Libra and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Libra and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Libra and Taurus romance is, quite literally, a straightforward affair.

After all, both of these star signs are ruled by planet Venus, and are romantic and generous because of that.

Yet dig beneath the surface, and you’ll find plenty of differences to contend with too. Left unresolved, these issues can overwhelm even the best intentions in love.

Prepare yourself by getting to grips with Libra and Taurus compatibility – the definitive guide to doing so is right here.

Libra and Taurus compatibility overview

Libra and Taurus are both lovers infused with the most wonderful romantic sentiments.

Every star sign has a ruling planet, but some of them share the same one, as is the case here – both Libra and Taurus partners are ruled by the planet Venus.

Venus is the planet of art, love, romance, compassion, kindness and aesthetics. Yet both Taurus and Libra in love express these energies in much different ways to one another.

That’s because having the same ruling planet is different to having the same star sign – and astrologically, these two are unique from one another.

For instance, Libra is a star sign symbolised by a pair of scales – the only zodiac sign in astrology not represented by a living being.

Of course, anyone who’s met a Libra knows they’re far from lifeless for that though, and the scales instead speak to Libra’s keen need for balance.

Libra people intrinsically see life in pairs – light and dark, in and out, up and down.

They know one can’t exist without the other, but also believe that life can’t go on if one value overpowers the other either. Hence, the need for equality, balance and harmony – the driving factors behind Libra’s ways.

To help them out in this spiritual journey, Libra people have plenty of blessings from the stars on their side.

For one thing, they’re remarkably charming people, and they use their social graces to help mediate disputes or steer the course of debates. Again, all in the pursuit of balance and peace.

Peace is a quality of the planet Venus for sure, and it’s one hallmark that Taurus can definitely get behind.

Taurus sometimes comes across more aggressive than they are to amateur astrologers, because their symbolic animal is the mighty bull.

And while Taurus is just like a bull insofar as you really don’t want to make them angry, they also very rarely lose their temper and – just like the bull – are actually quite docile and protective.

Taurus people are friendly, with a somewhat wicked sense of humour and a keen interest in romance.

In fact, pleasure of all kinds tends to be what Taurus is after, but they’re not afraid of hard work either.

Just as the bull would dutifully pull the farmer’s plough in ages past, so too is Taurus willing to give themselves to the cause willingly, working hard to help the community.

Taurus people are also often good with money because of this, and guard it closely.

They are of like mind with Libra in believing that everybody should get along, but Taurus is also more self-motivated than Libra is, and this creates some of the disparate aspects of their relationship.

Matches between the Libra woman and Taurus man

Two fun-loving keepers of the peace get together when the Libra woman and Taurus man date, although it should be kept in mind that their individual rhythm and tempo might not always align.

The Libra woman is also someone who, quite simply, isn’t single very often.

She always feels listless without a partner, and certainly has no difficulty attracting male attention, thanks to her good looks and sharp mind. Yet she also doesn’t rush into intimacy, taking her time.

The Taurus man is an individual who is all about taking his time. Friends and family know that there’s simply no rushing this fellow – he goes his own way at his own pace.

The Taurus man is prone to bouts of lazing around, but is also often pretty accomplished an earner too.

Although he comes across as strong as an ox – and occasionally a big old grumpy bear – deep down he’s a big softie at heart.

It’s this tenderness that likely entices the Libra woman, who’s drawn to genuine truth in people, and wants a partner who’ll always be there for her.

Few partners could be seen as more reliable and dependable than the Taurus man, and he’ll certainly appreciate how giving and kind the Libra woman is. In her eyes, her partner’s needs come first – perfect for indulgent Taurus.

Yet just as he’s getting used to being pampered, the Libra woman is likely to up and leave to answer the sudden call of her social circle or career.

Although she prioritises love, the Libra woman is of no mind to let her romantic life unbalance the nuances of other areas of life that also need her attention.

Yet she moves fast as ideas take her, and it can be a little jarring how swiftly and effortlessly she untangles herself from the depths of the relationship to dart about.

The Taurus man is loathing to admit he also simply can’t keep up – he prefers to settle in one place for a good long time.

As time goes on, the Libra woman might find that the comparatively sluggish way the Taurus man goes about things is difficult to appreciate.

The Libra woman likes to have the freedom to do things in the moment, yet might find the Taurus man more difficult to motivate into swift action.

However, she also has the problem of indecisiveness to deal with, and simply freezes up if confronted with the need to make a snap decision.

The Taurus man is more likely to make a choice and stick with it without backing down though, and is impossible to talk around if he’s in the wrong.

