Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries Traits

Venus is Aries will help you achieve all your goals, concerning love and fulfillment.  Your Sign is masculine, and your Ruling Planet is, too.

You are the first-born of the Zodiac, and never shake the childlike temperament that grips you when frustrated.  Do not lose your cool, because Venus in Aries will help soothe your Fiery temper.

Venus in Aries Women

In a fight, you sure know how to throw those emotional grenades.

Your innocent perception of the world is helpful in that you are quick to heed calls to action, you are intrinsically motivated, and you have very strong personal opinions.

Where you may hit a snag is in the moments where you feel disrespected or ignored. You know how to make a scene to get attentions, but instead, search for outlets for your temper.

You should find your own healthy ways to express yourself to those around you—especially co-workers and loved ones.

Put extra care into making your words sweet, because you may just find yourself having to eat them during an apology.

Venus in Aries will bring out the most feminine parts of your inner self.  You have a soft and sensual side, but you never let your Aries flame grow dim.

You are a passionate lover, and you can make just about anyone blush.  You know how to turn on the charm, and Venus in Aries kicks your feminine guile up a few more notches.

A Man with Venus in Aries will crave you.  You are one of the purest forms of his love for his Venus.

Men will picture Venus in the mind, and attach all of the best qualities to her, according to his emotional needs and lovemaking desires.

Venus in Aries not only brings out your inner lovemaking goddess but will demand he treat you as one—and here you will find love and fulfillment for the long haul.

Venus in Aries Men

No matter his outer demeanor, you will see the immature side of this sweet man.  Nurture this inner child of his, rather than trying to scold him.

An Aries man is quick-tempered, but also quick to cool down and even apologize first.  He seeks instant gratification, and Venus is Aries will make his desires for love even stronger.

A Man who has Venus in Aries may show their immaturity at times—reckless behavior like drinking, drug use, or engaging in a dangerous love life.

He is up and down and can get easily bored of someone who does not keep them on their toes.

With Mars as your Ruling Planet, you are very equipped to initiate action and complete that task, like the Hunter/Archer, which is your Zodiac symbol.  He will surprise you.

This man is not afraid of controversy or challenges.  Give this man a window of opportunity to prove himself to you.

An Aries will get discouraged if you ignore his attention for too long.  Keep in mind that once committed, this man is likely to stick around.

Do not waste worry thinking he’s not that into you—this guy will keep it real with you, especially with Venus in Aries.

Aries does not like to keep secrets, nor are they very good at it.  If you give an Aries Man the cold shoulder, you could be turning him away forever.

Try to communicate any lingering fears through an open discussion with him.  Venus in Aries brings will have your man in the mood—for your brain and your body.

Venus and Aries in Love

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who can keep up with you.  You will find both love and fulfillment with a partner who allows you space and oxygen to fuel your inner Fire.

You also will benefit from pairing up and sharing ideas with an open-minded Aquarius or a free-spirited Pisces.

With Venus in Aries, your sharpest edges will seem softer and more attractive to a man, so play up your strengths and get out there, girl!

Your worst prospects for love are with any partner who shames you for your emotional nature or makes you feel inferior.

You need attention and praise from loved ones, and you also tend to need forgiveness after blowing your top.

You keep a fast and fiery pace, and may feel held-back by homebodies like a Cancer or perfectionist like Virgo.

Venus and Aries in Love allow you to know your partner in bed —which will provide both of you with fulfillment and endorphins.

Lovemaking with an Aries, especially under their Love muse, Venus, is passionate as Hell.  These lovers are spontaneous, very visual, and do not like to wait.

A Lover with Venus in Aries may seem impatient and even a little rough.  Speak up if you feel uncomfortable and he will stop, just as you should expect him to listen when you ask for it harder.

An Aries man does not joke around about lovemaking.  He wants to get the job done—well and often.  Ride this wave of emotion with him, and keep him on his toes to maximize the lovemaking tension.

Even tension, for someone with Venus in Aries, can be a turn-on.  Once the blood gets going, it will probably get you both hot and bothered.

