5 Reasons Aquarius will Find Love in 2022

The year 2021 took a toll on each of us, which doesn’t exclude the people associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. The global pandemic has caused a stir in the lives of people worldwide. Those who survived 2021 should consider themselves lucky.

Aquarius, if you are reading this and have successfully endured the past year with diligence and without any personal or professional loss, then congratulations! Although the past year was perturbing and off-putting for most of us, including you, this year will be like a breeze of fresh air.

The clouds are clearing up, and the sun seems to shine bright on the life of Aquarius.
Aquarius is an air sign, and intellect and brainpower are the attributes associated with it. During the pandemic, unlike most of us, Aquarius kept themselves busy rather than going into the depths of despair and depression.

Oscillating between keeping itself busy and preventing from going stir-crazy in times of a global pandemic, the sign Aquarius lost its charm in life. The people linked with this zodiac sign devoided themselves of personal care and attention, and as a result, the squeaky wheel of life didn’t get the oils.

But this year, things will be different for Aquarius as new love will pave its way into your life and heart.

Indeed, in astrology, Aquarius people tend to be the star sign lumbered with a reputation for being wistfully romantic, but next to hopeless in having their dreams come true.

Yet in 2022, Aquarius people will find there is no reason to despair – but that getting together with people for love and romance might take a little bravery on their part.

Here are 5 reasons why Aquarius people are destined to find love in the year 2022.

1 – Aquarius people have self-love and own themselves out there

You know what they say – to love another, you first have to love yourself. This is something that even those star signs with the most healthy of egos can struggle with from time to time!

Love is both the simplest and the most complicated thing at the same time. For love to enter your life, you need to be the best and most authentic version of yourself.

It is incredibly vital for you to be in a good place emotionally and mentally if you want to open yourself up to a person and be emotionally available. Owning yourself and brushing up on self-love will pave the way for love to enter the life of Aquarius.

Fortunately, this trait will be pretty dominant in the lives of Aquarius in the year 2022. So buckle up, Aquarius; the light of love is ready to shine on you this year!

The stars guide you along the path and advise you that if you desire a partner who fits your standards, you should first meet those requirements.

It has perhaps been a little bit of a school of hard knocks situation, and there will likely have been times that even those Aquarius people most capable of trusting the process will have had their faith in circumstances shaken.

However, cut to 2022 and you will find that this is an Aquarius soul with a lot more confidence, and with a greater understanding of their own strengths and limitations.

One aspect of confidence and a greater understanding of the self that often gets overlooked is how much it makes you appeal to other people, Aquarius.

This is often not really something you care one way or the other about – people either like you or they don’t, and each to their own – but this year, this advantage will attract someone truly gorgeous to your door.

2 – 2022 is the year we need Aquarius kindness more than ever

The world around us has taken many twists and turns, often in ways people didn’t want or simply never saw coming. The Covid-19 pandemic has totally shaken up things around the globe. Disappointments, the uncertainty of the future, and pessimistic thoughts are taking over. The strength of faith and the ability to put blind trust in the Divinity of Higher Powers is taking a back seat. 

Many people fear that the world’s progressive thinking has begun to move backward in many respects – but not so much Aquarius.

People born under the Aquarius star sign have a remarkable connection to humanity overall, and an instinctive faith in our species and its ability to be its best self.

Therefore, even when things are at their bleakest, Aquarius sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Their positive and optimistic outlook on life makes them desirable more than anyone. 

Aquarius people are inspiring thanks to their altruism and compassion, and this will be noticed by others in 2022 more than ever before. For Aquarius people, this is all very much casual and something out of their habit. It is not a star sign who is one for virtue-signaling or using their kindness as a way of showing off.

Yet nonetheless, people notice how willing Aquarius is to go the extra mile this year. Consequently, people take notice and become curious about these big-hearted people.

Beware of a compulsion to cling to your independence when people get close to you this year as a consequence of this. You’ll only shoot yourself in the foot by having this fearful mentality, and nobody drawn to you this year is going to overpower your brilliance.

You’ll find that a partner gained this year is one who naturally respects your autonomy and independence, as well as being someone who brings out your best self.

Look out for someone who comes on strong, but who also gets you on a deep level and brings out your best self. That encouragement will prove a vital backup when your own faith occasionally falters as we go into 2022.

3 – Aquarius has a unique perspective on emotional ties in 2022

Sadly, the energies that give Aquarius a distinct advantage in understanding emotions and how they bind us to seem to be largely confined to 2022 alone, but you are nevertheless wise to play them to your advantage.

