Aries and Aries Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aries and Aries Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

They say you shouldn’t fight fire with fire, but when Aries and Aries compatibility comes into the equation, all bets are off.

Two of the zodiac’s most self-motivated and driven people come together in alliances such as these, either burning out in explosive fury or creating a warmth that lasts a lifetime.

It’s best not to leave this kind of thing to whim and chance though – instead, get ahead of the curve by learning the ins and outs of Aries people and how they relate to each other.

Here’s some insight into Aries and Aries compatibility – the definitive guide to seeing if these two bright sparks can become twin flame soulmates.

Aries and Aries compatibility overview

In all of the zodiac, you’ll seldom see a pairing as feisty, fast moving or ferocious as the Aries and Aries relationship.

Getting under the skin of these remarkable people means getting up to speed on some of the symbology behind why Aries does what it does.

In traditional astrology, as based on the constellations seen in the night sky, Aries is a star sign that is represented by the ram.

This brave animal, supercharged with male energy – often seen in Aries people of both genders – is protective, rugged and always energised enough to run headfirst into whatever catches their fast moving attention.

Furthermore, the symbolic planet for the Aries star sign is Mars, the planet of war, the warrior spirit, courage and competitiveness.

You’ll often find that Aries folks see their lives as a battle, and themselves as the heroes of their own stories.

In sports and games, they play to win at all costs, and adopt a similar outlook in life. Rivals who cross an Aries tend to be trounced in short order.

Therefore, you can appreciate how when two Aries individuals get together, there can be fireworks of both the inspiring and frightening variety.

Blow-ups between this pair can be tremendously explosive, as neither wants to accept they’re wrong or take the losing side.

Of course, with so much passion and excitement in play too, Aries and Aries matches can light up with flirtation, sex appeal and plenty of shared enthusiasm for life’s big adventures.

In one another, they find someone high energy enough to keep up with their own antics – no small feat given the getup and go Aries people tend to have.

They may have given up on finding anyone capable of matching their consistently high energy approach to life, only to find it in their new Aries match.

Luckily, thanks to how easily Aries people get along with one another, this match is sure to work out more often than not.

Only undue drama or a focus on the self at the expense of the other could get in the way here, making for a confident match that nonetheless risks being a little shallow if mismatched.

Matches between the Aries woman and Aries man

To examine the relationship between two Aries people more closely, let’s first take the perspective of the Aries woman.

This is someone who will never be under anyone’s thumb – a born leader, often with a career to match and a fountain of ideas to help those under her wing shine their brightest and best.

That charisma is matched by confidence and an unstoppable inner fire that leads to endless drive and an unshakeable faith in herself and her actions.

The Aries woman has learned early in life that nobody is hoping to look out for her best interests except herself, and that life is best taken on fully.

However, when encountering the Aries man, something of a spark of recognition flares up in the Aries woman.

She can see in him courage, confidence and a drive to succeed just like her own, and it helps that he’s usually in pretty good shape too.

However, the Aries man has an eye for the ladies, so may have a pretty large contingent of admirers – not that the Aries woman cares too much.

She’s got no qualms about cutting a swathe through anything that stands in her way, and likewise, once she’s made up her mind about pursuing the Aries man, there’s going to be very little to stop her getting her hands on him.

He’ll have no issue with that approach – he likes a straightforward woman who says what she means and means what she says.

More than this, the Aries woman is a sensual and passionate soul whose physical side more than matches even the intensity of the Aries man’s own.

However, as time progresses, both partners will need to keep an eye on their flirtatious sides.

Natural charm means that potential new eye candy comes easy to the Aries woman and Aries man alike, and the thrill of a new adventure is often difficult to resist.

The good points:

  • The Aries man is well built, athletic and fun to be around
  • The Aries woman enjoys her independence alongside a man who’s there for her
  • Sharing their ambitious sides makes both Aries’ lives more progressive and exciting

The bad points:

  • A wandering eye can make for some needless drama – the grass is rarely greener
  • Self-indulgent to a fault, the Aries woman can put herself first a little too often, leaving her man in the cold
  • If the Aries man makes a mistake, good luck getting him to admit it – let alone apologise

Matches between the Aries man and Aries woman

The Aries man lives by his own rules, and takes life at a fast pace that often leaves others behind.

He never gives up, never surrenders and certainly has no time to give up what he’s fighting for, whatever the cost.

If his promotion means working 60 hours weeks, he’ll do it.

