The Sun in Taurus

The Sun in Taurus

The Sun in Taurus illuminates your power over others.  Whether by positive social influence, or negative forms of manipulation, you can be calloused in your tactics.  Going against you feels like being in an actual bullfight.

Taurus, you may have an April or May birthday, with Diamond and Emerald birthstones, both commonly recognized.  While Diamonds are valuable, it is even more valuable to you to read into what the Emerald is representing in Taurus.

The Sun in Taurus Traits

Your Zodiac birthstone is the Emerald.  Legend tells that emeralds were created as the goddess Venus walked the Earth.  Let the grassy color remind you, that it is perfectly green enough where you are.  You tend to covet thy neighbor’s grass.

Let the Emerald be your own little patch of greener grass.  It is understandable to desire new and nicer things.  Just do not forget how fortunate you are to have what you do.  Go after what you want, but only if you can find it without taking from others.

Bulls chase.  They are tenacious.  They hold grudges.  Temper your negative feelings with your reminder of the green under your feet.

The Sun in Taurus will help you find that part of yourself.  You will be surprised at your own abilities.  Physical strength will not save you if you give in to your hubris.

You need to pick your battles.  One of them will be your last.  Make sure that day does not come for you this year.  Taurus, you must play nice with others, to find real love.

The Sun in Taurus Women

It is no surprise to learn that the new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot (b. April 30, 1985) was cast as the most recent incarnation of Wonder Woman.  She is a Taurus.  She is naturally gorgeous, powerful, and intimidating to approach.

Another strong example of female Taurus traits is embodied in the extraordinarily talented English actress Samantha Morten (b. May 13, 1977).  She has a biting wit.  Her comedic timing is impeccable.  And you would want her on your side in any fight.

Christina Hendricks (b. May 3, 1975), best known as Joan from Mad Men, is yet another example of the archetypal Taurus woman.  She is fiery and formidable, as an opponent.  She is a lovemaking goddess and cruel mistress, as a lover.  She is honest and direct, as a friend.

She is believable as a wife and mother, but she no submissive woman.  On screen, Joan’s character has a killer body.  She does not bend to the will of any bully.  She is loyal.  She is an icon of feminine strength.

Taurus women are not lacking the feminine and maternal qualities of the everywoman.  On the contrary, the ‘mama bear’ in you is fierce.  It happens even if you are not a mother, Taurus.

You will always fight to protect those you love.  Just know where to stop.  You cannot fight everyone.  Save your energy for more positive purposes.

You are a powerful ally to the causes you join.  You will no doubt be on the front lines or have a speech prepared.  Your challenge will be to calm and pace yourself.  Take your time.

The Sun in Taurus Men

Even champion rodeo riders only hope to dominate the Bull for 8 seconds.  Good luck to anyone who tries to control a bull.  He is a fighter.  And, no, you cannot change that.

Taurus men are known to be some of the hottest alive.  The problem is, they are often excruciatingly aware of just how attractive they are.  Taurus men have the reputation that they ‘don’t have to try as hard’, because of their looks.

Famous loveable and handsome, but notorious heartthrobs and heartbreakers include George Clooney, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and David Beckham.  To give you an idea of the Taurus man, see the list below:

  • James McAvoy           (X-Men)
  • Henry Cavill                (Superman)
  • Jamie Dornan              (Fifty Shades of Grey)
  • Robert Pattinson         (Twilight)

… to name only a few.

One famous Hollywood Taurus, known for his iconic work behind the camera, is Wes Anderson (b. May 1, 1969).  He has such a unique style that his work is identifiable, almost immediately.  Your creative side is your passionate side.  Sometimes, the bull can trample their relationships, while charging towards their own creative pursuits.

Taurus has an artistic side that should not be underestimated.  Art can be used in place of weapons.  Art can transcend culture and time, in meaning.  Lean into your creative inclinations.

The Sun and Taurus in Love

The Sun and Taurus in Love are cooperative, but only if the Sun’s power is harnessed correctly.  You cannot be the bull in the china shop.  You must be aware of your own size, strength, and presence in the hearts of others.

It is very easy to fall in love with a Taurus.  Not so easy to get them to fall for you.  Even harder still, getting over them.  There is something about a Bull that will never want to be tamed.

Leos and Aquarians will have extra heartbreak when they fight the Bull.  The love will be passionate, but the fights will be worse.  Aquarius will never feel truly appreciated by the brooding Taurus.  Leo will never feel the power balance feels right between the two born-leader signs of Bull and Lion.

The best matches for Taurus are Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo.  Water signs Pisces and Cancer help cool the temper of the Bull.  These people are more attractive opposites than your duplicate, Taurus.  These differences are what allow you to appreciate and complement each other so well.

Your best general match will be with Earth sign Virgo or Capricorn.  The Capricorn seems to be an ideal love match for you, usually.