Ordinarily, emotions are a bit of a labyrinth to Aquarius people, and working out the difference between love, lust, camaraderie, and friendship can be a difficult thing for people born under this star sign.

It can make drawing healthy boundaries that much more difficult, and Aquarius people are often frustrated that everything needs to come with a label all the time.

Yet these labels will come into focus and clarity beautifully during 2022, but sadly not in a way that’s permanent or able to consistently carry you forward – these influences will be occasionally felt at certain junctures in your life path.

This year is one such juncture.

So while normally Aquarius people struggle to work out if someone likes them or is attracted to them, and if so if it comes from a genuine place or from someone trying to take advantage, this year Aquarius will find their intuition in these matters more refined than ever.

So surge forward in these moments of clarity, Aquarius, and trust your heart to set you up with your honey just right throughout this year.

You won’t be steered wrong if you make sure not to second guess yourself.

Aquarius people who fall in love in 2022 can expect to find that their partner is someone who is very much a self-starter.

Too many times has Aquarius in the past been lumbered with a partner who seems almost to lean on them too much – almost as if they have no life of their own.

This won’t be the case for the love affair you enjoy in 2022.

Sure, this partner will be a bit heavy-handed with their love declarations at times, so make sure to take them in good graces – and don’t feel intimidated.

Sometimes a little emotional excess is nice, as long as you keep your feet on the ground.

4 – Aquarius people will drop the baggage of the past in the year 2022

Rhythms, routines, expectations, regulations, insufferable ways of trapping the soul, one and all – and all reasons why Aquarius people sometimes carry around baggage from past relationships along these lines.

You need to drop that baggage off as you step into this bold new direction, Aquarius, because in 2022 you’ll find that having an expectation that being in love will hold you back, that fear itself will hold you back from the very happiness you seek.

It’s a cruel irony, perhaps, but Aquarius people have been around the block enough times to know that life tends to work in these oh-so playful cycles.

However, Aquarius people are advised to not be surprised if, instead of licking the doors and insisting on staying in the boudoir for just one more round, their new partner in 2022 is instead throwing open the curtains to one new opportunity after another.

This partner is forecast to be adept at finding that just-right job, a certain opportunity that has seemed elusive for too long, or the perfect new place to move home into to let their creativity free.

If you have ever wanted your partner to be a true partner in crime, Aquarius, then this is the year to expect that to happen. You have all the power you need to sort the wheat from the chaff if any pretenders try and muscle in on your good vibes this year.

5- Travel is on the cards for Aquarius in the year 2022, which will open up new horizons for love

The year 2021 was all about lockdowns and travel restrictions due to the global pandemic. Each of us was confined to our own personal spaces, and the interaction with other people was limited. Many of us didn’t get a chance to find new love or, as a matter of fact, even band together with friends and family.

Things have eased down a bit this year. 2022 will bring new hopes and reassurances. Traveling restrictions are being alleviated slowly, and the world is learning and adapting to live with this pandemic.

In this scenario, there is hope for Aquarius to experience the beauty of love and relationships in their lives. Travel is on the cards this year for you, Aquarius, and to be honest, there can be no perfect time than this to find your soulmate.

Don’t hold yourself back and open up mentally and emotionally to let love in. When you travel to different places and meet new people, you might find someone who connects with you on a deeper level. Leave your doubts at the door and come out of your shell.

Finding a new, compatible partner can prove to be great for you in many different aspects. This new partner will be inspiring in some way, either through their career or through their personal philosophy – it will renew the hope of Aquarius folks and give them new reasons to put their best foot forward in every endeavor.

Final Thoughts

Finding love in a world gone mad might feel like the kind of plot tagline you’d expect on some 1940s gushing romance movie, but it can secretly often feel like this is exactly the journey the heart of Aquarius people is on.

It can be almost impossible for people born under this star sign to effectively understand romance and how best to make it work for them.

The truth is that these matters are intangible, and often best left to their own devices – especially this year.

All of a sudden, the fast-moving life of Aquarius people will feel all the swifter once an attractive stranger destined to become something more enters the fray.

Leave your doubts at the door and let yourself be swept up in the journey, dearest Aquarius spirit.

Your fine-tuned senses will ensure you don’t go wrong, and overanalyzing this wonderful set of sensations will only serve to slow them from flourishing.

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