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The Koala Spirit Animal

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Koala Spirit Animal

The koala spirit animal is solitary and nocturnal but also among the most well-loved animals in the world. The koala symbolism can teach you a lot about how relying too much on others can be detrimental to your own growth, and how this can affect your relationship with yourself and others.

Common Koala Spirit Animal Meanings

The koala meaning speaks about the relationships that you have in your life, and how you must nurture them so that they will flourish. It speaks about being empathetic to your partner, overcoming hurdles and challenges together, and having the ability to rise above petty problems and arguments together.

The koala symbolism also indicates the need for security and safety. Everything that you are doing in your life right now is because you want to be safe and secure, so don’t let anything come in the way of this goal.

The meaning of the koala talks about dependence, and relying on others for help, support, and guidance. Sometimes it’s a good thing, but there’s also the risk of being too dependent.

It teaches the value of slow movement when everything else in your life is going by so fast. It reminds you to get rest and relaxation, and to reward yourself with things that fill you with calm and pleasure.

If Your Spirit Animal is the Koala, read this carefully…

Just like the Seagull, the koala symbolism warns against sterility. You can be at that point in your life where your relationship or your lifestyle has become too sterile, and you need to inject more life and action to it to help you become inspired all over again.

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Having the koala totem as your guide will also see you judging others when they become lazy or start procrastinating. Instead of judging them, look at yourself first because you are also guilty of doing the same!

When things at home or at work are starting to get hectic, slow down and catch your breath. Don’t push yourself too hard.

Do this if you see the Koala Totem in Your Dreams…

The koala spirit animal sleeps approximately 16 to 18 hours each day. Now that’s a lot of time spent in deep sleep!

The meaning of the koala in dreams indicates that you may be expressing a desire to escape from your responsibilities and problems. It can also signify your natural inclination to depend on others for support.

When the koala symbolism appears in your dreams, you are being urged to stand on your own two feet. Don’t rely too much on others for support when you know that you have the capacity to make it on your own.

Positive Traits of the Koala Spirit Animal

You are an emotional and intense person. You keep your powerful emotions safely inside to protect those who don’t know you very well.

You are charming and friendly. You have a calm demeanor that immediately puts people at ease.

You enjoy the simple things. You will be happy with anything, as long as it gives you comfort, peace, and enjoyment.

You like your own space and do with it what you want.  You are approachable and helpful, and you like to do things at your own pace.

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You are a carefree spirit. You are caring, protective, patient, and not easily angered.

Negative Traits of the Koala Spirit Animal

You are filled with good intentions, but there are also emotional issues, real and imagined, that you always carry around with you. These keep you from accomplishing your plans or pursuing the path that you want, leaving so much room for unhappiness, discontent, and frustration.

Although you are nice and approachable, you also have a dark side. Just like your koala totem who looks so cute and cuddly from a distance, you can also be warm and friendly one moment and then fierce and aggressive the next.

You can be passive aggressive, and even manipulative, just to get what you want, and you play on people’s emotions to get them on your side. You can be very convincing when you want to, and people cannot resist your intensity.

You resort to escapism to make you feel good about yourself, and this can sometimes get out of control and lead to addictive behavior. You are a deeply emotional person, and you hide your feelings that they become a secret even to yourself.

When you get started on work, it’s hard to get you to stop. When you get started on relaxation, you also find it hard to get your motivation back to work again.

You can also be guilty of sloth-like behavior, never getting off the couch, refusing to learn something new or meet new people that will open doors of opportunities for you. You are prone to emotional, mental, and spiritual retardation.

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Call on your Koala Spirit Animal when:

  • You are in an unhealthy relationship, or you have an addiction to something.

The koala spirit animal appears to you so that you can start pulling yourself out of this bad pattern. You need to strengthen your resolve that you will beat this and come out stronger.

  • You work too hard and find it challenging to take a break.

There is such a thing as positive laziness. This means that you can take a day off and just do nothing to allow yourself to rest and reenergize!

  • You need to rise above needing others and become independent.

You will not have someone to come to your rescue every single time. You need to be able to fight your own battles sooner rather than later.

My final thoughts on the Koala Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

The meaning of the koala invites you to relax and take a breather. Enjoy whatever good is happening in your life, and don’t worry too much about the rest.

Nothing ever gets resolved by worrying too much. It’s also not a good practice to depend on others to bail you out of every mess you get into.

Find a way out of your destructive or unhealthy dependence on people. Replace your bad habits with pursuits that nourish your mind and body!

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