The Capricorn and Taurus combination, especially with the Sun in Taurus is truly beautiful to behold.  Like a romantic vision of Bull and matador dancing a duel to the death, onlookers will be captivated with the electricity between you and your partner.

If you do not have this person in your life yet, know that the universe is slowly drawing them towards you at the correct pace.  Just as you like to test the patience of those around you to find their true level devotion, you must also prove yourself.  Time will bring you love.  Prepare yourself now.

If you are already in a long-term or committed relationship, it is time to take an honest inventory of your heart.  Are you intending to keep this person around, treat them well, and be honest about your emotions?

This is the year, especially while the Sun in Taurus is cheering you on.  Break old habits of cheating or keeping secrets.  Learn new anger management techniques.  New mindful meditation rituals, including yoga, can help you find your centered self.

Your stubbornness usually hinders your progress, but you will find a way to use it for your advantage.  Remember, other some other words for stubborn are determined, persistent, and persevering.  These are powerful words and feelings.

Ancient rulers of Egypt and other empires built megalithic structures to honor the personalities that ruled their worlds.  It is easy to imagine this type of architecture and design coming from the mind of a Taurus.  Intrinsically motivated, self-starting and ambitious, a Taurus is a type to build as such.

The Dates for the Sun in Taurus

March 9th will see Mars enter your star sign.  Remember, that the combination of the Bull and Mars should be careful times.  Watch your temper at this time, as Mars might be stirring up your need to flare your nostrils and kick up dust.

March 31st will bring Mercury into Taurus.  This time of fluctuation will give you vertigo.  But, both the growth and growing pains are natural.

The Sun will show up for you on April 19th.  After the rollercoaster of March, this will usher in welcome change.  You will experience a time of plenty.  A new love might be looking for you in April!  Or April marks the beginning of your journey to find it before it finds you.

Mercury on the 15th of May and Venus of the 6th of June signal that your star sign will find love around this time.  Nurture relationships you already have.  Do not forget to foster new friendships and other healthy relationships, as well.

After June, your star sign is at rest, according to the Planetary shifts.  Keep an eye on lunar shifts and Mercury in Retrograde for the rest of the year.

Now that you have the happiness and the free time, Taurus, you may be tempted to leave.  It is reasonable to always want better.  Just do not lose sight of the blessings you already have in front of you.  Take the rest of the year to really soak everything in.  Show your gratitude towards others.

Using the following Numerology Chart, you can count on the dates listed below to be included in Lucky Days, or Months, of the Year:

  • 1:         A         J          S
  • 2:         B         K         T
  • 3:         C         L         U
  • 4:         D         M        V        
  • 5:         E         N         W       
  • 6:         F          O         X        
  • 7:         G         P          Y
  • 8:         H         Q         Z         
  • 9:         I           R

Taurus = 4

Taurus + Sun = 4

Taurus + Love = 4

Seeing the Numerology results above should remind you just how important the number 4 is in your life.  Maybe you already feel this is your lucky number.  Maybe you are still unaware of its presence.  There are many ways to use your Star Sign Number to study learn more about yourself.

In Numerology, the number 4 represents finding your way home.  Think of this like taking a walk, and turning left 4 times, making a square.  Like the baseball diamond, life has a way of directing you back home.  Your choice is whether or not to go.

The Sun in Taurus shows no weakness.  The best picture of the strength of the number 4 is a table with four legs.  You are sturdy and strong.  You are grounded.

“With four sides of the same size, a square has no weak points.  It is organized, solid, and enduring…built-to-last”.

Final Thoughts

A Bull is a good person to have on your side.  However, what they have in a brain, they sometimes lack in compassion.  It is just not in a bull’s nature to stop, once charging.  That is just why we love you, though.

Your tenacious energy and relentlessness are contagious.  Many will envy your accomplishments.  Many will try to slow you down.  Some will even try to stop you in your tracks.

You can obviously break past them if you choose to.  You also have the responsibility not to trample everything and everyone, on your way.  Being forceful is fine, but being destructive gets old to those around you.  Your loved ones should not have to clean up the messes you make when angry.

Dear Taurus, you have so many amazingly lovable qualities.  You have the capability to draw to you all you what in life.   You also are the only one who can make your own dreams come true.

Many famous Taurus heart-breakers go a lifetime without finding true love.  Many of them will admit, they neglected to seek it out.  In your endeavors to find yourself and your artistic voice, do not neglect to find the home that you so desperately crave.

Even if you do not want children or a committed partnership, consider your chosen family.  The family of friends and peers you surround yourself with help shape who you are.  They need your love just as much as you need theirs.

A Question for You, Dear Reader:

The Sun in Taurus can be so powerful that can turn out to be dangerous.  Is there a safe way to house a Bull in the china shop of delicate ego, trust, and commitment that comes with a long-term loving relationship?  To put it more simply: Can you afford to let a Bull into your china shop?

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