The Possum Spirit Animal

The Possum Spirit Animal

oppossum spirit animal

The opossum spirit animal can teach you a lesson or two on using appearances to survive and succeed in life.

The opossum symbolism means to encourage you to have a strategy, whether for your personal relationships or professional ambitions, just like cougar symbolism.

Opossum Spirit Animal Meanings

In case you didn’t know, the opossum is a terrific actor and will simply play dead when things get hard or stressful.

That’s the opossum spirit animal’s defense mechanism, leaving its predator walking away in confusion, similar to the tiger spirit animal.

The opossum meaning points to the need for strategy and diversion when dealing with certain people and situations.

Sometimes you need to completely shut off so that people will leave you alone and you can focus on finding the best solutions.

You can stand up and fight. But if all else fails, you can also choose to conserve your energies and save yourself the headache by diverting your attention to more worthwhile things.

The otter symbolism simply reminds you that the mind is more powerful than your body. When you use your mind, you are quicker to react to situations, and the results will be more positive.

The otter meaning also urges you to avoid dangers and accept the fact that it’s not a sign of cowardice.

It’s also a sign of bravery to acknowledge that there are some things that you just cannot handle.

The meaning of the opossum also tells you to strengthen your appearance. Some people will take advantage of you because they think you’re too weak to fight for yourself.

The opossum symbolism is a reminder that you are surrounded by people who put up false appearances just to get what they want.

The opossum teaches you that it’s perfectly alright to pretend and act in another way if it means diverting their attention. This is very similar to the real meaning of the ladybug spirit animal.

Do this if you see the Opossum Totem in Your Dreams…

When the opossum symbolism appears in your dreams, you are being encouraged to employ the same strategy to your current situation.

When you’re being backed in a corner, trust your instincts and protect yourself!

If you need to pretend that you don’t care or you can’t be bothered, do it. If the situation requires you to be stronger and more fearless than you feel, do it!

Rather than allowing hurtful or taunting words to affect you, it’s even more dignified to walk away and refuse to participate.

Sometimes it’s more advisable to give people something that they are not expecting.

If Your Spirit Animal is the Opossum, read this carefully…

The road to success is often paved with struggles and challenges. The meaning of the opossum warns you to expect the unexpected, and to always be on the lookout for deceptions and lies.

The opossum meaning urges you to use your head when you are in a confusing situation and to not get caught up in the drama.

Do not be forced into doing something that goes against your principles for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

Know that you cannot make everybody happy, and it’s not your responsibility to.

When you choose not to participate, you are choosing what’s best for you without ending up doing something that you will regret later.

The opossum spirit animal is quite a bit of a trickster. You are being called to challenge the status quo and outsmart people who wish to trick and deceive you.

Do not be too quick to trust people, even the ones you have known the longest. It’s not wrong to keep them at arm’s length, especially if your gut is telling you something to make you feel that way.

Positive Traits of the Opossum Spirit Animal

When you have the opossum spirit animal working for you, you are a calm and sensible person.

You know what must be done to achieve your goals, and you know what you should avoid to keep your sanity intact.

You share your opossum totem’s intelligence, and you understand the need to use diversionary tactics in some situations. You know when to use your brains and when to use your brawns.

Like the opossum that carries its young inside sacks on their bodies, you are very protective of those you love. You will do everything you can to make sure that they are well taken care of.

Negative Traits of the Opossum Spirit Animal

The opossum meaning also puts emphasis on your fierceness and ferocity.

When you are provoked, you will not hesitate to retaliate, which is not always the best reaction because it puts you in situations where you are backed against the wall.

You can also become quite unpredictable and go off on a tangent. It’s not a very healthy thing to do when you’re trying to accomplish a goal or earn the respect of your peers.

Call on your Opossum Spirit Animal when:

  • You need guidance or enlightenment.
  • As wise and experienced you are in life, you will not have everything figured out. Look to the meaning of the opossum for guidance and inspiration and you will know how to proceed.
  • You need to use your mind to your advantage.
  • It’s not all about physical appearance and strength. Sometimes you can outlast them all with just the power of your mind.
  • Hypocrites surround you.

Distance yourself from these kinds of people. Don’t allow their toxic energies consume you because you can become somebody that you hate!

4 Unusual Facts About Possum Symbolism

The possum can often be a rather annoying creature, but that should not then put you off getting a better idea of what may occur in your life if you bring the possum spirit animal into whatever it is that you are doing.

Thankfully, possum symbolism is certainly far more positive in nature than how the actual animal itself is perceived as we can see when we look at different facts surrounding it.

1. You need to learn to use strategy in life.

The first thing to mention is that there is a need for you to learn to use strategy in your life, and to use it effectively.

A possum will work out a plan as to what it is going to do and how it will get to its end goal, and that is what you are going to have to figure out with your own life.

If you are able to do this, then expect to make significant progress compared to before.

2. You can be a problem solver.

Another key point is that you can often be a real problem solver when the possum spirit animal ventures into your life.

This is going to ultimately lead to you knowing the correct course of action to take with each situation, and that is making a huge difference to how you progress in life.

You know that there are times where you have to fight your corner whereas there are others that involve you simply realising that retreating and saving your energy for another time will be the best thing to do.

3. Your mind is stronger than your body.

Another important point with possum symbolism is that it indicates your mind is going to be far stronger than your body.

You may not have the physical brawn to deal with things, but there is no doubt that you have the mental aptitude to handle anything that is thrown at you.

This power is something that you are able to put to good use, and you seek to use it to your advantage wherever possible.

4. Understand that people put up false fronts.

There is also the idea that you need to be aware of the simple fact that people have a tendency to put up some false fronts that you have to then work through.

Also, you need to think about your own front and how people are going to perceive you and whether or not it is in the same light as you were expecting.

This takes time to do, but at the end of the day it will result in a smoother life.

Ultimately, possum symbolism is really connected to the idea that you have the inner strength from a mental capacity rather than anything else, but that is absolutely fine for you to then push on with life.

You should embrace your strengths and make full use of them rather than just ignore it and believe that you are just unable to achieve anything in life.

My final thoughts on the Opossum Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

There are certain situations that will exhaust you physically and mentally. You’ll wish that you can just remove yourself from these situations until you’re ready to come back and deal with them.

Your opossum spirit animal is telling you that you can do that. Incubate yourself and envision having a better, happier, and more peaceful life.

Sometimes what’s needed is for you to pull back and look inside you.

You can’t always be fighting off those who want to get a rise out of you, because sometimes withdrawing is the best course of action.

When you do decide to back off, you can better concentrate on designing your life and making your dreams happen.

You can emerge renewed and filled with energy, ready to prove your doubters and bashers that you’re not someone to mess with!

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