Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

One’s slow and steady, the other brooding and intense – what a match up we have on our hands here with Scorpio and Taurus in love.

These star signs are astrological opposites, each exactly six months apart from one another.

So is it a case of opposites attracting, or being from two different planets? There’s both common ground and disparate viewpoints to discuss here.

Overcome the confusion by reading up on Scorpio and Taurus compatibility – the definitive guide to which awaits below.

Scorpio and Taurus compatibility overview

In astrology, it’s always remarkably interesting when star signs who are opposites, as in six months apart in the calendar – opposite sides of the zodiac wheel – get together.

In the case of Taurus and Scorpio lovers, there’s lots of romance and devotion in play.

However, it’s important to understand just how different these two are as well, and to do that, having a deeper appreciation of how both Scorpio and Taurus in love tick is important.

Much of how these folks behave is owed to the symbolism behind them in astrology.

For instance, Taurus is a straightforward star sign – not simple as in unintelligent by any stretch of the imagination, but in their appreciation for an easy life free of drama and complexity.

Taurus is represented in astrology by the bull, a powerful yet compassionate animal.

Although we know bulls primarily for their temper, Taurus folks rarely lose their rage – although admittedly, they’re pretty severe on those rare occasions they do.

Nonetheless, they’re strong as an ox and twice and tenacious, often with a hard working streak.

Of course, just as the bull lolls in the meadow on a sunny afternoon, so too do Taurus folks like their downtime – sometimes just a tad too much.

They take life slow and on their own terms, not responding well to sudden changes.

Scorpio folks don’t like sudden unexpected changes either – yet in the ultimate cosmic irony, seem astrologically hard-wired to initiate them. There’s something evocative, if not provocative, about the Scorpio individual.

It therefore makes sense that the frightening and creepy scorpion symbolises them, but there’s far more to it than that.

Strait-laced Taurus can be read like a book, but complicated Scorpio is so riddled with twists and turns inside that astrology symbolises them by many different creatures.

As well as the scorpion, Scorpio people are represented in the zodiac by the majestic eagle, the conniving serpent, and even the mythological phoenix.

The latter speaks to how even perishing isn’t enough to thwart Scorpio determination – they’ll always rise again.

So in a Scorpio and Taurus relationship, we find one intense individual breaking bread with someone laid back, who wants to lead an uncomplicated existence.

You can perhaps already see where there are some frayed edges in this tapestry – but there’s more to discuss besides.

For one thing, Scorpio people are incredibly emotionally demonstrative, yet the opposite is true of Taurus folks.

While both Taurus and Scorpio lovers are capable of dedicated love that lasts a lifetime, it’s certainly true that one is far more vocal about it than the other.

What’s more, of all the things to have in common in these opposite star signs, Scorpio and Taurus unfortunately have the shared crosses of jealousy and possessiveness to bear between them.

These suspicious minds will create plenty of friction between them as the relationship plays out.

Matches between the Scorpio woman and Taurus man

Love and romance are what makes life worth living – that’s the shared sentiment at play steering the development of the match between a Scorpio woman and Taurus man. Both of these folks prefer to let their relationships last long term.

They’re also both each highly sensual people who prefer letting their physical love do a lot of the talking.

The Scorpio woman sometimes finds herself in high demand once knowledge of this gets out, but is choosy in who she dates – she’s not after anything superficial.

She is an intense and powerful individual, often creatively gifted or a superstar in the workplace.

Whatever her talent in this world may be, it’s enough to see her stand apart from her contemporaries, and she works at honing it with obsessive dedication.

That penchant for obsessive dedication is also how she approaches love too – a detail that often scares away the more flighty of her prospective mates.

Yet the Taurus man is as solid as a rock, and just as a stone splitting a river’s course will remain in place, he doesn’t waver under her emotional onslaught.

There’s a keen playfulness between this pair, and the sillier side of her nature that the Scorpio woman exhibits when she’s with her Taurus man may come as much as a surprise to herself as it does those around her.

The Taurus man is a hard worker, but also plays hard. He enjoys a good drink in decent company, and to call him a foodie would be an understatement.

If the Scorpio woman is a gifted chef, or even knows a good restaurant to recommend, she’s got the shortcut to his heart.

Both of these lovers will want their relationship to last, but their expectations of what a long term relationship really means could well differ.

The Taurus man expects that the lovey-dovey sentiments will fade in time, and certainly won’t be as verbally open about his love as time goes on, for instance.

The Scorpio woman interprets that as him losing interest in her though, and finds his passive nature a bit of a buzz kill in contrast to her intensive nature.

He doesn’t understand why the Scorpio woman seems so convinced that the world is a battleground, and wishes she’d go with the flow more.

Green eyes of jealousy spark into life for the Scorpio woman and Taurus man alike when out and about though – they just can’t help themselves.

