The Sun in Aquarius

The Sun in Aquarius

The Sun in Aquarius represents your warmest and brightest qualities. You see the possibility in all things. You are a rebel. You care deeply for others, and often care about them more than you let on.

Although you are the Water-Bearer, you are an air sign. You are a dreamer. Your head is often in the clouds. Although you want to tackle obstacles, you tend to take a more philosophical approach to things.

You may come across as cold or aloof to others. Again, you play your cards close to your chest, in many cases. Despite this, when someone does get ahold of your heart, they have at least a piece of it forever.

The Sun in Aquarius Traits

You are the eleventh sign in the Zodiac. This means, by Numerology your number is a 2. Not only would you rather have only one partner than a group, you actually work best in a partnership. You will do best with someone who can inspire you and keep you grounded.

The Number 2 represents “The Divine Feminine. Our Scared Mother…the union and peace between different entities. It seeks to end separateness and unite all for the greater good whether it be music, food or humanity.

Your month birthstone is the Garnett, but your Zodiac stone is Amethyst. You are a dreamer, not an escapist. The purple of the amethyst reminds you to think of things higher than yourself. Indeed, you love to think about the cosmos and debate religion with close friends.

You are very intelligent, and love to learn. Be cautious not to play know-it-all. Your friends of other star signs might resent this, and other Water-Bearers will not exactly love it, either.

The Sun in Aquarius Women

The Sun in Aquarius shows a woman who will surprise you at every possible turn—in all the best possible ways. She will keep reinventing herself, while always somehow staying true to herself. She will keep you guessing and laughing. She will also encourage you to nurture your inner child.

An Aquarius woman will want to help the entire world. She will want to educate and inspire them. She wants to heal them. She wants better for them than what she has been given, which is often quite a bit.

One famous example of the archetypal Aquarian Mother is Oprah Winfrey (b. January 29, 1954). She had a rough childhood, dealing with hunger and a turbulent home life.

She dealt with a teen pregnancy crisis. Although she raised no children of her own, she is extremely protective of them. She is the eternal mother type. She wants everyone safe, happy, warm and fed.

Ellen DeGeneres (b. January 26, 1958) is one of America’s most-loved TV personalities. She is also an amazing advocate for many charitable and civic groups. She loves to surprise people by paying off their student loans, raising money for their schools, and highlighting positive news stories by hosting the people involved on her show.

Ellen is known for helping people laugh, cry, and dance. She is intuitive and sensitive to others. She helps showcase the best in people.

Ellen has also been an advocate for the LGBTQ community. She faced fear and prejudice when she came out over a decade ago. She now allies herself with people facing similar discrimination. She also gives them a positive and successful, humanitarian role model.

An Aquarius woman is not to be crossed. Ever. She is an air sign but resembles more a hurricane than tropical breeze when her temper flares. Your proclivity to giving in to your emotions can play as both a weakness and a strength, depending on the situation at hand.

She will cut you out of her life, if necessary. An Aquarius is a dreamer and idealist. They do not require or even admire perfection much. However, an Aquarius is immediately turned off by apathetic attitudes towards societal change for the better.

She may be an activist. She may be an artist. She may be a teacher or volunteer. Water-bearers do not see monetary wealth as the ultimate goal of this life—and usually, do not tolerate wastefulness.

The Sun in Aquarius Men

The most emblematic and quintessentially Aquarian man known around the world is Bob Marley. He is associated with a love of music and community. He was a powerful force—in and outside of the Rastafarian religion and music scene of Jamaica.

Even today, his music is still played at peace rallies and on college campuses. He is sometimes associated with a stoner vibe, but he probably would not mind that at all. All Aquarians are inclined to transcend their own conscious egos when they can.

Aquarian men and women are often associated with the color of the sky. They are not stuck in one school of thought, but rather keep their eyes on the horizons of change. Blue is seen as a color of peace, happiness, and the heavens. Men born in your star sign usually look amazing in this color, as well.

The Sun and Aquarius in Love

The Sun and Aquarius in Love will shine brightly and warm all who enter your presence. Seeing an Aquarius who loves you is kind of like visiting your grandma. You will get a feast made in your honor, you will be told how wonderful you are, and you will not want to leave. An Aquarius knows how to spoil the people they care about.

Your best matches in love include Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. However, it is important to point out that many Aquarians fall for Aries. Gemini will allow the Water-Bearer license to let their imaginations run wild. The physical chemistry is strong with both partners—Aries and Gemini.

