Eight of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning

Eight of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning

eight of cups

The Eight of Cups is the card of escapism and withdrawal. It’s about disappointment and abandonment.

It’s about deep contemplation, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction. It’s about sadness and resignation.

When you see the Eight of Cups, you can see a lone man walking into the night on rough terrain wearing only a cloak and holding a staff in his hand.

He is walking away from all the things that he has amassed, because he feels like he has achieved and accomplished all he has set out to do, but it was not as gratifying as expected, unlike the Nine of Cups.

He has experienced the highs and the lows. He is leaving behind the life of comfort and familiarity to pursue bigger dreams and higher goals.

The Eight of Cups presents the question of what you can do to achieve a deeper and lasting satisfaction that does not include happiness derived from material things.

It wants you to seek a more profound meaning to life and to focus on finding your truth.

It suggests that you are ready to let go of the material things for something more significant.

The Eight of Cups can signal the beginning of a new journey for you, specifically one that’s spiritual in nature.

The Eight of Cups also symbolizes disappointment in love or relationships, and discontent with material gain.

It can even mean emotional fatigue. Even if you want to stay and soldier on, you simply don’t have the energy left.

You always give it your all, but you never get as much in return. The only thing left to do now is to walk away.

Eight of Cups Tarot and Love

When it comes to love and relationships, the Eight of Cups represents you walking away and removing yourself from a troubled or problematic situation.

You can finally be walking out of an abusive relationship. You can be walking away from conflict to avoid a major argument.

You can finally be ending a relationship with someone you thought you were in love with, just like the Four of Cups.

If you must do it, do it now. Nothing good will come out of delaying the inevitable and prolonging the agony. Both his and yours.

The Eight of Cups can also mean good news to someone who just came from a breakup. This signifies a time to heal, and a time to pick up all of your heart’s broken pieces.

In the reverse position, the Eight of Cups signifies that your relationship has serious problems, but you’re not sure if you need to call it quits or take a little break from each other.

Whatever it is, there are tears, and there is pain. You feel like never again will you feel this way for someone, and never again will you find someone who will go to all the trouble just to be with you.

There are serious self-esteem issues at work here, and you need to leave all these negative feelings behind before you actually start believing them to be the truth.

Eight of Cups Tarot and Money

When your job no longer makes you feel happy and inspired, there’s no reason for you to spend another day wasting away behind your office desk.

You can’t let the stability of a monthly paycheck tie you down and dictate how you should spend your every day.

Pursue your real passion, and make a career out of it. It may not bring in the big bucks at first, but if you love what you do, everything else will follow.

With careful planning and keen insight, you can make anything happen, just like the determination symbolized by Five of Pentacles.

Remember, not everything is all about money. If you can find a passion that can pay the bills and so much more, you have struck gold!

Eight of Cups Tarot’s Meaning for the Future

When the Eight of Cups appears in the future position, it can signify that you are heading to a future where you will feel burned out, drained, and exhausted.

The Eight of Cups is also believed to be an omen, so it can also mean that there’s some bad news waiting in the future.

It can also indicate that the great things you have and the amazing things happening to you right now may have a side to them that will only be made manifest in the future.

Your boyfriend’s quiet and diplomatic ways with you when you have minor disagreements can be a welcome change now, but this can also pose problems in the future.

When he does not talk about his feelings, he will never open up to you, and you will never know what’s going on in his head.

Until one day, everything will just blow up in your face and the relationship is way beyond saving.

Is the Eight of Cups a Sign of Bad Luck?

The Eight of Cups is a card that is going to often signify that you are in a period of transition in your life.

Also, it may indicate that the person is somewhat unhappy with their life and either bored with how things have been, and currently are, or simply wishes to attempt to move onto something else that is perhaps less barren to them.

Furthermore, the card may show that the individual may be about to venture forth onto a path of new self-discovery and self-improvement which is then going to often be achieved by detaching from other people for a period of time.

It will involve walking away from something, but that in itself does not have to mean that it signifies bad luck.

With the upright Eight of Cups, there is a sense that you are actually rather dissatisfied with your life, or something in your life, and you have that desire to change it.

There may have been a period whereby you have been trying out different things without getting that sense of being on the right path, and that is annoying you and upsetting you.

You often feel exhausted by aspects of your life, and feel even more exhausted with the idea of having to move away from what is seen as being familiar to you.

It may also be viewed as being a sign that you will be about to embark on more of a spiritual journey in your life instead of focusing on the material things that currently surround you.

Even the reverse of the Eight of Cups does not signify bad luck in the strictest meaning of the word.

Instead, it indicates that you are both confused as well as uncertain as to the direction in which you should be heading. This confusion can lead to negative vibes and poor decisions being made.

It may also lead to you being rather unsure as to the goals that you need, or want, to have in your life or there could be situations or individuals that are impeding your ability to go ahead and make those changes.

It can also mean that the individual is struggling with a number of fears related to their life. They fear that change and they also fear the loss of what they already have which then, in turn, is going to keep them in their current position.

Overall, this card is not a sign of bad luck but rather it is a card that is connected to the concept of being quite uncertain about life.

There is fear surrounding it, but also the understanding or desire to move on in life and to make changes that are going to hopefully be for the better.

There is no concept of either good or bad luck with this card as it is merely to do with decisions in life and whether or not you are content with how things are panning out.

In general, you should not be concerned in the slightest if you do produce this particular card.

My Final Thoughts on Eight of Cups Tarot

With the Eight of Cups, know that good and happy times are in your future. When all the signs point to you packing your things and leaving him for good, heed the warning signs and leave.

In the Eight of Cups, you are the hooded figure walking away into the night. This means no one is breaking up with you, and no one is leaving you. You are breaking up with them.You are leaving them.

You are making the choice to leave one part of your life so that you can usher a new one in.

Now, doesn’t that sound empowering and liberating?

The Eight of Cups denotes stability and security, but always with a price. When there’s discontent or restlessness in your life, it can represent that much-needed push to make it better, or find something better.

You can even head to a completely different direction. Your prospects are definitely looking great.

The Eight of Cups is a sign for you to look closely at your life, your job, your relationships, and your own beliefs. Find the source of your discontent. Are you willing to set aside the stability and security you enjoy to find your true happiness?

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