It doesn’t help that much of their jealousy is entirely unfounded, as both of these partners are incredibly loyal to one another.

Possessiveness and baseless accusations create arguments that send the Scorpio woman’s temper into overdrive.

The Taurus man is too laid back to argue back, but beware – if provoked just enough, he’ll be like a rampaging bull!

The good points:

  • Romantic sentiment and a belief that true love lasts a lifetime binds the Scorpio woman and Taurus man together in sensual happiness
  • The Taurus man is friendly and fun loving, and can help the Scorpio woman see the lighter side of life
  • The Scorpio woman is intuitive and strong, and can reach the inner workings of life in ways the Taurus man cannot in feeling their way ahead in life’s shared journey

The bad points:

  • The Taurus man is often inclined to idleness when he feels he’s done his job – and might not want to do much of anything
  • Both of these partners are very stubborn folks who refuse to let go of their perspective of things, however heated the discussion gets
  • The Scorpio woman expects that the Taurus man ought to have eyes for nobody but her – but might even get jealous if he so much as speaks casually to another woman

Matches between the Scorpio man and Taurus woman

Some would call the Scorpio man the sorcerer of the zodiac, so skilled is he at transforming life for himself and those around him in deep and mysterious ways.

Yet in the Taurus woman, he finds a kind of idyllic contentment he’s been searching for all his life.

The Scorpio man and Taurus woman can’t help but get along, because deep in his subconscious, the Scorpio man is so adamant on making life difficult for himself.

He often, without realising, needs the kind of guiding light back to a simpler existence that the Taurus woman can provide.

There’s a quiet brilliance about her, which runs deeper than her natural beauty. It’s a good job too, as the Scorpio man can see beneath the veil in all of life’s areas – a pretty face doesn’t attract him if what’s behind it is vacuous and hollow.

The Taurus woman is practical and mellow, rarely rising to anger or hysterics. The same can be said of the Scorpio man too, of course – but there’s a dark longing about him, even when he’s at his most playful and light-hearted, that often unsettles those around him.

Of course, the Taurus woman doesn’t worry about silly things like that, and likewise lets little in life obstruct her.

That quiet determination and immovable nature makes for a fantastic foundation for the ambitions of the Scorpio man – although she’s plenty of ambitions of her own too.

Nonetheless, romance between this pair is likely to be sweet, although the Scorpio man will receive many a reminder not to overdo it when declaring his love for the Taurus woman over and over.

She heard him the first time and great truths don’t need repeating, after all.

That said, the Scorpio man sometimes secretly wishes she’d be just that little more outwardly romantic – yet all at once she’ll surprise him with a tremendous act of compassion or sensual pleasure that’ll put all his worries to bed.

Make no mistake, this man was born to ruminate and scheme. It’s not as dark as it sounds, but he often believes life is conspiring against him, and that he has to work twice as hard to overcome it.

The Taurus woman can show the Scorpio man that this needn’t be the case at all.

Of course, her straightforward approach might be lacking in depth for his tastes from time to time too, but sometimes life really is as easy as it appears.

That said, the Scorpio man can help the Taurus woman to see that taking things at face value isn’t always the right way either.

However they move forward, it’ll be together or not at all. The Scorpio man is very all or nothing in love, and the Taurus woman is likewise very devoted indeed.

But of course, both must be careful not to try and possess the other, and remember the free agency that makes them such brilliant individuals.

The good points:

  • The Scorpio man is brilliant and loyal, and will do all he can to pamper the Taurus woman – a proposition that suits her pleasure-seeking ways just fine
  • The Taurus woman is honest, straightforward, and gives without a hidden agenda, which are all qualities the Scorpio man looks for
  • Both the Scorpio man and the Taurus woman are physically demonstrative lovers, as well as fond of their creature comforts in a hidden realm away from the world

The bad points:

  • The Taurus woman gets a little indulgent from time to time, lounging around and ordering things online to treat herself a touch excessively
  • The Scorpio man is demanding and controlling at times, and needs to be reminded that the Taurus woman is her own person before anything else
  • The Scorpio man professes his passion constantly, and the Taurus woman prefers it demonstrated in actions – be careful to not let these different viewpoints cause friction

Scorpio and Taurus friendship compatibility

Although both of these star signs are born for romance, there’s no denying that Scorpio and Taurus friendships are just as built to last.

After all, despite being astrological opposites, Scorpio and Taurus friends are each big fans of loyalty and staying true to those who stick by them.

It’s worth mentioning that many Scorpio people accidentally cultivate a lone wolf persona for themselves, due to the fact that they are slow to trust, and find very few people worthy of their time and attention.

Yet Taurus folks are so warm and friendly that they make and keep friends easily, and laid back enough that even the most sordid of Scorpio’s secrets are met with a shrug and an affirmation that folks just have to do what they have to do.

