Ten Reasons Aquarius Will Find Love in 2022

will aquarius find loveIf you are an Aquarius person or you are a non-Aquarius looking to fall in love with an Aquarius person in 2022, keep the following information in mind.

Understand that the horoscope is a written compilation of thousands of years of observed human behavior.

A lot of personality quirks, a lot of one time situations and a lot of one time behavior patterns have been weeded out of the record. So when you look at behavior profiles for certain signs of the horoscope, this is not something that somebody came up with. It didn’t come out of nowhere. It is a compilation that had thousands of years of experience behind it.

Most importantly, within those thousands of years of both written and oral history, there were many opportunities for haters, skeptics and critics to bash the system. So what is left is actually a testimony to the things that we know are true if people let their lives play out on autopilot.

It is very important to keep this in mind because there is no overriding free will and choice. You always have a choice. You always have a voice in picking your destiny. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. The reality is that the horoscope only accounts ten percent (10%) and the other ninety percent (90%) is based on your choices and decisions.

Put it this way, if two people are born under the sign of the Aquarius and both let their lives play out on auto-pilot and don’t make many decisions or impose their will power on how they do things, chances are their lives will turn out pretty much the same.

However, if you come across many different Aquarius people, you know that this is not true. There are many Aquarius people that have lives completely different from other Aquarius people.

What happened? Well, in many cases, it takes just one choice or couple of choices at certain crucial points in your life to totally take your life into a vastly different direction.

In many cases, the difference can be picking the right person to marry, or picking the right career or the right business to get into.

In a vast majority of cases, it takes one or two crucial decisions to determine whether you’re going to be rich or somewhere in between. Never underestimate the power of choice. It’s easy to think that you are just living your life being tossed aside and back and forth by forces beyond your control. That’s just your mind.

The reality is that your will and your choices play a big role in how your life will turn out. At the very least, you can make an important choice regarding how you choose to respond to the things that are happening around you and to you.

Always remember this because we are going to discuss the ten reasons Aquarius will find love in 2022.

These reasons can be either strengthened or overridden by your choices. It boils down to your decisions.

Aquarius Can Read Other People Quite Well and it Works In Your Favor

Aquarius people are very sensitive. They look at the world in terms of emotional absolutes. Unlike the Virgo, who always chooses to be depressed and discouraged because the world doesn’t pan out according to their own private world and perfect world.

The Aquarius is more realistic. They know that the world operates on its own rules and on its own timelines. They are okay with that. They are not completely happy with that, but they won’t let it defeat them as well.

To cope with this situation where they have an ideal world of how things should be while at the same time being forced to live in a world that operates based on its rules, they have certain skills.

One particularly important coping mechanism is their ability to read other people quite well. This ability is going to serve you quite well in 2022 because you have to understand that there are certain people in this world that you should not get into relationships with.

They can really wear you down. They can put you on the wrong path. Use this to your advantage. Focus not so much on reading the right people, but reading out the wrong people.

Your Detachment Makes You Attractive

It’s easy to look at people who are so passionate and so involved with any kind of group activity as the center of attention. This is the common way people are attracted to other people. They’re always looking for the alpha person, whether it’s an alpha female or an alpha male.

People are always looking for the person on center stage, and the person who gets the spotlight.

There is however, another aspect of human psychology that is drawn to people who are detached. We like mysterious people.

We like people that consciously stay away from the spotlight. Deep down, we think that if this person is consciously trying to remain hidden and trying to stay away, maybe there is something there that I need to explore.

After all, our ancestors did not populate the earth and explore the vast unknown because we were shy and timid. No! We were drawn by mystery.

We were drawn by the thrill of discovery. If you are an Aquarius and you are looking to find love in 2022, let your detached nature work to your advantage.

Your Emotional Idealism Can Be Quite Intoxicating

One of the biggest problems in this world is that people have lost all sense of standards. Seriously, we think that something is good because everybody else thinks it’s good.

But if you look at any kind of product, any kind of social situation, any kind of social reality, chances are you are settling for crams. That’s right. You’re settling for cents on the dollar.

You know that you are capable of much more, but you basically just take the lowest common denominator because that is what everybody else is doing.

This is not exactly the way to live your life to its fullest potential. This is not exactly the way to dream big and live large. Unfortunately, most people have to accept because they feel there is no other alternative.

When an Aquarius person comes along and has very clear emotional standards and emotional ideals, people can’t help but pay attention.

Sure, there will be many who would find this idiotic and corny and impractical but there will also be many who would be drawn to it because people who stand by their principles or are at least vocal regarding what they would like to expect gives them inspiration. At the very least by being a noticeable, this could be a way to romantic attraction.

Wear Your Sensitivity like A Shield

Many people, mostly guys, think that sensitivity at least one that is expressed is a sign of weakness. A lot of people think that sensitivity is a form of judgment and is a negative character trait. While this may be true at some level or another, it is also true that people are so focused on this idealized image of getting along with others that it’s easy to step on other people’s toes and not care.