Use makeup intercourse as a tool to help your relationship heal and grow after a fight.  Your Aries temper will fade quickly, but you will be all ready to reconcile.

Do not expect a Man with Venus in Aries to have a slow hand.  This man may not be big into foreplay, but you will not be complaining.

A nibble on the ear or a kiss on the neck is enough to light that Aries spark and Venus will push him right into cuddle mode after the intercourse is over.

Make sure to express your love for your partner’s physical appearance, performance in bed, and the peace of mind you find in your relationship.

Show your partner gratitude, and remember to always reciprocate the love that he gives to you.  Be generous, and you will reap the rewards, especially when Venus is in Aries.

Dates for Venus in Aries

Venus appears in Retrograde, in Aries, on March 4th.  This will continue until Venus rights itself and appears as Direct again, on April 15th.  Venus will leave the Retrograde zone on May 18th.

Remember that Venus is the Ruling Planet of love and attachment.  With Venus in Aries, you will be stronger than ever, in terms of appraising your life.

This will be most clear to you while Venus is in Retrograde around you.  Do not despair, for Venus in Retrograde in Aries can serve as a much-needed time-out when things are heating up.

Be aware of when Venus is present in your Sign, and especially to the time that Venus is in Retrograde.

Be very careful about making big decisions or long-terms commitments during this time.  You will have a more crystallized view of your future—and find fulfillment—by waiting out your anxieties.

5 Little Known Facts About Venus in Aries

Whenever Venus ventures across into Aries, it then brings with it a number of different attributes and changes to your life that can certainly be viewed as being rather positive in nature.

Of course, the easiest way to ascertain as to whether or not this is a good thing for you individually, is to look at a series of facts connected to this combination.

1. You are going to achieve your goals.

One area where Venus is going to prove to be rather useful is the way in which it will be able to help you to achieve your goals.

Quite simply, it can propel you forward through the mud that may have encased you and push you onto better things than you could have ever achieved. This will certainly come as a welcome relief to you.

2. It will soothe your temper.

Aries does have a reputation for having a bit of a temper, but Venus is going to help to soothe that to such an extent that you will feel as if it is no longer going to become a problem.

This in itself can sometimes come across as being something of a miracle for you, but then you have to be willing to see that not having such a temper can only be a good thing.

3. You tend to call for action.

Women with this combination have a tendency to be the ones that are going to call for action especially when others are loathing to do so.

However, this is due to your confidence that you are doing the right thing, so you will try to force others into following along even when they are slightly apprehensive about it all.

4. You need to learn better ways to express yourself.

One thing that you really must try to do is to learn how you are able to better express yourself in what could ultimately be a more natural, and healthier way.

You need to be capable of just taking a step backwards and seeing how things should progress more naturally, and to then follow that path rather than always trying to blaze a brand new trail when that is not always required.

5. A man can be slightly immature.

One downside of this combination for men that are affected by it has to be the way in which they can come across as being somewhat immature compared to other men of the different star signs.

This is something that they find difficult to push down and ignore, so you need to be aware of this when dealing with them. If you are that man, then those feelings could get worse during this time.

Thanks to Venus coming into Aries, it can indeed get you to view aspects of life in a completely different light, but you need to be aware that it does not always have to be done in a positive way.

Instead, you have to assess your own way of looking at things and just appreciate that the planet Venus is there to change your life.

Final Thoughts

As Venus governs your values, and how you apply them to life, you find what truly matters most to you.

You will probably notice a dragging feeling while Venus is in Retrograde.  Look at this as a signal to change something important, before it’s too late.

Venus in Aries will help you compromise between quick action and careful action—which is most important in big life decisions.

With Mars as your Ruling Planet, and Venus working overtime on your libido, you will be in the position to choose your desired role in this lovemaking relationship.

These roles of dominant and submissive can be interchanged, just keep open communication at all times to safeguard you both—physical and emotional safety are essential if you dabble into BDSM.

Show your man you are open to his kinks and have some of your own to explore.  The Hunter in Aries will have him chasing after you, and Venus in Aries will make sure he treats you right, once he catches you!

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