Red Aura: The Complete Guide

Red Aura: The Complete Guide

Red Aura Meaning

The color red aura is associated with your physical body, specifically the blood, which is basically your physical life force. It also signifies the condition of your heart in a literal and symbolic sense, and the blood that runs through your body, keeping you alive.

The red aura symbolizes the red energy that you emanate. Red energy symbolizes a healthy ego and a positive well-being. Red also emanates in your aura from a place of ego and passion.

It means that you are very connected to your physical reality. You are grounded and centered. You are a person who lives in the moment.

You feel things a little more intensely, and this enables you to know yourself on a deeper level.

Red is the color of passion, seductiveness, desire, and lust. It symbolizes intimate relationships and man’s primal nature.

It’s a color that signifies action. Red is the most physical of the auras and values activity and physicality, whether through exercise, travel, or sports.

It signifies warmth and heat, which can also describe the heat of pain or injury in your body.

This color has the lowest frequency and is the densest in the spectrum. It can create the highest friction because it can be positive or negative, which also means it can attract or repel.

Red is a color of warning. It’s a warning for danger, rebellion, anger, rage, pain, or anxiety.

Red signifies success and triumph. A person who has this color aura is driven to succeed and will do anything in their power to achieve it.

It indicates the willpower to ensure success. It represents motivation and survival instincts.

Red symbolizes competitiveness, courage, strength, and vitality.

It also signifies high energy. People who have a red aura are very strong both in mind and body, and usually excel in physical activities and sports.

Red is the color of brilliance and intelligence, as well as of attraction.

Red Aura Personality Traits

If you have a red aura personality, you can be described as passionate.Whatever it is you’re doing, you give it your 100% effort. You give everything your all, be it a hobby, a project, a job, or a relationship.

You are passionate because of your strong emotions for everything. You feel things a little harder, and you believe in things a little more strongly.

As a red aura person, you demonstrate raw strength and courage. You don’t back down from challenges, and you don’t let your fear overtake your life.

When you’re going through something particularly challenging, you don’t allow yourself to give in to the pressures. You find ways how you can overcome it, and you always believe that there’s something good waiting for you at the end of it all.

You are also very adventurous in life. You love to have excitement in your experiences, relationships, choices, and decisions. You go by the mantra ‘I will try anything once”.

You often demonstrate a devil may care attitude that usually leaves you in trouble or in hot water, but it’s how you learn to navigate life. Learning all the things that you do now did not come from staying in your comfort zone, after all.

As a red aura person, you are also very direct to the point. You are not afraid to make your voice heard.

You have no agenda, and you don’t have any ulterior motives. What people see is what people get. You are not doing it to impress, and you’re not doing it just because it’s convenient.

You are self-sufficient, realistic, and practical. You are well-grounded, and you can survive any kind of circumstance.

You are competitive, and you like the feeling of winning. You like the feeling of being number one and on being on top. You don’t do well-taking orders from others, which is why you make a very good boss or entrepreneur.

You have a very loving nature. You are tender, sensitive, and affectionate. In relationships, you are also seductive and passionate.

You are very generous with your time and emotions, but you can also be quite anxious and nervous when things don’t go your way.

When things are not in balance in your life, you can be impulsive, angry, unforgiving, or even vengeful. You also respond to things, people, or events quite easily.

Love and Romance for People with a Red Aura

When it comes to love and romance, you are very passionate, loving, and romantic. You give your relationships your all, and you feel every single thing more intensely.

You value your time spent with the person you love, and you remember all the small details about your partner and your relationship.

You can remember the first date, the song that was playing when you first made love, their favorite dish, how he asked you to marry him, and how it felt when he first told you he loved you.

Very easily, you can take your intimate relationship to new heights. You are game for anything, and you’re never shy when it comes to demonstrating your affection or your seductiveness.

Lust and desire are your driving factors, because your passion or lust rarely cools down. You love to engage in sensual pursuits with your partner.

You love to be artistic and creative with them. You want to spend most of your time with them, doing everything and doing nothing.

As a red aura personality, you are creative and confident in demonstrating what you feel. It’s one of your traits that make you very attractive to anyone.

You can make anyone fall in love with you. You can easily draw people in just by the way you make them feel with your words and actions.

You emit energies that make them want to be the person who gets to sleep with you at night and wake up next to you in the morning.