A Libra would make a great partner for you because your major cause in life is seeking peace. Their major cause in life is seeking justice. You will see eye-to-eye on many key issues. You will have healthy boundaries and debates, as well as great actions in bed, with a Libra.

A Sagittarius, like the Aries, will encourage the passions of their Aquarian partner. You both have plenty of energy and like to be spontaneous. You are not all about planning, but you know that you will always have a great time with a Goat. They are fun at a party, at a romantic dinner, or just chilling on the couch.

You might want to stay away from matches that do not appreciate your more creative and eccentric qualities. Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo are probably better as acquaintances or friends than romantic partners. A Pisces will not appreciate the amount of alone time and personal space an Aquarius needs. The Water-Bearer will get overwhelmed by the weight of the Pisces’ expectations in the relationship.

The Scorpio is a possessive sign, and will never feel satisfies that they have an Aquarian’s full attention. Not one to usually cheat, a Scorpio might just be the one to drive you into the arms of another. Beware this temptation. You are above treating people that way.

Probably worst of all for your individual spirit and self-esteem would be a Virgo. They are perfectionists. You will never feel you are making them happy enough. Often times you would be correct in that assumption.

A Virgo will demand a strict discipline be kept all the time. This is the kiss of death to a relationship with an Aquarius. You will feel like you are in a boot camp in hell, in this partnership. Better to admire these people from afar and appreciate them as friends, at most.

The Dates for the Sun in Aquarius

The Universe knows you need to stay busy. Your year will kick off with a bang, as the Sun will be the first to enter Aquarius, on January 19th. The Sun in Aquarius enables you to see new solutions to old problems. Luckily for your giving spirit, you are about to learn a lot and have a whole year to share it.

On February 7th, Mercury will enter Aquarius. Beware of letting this bring you down after the high of the Sun’s help last month. You are prone to being emotional, and Mercury does not help stabilize things. However, if anyone can find clarity in the chaos, it is you, my friend.

Your star sign will not encounter many other visiting forces. This is one reason people born under other signs might see you as unaffected, even when you feel like an emotional wreck. You will do well to stay on your path of seeking and helping implement peace.

This time, while your sign is at rest, is expensive, compared to other signs. However, you can get restless quickly. If you are between jobs, find somewhere to volunteer. If you are between fulfilling relationships, volunteer at a hospital or a home for the elderly. You will feel best about yourself when your rewards are emotional, rather than monetary.

However, it is important that you try to view the world through the lens of security and not just money. Money cannot buy happiness, but it is helpful for feeding your family. Make sure that just because you think something is wasteful, you are not stepping on the toes of others. You are not one who enjoys confrontation or making enemies.

Final Thoughts

You usually choose your words and friends carefully. While you have an open-mind, you guard your heart a little more closely. Do not turn others away. The people who care most about you are also the ones who can teach you the most.

You learn from your mistakes. You also have no shortage of mistakes to learn from. You have probably been fired for a job or two. Your main challenge is finding a motivation to complete a task, just because someone else asks you to.

You might also beware that your openness to expanding your consciousness does not lead to leaning on substances. Many creative Aquarians have succumbed to the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Often in an attempt to self-medicate, the problem only becomes worse.

Realize, Aquarius, that just as there are people out there that you would do anything for, people feel the same way about you. Be realistic enough to ask for help, even if you only think you might need it. You offer all of your love to humanity, and you often find that others are more than happy to love you back.

Sky Blue is the color most often associated with your sign. Do not forget that there are many shades in life. “The colors associated with Aquarius are sky blue, electric blue, and ultramarine. Blues symbolize loyalty and trust.” You always look great in these colors.

They remind you to think in terms a harmony higher than yourself. The glyph of your Ruling planet, Uranus, “reveals the cross (matter) over the circle (spirit). The two semi-circles on the sides represent receptivity. Note that the glyph [symbol] of Uranus includes an inverted Venus!”

Your sign is about bearing water, letting it go, and refilling your vessel. You are all about growth and renewal. You afford others second chances when you can. You love plants and children.

You are a fresh breath of air to many. You should try to use your powers as a peace-maker for good. Many Aquarians make great democratic leaders, pacifists, ambassadors, and diplomats.

Everyone you come in contact with may not show you appreciation. They may not even realize what all you are working on, in the back of your mind. They just know that they are happier when you are around.

A Question for You, Dear Reader:

Often thought of as the granola munchers of the Zodiac, you can easily be underestimated. You are suspicious of authority and arbitrary powers. An Aquarian would not make a very good authoritarian dictator.

Can you think of a famous Aquarius who does not match up to their star-child star sign expectations?

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