What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Aquarius For The Year Ahead?

What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Aquarius For The Year Ahead?

If there’s one-star sign that is the master of freedom of thought, of clarity of insight and of doing things their own way, in their own time and with their own ideas, it’s Aquarius.

Although these people might not dress, speak, think or act like other people – and relish in the way they blaze their own trail while doing it – these folks are some of the most altruistic and compassionate you can ever hope to meet.

Similarly, Aquarius people are very gifted with the gab, but also often quite aggravated by how much slower the world moves than their minds.

And as an extension of that, many Aquarius people find love, romance and affairs of the heart very tricky to navigate – and sadly, few star signs are apt to be so tangled up in confusion of the heart as the otherwise highly capable Aquarius individual.

Even the most sceptical of Aquarius people, and even those who only prefer to lean on rationale and proven logic, have come to look to notions such as lucky numbers for support and guidance.

These lucky numbers play a role in one’s life in many different ways – and should you find yourself in the presence of one, dear Aquarius, then see if the winds of good fortune turn your way when you’re embracing the energies of the numbers listed below.

Aquarius Lucky Number 8

Aquarius people love to go their own way in life, and they certainly have no time or inclination to bow down to the traditional ways of thinking that rule over so many people.

Likewise, things like restrictions and thinking in a rut hold no appeal for these people.

Aquarius people are people of ideas and are always ahead of their time. So you can imagine, something as simple and mainstream as the lucky number 7 has no appeal to Aquarius people!

As if proving this point, the lucky number 8 for Aquarius has plenty to say about this star sign’s capability in reaching into the unknown, plucking out concepts so new they can barely articulate them, and bringing them into the physical world for us all to benefit from.

Aquarius is a born innovator, so the energies of lucky number 8 in 2022 are all but made for them – and with the world as it is, you might well argue that our need for their brilliance has never been more pronounced.

Aquarius people are advised to see where and when the number 8 shows up – on a clock face, on a building number where they are meeting a date or attending a job interview, and so on.

Pay attention to the ideas in your mind in that instant, Aquarius. The solution you’re looking for could well be trying to crystallise within you.

Lucky Number 4

There’s another quire remarkable break from tradition, which is itself a very Aquarius thing to do, when you consider a lot of the mythology, folklore and superstition that surrounds the number 4.

For example, in Far Eastern countries such as Japan, China and elsewhere, the number 4 is regarded as an unlucky number that is to be avoided – a number that signified rack and ruin, and death and despair. Fortunately, nothing could be more opposite this for Aquarius lucky number 4!

Indeed, even those people born as an Aquarius who come from those cultures will find that the number 4 is far more fortunate for them than most other people. It’s further evidence that the best things in life come to Aquarius when he or she goes against the mainstream.

It’s also a number of inspiration and of collecting thoughts or groups of people together – a very important soul mission for people born as an Aquarius in astrology.

Aquarius folks prefer to have a sense of altruism and coming together – they want everyone to get along.

Hence the name of the Age of Aquarius, a commonly held notion of humanity as a whole banding together in peace and harmony.

It might seem a bit idealistic, but that’s what Aquarius people are, filtered through intellect and common sense.

So keep an eye out for your lucky number 4, Aquarius – on a street sign as a bright idea strikes you, or on the clothing of the person reaching out to you in need on a sports jersey or fashionable jacket.

Little clues are everywhere to help you know you’re on the right track!

Lucky Number 13

Are you sensing a pattern here? Indeed, if there’s a number that has an element of superstition or mythos behind it, chances are it’s important and lucky to Aquarius people in a way that encourages these naturally individualistic people to blaze their own trail.

That’s definitely the story behind the number 13 – a number needing little introduction.

The reputation of unlucky number 13 makes it often outright feared in some corners of the world, and a number of people will actively avoid anything with 13 in it.

And of course, Friday 13th of a given month is extremely dreaded by many folks, who go out of their way to avoid even the slightest hint of misfortune befalling them.

One person unlikely to get caught up in that negative hype, though, is the Aquarius individual.

In fact, some of the biggest moments of an Aquarius person’s life could well happen – sticking with one example here – on Friday 13th.

Similarly, during 2022 especially, aligning with the energies of the number 13 or going to places with this number inherent within them – in the address, on floor 13 of a building in which Aquarius has a job interview, etcetera – will reinforce the individualistic resolve of Aquarius, and bring superb good luck.

Aquarius folks who are single and bruised from former heartbreaks can likewise take confidence in that their hopes and dreams are being answered.

