Aqua Aura: The Complete Guide

Aqua Aura: The Complete Guide

Aqua Aura Meaning

An aqua aura signifies a restful phase in your life. After a particularly stressful and troubled period, you are now able to have some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Your aura changes to these colors to let you know that your body, mind, and spirit are finally catching up on some downtime.

The color aqua also symbolizes a period of transition. A lot is going on in your life right now, but you are mostly positive about it, which is why your aura radiates aqua.

Aqua also stands for inner peace and serenity. It’s a sign that you are strengthening your relationship with God and achieving spiritual awareness.

Aqua speaks about being on the right path,and focusing on the depth of your emotions and your mental clarity.

When you have an aqua aura, it indicates that you are a strong conduit of spiritual energy for you and the people around you.

Aqua Aura Personality Traits

When you have an aqua aura, you are a peaceful and peace-loving person. You want your life to be quiet and serene. The thought of conflict and scandal simply horrifies you.

People say all the time that you are wiser beyond your years. When they talk to you, they feel like they’re talking to someone who has been around for many, many years.

It’s because you are very attuned to the feelings of people close to you. There’s a heightened awareness of their physical and emotional conditions.

You give good and sound advice that’s both spiritual and practical. You are calm even when there are overwhelming emotions around you.

When you have an aqua aura, you have good instincts when it comes to people and what they are going through. It’s like you have a sixth sense that lets you know when someone is struggling or when someone is hurting.

An aqua aura means you are a survivor. You have your fair share of pains and struggles, but you do not let them define who you are.

You are able to put your pain and anger aside, overcome your personal traumas, and move on with your life.

You survive your difficulties and learn your lessons. This is also why you have a desire to help others heal by extending help and giving counsel.

Being an aqua person also means you have a great sensitivity to your surroundings. You are deeply aware of what’s going on in the world and with the people around you.

You are the first person to volunteer for a good cause, to help someone in need, and to offer assistance to someone in distress.

You are philosophical. You are a deep thinker. You have a compassionate and peaceful nature which makes you a good listener.

It’s also why you will do well to be a teacher, therapist, counsellor, or life coach. You will also be a wonderful mother, if you aren’t already.

Love and Romance for People with an Aqua Aura

You are a very loving and compassionate soul. When you love someone, you are very affectionate, and you will not hesitate to tell someone how you feel.

You are happier, kinder, and more inspired when you are in love. Everyone can see the bliss on your face, and it makes people want to fall in love, too!

You are strong yet gentle. You enjoy being treated like a queen, and you sometimes like being looked at like a delicate flower. But you hold an inner strength that will surprise anyone, even the person you love.

You are sensitive to the needs of your loved ones. They don’t need to tell you that something’s wrong because you have a way of knowing.

You are kind, nurturing, and patient. When you love someone, they blossom into a much better version of themselves. They are inspired by your love.

When you are facing tough times in your life, you don’t lose your cool. You are always calm in the face of struggles.

As someone with an aqua aura, you are perfectly balanced as a partner. You have a velvet glove and an iron fist. Whatever you are feeling or thinking, you have the ability to express it with love.

Even when you’re livid with anger, you don’t sound or look like you can murder someone with your bare hands.

You like peace and tranquility in your relationship. Very seldom do you nag or pick a fight with your partner. You know how to choose your battles and avoid any kind of disagreement.

You have the patience of a saint. But when you reach your boiling point, there’s not much anyone can do.

When you decide to call it quits, that’s it. When you decide that you’ve had enough, it’s really over.

When you feel like something is wrong or off in your relationship, you will not hesitate to tell the truth.

People who have an aqua aura are very optimistic. You have a positive attitude about everything, especially when it comes to love.

You play your role very well, and with joy and happiness. Being someone’s girlfriend or wife gives you much inspiration and satisfaction.

When you decide to commit to someone, you will be with that person for a very long time. You will do everything to make it work, and you will make your relationship your priority.

You are not a perfect partner, but you try your best. For the people you love, your best is more than enough.

You are the glue that binds everything together. You are the solid cornerstone of the family, and the peacemaker among your friends.

