Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

When it comes to matches like Aquarius and Taurus, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Both of these zodiac signs are among the most playful in the zodiac, and their love of humour and life’s little pleasures is sure to strike up a fantastic connection.

Yet there are differences worth keeping in mind too, and staying on top of those means staying on top of how the relationship plays – or indeed, if it’s worth pursuing at all.

That’s why it’s best to make sure you know the ins and outs of Aquarius and Taurus compatibility – the definitive guide to knowing the secret ways to connect these signs can be found right here, together with advanced warnings of the potential challenges too.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this pairing tick.

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility overview

To understand this zodiac connection at its fullest, it’s a good idea to understand the symbolism at play behind overall Aquarius and Taurus compatibility.

Although the representations of any given star signs might feel like mythology, understanding why certain symbols are what they are offers a good basis of understanding to move forward with.

Take Aquarius, for example. This star sign is represented in classic depictions by the symbol of the water bearer, the idea being that – just as water bearers travelled far to fetch and carry the water for entire communities in ages past – Aquarius today is carrying the waters of knowledge and invention and advancement on behalf of the community of humankind.

If it sounds lofty and idealistic, that’s because it often is, even if the Aquarius person you’re thinking of doesn’t fully know this is happening within them.

On the other hand, Taurus is represented by the bull, a docile and pleasure-seeking animal who’s well built and loving, although ferocious if pushed too far.

The parallels between the bull and the Taurus individual are far more easily felt, both in observers and in Taurus people themselves.

In fact, so strong is this connection that some say Taurus people feel an irrational dislike for the colour red!

So how does this all tie into the compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus? Well, for one thing, Aquarius has a far more lofty outlook on life.

While Taurus is capable of philosophy and altruism with the best of them, those ideals are at the core of the Aquarius soul, and everything they do is in pursuit of furthering humankind as a whole.

Another wrinkle is that Taurus people are very good at making and keeping hold of their money, whereas Aquarius people believe that everyone is created equal and should be treated as such – the divide of the rich and the poor and the have or have nots wrinkles their nose.

Taurus, meanwhile, believes that if they’ve earned it, they should keep it.

Both signs have a playful side that is well worth exploring together, however. Aquarius and Taurus are alike inasmuch as they have a laid back yet often wry and witty approach to life that means they get on well with others, and particularly one another.

In love, however, while an avoidance of overly demonstrative and soppy romance is appreciated, Taurus is certainly more romantically minded than Aquarius, and both signs can often feel like their efforts are overlooked or receive minimal reactions in the other.

Matches between the Aquarius woman and Taurus man

The Taurus man, make no bones about it, is a gentleman with a keen eye for the ladies.

Chances are he’s had quite a wide range of both serious and casual dalliances in the past, and has a sensual quality coupled with a laid back, often rakishly handsome appearance that effortlessly sells his appeal.

The Aquarius woman, meanwhile, is fully aware that society is pressurising women to appear a certain way, and cheerfully snubs her nose at the very idea of that.

Hers is to be an individual to the very end, and how she dresses, moves and presents herself is unique to the very letter.

That will undoubtedly catch the Taurus man’s eye, assuming her killer sense of humour and bright, effusive intelligence haven’t ensnared him first.

Ever a lover of the pleasures in life, the Taurus man is likely to ask a prospective mate out to a meal – good food and good company are the combined ways to his heart.

If he’s smart, he’ll pick an unusual venue where the Aquarius woman’s love of the outlandish in life can feel right at home.

It’s that adoration of the offbeat that could drive a wedge if poorly managed in a relationship between the Aquarius woman and Taurus man though.

He’s got a good work ethic and is no doubt a provider – not that the Aquarius woman cares too much for established gender roles – but he’s also keen on a life of loyalty, dependability and a steady, slow rhythm of routines.

While loyalty is certainly appreciated, as is his understated but confident loving style that doesn’t overblow the feelings of the relationship out of proportion, the Aquarius woman needs a lot of variety and unusual circumstances to feel appeased.

While she’s far from demanding, she’s also prone to suddenly drop everything and saunter off for adventures and exploration of her surroundings with little fanfare – something the Taurus male could well find disruptive.

The good points:

  • Humour, fun and flirtation flow freely between the Aquarius woman and Taurus man
  • Both partners are too easygoing to let drama or heavy feelings get in the way of things
  • The Taurus woman is grounded and reliable, winning the Aquarius woman’s slowly given trust nicely

The bad points:

  • The rhythmic nature of the Taurus man’s lifestyle will become cyclic and boring to the Aquarius woman if it’s not managed well with bursts of spontaneity
  • The Aquarius woman goes through sudden, intense and rapidly enacted bouts of self-isolation that confuse the Taurus man – he’ll think he’s done something wrong
  • The Taurus man is a very physical lover, which could crowd the Aquarius woman if mismanaged

Matches between the Aquarius man and Taurus woman

Whatever shape, size or background the Taurus woman comes from, she brings with her an earthy, natural and often quite effortless beauty that encourages a fleet of admirers, secret or otherwise, wherever she roams.

