August 5 Zodiac

August 5 Zodiac

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on August 5?

If you are born on the 5th of August, your Zodiac sign is Leo.

As a Leo person born on this day, you are a very resilient person. You really are.

You can take defeat, setbacks and obstacles and keep on fighting.

In many cases, even if you’ve been knocked down, you spring right back up and find the energy and focus that you need to eventually prevail.

Now, this might seem inspirational, it might even seem like a very, very positive thing, but it can also be quite costly because it can take quite a bit of time and, in many cases, you lose a lot of friends along the way.

In certain situations, it’s much better to spring back, but look for an alternative path instead of insisting that your initial path is the way to go.

Love Horoscope for August 5 Zodiac

Lovers born on the 5th of August are undefeatable in arguments.

Now, this might seem like a good thing because, hey, let’s face it, everybody likes to win. Everybody would want to get into any kind of confrontation and come out on top.

But the problem is, when it comes to matters of the heart, you often have to take the high road. In other words, you know that you’re right, but it doesn’t really make much sense to insist on being right.

If you get what I’m saying, then you’re definitely on the right path. If you don’t, then you have quite a bit of growing up to do.

Career Horoscope for August 5 Zodiac

Those with a birthday on August 5 are best suited for any kind of career involving entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship or undertaking business projects necessarily involve ups and downs.

You can’t anticipate all sorts of contingencies. You can’t anticipate that things will go your way.

Accordingly, you have to roll with the punches. You have to take the hits and your personality is configured in such a way that you can take a beating and keep on going.

This is your most valuable asset. Never lose sight of this because this can pave the way for your eventual victory and success in not just your business, but in all areas of your life.

People Born on August 5 Personality Traits

You understand that life is a long game. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

You understand this. You understand that while there may be disappointments, frustrations and heartbreaks now, eventually, things will work out as long as you stay focused.

You truly believe that as long as your eyes are on the prize, whatever inconveniences and irritations or annoyances that you’re facing right now will eventually go away.

This is the kind of thinking that will lay the groundwork for your personal success.

Positive Traits of the August 5 Zodiac

It’s very hard to keep you down. In fact, if you’d be completely honest about it, you can’t get knocked down at all.

You believe that there is always a victory in any kind of seeming defeat.

As long as you continue to believe this, eventually, it will become a reality.

Why? Your focus determines the direction of your energy.

Put in another way, where you focus goes, your energy flows.

Since you’re focused on the long game and the eventual victory at the end of the tunnel, that’s where your focus goes and regardless of what your competitors do or what people who hate you try to do, eventually, you will come out on top.

Negative Traits of the August 5 Zodiac

While you are a very resilient person and you have what it takes to go all the way to ultimate success, in many cases, you end up sacrificing so much for nothing. Seriously.

You end up pursuing the wrong goals. This happens usually in the context of trying to live other people’s dreams for them.

For example, if your mom wanted to be a lawyer, but for some reason did not become an attorney, you then bring it on yourself to absorb this ambition.

You then fight that struggle and reach the highest heights of a legal career, but at the end of the day quickly realize that you lived somebody else’s dream.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Make sure that the struggles that you’re going through are truly your struggles. In other words, the objectives truly are yours.

August 5 Element

Fire is the paired element of all Leo people.

The particular aspect of fire that is most relevant to your personality is the fact that fire cannot be intimidated. It simply can’t.

You either have to take it out, or you get burned by it. There is no middle ground with fire.

These attributes of fire are so apparent in your personality. You cannot be denied.

You either keep pushing forward, or you get completely crushed. There is no middle-ground for you.

This explains your tremendous resiliency.

August 5 Planetary Influence

The Sun is the ruling planet of the Leo.

The specific quality of the sun that is most readily apparent in your personality is the sun never really goes out.

We only take a break from the sun when our side of the planet is facing away from the sun. That’s the only time we can take a break from the sun.

Other than that, the sun is always in effect. It’s always sending its rays in our solar system.

This constancy of energy is very reflective of your resiliency.

You always find it in you to be optimistic. You always find it in you to keep pushing forward.

My Top Tips for Those with an August 5th Birthday

You should avoid taking on projects that are not truly yours.

While you can sympathize with people, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you have to adopt their specific project or goal.

Make sure that the big projects you have set up for yourself are truly yours and they reflect your highest values.

Lucky Color for the August 5th Zodiac

The lucky color for those born on the 5th of August is represented by the color Olive Drab.

Now, Olive Drab may not be all that much to look at, but it blends with other colors and has a very strong personality in that respect.

Lucky Numbers for August 5 Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on the 5th of August are – 77, 9, 46, 28 and 44.

This Gemstone is Perfect for Those Born on August 5th

Being born on 5th August, as a member of the Leo star sign, means that you’re able to tap into a lot of very different energies and symbolic things to help you grow your soul.

Among those are symbolic gemstones, and chief among those for you is carnelian.

This is a fiery red gemstone that has flecks and swirls of orange, gold and yellow within also.

It’s a gemstone very evocative of the fire that symbolises the Leo star sign, as well as the burning passions within you.

However, carnelian is also a stone that helps your circulatory health, and helps to ground you into this reality when your ideas and goals threaten to steer you a little off course.

This is why wearing carnelian, or leaving it lying around the house, can help to connect you to its energies.

Final Thought for the August 5 Zodiac

You are an unbeatable person. You really are.

Regardless of how many obstacles you come across, eventually, you will find your way to victory. That is almost guaranteed.

Now, the big question is whether you like being where you end up at.

You don’t want to be in a situation where, after all that struggle, sacrifice and work, at the end, it didn’t really matter. That is a waste of time.

Do yourself a favor and make sure that you truly believe in whatever it is you’re working towards.

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