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The Otter Spirit Animal

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otter spirit animal

When the otter symbolism arrives in your life, it signals a time to begin exploring your spirituality and paving the way to your enlightenment. It’s time to discover how the otter symbolism comes into play in your life and in your future successes and triumphs!

For the otter, life is a playground. When life starts to get too serious, the otter totem can teach you a thing or two about keeping your inner child happy and having fun whenever you can.

Common Otter Spirit Animal Meanings

The otter spirit animal most commonly represents the inner child in you. It celebrates joy in the simple things, passion for the things that your heart desires, and freedom to do what your instincts are telling you.

The meaning of the otter focuses on how you are an instrument of change because you make a huge and positive impact on people’s lives. There’s nothing conventional about you, which makes you such an interesting and special person! This is the exact opposite of the Hummingbird Spirit Animal.

The otter meaning also emphasizes the need to be more open and receptive to others. Train yourself to be more aware of how other people are feeling because this helps you find your own voice.

If Your Spirit Animal is the Otter, read this carefully…

When you have the otter totem, find pleasure in your more feminine attributes. Celebrate the natural nurturer in you, and embrace your love for beauty.

Be proud of the relationships you have with your family, your children, and your friends. They are living testaments of just how beautiful your love can be!

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Do this if you see the Otter Totem in Your Dreams…

The otter symbolism in your dreams simply urges you to discover things in your life that are pulling you down, to the extent that you feel like you’re drowning. Challenge this thing and do not let it overwhelm you.

The otter meaning also encourages you to take a break! All work and no play will burn you out sooner rather than later.

Positive Traits of the Otter Spirit Animal

When you share an affinity with the otter totem, you have a humanitarian spirit. You seek to make the lives of people better, and you find joy and contentment in making the world a better place.

Even if you like to go out on your own and accomplish tasks by yourself, you are loving, affectionate, and loyal to no end. You have a fiercely independent spirit, and you know how to make others feel cherished.

You have an aptitude for chatter, and you can easily talk up a storm. You are curious and intelligent, and your audience will learn so many things just by listening to you!

You are creative, with a high-flying imagination. The otter meaning is not about being boxed in, because the meaning of the otter is about building a future that you will be proud of.

The otter meaning is well and alive in you because you are willing to work hard for the good of everyone you care about. Even if it means sacrificing your happiness, independence, or time.

You pride yourself in being inventive, playful, and sociable. You have such a positive energy that makes you appreciate all the good things, and make a positive spin even on the bad.

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People who know you love you for your sense of humor, warmth, and charm. You are clever and feisty, and you use all these gifts to successfully navigate life.

You are also very clean and orderly. This applies to where you reside and where you work, and even when it comes to making life plans and goals.

What’s great about the otter symbolism is that you are focused only on what’s ahead and not on what you left behind. This doesn’t mean that you disregard the things that happened in the past, because you just choose to take the lessons and find the silver lining.

Negative Traits of the Otter Spirit Animal

Your naturally curious and hardworking nature often leaves you with too much tasks at hand. Even if you are good with multitasking, you have so much to do all the time because of your desire to make the lives of others easier.

Just like the otter symbolism, you are constantly searching for freedom and independence. You don’t like it when somebody tries to tie you down or hold you back.

When you have the otter totem, you like to be in charge. If you don’t get your way, you can behave in an egotistical or self-centered way.

You have the desire to be the best, and it annoys you to no end when there are things that make it hard for you to be the best. You are proud, and you don’t like to look foolish, whether intentionally or not.

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You have very little tolerance for people who don’t see you as a person of authority. When you get to do things your way, that makes you happy and satisfied.

Call on your Otter Spirit Animal when:

  • You want to stop dwelling on the past.
  • The otter spirit animal wants you to learn from the mistakes, but not regret the choices you made. At the time, they were the right choices!
  • You are struggling against the challenges of life.
  • Go with the flow, and don’t swim against life’s currents. You will find that it’s easier to navigate life when you don’t resist it.
  • You want to fill your life with joy and laughter again.

It’s a mad world, so don’t let it bring out the worst in you. Instead, spread the good vibes and make the world a happy and beautiful place to live in.

My final thoughts on the Otter Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

When the otter spirit animal makes its way into your life, take time out to play and enjoy the little things. You are working too hard and you need to give yourself time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Don’t forget to prioritize your needs. You may be so busy making your dreams a reality that you forget to relax and take care of yourself.

Alleviate the stress and the pressure. Don’t let it rob you of the happiness and peace you deserve.

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