to be willing to go ahead and do the actions rather than simply sitting on your hands.

3. It is symbolic of purification and the ability to move on in life.

Even though the vulture is going to be associated with horrible times, there is no doubt that it is actually symbolic of purification and you having an ability to go ahead and move on in your life rather than just being stuck in the one position.

You need to be capable of letting go of things from the past, and to then make sure that you learn from previous mistakes since this will not then return to them later on.

4. Do not be shackled by your very own ego.

It will always be important for you to avoid being shackled by your very own ego as that is the kind of thing that can often work against you.

There needs to be a sense of you going ahead and letting go of your own insecurities and being willing to move forward as this is the kind of thing that is going to allow you to move on in life and to make the kind of advances that you should be searching for.

5. It is linked to being resourceful.

The vulture is often linked to the idea of being resourceful and you need to match their ability to make the most of any particular situation before you go ahead and move forward in your life.

Do not allow anything to go to waste as you have no idea where it is going to come in useful.

The vulture is not as evil or horrible as it can be viewed. Instead, it can be a sign of doors being opened up that you have never thought of exploring before, but the way in which this can be a positive for your life.

My final thoughts on the Vulture Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

When the vulture spirit animal lurks in your consciousness, it’s a sign to be silent. Remember that there’s wisdom in silence.

The vulture meaning also encourages you to build a good name for yourself. Continue to build a mystery around you.

Your vulture totem asks you to be patient with yourself and allow things to unfold as they should. Give yourself time to think things through before you make a life-changing decision.

Make use of all your resources and remember the lessons of your past.

You are always free to choose your own path, but always go with the one that will give you the best, happiest, and most rewarding life.

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