When it comes to love, you have good judgment. You listen to both your heart and mind.

You are a risk taker, especially if it spells the difference between a lifetime of regret and a lifetime of love and happiness. You believe that there are just some things in life worth fighting for.

You are someone who can always be counted on. Anything your partner needs, you will give. You are just reliable and dependable that way.

You always enjoy happy and satisfying relationships because you don’t let the petty stuff get to you. You can keep your focus on the things that truly matter.

You don’t compare what you have with what other people have. You are thankful for your blessings, and you work hard at your flaws so that they can become blessings, too.

You always feel at home in the arms of your loved one. It’s where you feel safest and happiest.

When you have an aqua aura, you don’t openly share your problems. Not because you don’t trust your loved one with them, but because you want to figure them out yourself first.

It’s important for you that you are able to make your own decisions and find resolutions on your own.

Although you should watch out for your tendency to become too settled in your relationship. You can lose sight of who you are and what you want to happen in your life.

If you’re looking for love, you are in search of someone who will get you emotionally and follow you intellectually.

Money and Wealth for People with an Aqua Aura

Aqua aura people are intelligent and logical. You know what’s going on around you. Your natural instincts always guide you and take you to the right direction.

You are someone who’s practical, rational, and mentally agile. You are very focused when it comes to achieving goals. You do it slowly but surely.

Even if you’re facing a tough situation, your common sense kicks in, and your strong connections with people help you transition.

You like security and stability. You like the feeling of being financially comfortable, so you do everything to maintain this kind of lifestyle.

You make an excellent business owner because you are patient.

You’re perfectly okay with delayed gratifications, as is the case when you’re running your own business.

Just knowing that all your hard work will pay off in the future is good enough for you today.

How to Tell if You Really Do Have an Aqua Aura

You know you have an aqua aura when you are comfortable and adaptable to your surroundings. You can be anywhere in the world, and you will be able to make a home for yourself.

You are independent and self-sufficient. You can take of yourself and not rely on others for every little thing.

You can live on a boat for a year, in a cabin in the woods, or in a foreign country, and you will still have a great time. You can live anywhere and you will be able to survive.

Aqua aura people are perfectly content even by their lonesome. You enjoy your solo time because it gives you time to read a book, marathon your favorite shows, listen to a good playlist, or sip a glass of wine.

You take care of your body and give it what it needs. When you know that you’re working so hard and starting to get stressed out, you simply just take a few days off and enjoy a quickie holiday.

You eat well and you do plenty of exercise. You meditate and read to give your mind and spirit some nourishment, too.

When you have an aqua aura, you have a great love for the people in your life. You never forget to tell them you love them, and you’re always respectful and polite even if people don’t deserve it.

You enjoy communicating with people. You love to read, and you like to do things that make you feel alive.

You have the ability to perfectly blend the simple with the profound in a way that anyone can understand.

You do your own thing and mind your own business, and you feel that everyone should do the same.

You know how to live a simple life, but you have no problems with living a luxurious life as well.

You are a mystery to the people around you because you always have a peaceful smile on your face. You have that certain charisma that draws people to you no matter what you do. It’s like they can sense that you’re real.

When you start talking, you can ramble on and on and cover different topics with ease and grace.

The same can be said about your writing because you can write beautifully and eloquently.

You are beautiful and elegant with hardly any effort. You dress with class, and you move gracefully and speak articulately. Your sense of style is classic and always on point.

You know how to make others feel good and special.

My Advice for People with an Aqua Aura…

Aqua is considered a very relaxing and cooling color. It can bring about peace and healing. It may be a rare color, but it has the wonderful ability to balance all that is beautiful, sacred, and joyful in your life!

An aqua aura points to your love for all living things, the bliss that you are experiencing at the moment, and your ability to center and ground yourself when life is becoming chaotic or confusing.

The color aqua signifies your healing abilities on an emotional and spiritual level. It also represents your infinite patience and keen perception.

When you possess an aqua aura, it just means that among your greatest gifts are your ability to bring peace to other people, to remain calm when your world is going crazy, and to understand life when nothing makes sense anymore.