In the eyes of Taurus, if something Scorpio is doing isn’t hurting anyone, what’s the harm? They’re quick to recognise that Scorpio folks are very self-critical, and can ease the blows here by offering their own more down to earth perspective.

Lovers of pleasure each, Scorpio and Taurus friends often become solid drinking buddies or keen on shopping until they drop.

They might do a bit of travelling together, or try new activities at hotspots in town.

Whatever the occasion, it’s Scorpio who will over analyse everything, and the Taurus friend who will cheerily take everything in stride.

It’s a fun dynamic to let play out, and if they aren’t romantically interested in one another, these pals can help find dates for each other nicely too.

Both Scorpio and Taurus believe that once you’re in the social circle, you’re in for life. While both are loyal though, they’ll each not stand for any nonsense.

They’re highly unlikely to betray one another, but anyone who harms their group of friends gets their shared ire for sure.

This is a friendship in which the highs can be celebrated together and the lows can be commiserated in tandem.

Business plans between these two are well advised too – Taurus can handle the pragmatic building of the business, and Scorpio can close deals through powerful gut feeling.

Scorpio and Taurus marriage compatibility

Despite being on opposite ends of the zodiac, the sense of romanticism shared by Scorpio and Taurus makes them both very fond of the idea of marriage.

Scorpio and Taurus marriage is an aspect of life that both of them likely planned as soon as the pair realised they wanted one another for life.

Taurus, in particular, prefers a low drama lifestyle, and in their Scorpio spouse, they find this – with a few exceptions.

Scorpio partners have a moody streak, yet in truth Taurus is just as inclined to go around grumpy for no real reason. Both partners learn to give each other leeway in such times.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t take much time in this marriage at all to discover that Scorpio is far more emotionally overt altogether than Taurus.

It can sometimes feel like the Taurus spouse is entirely disinterested and uncaring, especially in later years when the passion has faded.

The Scorpio spouse is not interested in letting passion die though – to them, everything is all or nothing, do or die, and living each day like their last.

Taurus finds the very idea of this exhausting, yet Scorpio partners often lead lives of such extremes that they can’t help but adopt this mindset.

Nonetheless, the relationship always comes first in the eyes of both the Scorpio spouse and the Taurus spouse alike.

Taurus has an eye for quality homewares and goods that makes their place beautiful, while Scorpio is fiercely protective of all they build together.

Thanks to the laid back yet no-nonsense personality of both of these partners, they make fine parents.

It’s quite likely that the Taurus and Scorpio marriage will lead to a big and happy family, who all grow up with inner strength and the value of kindness in equal measure.

Scorpio and Taurus: Common issues and problems

Naturally, by the very nature of being opposites in the zodiac, Taurus and Scorpio partners are going to find that there are times where they just can’t reconcile their differences.

Worse, both of these star signs are so stubborn that it often proves to be their way or the highway.

Unfortunately, many of the traits that Scorpio and Taurus folks have in common are their worst ones.

That’s not only obstinate hard headed stubbornness, but also jealousy and a need to be in control of things.

Luckily, Taurus is as least less of a control freak in life at large, but instead comes across to Scorpio as entirely uninvested and uninterested in making a change.

What Scorpio often doesn’t realise is that Taurus is incredibly patient, and is playing a long game – there’s no need to act now.

Scorpio is a star sign of seething and endless inner energy though, and it all needs to go somewhere.

When life is too quiet, the darker side of Scorpio’s nature can have them conjuring up imagined problems for them to fight – they never seem content without a rival or a battle.

Yet well-worded criticisms of any kind from Taurus hit the Scorpio partner’s pride hard, and from there lead them into lashing out with their sharp tongues. Yet Taurus just chuckling and ignoring Scorpio’s tirades only makes things worse.

Taurus can come across as remarkably lazy and lacking in motivation to Scorpio, who unfortunately only seems to know tough love when it comes to dealing with it.

Nagging Taurus will just see them dig their heels in deeper, and is best avoided.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Zodiac opposites like sunny Taurus and spooky Scorpio each come from times of the year when their respective seasons are in full swing.

Taurus is as a pleasant as a springtime flower, and Scorpio enjoys that long nights and Halloween fall under their tenure.

In love, these two will find that there are just as many complementary energies as there are jagged edges to avoid.

Despite all this, both of these partners are inclined to subconsciously assert ownership over the other, impeding their freedom without meaning to.

What’s more, so fixated are Taurus and Scorpio in love on reaching their happy ending, they might forget to fix the middle in making that happen.

Taurus wants the troubles to be left alone and drift away, while Scorpio seethes in longing for a romantic dream that never seems to come.

Control is an issue for both of these star signs, but the depth of their devotion is something beautiful to behold nonetheless.

Scorpio and Taurus can make their love last a lifetime, as long as they’re aware of their differing emotional needs as part of that.

Scorpio and Taurus compatibility score: 7/10

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