If his next big sport event means taking a gruelling training regimen, he’ll commit to it whole hog – and when it comes to winning over the heart of his chosen love interest, that same absolute drive to win makes sure he gets his way with matters of affection.

To the Aries woman, such drive is only to be admired, and she wishes other men would emulate.

That said, she can certainly give as good as she gets, and even the Aries man will be surprised by her bold approach, directness in action and her unstoppable charm.

It’s a fiery cocktail indeed, and the Aries man would do well not to be bowled over by the force of will he senses in the Aries woman.

She may seem a little fixated on maintaining her looks, and tales about her day may tend to veer towards the dramatic side, but there’s no denying she is the one woman the Aries man has met who’s really capable of keeping up with his fast-paced lifestyle.

He may find that his talent for dropping everything for a spontaneous night with the boys could be called into question once or twice, as one example of a potential clash in an Aries man and Aries woman relationship.

This lady gets what she wants, and when she wants something she wants it now. Trouble is, the Aries man is much the same way – a creature of instant gratification.

That’ll be something to watch out for in the long term, because even when he’s in a relationship, other women won’t stop giving him the eye.

The good points:

  • A fiery connection that fulfils all of the Aries man’s earthly urges – and then some
  • The Aries man gets his freedom thanks to a no fuss partner who’s as independent as he is
  • His sudden impulses now have a partner in crime who’s as in the moment as he is

The bad points:

  • Ego clashes could be common if not nipped in the bud early – and explosive rows could ensue
  • The Aries woman seems so caught up in herself and her own little dramas – but beware, Aries man, because she thinks that of you!
  • Short tempers on both sides could often make mountains of molehills

Aries and Aries friendship compatibility

If you were ever to find two souls forged in a fire of friendship so strong it could well have been on the battlefield, look no further than the Aries and Aries friendship.

These two have celebrated the highs, sunk to the most unbearable lows and come through it all stronger, faster and smarter.

Nobody can relate to the idea that life is a battlefield like a fellow Aries, and so friendships between these two headstrong characters becomes a matter of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat and defying the expected order of things in life time and time again.

More than this, there’s simply a fantastic and almost childlike wonder that goes into these friendships as well.

Many astrologers believe that the twelve zodiac signs, when laid out in order, represent the various stages of wisdom and age that a soul transitions through – which makes Aries, the first-star sign of all, the youngest.

This doesn’t make Aries friends naïve though, but rather all too keen to get stuck into the greatest experiences and wonders that this world can offer.

Too often they find that their antics, when broached as ideas to their friends, get called off as reckless and impetuous. Not so with a fellow Aries friend!

Their quick wit and shared abundant charm, as well as solid and solider like loyalty to one another, means that Aries friends are quickly and resourcefully able to defuse any trouble, skirt aside of any danger or talk their way out of any problems that could arise from their head first misadventures – of which there’ll be many.

However, far from being joined at the hip, the Aries individuals will each enjoy varied and fulfilling individual lives that make for great stories when they get together.

They’ll want to see each other often, finding long periods away from one another almost like missing a brother or sister – this is because the bonds Aries forms, although formed fast, form deep.

A friendship like this can last a lifetime, and equip both Aries individuals with a second opinion on many of their choices that is also rooted in their same worldview.

As a result, if they make a bad call, their buddy can at least see why they did it.

Aries people also have surprisingly strategic minds, perhaps as a gift from their warlike ruler, Mars.

They can devise means of approach together that enables them to overcome any and all of life’s challenges.

So addicted are Aries people to conquest and bettering that which opposes them, however, they should take care not to manufacture their own problems just for another campaign to be fought.

Aries and Aries marriage compatibility

Aries has such a lust for adventure, a love of life and such a keen regard for their own freedom to do as they please that many onlookers believe that these are the kind of people who will simply never settle down.

Moreover, Aries people like a fast and exciting life full of surprises, so long-term relationships tend to burn out fast for them unless they’re with a partner who can provide the kind of variety and brilliance they expect – but also, almost paradoxically, be loyal and giving at all times.

However, even with all of this in play, it’s no use assuming Aries and Aries marriages never happen. Quite the opposite, they go ahead every day, and better still, often go the distance.

In fact, thanks to Aries’ impulsiveness, the proposal could happen pretty early in the relationship, if not the wedding overall. The trick is making it last!

Being of like mind helps Aries and Aries marriage to go the distance tremendously though.

