Indigo Aura: The Complete Guide

Indigo Aura: The Complete Guide

Indigo Aura Meaning

The indigo aura is a message that encourages you to open your eyes and get out of your comfort zone. It signals a time for you to leave the safe and the comfortable and explore what else is out there waiting for you.

It symbolizes the need to be different so that you can stand out and make the world see what you can offer. It’s about being genuine and comfortable in your own skin.

The indigo aura speaks about love and kindness. It symbolizes compassion and peace.

This color appears in your aura when you need equanimity in your life. This color represents the need of your intelligence and perception so that you can take the right action.

It symbolizes the peace that you are experiencing in your life, or the need for more peace in your life. It also signifies leadership in a spiritual sense.

Indigo Aura Personality Traits

If you have an indigo aura, you are a loving, soft, beautiful, and vulnerable person. There’s a quiet strength in you that helps you overcome personal challenges, but there’s also a vulnerability in you that makes you feel things more deeply.

You are gentle, quiet, intuitive, and sweet in nature. This plays a huge part in achieving the balance and harmony that you currently enjoy in your life.

You don’t run away from problems just as people will expect. Instead, you do your thing quietly and gracefully.

You don’t let the rest of the world know that you’re going through something painful or difficult. You don’t want people to feel sorry for you.

You deal with your problems the best way you know how, and you don’t involve other people in it.

This is because indigo aura personalities are very introverted. You are happiest when you do your own thing and no one is there to ask a lot of questions, offer help, or refuse to leave your side.

You are always thinking and pondering about life. How you’re going to make it better, how you’re going to overcome the challenges, how you’re going to inspire others in a positive way, and how you’re going to fulfill your life’s purpose.

As an indigo aura personality, you are curious to know about everything and how everything works. You want to understand better.Which is why you always have the answer to life’s mysteries. At least most of them.

People may see you as someone precocious, but that’s just you trying to learn and absorb new things. That’s just you trying to process all the information that’s in your head.

You may be quiet and mild, but you are also expressive and unafraid to show how you think or feel. When you know that you’re right, you will not hesitate to voice it out.

When you see someone who’s not being treated justly, you will stand up for this person and fight for what is right.

As long as you’re comfortable with something, you will not hesitate to do it. As long as it’s true to who you are, you will do it no matter what others think.

You can wear a tattoo, dye your hair purple, wear men’s clothing, or decide to become a vegan. It’s perfectly alright if you want to change things in your life.

Remember that it’s your life. You decide how you should live it!

As an indigo aura personality, you’re a very creative person that inspires integrity, sensibility, and awareness. You make people think, question, doubt, explore, investigate, and demand.

You are deeply influenced by your inner knowing, and this guides you to make the right choices and the best decisions. You can trust in your intuition because you know that your instincts are always right.

As someone who has an indigo aura, you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your senses and by all the energies in your environment. This is to be expected for someone who has very keen emotions and enlightened thoughts.

And as a result, you mature quickly. You have a very active imagination. You are artistic, creative, and very well-spoken.

Love and Romance for People with an Indigo Aura

People who have an indigo aura are very intense when it comes to love and relationships. You fall in love quick and hard, and you go full-force in your relationship.

You are very passionate, and your partner will never complain that they don’t get enough tender loving from you. It’s never a boring or predictable time with you!

You want to show how much you love them so that they don’t have to doubt whether you do. You make them feel like the most important person in the world, and that the world belongs to only the two of you.

You are a loyal and supportive partner. You make the effort to know the person you love on an intimate level.

You learn to love what they love, understand their fears, share their hopes and dreams, and make them believe in all their capabilities.

You may be shy when it comes to being public with your affections, but you more than make up for it when it’s only the two of you.

Getting to know you can be a challenge at first because you retreat to your shell when surrounded by people you’re not that close to. You can be very guarded when sharing your thoughts and emotions.

But once you achieve a certain level of trust and comfort, you can be a real revelation.

You belong with someone who’s comfortable in his or her own skin, and is willing to grow with you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

If someone is not ready to change or get out of old patterns, they will not stay in your life for long.

You will not hesitate to tell the truth, nor will you string people along. When you don’t see a future with someone, you will rather be honest and cruel than be kind and untrue.

You long to break out of the chains that bind you, especially if it’s something that’s causing you grief and pain. Giving unconditional love is your ultimate goal, but not when you have to yearn for acceptance.

Someone with an indigo aura like you should avoid being in a relationship with someone who is not on the same page with you.

You should be with someone who shares the same beliefs, priorities, and motivations. You should be in a relationship with someone who will change you for the better and make you grow.

You need to be with someone who is equally awake and aware.

When it comes to relationships, you need to learn to speak directly and truthfully. Soften your words so that they will not catch other people off guard.

There will be people who will have a hard time accepting what you tell them, so you will still need to be patient.

The people in your life now have been with you for the longest time. That’s because you don’t let people in very easily. But once they are in your life, they will be in your life for good.

You like to be who you are, and very rarely do you like to hide who you are. You are secure in yourself, and you have the patience to work through your issues and personal challenges.

The best kind of relationship for you is a relationship with someone who’s also an indigo aura personality. They will understand your nature and celebrate your being authentic and unique.

They will not judge you, but instead they will ground you, calm you, and soften your intensity. They will know how to make you laugh and forget about your stress and worries. The will also know the perfect way you want to be loved.