Look for a soulmate to appear on the 13th of a month – or to approach you all of a sudden, and someday reveal they were born on 13th of a month.

Lucky Number 17

In 2022, those Aquarius people who turn 17 are going to find that the independence they have been craving so long – away from the gossiping, the flimsy control tactics that are so transparent, and away from the gossiping people who fake their friendships – will be revealed.

The going won’t always be easy, but that’s in part what the energies of the number 17 are so often about.

This is a number that signifies a triumph over adversity in a rather quiet manner – something that Aquarius people, who are always halfway into realms unknown in their minds, understand wholly.

You mind is your greatest ally no matter your age in 2022, dear Aquarius.

Your lucky number 17 for Aquarius will guide you to the destinations you need the most – be it the flight that touches down in a new locale at 1700 local time, or in apartment number 17 of the soulmate set to propose to you.

There’s a sense of anticipation and inspiration to number 17 especially that invigorates Aquarius this year, so certainly be aware of those times in which this number appears in your field of view, or is overheard as spoken by someone, in a surprising way. It’s proof you’re on the right track!

And of course, Aquarius people born on 17th February, no matter how old they are in 2022, will find themselves energised and excited for a bright tomorrow the whole year through.

Is 26 really a lucky number?

In astrology and numerology alike, often many of the most fortunate numbers, symbols or even colours and scents are those that – to our rational minds – seem the most auspicious.

Therefore, to a good amount of people, there’s nothing altogether special about the number 26 in any way – although ever sharp Aquarius has no doubt already worked out that 26 is a lucky Aquarius number because it’s 13 times two!

Does that make the moments in which the number 26 appears in the Aquarius person’s life twice as lucky as 13 is?

Admirable optimism you have to suggest this, but not necessarily – yet exceptions along those lines definitely exist.

Instead, for Aquarius people, the number 26 is more of a secret message and a direct line to the inner workings of fate and destiny.

Meet a new partner with a birthday on 26th, or who takes you on your first date together on the 26th of the month? Likely a keeper, for 2022 and beyond!

It goes deeper – the 26th of the month often leads to an unexpected windfall for Aquarius folks in 2022, and it bodes well as a lottery ticket number for those Aquarius people courting lady luck on a scratcher – just please gamble responsibly!

Numbers to Avoid

Just as there are numbers set to shine a light of positivity and good fortune on Aquarius people during the course of 2022, so too are there people born under this star sign who will find that alignment with certain numbers will only attract misfortune and unhappiness.

The well documented keen psychic senses of the Aquarius individual, and their connections to the collective unconscious, mean they might find themselves inexplicably repulsed by some of these numbers.

The number 1 is a good example, and an unlucky number for Aquarius in 2022.

The number 1 is a lucky number for a lot of people, but can also symbolise egocentrism, self importance and putting oneself first in all things to the detriment of others.

These are values that Aquarius people despise when found in others.

So of course, avoiding those individuals in life perpetrating these characteristics – don’t be surprised if their birthday is the first of their birth month! – is very important to Aquarius people in 2022.

Unlucky number 48 is also an unusual, yet rather unlucky number for Aquarius people in 2022.

Nasty bank charges or unexpected bills or financial hiccups often factor the 48 figure into their total sums, symbolising a nasty swipe at the Aquarius individual’s hard-earned money.

Aquarius people who are 48 this year might find their usually rational demeanor afflicted by a quiet despair at the state of the world and the seemingly widening rifts within it.

They might find communities breaking down around them, and rational thinking in short supply in their peers in 2022.

Always do this when you see lucky number 22

In 2022 and plenty of other years besides, the number 22 is a very lucky one for Aquarius.

Why does this bear special mention? Because, in a world that only ever seems to want to keep going faster, this lucky number for Aquarius is urging these lightning-fast folks to slow down and invest in themselves!

If you’re turning 22 this year, Aquarius, it’s time to dial back the ambitions and let the hard work up to now bear fruit.

And Aquarius folks of every age, take a look at when the number 22 appears – and take its invitation to relax.

These numbers look like two feet keeping still from a certain point of view, reminding us that running around all the time doesn’t always work.

My Final Thoughts

Aquarius people have a fascinating connection to the undercurrents of our world, and this means that these people are gifted in aligning with their lucky numbers.

2022 has plenty to offer us all, and Aquarius people are no exception.

Those born under this star sign are advised to keep their wits about them this year, but not because they are in danger – rather, it’s to remain open to the gifts of the universe, the path to which is paved with lucky numbers galore!

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