It is very easy to walk away from dealing with many different people with a conclusion that people don’t really care. As long as you are outside a certain social circle or circle of concern, people really don’t care about you and this makes for a rather impersonal, cold world.

The reality is that people are drawn to individuals that can express their sensitivity. It gives them some level of comfort and confidence. Be that person.

Don’t be afraid of showing your sensitive side. A lot of people might call you weak, but shrug it off. They obviously confuse sensitivity with weakness. That’s their problem, not yours.

Your Independent Streak Turns A Lot Of Heads

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that in most social settings, everybody likes to follow the herd. Everybody likes group thinking.

They think that as long as a lot of people thinking the same way and heading in the right direction, they can get a lot of confidence in that. They feel safe. They feel accepted. They feel that they belong. It takes a lot of strength and courage to buck the trend and chart your own direction.

This is the kind of independent streak that built America. This is the kind of independent streak that builds empires. Let’s face it. Nothing big really got built when people followed conventional wisdom and did things the same way as everybody else was doing.

If everybody thought that way, then nothing can get discovered, nothing would really be explored.

The other riches of humanity would never really be mapped out because of this tendency to crawl into our comfort zones. Since Aquarius people have this independent streak, it would be to your advantage to really publicize them. Make it shine out.

At the very least, it will turn a lot of heads and might give you the romantic attention that you are looking for.

Don’t Let Your Imaginative Side Remain Hidden.

It’s very easy for Aquarius to feel embarrassed about their imaginative side. After all, we live in a society that is focused on conformity. Sure, Americans like to talk big about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and other people that invent things and really take human technology to the next level. But that’s our public pronouncements.

If you pay attention to how people actually operate in their own small groups or in their own small social circles, the opposite is actually in effect being creative is a sure way to be dismissed as crazy. Being imaginative is being dismissed as impractical or living in the clouds. Well, if you are an Aquarius, you are by nature imaginative.

Don’t let other people get you down. Your imaginative nature actually enables you to position yourself into situations and circumstances where people might find you incredibly attractive and magnetic.

Don’t Let Your Stubborn Side Get You Down

One of the biggest reasons why Aquarius people fail to achieve the success that they are otherwise capable of achieving is that they get stocked at some stage of the process or another. They really do. Let’s face it.

When it comes to raw talent and raw potential, few other horoscope signs come close to Aquarius when it comes to having the raw ingredients for success.

You have what it takes. You see things that in terms of ideas and solutions that other people are either people too stupid, too conventional or too lazy to think about. The problem is you are too stubborn, too focused on doing things one way and you are unable to process contrary information.

This is the kiss of death when it comes to creativity. Creative people are everywhere.

However, there are only a few highly successful creative people because they have a system in effectively turning their ideas into reality. Stubbornness has to give way for you to be able to give birth to your ideas in the real world time and time again.

Your Principled Nature Makes You Very Attractive

As I’ve mentioned earlier, too many people go along to get along. If everybody is headed off a cliff, it’s not a good idea to follow the crowd.

Unfortunately, too many people hold each other down because they think that if you step outside of the crowd and you think for yourself or you stand on your own specific principles, you’re a troublemaker. The reason they do this is you reveal their own weakness.

They’re weak, so they gain strength from the crowd. Well the crowd’s not going to save you.

In many cases, it’s that brave individual that chartered the right way and eventually people followed. Stand on your principles. It can sting. It can lead you to some bad places, but at the end of the day it is what will make you noticed.

Let Your Empathy Shine Forth

Even though you may be stubborn, even though you may be principled to a fault, and people might constantly misunderstand or misinterpret your independent streak, don’t let it get you down.

You have a very powerful secret weapon that can really turn a lot of heads and attract people that you need to attract when it comes to matters of the heart.

I am of course talking about your empathy. You have this uncanny ability to step into the shoes of other people and feel, look, see, hear and smell the world from their perspective.

Use your empathy more often. You will be surprised at the different and amazing places it would take you. This is especially true when it comes to matters of love.

Your Strong Convictions Make You Very Attractive.

It seems that everybody is more than willing to sacrifice convictions and personal principles just to be conceived as part of the team. The problem with this is that you are really denying yourself in a very bad way. While it’s okay to deny yourself so that you can put the needs of other people in front of you, that kind of denial only works because it serves to hone your character.

However, if you are going to deny a certain aspect your character that really goes to the core of who you are as a human being, the end results are almost always bad. This is especially true when you are too willing to sacrifice your convictions.

You have your convictions because they are worth hanging on to. They give you character. They give you definition.

Be aware of what you are sacrificing just because you are looking to get accepted. Understand what you are giving up just because you are trying to belong in a group. There are many groups out there that really are not worth belonging to.

There are many people out there that are not really worth hanging out with. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you become attractive to people that are looking for an alternative.

You have to remember that real love must be based on understanding each other based on who we truly are. Not based on who we wish we were but based on who we really are deep down inside.

If you are too willing to let go and turn your back on your convictions, you are basically lying to yourself.

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