The Cougar Spirit Animal

The Cougar Spirit Animal

cougar symbolism

The cougar spirit animal puts the focus on your ability to acknowledge and direct your power with dignity and grace.

The cougar symbolism heralds a period in your life where you have to move quickly when there are opportunities present, and fully embrace your personal strength whether everything in your life is going as it should or not.

Common Cougar Spirit Animal Meanings

The meaning of the cougar puts the focus on guarding and protecting what is precious to you. In life, there will be many people who will try to get what you have in ways that will shock you, so be ready to deal with these kinds of people.

You are being encouraged by your cougar totem to demonstrate your power and strength, just like with the cat spirit animal totem. Learn to respect your own strength and capabilities.

Remember that you didn’t get to where you are by chance. You had to go through heartbreaks, rejections, and disappointments, and you committed a lot of mistakes to become the powerful and wise person you are.

The cougar symbolism highlights your desire to become the best version of yourself, whether it’s going up the corporate ladder, achieving your academic goals, or doing something for a charitable cause.

The meaning of the cougar reinforces your belief that you are destined for great things.

The natural leader in you always shines through. As with the Goat, when you walk with the cougar spirit animal, you have the confidence to take on any role, and not just a leadership role.

If Your Spirit Animal is the Cougar, read this carefully…

Be like the cougar spirit animal and accept nothing less than the best. Especially when it comes to affairs of the heart.

When choosing the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, discover their true intentions and strength by their actions.

Do not be swayed by good looks and perfect impressions because looks can be deceiving!

The cougar symbolism also reminds you to have the patience to develop your vision for the future. Be committed in growing your personal power.

Learn to be gentle when gentleness is required, and be assertive when assertiveness is needed. Be a leader without being superior about it, and don’t let your ego prevent you from being a considerate and sensitive person.

Cougar spirit animals as messengers of change

The cougar meaning appears to you when you need to step up and take charge of your life, just like the tiger spirit animal. The situation you are in right now may be less than ideal, but you are strong and courageous.

You can turn things around using your talents and skills. You can turn the odds in your favor and come out victorious.

This is the time to take the opportunities that you are being presented because one day soon, you will get your lucky break and change your life!

Devote your energies on the things that you are passionate about because they can lead you to discover a lot of wonderful things about yourself and the world that you belong in!

Positive Traits of the Cougar Spirit Animal

When the spirit of the cougar is alive in you, you are a natural born leader, oozing with charisma and brimming with a unique sense of presence. You are principled and have an unshakeable faith.

You do things with confidence. You know that you are fast and strong, and you can inflict harm or damage with very little effort.

When you want to, you can easily crush someone with your wits and your words. But you don’t do things that are not well thought out, so you let it pass when you know the effort is not worth it.

You are clever and calculating as much as you are responsible and dependable. You can be counted on during an emergency or a crisis when everybody else is just collapsing around you.

You focus on what needs to be done, and you do it quickly and efficiently. You can calmly rectify a problem and perform damage control while making it look so easy.

When you have the energies of your cougar totem, you can handle multiple tasks. You are balanced, steadfast, and persevering.

You are also a patient and loving teacher. But when it’s time to get serious, you have no qualms taking charge and being decisive and resolute.

Negative Traits of the Cougar Spirit Animal

The meaning of the cougar also brings forth your natural tendency to be solitary and territorial.

You retreat to your shell more than you go out and socialize, and this builds a wall between you and people who want to get close to you.

You like your space and you don’t take it very nicely when people just walk in uninvited. You easily feel threatened and will attack right away or be quick to lash out and lose your temper.

Call on your Cougar Spirit Animal when:

  • You feel like someone in your life has bad intentions.
  • When the cougar spirit animal appears in your life, it is to remind you that you have a personal power uniquely your own. Don’t hesitate to use this when you are in a tough situation and you are hoping for great results.
  • You need to focus your strengths and intentions.
  • There are certain things in life that you should fight for and there are things that you should just let go. Keep the meaning of the cougar close to your heart so it will guide you to make the best decision!
  • You need to regain your sense of balance.

When the unexpected happens, it can leave you feeling a little shaken up and make you lose your balance. Don’t panic because everybody goes through this.

4 Unusual Facts About Cougar Symbolism

Cougar symbolism can be pretty powerful with the message that it is trying to put across to you, but only if you are able to effectively open up your ears and listen to what it is attempting to tell you.

However, simply studying a number of different facts surrounding both the symbolism as well as the spirit animal will certainly make life a bit easier when it comes to knowing what it is trying to get you to do.

1. You are strong on both guarding as well as protecting.

The first point to mention is that cougar symbolism is strongly connected to the concept of protecting and guarding that which is precious to you.

Also, you will often find that there are people that are envious of your success, so they will try everything in their power to surpass you, but the cougar spirit animal tells you how best to deal with them.

2. You have the desire to become the best that you possibly can be.

Cougar symbolism is also linked to the idea that you have a strong desire to seek to become the absolute best version of yourself in every area of your life.

You want to be pushed along and to be capable of achieving all kinds of things, but you need the power and stamina to be able to achieve this.

The good news is that the cougar spirit animal is going to be able to do this for you.

3. You have the confidence to become the leader.

With the cougar spirit animal in your life, it will indicate that you have the absolute confidence in your own abilities to then become the leader in whatever it is that you plan on doing.

It will be important to stress that this is not arrogance but rather you trust yourself to make the correct decisions at the right time to then go ahead and achieve everything that you want to achieve.

4. You should only accept the best.

Cougar symbolism stresses that you should only ever accept the best in everything that you do in life, and it will also then lead to you feeling happier about everything and anything that you do.

This is not about being second best or just thinking that what you have is adequate as that desire to push yourself as far as you can go remains strong when this spirit animal has entered into your life.

As you can see, cougar symbolism is about determination and the desire to succeed.

You will also be fiercely protective of everything that you have managed to achieve, but then there is nothing wrong with you shielding yourself from anything that could take that away from you.

However, you are also able to strike the balance between protecting it and pushing on even more due to that drive to be the absolute best version of yourself.

It will not be an easy road, but it will be worth it in the end with you being glad that this spirit animal was there to help.

My final thoughts on the Cougar Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

Find your own path and be true to the desires of your heart. Embark on the journey to self-discovery despite the challenges and obstacles that arise.

Learn from your failures, disappointments, and heartbreaks, and have the commitment to stay on course. Try to strike a balance between enjoying your freedom and independence with maintaining your boundaries.

Do not rush, and just enjoy life! Have fun as you discover your passions, and learn to laugh at yourself when things don’t work out.

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