The Aquarius man, on the other hand, often doesn’t notice if anyone is into him, and doesn’t mind it that way.

His unusual dress sense, talent for getting lost in his thoughts and innate way of getting behind the motivations of people with an instant sense of insight means he navigates life his way, on his terms.

The Taurus woman is a creature of comforts, and expects a certain standard of living that the Aquarius man is too liberated from the shackles of money and chasing status to bother with.

That can cause a little bit of a mismatch at first, yet at the same time there’s likely to be a spark igniting between this pairing sooner or later.

The Taurus woman will have to be patient with how the Aquarius man handles dating, if at all, if he’s given the lead in courtship.

He has little time for the tried and true, instead seeing life as a great laboratory of experiences and experiments waiting to be savoured.

Once the relationship is in place, however, he will be keenly pleased with just how sensual and giving a lover his Taurus woman is.

Her love of pleasure extends to all areas, and she will certainly not leave her lover wanting – she need only be sure she’s not too cloying and overpowering as part of that.

Such misunderstandings will likely be few and far between, however. The Taurus woman is not argumentative or dramatic, but certainly likes to get her way.

The Aquarius man is flighty, but appreciates that she doesn’t make mountains out of molehills – nothing alienates him and his interest faster.

She’ll have to put her foot down sometimes when he wants to gallivant everywhere at all hours having fun, but he too should be careful not to feel contained by her affections – a love like hers is hard to find, and ought to be treasured.

The good points:

  • A laid back loving lifestyle helps the Aquarius man and Taurus woman enjoy all the perks of love with little of the drama
  • Both are jokers and pleasure seekers, able to enjoy some superb dates and outings
  • The Taurus woman knows exactly how to keep the Aquarius man interested, no matter how far his mind roams

The bad points:

  • The Aquarius man’s mind wanders so much he could come across as distant and disinterested
  • The Taurus woman’s love of the finer things in life could strike the Aquarius man as pointless and shallow
  • His independent urges could disrupt her attempts to bond with him – he could feel too constricted and create more distance in a strange kind of rebellious action

Aquarius and Taurus friendship compatibility

Both of these star signs are very much people’s people, and while they each have solo tendencies that they use to rest and recuperate, they are by and large confident and extroverted individuals who get on well with souls from every walk of life.

They often come from large families, and if not have a network of friends who are as good as family to them.

Part of what makes both Aquarius and Taurus friendships so effortless is that both of these souls have a love of humour and mischief, as well as a positive, no drama philosophy on life, that makes for an instant and lasting connection.

Likely as not, Aquarius and Taurus friends seen out and about will be the two giggling uncontrollably, sharing anecdotes from antics in the past and communicating entirely in impersonations of people and silly voices.

Both star signs are also fond of a good prank, and will likely as not base a great deal of their friendship playing tricks on themselves or those close to them – and feeling reprehensible any time it’s suggested they’ve gone too far!

It would be easy for onlookers to believe that such a friendship is simply a pair of clowns making the most of life, but luckily an Aquarius and Taurus friendship goes far deeper than that.

Taurus loyalty alone, for instance, often lasts a lifetime unless trust is broken, and these friends will be among the first to lend a hand if Aquarius is in trouble.

Aquarius is similarly generous and altruistic, yet also offers Taurus insights into grand ideas and sweeping philosophical ideas that can’t help but inspire.

Together, these two can often become friends for life, taking life at a breezy pace and savouring its pleasures, but never shying away from hard work or joint projects that can improve their prospects.

Aquarius and Taurus marriage compatibility

An Aquarius and Taurus marriage can indeed work out splendidly, but there are certain hurdles that ought to be overcome first, mostly in the initial ideas – conscious or subconscious – that each such individual has about matrimony at large.

For example, the Taurus person is often a keen lover of tradition and the tried and true.

To them, marriage is a wonderfully indulgent way of gathering friends, dining splendidly, splashing out in style and proving to the world their love and loyalty for their partner.

Yet in many cases, Aquarius might like the idea of a party that gets folks together and enjoying themselves, but sees marriage itself as quite an outdated institution to be buried in the dark ages.

Life moves so fast, how can anyone be certain they’ve found the right person? Why does it cost so much, and why are so many of the rituals so archaic?

