How can I calculate my Numerology Number?

Numerology is a divine relationship between numbers and life events, personality traits, fate, and circumstances.

Numerology works on attaining the root number by downsizing the digits of a particular number to a single digit, except the numbers 11,22 and 33. These three numbers are the Master Numbers. The single reduced digit is your unique Numerology or Life Path Number.

Your unique and personal Life Path Number can be calculated by using your date of birth. Take your date of birth’s mathematical worth, add every one of those digits together by class (year, month, day). Continue adding every one of those digits together until, in the end, you are left with a solitary digit.

The Life Path Number depicts your life purpose, personal attributes, qualities, shortcomings, abilities, and aspirations. Your Life Path Number also unveils your life encounters. It explains why certain events in your life happened in the past, are occurring in the present, and will happen in the future.

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