The Coyote Spirit Animal

The Coyote Spirit Animal

The coyote spirit animal makes its presence known when you feel like you have lost your way.

The coyote symbolism signifies the answers to your problems that often come in ways and forms you least expect.

The coyote can live anywhere and can be found everywhere.

It is not fussy and can survive in the desert, the beach, the forest, and the mountains because it learns to be a part of the environment as it continues to change over time!

Although the coyote can be paradoxical and difficult to categorize, the meaning of the coyote can teach you a lot of things.

Your coyote totem will teach you to strike a balance between playfulness and wisdom, just like a chameleon spirit animal.

Common Coyote Spirit Animal Meanings

The meaning of the coyote inspires change. If you do the same things over and over, you will pretty much get the same results, and that’s truly no way to live your life!

The challenge for you by your coyote totem is to do things using new methods, options, and solutions. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Trying new things will help you learn new tricks to succeed in life and win at relationships.

A whole world of choices and opportunities will open for you if you start letting go of your old fears and insecurities.

It’s time to do things that bring you joy, contentment, and happiness.

When the coyote totem appears to you, it urges you to let go of sentimental attachments and focus on what you are going to do with what you have in the present.

The coyote meaning reminds you that life is always changing, and nothing ever stays the same.

Even if you fight change with all that you have, you should learn to let go of the mental anguish and find a way to laugh it off and make it work.

The coyote symbolism ushers in a time to find hidden paths that will lead you to where you should be. It’s time to reveal the truths behind the masks, and it’s time to see beyond the illusions.

Here is why the Coyote Spirit animal is Lucky for some…

Unlike the Jay, the coyote is brave and reckless, and will not think twice about going for an opportunity.

This teaches you to go after something that you desire without thinking or worrying about it too much.

Even if the coyote spirit animal is often portrayed as a jokester or a trickster, the coyote symbolism is a good reminder to simplify your life and to always be open to possibilities, just like bloodhound symbolism.

This is how good luck and positivity will start pouring in!

If Your Spirit Animal is the Coyote, read this carefully…

Find the humor and laughter in the lessons of life so that you will continue to appreciate it for the exciting and unpredictable adventure that it is!

When you learn to laugh at your mistakes and disappointments, there are only life lessons and experiences, and a whole lot of possibilities.

Positive Traits of the Coyote Spirit Animal

When you share an affinity with the coyote, you are a natural jester and clown. Because of your great sense of humor, you can make anybody laugh and feel at ease.

Just like your coyote totem, you also like to challenge the seriousness of life and break it down to find the humor in every situation, no matter how painful it may be.

You pride yourself in being smart and resourceful, and quick and agile. You have a playful nature, and people instantly warm up to you because you are sociable and friendly.

You are also a dedicated family person who is domesticated, faithful, and loyal. You are clever when it comes to spotting opportunities, and you are a savvy charmer.

Negative Traits of the Coyote Spirit Animal

Like your coyote spirit animal, you are quite the trickster! You can be an expert thief if you want to be, because you are also quite the escape artist.

You can easily talk your way out of tricky situations. You get yourself off the hook by charming your way into people’s hearts.

Unfortunately, you don’t believe in learning lessons in a systematic and structured way. You prefer to learn them through trial and error, which can be very frustrating!

You are your own teacher and student. You don’t easily accept new insights and this leaves you stuck, getting the same lessons again and again.

You are fascinated by prospects of easy and quick gains. You do not attempt to conceal your mischief and instead, you wear it proudly.

You like it when people wonder if you’ve done something bad. You like to play the game of chance, even if the stakes are high.

Also, you have no qualms about trying anything new, even if it’s risky or reckless. You like new experiences, and you are even willing to play the fool as part of your strategy.

Call on your Coyote Spirit Animal when:

  • You need to inject more humour into your life.
  • Life doesn’t have to be so serious and somber all the time. Laugh at yourself, and don’t let life get you down!
  • You want to gain more wisdom and understanding of how the world works.
  • Life is a big puzzle which you will eventually understand the more that you experience it. Do not be afraid of change because this will give you meaningful lessons.
  • You want to fully experience life!

Sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind and live each day as it comes. Be present in the moment because life is too short.

5 Unusual Facts About Coyote Symbolism

Coyote symbolism has a tendency to be rather powerful in what it is trying to tell you, and if the spirit animal does appear to you in your life, then it will often signify a number of rather important changes or differences that are going to occur.

However, there are a number of clear facts surrounding this particular spirit animal that you may like to be aware of just in case it does end up appearing in your life.

1. It appears when you feel you have become lost.

There is nothing more disheartening for an individual than believing that they have become lost with the path that they are following in life.

If that sounds like you, then this may be the time where the coyote spirit animal will appear.

It offers you strength and knowledge that you will get through this period and find your direction once again as you have the ability in your own self to be able to achieve this.

2. It is intended to inspire some change in you.

There is also an idea that coyote symbolism is going to represent change in you.

There has to be a time where you realise that doing the same actions will always lead to the exact same outcome, so the coyote spirit animal is reminding you that this does not always have to be the case.

Instead, you can do something different and see the outcome and whether or not you prefer it to be this way.

3. Let go of sentimental things to get freedom.

There is also a rather important idea that the coyote spirit animal is encouraging you to release yourself from the bind of those items that are sentimental to you as it is not allowing you to then grow as an individual.

What it is trying to do here is to get you to focus on the present and what you have surrounding you right now as that is the most important thing of all.

4. It pushes that there are hidden roads that you do not know of.

The coyote is able to wander all over the place, and it finds new roads to travel down, so that is one message that is loud and clear with the coyote spirit animal.

However, it also teaches you that there is no need to be afraid to go down that hidden road even though you may not know what is at the other side as you have the ability to deal with whatever is placed in front of you.

5. You may be slightly reckless.

Coyote symbolism is also tied into the idea of you being reckless at times simply because you see some kind of opportunity and you then look at going for it.

This will work in your favour at times, but then it can also work against you as well, so you need to try to weigh up your options as much as possible.

There is no doubt that the coyote spirit animal is a bit more of a free spirit than people are perhaps aware of, but it will also show you to focus on the present rather than being stuck in the past or wondering what the future will be like.

My final thoughts on the Coyote Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

Your coyote spirit animal is a natural jokester who loves to have fun and show its playful side when things get too tense or serious.

It reminds you to not take life too seriously and to laugh at yourself when things don’t happen the way you anticipate.

You need to let go of your worries and just keep moving forward. Allow the universe to do its work and focus on what you need to accomplish.

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