Remember that actions speak louder than words, and that sometimes it’s better just to show people what you mean instead of just finding the right words. Sometimes even words won’t be enough.

Also, learn to step back and let go because you just cannot do everything for the people you love. Allow them to spread their wings and fully experience life. Let them show you that they can think, feel, and act their way through their own challenges and struggles.

How to Balance An Aqua Aura

Meditation is a powerful practice that intensifies psychic abilities. The same holds true for people possessing the Aqua aura. People blessed with the aqua aura often venture into spiritualism, telepathy, automatic writing, extrasensory perception, and psychic healing.

While these are beautiful gifts for any healer and medium, it also results in these people being highly energy-sensitive, which can cause an imbalance in their aqua aura at times. Consequently, they might feel anxious, tired, irritable, and overwhelmed.

The following simple yet highly efficient practices can cleanse, balance, and reinforce your aqua aura, helping you deal with adverse situations and energies of those around you.

Mystical Protection With Aura Colors

One should know and understand the magic of aura colors. This is indeed an amazing tool to protect you and to balance as well as cleanse your aqua aura.

When you feel unhealthy, weak, and low, try the red aura color. The latter is the symbol of power and strength. Close your eyes and just visualize you are surrounded by a beam of bright red light. Feel the power and sense the intensity of the red energy.

Visualize how it has completely possessed you and every cell of your body. Feel positivity engulfing you and imagine your mind and body turning sturdy and vibrant once again, in the state of natural aqua aura. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly, becoming aware of your aura. This powerful process will definitely balance, cleanse, and rejuvenate your aqua aura, making you feel refreshed once again!

Connect to The Earth

The connection with the earth is a powerful way to transform your aura. Sit calmly or stand firmly by keeping your feet mightily on the earth. Being on the receiving end, you should face your palms open towards the sky.

Now, imagine yourself standing tall as a tree and see your spine as a mighty tree trunk whose base is on the earth and the roots spreading all around within the earth. Gently, deeply, but in a calm state, breathe in and breathe out continuously several times.

Imagine how you are now completely secure and protected. Carry this meditation for as long as you can. This process is very empowering when it comes to balancing your aqua aura and will fill your mind and body completely with positive energies.

Use Nature’s Gifts

You can also heal your aqua aura by using flower essence. This is a very ancient remedy. In this process, one can take the essence with water or put a few drops of the essence directly under the tongue to balance or cleanse the aqua aura. These essences do not function the same way as aroma oils in that they have no scent.

Crystals are excellent healers as far as balancing the aqua aura is concerned. Crystals again use the theory of vibration, just like the flower essences, to make positive changes in the mind and body of the affected person. After choosing the appropriate crystal, cleanse it first by putting it out in the bright sunlight followed by placing it under the flow of running water for 5 minutes.

To start the balancing, place the clean crystal near the throat, which is associated with this aura. It is imperative to keep yourself calm and relaxed during the process by taking in deep breaths and exhale slowly.

In a similar way, Aromatherapy is a very effective ancient therapy for balancing the aqua aura. The powerful aroma of essential oils affects our mind and increases the level of positive energies. You could also use a diffuser at home. We recommend using sage, rosemary, and clary sage essential oils for balancing the aqua aura specifically.

Divine White Light Visualization

Whenever you feel surrounded by negative energies and experience emotions such as worry, anger, fear, fear, and sadness, try to use this process to balance and cleanse your aqua aura.  To begin this process, imagine that you are surrounded by pure white light, all across you.

White light secures and protects the practitioner from energy drain, which is common to the more elevated auras such as the aqua aura. Treat this as your own personal protection shield. Every morning, begin the day by visualising that you are surrounded by a white opaque light. It is not penetrable by any means. When you put up this mystical shield and armour, no negativity can even touch you!

My Final Thoughts

The aqua aura belongs to gifted souls with a high level of consciousness. However, it is this gift that can sometimes cause their energy to be drained, affecting their aura in turn. A balance in the aqua aura is then essential and can be reinforced by meditating regularly, practising visualisation techniques, and using nature’s gifts!

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