The good points:

  • Romance and affection are strong suits for the Libra woman and Taurus man alike, and they know how to pamper one another
  • The Libra woman is intelligent and full of bright ideas, and is able to help the Taurus man see life from new points of view
  • The Taurus man is loyal and reliable, never straying or failing to be there when the Libra woman needs him

The bad points:

  • The Libra woman is somewhat scattered, often between two ideas she takes ages to reconcile
  • The Taurus man has a possessive streak sometimes that can impact the freedom of his partner
  • The Libra woman loves a good debate, but the Taurus man just has one opinion on any given thing and never shifts it

Matches between the Libra man and Taurus woman

The Libra man is one of the zodiac’s most naturally born gentlemen. The modern way dating is handled, all apps and hookup culture, does nothing for him.

He’s a loyal lover who adores the idea of a slow and steady courtship, and it’s something he looks for even without realising.

He may just have found the kind of lover he needs to make that dream happen in the Taurus woman, at least at first.

Old school romance goes down very well indeed with this lover of life’s little luxuries, and her sharp sense of humour is offset by an earthy beauty and golden heart.

The Libra man tends to put the needs of others before himself to excess, so fixated is he in making sure everyone around him is okay.

The Taurus woman can plug the gaps here a little, as she’s good at looking after those whom she loves.

However, she also has a healthy level of self-love too – in other words, she can be a touch indulgent.

The Libra man might occasionally get frustrated at how much the Taurus woman likes to laze about, but to her, rest and relaxation is extremely important.

The fact that Taurus people tend to have such laid-back attitudes is surely interrelated with how important they know taking time out for themselves can be.

The Libra man can get frazzled by the demands of his lifestyle from time to time, especially when faced with indecision.

Therefore, the Taurus woman is dependable, a rock for him to rest against when he feels overwhelmed.

Yet he knows better than to take her for granted, and the Libra man always does his bit to ensure the Taurus woman feels loved and respected.

However, it’s a game of two halves to some extent – the Libra man is also capable of being very cold and aloof at the drop of a hat.

Remember, he’s all about being dualistic – so for all his time being warm and affectionate, he needs to recentre himself by shrinking away from time to time.

The Taurus woman is bewildered at this though, and it happens so suddenly she may well think she’s done something wrong.

She also has a jealous side that can get out of hand once the Libra’s natural charm comes into play – it’s vital she remember he’s of no mind to truly stray.

The good points:

  • The old school romantic approach is out of vogue for many, but not for the Libra man and Taurus woman, who relish in it
  • The Taurus woman goes slow in life, putting no pressure on the Libra man – much appreciated by him
  • The Libra man is supportive, kind and understanding, but receives just the same from the big hearted Taurus woman

The bad points:

  • The Taurus woman like to lounge around, being less interested in getting out and about than socially active Libra
  • The Libra man doesn’t rush into decisions, and can ruminate on issues far too long for the Taurus woman
  • Both partners can be a little lazy from time to time, and might sink away from the world for too long, alienating friends

Libra and Taurus friendship compatibility

Both Libra and Taurus are very relaxed people, and it’s therefore no surprise that they make friends rather easily.

More than this, however, they have that like-minded love of peace and harmony among people from all walks of life that makes them effortlessly gel when together.

Libra is the individual of the pair most likely to have a huge social circle of countless souls they love to flit between, but don’t count Taurus out.

They can be somewhat dark horses when they want to be – dark bulls, if you prefer – and often are popular in their own right too.

Because of that, it can often be the case that there’s not as much time as would be ideal for Libra and Taurus friends to spend together.

When they do though, a shared love of pleasure and beautiful things guides them wonderfully from one place to the next.

Examining art, working with charities, getting out to shop until they drop or dining at the latest trendy restaurant in town are all activities over which Taurus and Libra friends can happily bond.

Making treasured memories via shared experiences is very much the way to go.

Even better, both star signs here are loyal, and build relationships – romantic or platonic – with the notion of making them last.

Years down the line, both Libra and Taurus will be there for each other whenever needed – and a good thing too, as they can offer to one another aspects they themselves might lack.

For instance, Taurus has very rigid opinions, and once they make their mind up about something, it’s almost impossible to shift their ideology.

Stubborn as a bull, as they say – yet if anyone has enough gift of the gab to help them see a new point of view, it’s Libra.

Flipping that logic around works wonders too. Libra is inherently a little flighty, and sometimes is bombarded with so many contrary ideas that they become hopelessly scattered.

Taurus is rock solid by comparison, and proves the perfect sympathetic ear for Libra.