Both spouses know that being joined in matrimony doesn’t mean being joined at the hip, and while they’re both a tad possessive of one another – warriors who have won their prize, after all – they don’t disparage their freewheeling lovers for wanting to do their thing most of the time.

If anything, that gives them the chance to do their own thing too – but this pairing should definitely ensure they’re taking the time to connect fully and deeply to make the marriage last long term.

Letting the white-hot Aries flame snuff out makes for rapidly bored partners who begin their exist strategies without delay, without sentimentality or time to spare.

Life’s too short to be with someone who doesn’t make you happy, an Aries would say.

Yet so wild and varied can these people be that boredom is often far from what results.

In fact, Aries and Aries ought to take care that the arguments that flare up don’t blaze too hot, nor that they say things they don’t mean and will later regret in the heat of the moment.

The heat of the moment overall can be one to watch out for, as both the Aries man and Aries woman have a tremendously flirtatious streak that doesn’t necessarily go away just because marriage has settled in.

In fact, in its quieter moments it could well be heightened – the libido of an Aries individual is almost always high!

Naturally, disaster could lie in this direction if this kind of behaviour gets out of hand, and protective Aries won’t like even the idea of their lover going astray.

In a decent Aries and Aries marriage full of shared goals, individual ambitions and plenty of romantic surprises, this couple can expect a full and enriching life full of new horizons and smooth sailing.

Aries and Aries: Common issues and problems

Put simply, both the Aries man and the Aries woman, or any combination of such a pairing you can consider, have issues with the ego of one clashing against the other.

Being ruled by Mars and functioning as the brave warrior of the zodiac means that Aries people can sometimes butt heads like the rams that represent them.

Every Aries around believes, even if only subconsciously, that they’re the hero and protagonist of a remarkable adventure story.

And just as in films and fiction the hero is always morally justified in his actions, so too does the Aries believe that their decisions are consistently correct and well informed – and that anyone opposing that idea is simply wrong.

As you might imagine, that can become an issue if two Aries holding contrasting views come into meeting one another, and it gets a step worse still if either tries to win the situation by denting the pride of the other.

Surrender to anyone or anything, even another Aries, is unthinkable – and makes for confrontations that glow white hot and rapidly devolve into terrible arguments and quarrels.

The one saving grace is that, thanks once again to how fast Aries moves, these blowouts don’t last for long.

On the more pragmatic side, one issue that’s worth keeping in mind in an Aries and Aries relationship is money.

Thanks to both star signs being so caught in the moment at any given time, impulse spending can be an issue.

An Aries might bump into an old friend and go for a sudden meal that evolves into drinking late into the night, all without the partner really knowing.

The next thing the other Aries knows, in fact, is that the joint account seems a lot lighter and the spouse is nowhere in sight!

Managing money isn’t always easy for Aries people, despite their strategic minds, due to a need to flash the cash and showcase their status.

Their careers often go well enough that this isn’t much of an issue, but it’s best not to bank on that good fortune alone in such a sensitive area.

Self-control overall is, whether they know and admit this or not, often a point of weakness for Aries people, and something they rely on a level-headed partner to assist with.

When two Aries people are in the mix, though, it can border on the hypocritical – one Aries will roll their eyes at the fact their partner just blew all their pay on a new car, and then go out and buy a puppy – just to find that their Aries partner has to remind them there are no pets allowed in their apartment!

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Aries is one of the most brilliant star signs in the zodiac, and one well suited for accomplishing great things and going far on the sheer force of will they exert.

High energy and highly fun, these people win friends easily, and win lovers with just as much effortless grace.

An Aries and Aries relationship can be something of a minefield, with two extremely strong personalities who want to be in charge thrown into the mix.

Neither will back down to the other, yet it’s vital to them both that they see they are only ever as at odds with one another as they make themselves.

An Aries and Aries match can see neither have to back down and both of them work together to win at everything life throws at them. Isn’t that what love is?

In part, perhaps, but it’s also about taking the rough with the smooth and sticking by one another – promises given easily, but not always so easy to keep if boredom or restless energy sets in.

If Aries and Aries can avoid stirring up the pot for the sake and sordid fun of doing so, there’s a relationship here far too beautiful to overlook.

In nobody else but another Aries could the Aries spirit find swiftness of ideas and impulses that allows them both to course through the world on gut feelings and proactive decisions.

This is a pair of pioneers, who can easily make the world their oyster and lay claim to all that they survey.

Aries and Aries compatibility score: 7/10

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