Money and Wealth for People with an Indigo Aura

When you have an indigo aura personality, you can absorb and process information quickly. This helps you when you need to understand complicated information in just a short time.

You are confident about your capabilities. You are bold and brave with your decisions.

You like to test your boundaries and challenge your limitations

You are intelligent, alert, and inquisitive. You are very aware of what’s going on around you, so it’s hard for people with less than honorable intentions to pull a fast one on you.

You will follow what’s right for you. You will head your own direction and change career paths anytime you please just because you can. Even if it means starting over and giving up all that you have worked so hard to achieve.

You are good at anything, and you can easily make a fresh start. You’re not too worried about stalling your career and losing sight of your goals. You know your goals and just how you’re going to achieve them.

You have the ability to be a successful entrepreneur but you will not be impressed by how much you earn. Money is not important to you. It’s a necessity, but it’s not the end goal.

You want to earn money because it is a means to an end, and this money can also help others. As an indigo aura person, you have the natural talent to make anything happen. You have the freedom to create whatever life you desire!

How to Tell if You Really Do Have an Indigo Aura

You’ll know that you are an indigo aura personality because you are a good judge of character. One look at a person and you’ll know if they should be trusted or not.

You like comfort zones, but you’re also not happy to be living inside them all the time.

You are very intelligent and articulate. Teaching someone something new is what makes you happy.

You have a good sense of empathy, and you’re observant and very aware of how others are feeling even when other people are not.

You are a woman of a few words, but what leaves your mouth is often very strong and profound.

When people ask you about your life, your experiences, or your relationships, you usually answer that it’s complicated or you don’t know where to begin.

You have been friends with your friends for decades. You’re not a fan of traditions.

You value your spirituality very much. You don’t need to censor yourself or protect other people’s feelings.

You want to help people in your own little way, even if it’s just watching over a sick neighbor or donating money for sick children in another continent. You also love animals and nature.

You don’t have a problem with being alone. In fact, being alone with your thoughts and emotions is what calms and relaxes you.

My Advice for People with an Indigo Aura…

As an indigo aura personality, there will always be people who will not understand your lifestyle, your choices, your decisions, and your ideas. You are a revolutionary, and everyone can be inspired or repelled by you.

Remember that you cannot change everyone and everything just like that. You need to stop hiding and trying to fit in. Let the real you shine through. You are here in this world to be your own brand of different!

You need to learn to be patient with other people who don’t share the same knowledge that you have and those who carry too much emotional baggage.

You can be super sensitive to your environment, and you can absorb the physical, emotional, and spiritual energies. But this is just a part of life. This is just part of living in a world like ours.

As an indigo aura personality, you know that you create your own path in life. You are emotionally strong and with a unique personality.

You are an independent thinker, and you can trust yourself to make the best decisions. You are a good example of how to live without shame, fear, or guilt.

You are proof that heightened awareness makes it possible to live in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual reality!

How to Balance An Indigo Aura

While those with an Indigo aura are brave and fearless individuals, when the Indigo aura loses its balance and is disoriented, the individual may feel depressed and experiences highs and lows in emotions. They can often end up feeling frustrated.

When questioned and criticised over their intuitions and awareness, they might end up losing their patience and become highly dissatisfied.

Imbalances in the Indigo aura can also result in digestive problems and stresses of the nervous system. Here are some simple yet very powerful techniques to balance your Indigo aura.

Find Fellow Indigo Aura Individuals

Those with an Indigo aura love to spend time with their peers who possess the same aura type. Furthermore, doing so also replenishes their own aura and will balance its effects.

In addition, spending time with friends and loved ones, expressing emotions freely rather than bottling them up will allow these individuals to have a balanced Indigo aura.

De-Stress and Meditate

At times, those with a blue aura can become too concerned with work and take up more than they can handle. This can cause their personal lives and relationships to suffer, which in turn, affects their energy levels.

It is recommended to maintain a healthy work-life balance and meditate often to de-stress and re-energize. This will also allow you to attain higher states of consciousness.

Rubbing hands together is also known to help balance the indigo aura.

Spend Time With Nature

Nature, they say, is the greatest healer. If you possess an Indigo aura and think that you need some cleansing and balancing, spend some time outdoors in the company of mother nature. Let her shower her infinite love upon you and feel her presence all around, protecting you.

Individuals with an Indigo aura also have a strong affinity towards animals. In fact, they prefer the company of animals. A visit to a national park or a small vacation is also likely to refresh and rejuvenate you. Connect with the flowers, trees, birds, rivers, and lakes all around you to restore your energy field!

Bring Out The Creativity In You

Indigo, the color of the Indigo aura is also associated with the sixth chakra of the body which symbolizes wisdom, consciousness, and a link with the spiritual world.

Without a doubt, individuals with an indigo aura are creative souls. In fact, writing their thoughts and emotions in the form of diary entries, stories, and poetry will help channelise their energies while also balancing their aura.

My Final Thoughts

Indigo aura is usually associated with individuals who are deeply spiritual. They know they walk on the earth to bring positive change. However, the challenges of everyday life can disturb their energy levels, disorienting their profound connection with the spiritual realms.

Spending time with people of the same aura and in the company of nature is a sure shot way to balance the indigo aura. Further, expressing one’s emotions freely and in the form of creative pursuits will help re-energize the mind, body, and soul.

Meditate regularly and practice breathing exercises to de-stress and detox!

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