The Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Taurus Traits

The Moon in Taurus brings out the best traits in both. Taurus is a Fixed Fire Sign and is calmed by the Moon’s influence. Of all the Zodiac signs, Taurus benefits the most from the cool and feminine attribute of the Moon. You will find yourself the most emotionally stable when the Moon in your Sign.

Like soothing Aloe on a burn, the Moon can start a healing or be calming pain within Taurus. A Moon in Taurus is strong and symbolizes happiness in the home. Make sure that you are truthful with yourself about the routines you are willing to maintain. Commitment to a healthy lifestyle is important to your sense of stability, and the light of the Moon will help you on this path.

The Moon in Taurus Women

Women with the Moon in Taurus represent the mother. This woman is reliable and emotionally stable. She knows the value of well-crafted routines and habits. Taurus is a Fixed sign, and usually resistant to change of all types.

The Lunar Taurus does not like to be surprised. You want to know what type of restaurant you are headed to on your next date. You want to help plan the next trip so that you know exactly what to pack. Women with the Moon in Taurus like predictability in a partner.

Remember, predictable does not necessarily mean boring. The Taurus is very set in her ways. She may be game to try something new—especially in bed, as a fiery Taurus Woman is usually dynamite in the sack.

Those with a Mother or maternal figure with a Lunar Taurus will recognize these women as dependable. The motherly Taurus likes to be near the home. She wants an eye on everything that is happening. But, she is perfectly happy to observe from the comfort of her porch swing.

Taurus Women love the finer things in life—nice linens, good food, and only the finest furniture in their home. They take good care of their belongings but always want something a little bit nicer. This is the Moon’s influence.

The Moon in Taurus Men

A Taurus Man will let the moon smooth over his harshest personality traits. The Lunar Taurus man will stay set in his ways. Most likely, he learned these habits from his mother figure(s). A Man with a Moon in Taurus will do almost anything to keep the women in his life happy.

While using faithful in monogamous relationships, the Lunar Taurus does not like to upset his partner. He may have a long temper, but when he blows his top, it is best to give him space and time to calm down. Similarly, your Lunar Taurus may put up with a lot of your crap, but when he says he is done, you should believe him.

Taurus Men have a very difficult time breaking habits. Do not attempt to change him or hope that he will change on his own once your relationship ‘gets serious’. Remember, Taurus is symbolized by the Bull.

The Man with a Moon in Taurus is a solid provider. He wants to love and protect those close to him. Not only will this man shelter you, but you will have only the best. Stubborn as a Bull, this man will continue to spoil you for as long as you let him.

The Moon and Taurus in Love

In Love, the Moon and Taurus come together and complement one another very nicely. The Moon tempers the reactions of the Taurus. The Taurus brings a feeling of security to loved ones. When the Moon is in Taurus, the Bull is at his or her highest capacity for love and fulfillment.

You are so set in your ways, that you may not notice right away that your partner is not that into it. Try to offer a compromise. This is difficult for you, but you have the Moon illuminating the path to a closer and happier relationship.

Your best prospects for love are with someone who appreciates your down-to-earth sensibilities. They must also be a sensual person to keep your interest. You can find love with a Cancer Moon. People with a Cancer Moon like to be home, keep the home tidy, and comfort those within.

Your worst prospects for love are someone that could cheat on or hurt you. You might be put off by the perfectionist demands of a Lunar Leo. You also will probably have a hard time with a Lunar Piscean, who will need alone time and tend towards the more spiritual side. While you can appreciate this trait in them, you need someone with as practical as you are, for a life partner.

In order to find love and fulfillment, let the Moon in Taurus remind you that you have emotional needs. You do not just like routine and security—you need them. Do not be ashamed of your subconscious. If your needs are not currently being met, take time with the Moon in your Sign, to sort out how the given situation could better serve you and others.

Dates for the Moon in Taurus

Dates for the Moon in Taurus occur at different key points, in the year, but also during the reign of the Taurus Star Sign (April 20-May 20). All Lunar activity will affect you, so it is essential to be aware of key dates and Moon phase changes. Listed below are Lunar activities during Taurus:

The Moon in Taurus begins in the Last Quarter phase, which begins a day prior. At the end of April, on the 26th, there is a New Moon, which is followed by a First Quarter Moon on May 3rd. The Full moon in your Star Sign comes on April 10th and will usher in the last Moon phase during your sign. The Last Quarter Moon will appear on May 19th—the penultimate day of the Sun in your Sign.

The Moon in Taurus occurs 5 other times during 2017.February 3rd gets the distinction of the First Moon in Taurus of the year, and it is a First Quarter Moon. April 26th will see a New Moon emerge in Taurus, and almost a month later we see another New Moon in Taurus, on May 25th.

The Moon in Taurus will also show up toward the middle and end of the calendar year. On August 15th, the Last Quarter Moon is present in Taurus. Rounding out the Moon’s pull on Taurus is the Full Moon, which appears on November 4th.

The New Moon on May 25th may highlight old habits that are slowing your progress. Take inventory of your emotional needs and shed unneeded routines. By the arrival of the Full Moon, on November 4th, you have answers about what can be cut out of your life. Remember that the Moon rules over emotional needs, Taurus, and needs change.

Final Thoughts

Your day is based on routine and habit. Of all the Moon Signs, your habits will be the hardest to form and break. Analyze your daily routine and recognize the habits that may be holding you back from love and fulfillment. For example, you may notice that you spend 3 hours a day watching TV—think of things you could do in those 3 hours that would make you healthier and happier.

You may wish you could break some of your current habits. The good news is that you can! Unfortunately, it might take more work on your part, than it would for natives of other signs. Make a list of pros and cons and try to recognize which of your routines are helping you, and which ones are not.

You might be holding on to the ghosts of past worries. Be present now. The Moon wants to help you find love and fulfillment.

A Question for You, Dear Taurus:

Taurus, what is 1 daily habit you could change that would give you more time with loved ones?

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