Aries: Dating Advice For Aries Men: Seven Tools You Need

Aries: Dating Advice For Aries Men: Seven Tools You Need


If you are an Aries guy, and you seemed to have a tough time attracting the right women, here are seven tools you need to add to your dating arsenal.

These dating tools can really help you become a more attractive person.

You might think that it is your sense of confidence that draws women to you. You might think that it is your inner reserve of strength and power that makes you magnetic.

Well, this may be true to a certain superficial level, but your dating problems actually stem from the fact that you are dealing with a deep and profound contrast between the sense of weakness you feel inside and the impression of strength you need to project.

As long as you are willing to deal with those issues head on, you can make progress.

You cannot only become a more attractive person, but you can also become a person that is worth loving.

Here are seven tools that can get you on the road to becoming a more emotionally attractive and magnetic person.


Humility might seem like a weird dating tool, but it is not. You have to understand that Aries people can be repulsive.

Your need to always come off as strong and confident actually turns off more people than it turns on.

In many cases, this leads to you developing enemies when you do not need to. You become a loud mouth. You become perceived as some sort of know-it-all.

If you are able to become more humble, people will see the real value you bring to the table.

They will be able to see your real personality beyond your need to project strength, competence and confidence.


Another key tool you need to develop is the sense of perspective. When you develop a healthy sense of perspective, you position yourself to see the world the same way they see it.

In other words, you are able to develop compassion. You are able to develop empathy.

Unfortunately, for the typical Aries personality, these are traits that are sorely missing. It is very hard for you to put yourself in the shoes of other people. Why?

You are very uncomfortable in your shoes. It is hard enough trying to be yourself that it becomes almost impossible for you to try to put yourself in the position of other people.

Regrettably, that is exactly what you need to do for you to get other people to like you.

By simply hanging on to how you are doing things and your own fixed perspective, you are not doing yourself any favors.


Compassion really is all about feeling other people’s pain.

It is all about sharing their joy and feeling the world based on how they feel the world. It is all about reading emotional signals based on their perspective.

If you want to be viewed as a more emotionally attractive person, you need to practice compassion.

This means that you need to help people regardless of their ability to help you back. This means reaching out to people regardless of their ability to repaying your act of kindness.

By practicing random acts of kindness, you tap into a very deep reservoir of your ability to do good for other people.

Being compassionate should not only be viewed as some sort of tool to get what you want. In fact, compassion in of itself is the reward.

You have to remember that life is all about living a full life.

You cannot really live a full life if you only live for yourself. You have to start living for others, so you can really feel fulfilled and purposeful.

Sincere Interest in the Happiness of Others

To reach this stage, you need to have at least practiced perspective and compassion.

Once you develop a sincere interest in the happiness of others, you become very thoughtful.

You also become very sensitive. Sensitivity is crucial in romance.

Why? Love is not just about what you need. Love is not just about you or what makes sense to you.

It is all about stepping into the life of another person and sharing their space. The key to this is developing a sincere interest in their happiness.

You might not care for their interests. You may not care about the things that they like.

However, you better care about what makes them happy for love to enter your life. I hope you see how all of these are interrelated.


Aries people are unhappy because they are driven by that deep and profound sense of projecting confidence and strength.

There is this inner contradiction that really spawns off all sorts of internal hypocrisy and sadness, and lack of fulfillment.

By being aware that this is going on, you can make a lot of progress in fixing your situation.

A little bit of a spoiler here – you cannot fundamentally change your makeup. You cannot turn yourself into another horoscope sign.

This internal dichotomy fueling your personality will always be there.

However, you will achieve a great deal of progress if you simply resolve to become more self-aware.

If you recognize what is going on, then you can direct all that negative energy and transform it to something more positive.

This can make you more emotionally attractive to women.


Your need to always be in control often makes you a very toxic person to be around.

You always want to be the center of the show. You always want to take the spotlight.

By simply allowing your intuition to take over and dialing down your need for control, you can increase your natural attractiveness, seriously.

Why? You take more leaps of faith. You are able to live every moment.

You are able to take each day as it comes.

This is very attractive because most people do not act this way. You re-awaken a sense of possibility in people you come across.

Ability to Separate Kindness from Weakness

Aries people often confuse kindness with weakness. This is why it is very easy for you to repay other people’s kindness with an imposition of will.

In other words, you use them. It is very easy for you to abuse other people.

Once you understand that kindness is not weakness, and that kindness is a goal in of itself, you will make serious progress.

You will start sending off the right signals, and you will start becoming more emotionally attractive to women.

These are worthy goals because they address that deep and profound internal dichotomy that you are grappling with.

They address a deep and fundamental inner tension that you have to deal with sooner rather than later.

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