There’s also the question of freedom to consider, as Aquarius can see marriage as a cage if approached the wrong way about it.

The idea of having to constantly check in when they do anything or be contained by the confines of the relationship forever can feel daunting – so much so they forget to check if Taurus even feels the same way, or is similarly nervous.

Forgetting to check in on the partner is an unfortunately Aquarian trait from time to time, as these people have big missions of altruism and the wider view of humanity in their head at all times, preventing them from seeing the finer details.

Taurus must take care to not feel neglected in these moments, and when communicating a desire for more closeness, must be careful not to dress it up by mistake as a demand that the Aquarius stand still.

They fear becoming stagnant and will buckle against this kind of request out of instinct.

Taurus is also extremely loyal, which in the very worst cases in long-lasting marriages that find a comfortable rhythm could clash against the easily bored nature of Aquarius.

Those people are keenly addicted to the feeling of newness and the unknown, and care must be taken that the marriage itself doesn’t become stuck in such a rut that the Aquarius feels the urge to shake it up for no good reason just to see what happens.

Aquarius and Taurus: Common issues and problems

Although both Aquarius and Taurus are fun and laid back, there can be no doubting that key differences in their outlook, approach and mannerisms can create a fair few spanners in the works.

For one thing, there is the pace of life overall to consider. Aquarius is very in the moment individual, effortlessly adapting to new information and integrating it into their plans – which again, can change on the fly.

An Aquarius can sit down and break out an elaborate business plan off the cuff, one that would work tremendously if put into action – only to scrap the idea as uninteresting a week or so later.

Taurus, meanwhile, prefers a dependable rhythm to their days.

Sudden curve balls can throw them more than they would an Aquarius, and they see in their Aquarius friend a sense of chaotic disorder they respect, but can’t really relate to.

Aquarius think the Taurus a hopelessly slow moving soul by contrast, not having the same deep well of patience and perseverance to draw from.

Taurus people enjoy material possessions and wealth and status somewhat more than their Aquarius companions too – in fact, Aquarius finds this kind of materialism quite bizarre, and is outspoken enough to say so.

Add to this the fact that both Aquarius and Taurus have a penchant for being stubborn and not giving up their position in an argument, and you can see how differences in opinion tend to stay that way long term.

There’ll be some things this pair simply can’t agree on, and while they have enough of an easygoing nature to live and let live, they certainly can’t hope to find any common ground without a considered, measured effort at compromise.

As a cheeky aside, many astrologers believe that Taurus can have a grumpy side. Every few days, even if life is going their way, Taurus souls wake up and spend their entire day feeling grouchy and unsociable.

They mean no harm in this, and certainly have few grievances to air a lot of the time, but upbeat Aquarius will find these bouts of cranky behaviour quite strange.

They should take care not to mock Taurus too fiercely for them though!

My expert opinion and final thoughts

With a solid love of playfulness and laughter, Aquarius and Taurus often make for the kind of match that can’t help but uplift everyone surrounding them.

Their antics and jokes are the life and soul of the party, and thanks to their free and easy way of rolling through life, they invite very little in the way of opposition and jealousy.

Instead, it is the differences in their own natures that ought to be watched out for, as well as the hard headed stubborn viewpoints that accompany these realisations of their differences.

Compromising to how someone else does things is not the same as submitting and surrendering – a lesson both signs could do well to learn.

Aquarius is a star sign represented by the air element, and Taurus is ruled by the earth element.

Immediately, that distinction ties in beautifully to how Aquarius and Taurus relationships play out – Aquarius moves fast, like the wind, while Taurus is solid as a rock and moves slowly, like the great motions of the world’s tectonic plates.

One will never be the other, and nor should they be, and only those Aquarius and Taurus lovers who learn to turn that into a strength rather than a bone of contention can make the most of the drama free love and laughter this connection offers.

Similarly, as an earth sign, Taurus is very rooted in the real world, in solid and practical goals and in material things that show progress and ambition in tangible ways.

Meanwhile, Aquarius is ruled by the air element in such a way that ideas and thoughts, and the communication thereof, are their realm of expertise.

Aquarius will find it curious and sometimes even untenable that Taurus should fixate so much on the mundane realm alone, whereas Taurus is concerned that Aquarius spends his or her time far too often with the head lost deep in the clouds.

However, this is a relationship match that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. The fun that flows when Aquarius and Taurus gets together promises to bring a welcome spark of brilliance to their lives together, as well as their lives as individuals.

Seldom will emotions run hot, and if enough excitement and freshness is mixed with the security and stability Taurus needs, there’s no reason why these two darling tricksters can’t put down roots together while simultaneously taking flight.

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