In fact, because of their cool, calm and collected exterior, not a lot of people know just how much Libra worries and overthinks things sometimes. Taurus is wonderfully laid back by comparison, not prone to worry in the slightest, and sure to help calm Libra down.

Libra and Taurus marriage compatibility

As we’ve discussed, Taurus and Libra in love are both of the mindset that their relationship ought to last a lifetime.

Neither Libra or Taurus lovers rush the relationship as a result of that – Libra, so they can be certain of their choice, and Taurus, because they’re enjoying the ride.

The wedding is likely to be a lavish ceremony, but not tacky because of it. Remember, these are two folks ruled by the planet Venus, and with that comes an appreciation for beauty that doesn’t extend into overindulgence. Libra especially will keep things in balance.

Libra will do likewise in the relationship itself as it progresses, and this is especially wise when it comes to the money in the marriage.

Taurus is exceptional at making money, but also seems to only have two attitudes towards their wealth – splash it on indulgences, or hoard it to excess.

As the marriage goes on, the Libra spouse will be a fountain of ideas and new horizons, yet Taurus might find this a bit overwhelming.

Few of the notions discussed translate into action, but being someone of pragmatism themselves, Taurus can be confused into thinking every idea Libra has to be enacted.

With so many ideas being conjured up, Taurus can feel exhausted before the day has even begun!

Yet on the flip side, the Libra spouse believes that Taurus is a little too set in their ways and disinclined to broaden their horizons. It’s a bitter pill for free-spirited Libra to swallow.

However, arguments in this relationship are likely to be rare, not least since neither of these star signs is really into drama. Of course, it also makes them a little avoidant of difficult emotions that ultimately will help them grow.

Libra simply abhors confrontation – but will argue the point to death if it comes to it, being skilled debaters.

Taurus will stick to their guns unless a high court’s worth of evidence against their opinion is brought to bear – and even then, will only concede their point grudgingly.

Libra and Taurus: Common issues and problems

There are numerous issues facing a Libra and Taurus relationship, but luckily they’re not altogether impossible to reconcile.

The stubborn ways of Taurus are one hurdle that has been touched on throughout this guide, yet there is also a somewhat opposing kind of behaviour to consider too.

Put simply, Libra’s flexibility is a gift indeed, but it can also mean they often refuse to settle on where they stand on a given issue.

Being open minded is very useful, but it’s vital that Libra decides what they stand for sooner or later, and even the patience of Taurus can grow weary waiting.

Talking of the patience of Taurus, it can lead to a kind of procrastination and inclination to do difficult things tomorrow, and then the next day, and so forth.

Libra is guilty of this too though, and between the pair, it can be difficult to progress things sometimes.

Ironically, both of these star signs could well get annoyed at the other for exhibiting this kind of lackadaisical behaviour, not realising how hypocritical they seem.

Yet both Libra and Taurus lovers are unlikely to speak up unless under duress or stress, being supremely docile each to a fault.

Libra is also likely to notice, as the relationship goes on, that their Taurus partner is somewhat materialistic.

Taurus people like to flaunt their success from time to time, and have an eye for quality in their clothes, shoes and home appliances that can lean towards the expensive end of the scale.

However, Libra can be similarly attracted to beautiful things, but seems to Taurus to be too fixated on surface level beauty.

For example, a beautiful sofa that the Libra partner wants for the house might have a far shorter lifespan for its practical use, because the designers put all their effort into its looks.

Taurus is far more interested in the practicalities of a purchase, and similarly, in pragmatism of action. Libra finds this a bit stuffy sometimes, and wishes Taurus wouldn’t take things so seriously.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Libra and Taurus make for a fine alliance, but for all their romantic overtones and similarities of the heart, there are some differences of the mind and spirit that need to be addressed.

None of these are deal breakers as such to these two, who are patient and tolerant star signs by their very nature.

However, frustrations can arise that both Libra and Taurus will find difficult to overlook, but they may well do so for the sake of the relationship.

Biting one’s tongue can only go so far in love though, and in the end honesty must out.

The good news is that Libra and Taurus move on from setbacks quite quickly, and can make the best of these situations thanks to their harmonious insights each.

Libra is ruled by the air element, which governs ideas, communication and skill with words – while Taurus is an earth star sign, making them practical, dependable and grounded in reality.

Some lofty ideas could go over Taurus’ head when Libra broaches them, and Libra likewise sometimes feels bogged down by the slow and steady worldview of Taurus.

Yet by combining their energies effectively, there’s certainly the potential for a power couple dynamic to emerge here. It will take patience and understanding on both sides, but luckily both Libra and Taurus have these skills in abundance.

Libra and Taurus compatibility score: 6/10

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