As a lover, you are loyal, devoted, sincere, and honest. You love to be surrounded by beauty and romance, and you do the same for your partner.

Your relationships are always high voltage. Anyone who’s in a relationship with you should be wary that you can lose steam if you go on this way for long.

You can be quite sensitive, but you cover up your emotions with strength and grace.

Red aura people should enter a relationship at a normal pace. You shouldn’t be swept away by the passion and the romance.

Just like with everything else in your life, you should do your best to strike a balance. People with red auras can be the best kind of lovers, but you will also need to know how to keep yourself entertained and loyal.

A relationship with you can be very powerful, and you and your partner can very nearly become inseparable. But because you are a passionate lover, you are also prone to jealousy and envy.

As a reminder, make sure that your communication lines are open. Don’t expect your partner to read minds, because they can’t.

Instead of being cryptic or silent about something that’s bothering you, talk about it like adults without being over-emotional.

Loving a red aura person like you can be a very rewarding and exciting experience, especially if you both have the freedom and ease to enjoy the relationship.

Having someone to love and someone who loves you will teach you so much about being self-assured, being demonstrative of your emotions, and being an unselfish lover.

Money and Wealth for People with a Red Aura

As a person with a red aura, you often have materialistic thoughts. It’s nothing out of the ordinary because everyone desires material things. They are a very good motivator, and they can give you a very rewarding feeling when you achieve them.

Red also signifies a person’s money worries or money obsessions. The older you get, the more you will realize that money is something that will make all your dreams, plans, and ideas a reality.

It’s not a completely negative thing because having money or not having money is everyone’s concern. But for red aura personalities, money is always on your mind because having money equates to having security and stability.

Your dreams and ambitions are what propel you to succeed at work or in business. You don’t depend on other people to do the job, which also makes you an excellent leader and doer.

The red aura is very rewarding in terms of money and wealth because when you harness your personal energies properly, anything can be achieved.

You pride yourself for having a very strong focus. You will not stop until you make something happen. You are also willing to work hard and make the necessary sacrifices.

You never take no for an answer. As long as you are guided by your great vision and your slick strategy, you know that you should never give up!

On the downside, you can also become quickly bored. You usually move on to other interests and leave unfinished projects and ventures in your wake. But when you do stick with something, you will give it your all and enjoy tremendous success and extreme wealth.

How to Tell if You Really Do Have a Red Aura

Before you can tell what color your aura is, it’s important that you become aware of how different energies feel in your body.

The next time you are with someone you love, pay attention to how you feel when you’re with them. Do they make you feel strong and invincible? Do they make you feel loved and important?

Align yourself with your breaths and ask yourself how you honestly feel. Acknowledging these physical reactions will better help you in seeing your own aura.

The colors that you will see may be an effect of your visions and the speed by which your brain edits them. Before you can properly see your aura, focus your gaze at one spot for a minute. This will soften your gaze.

Master your gaze and just relax. If your eyes get stressed or strained, this will only trigger anxieties in your brain. Work on your soft-focus vision.

Make sure that you stand against a neutral colored wall. Allow yourself time and you will begin to sense the field.

Set an intention that you would like to see in the colors. This can be quite challenging especially if you’re a beginner. But once you strengthen your intuitive abilities, you will be able to clear your mind and see your own aura.

My Advice for People with a Red Aura…

As a red aura personality, you should never be shy when it comes to expressing yourself physically and in bed.

You should go ahead and live your life in the here and now because this is what will make you happy and satisfied with your life.

What you see, hear, taste, smell, and fear are what will fuel you to do something. You will not be motivated to act unless you know that it’s real, and that it exists in your life.

You should be proud of your willpower and your ability to enjoy life, no matter what your circumstances are.

You can survive even the toughest environments, and you can make something out of nothing with your imagination, creativity, and commitment.

You can turn something unattractive into a work of art. You can turn failures into success. Everything you touch can become gold, so never ever forget that about you!

Keep the love, passion, desire, and fire alive in your life. You need these things to keep you energetic and excited. The more excitement that you experience, the more alive you will feel.

People with red aura personality will be very happy and successful. You just need to channel all that energy in your creative projects and combine them with positive actions.

You also need to do the same when it comes to your emotions. Find positive ways to express all that passion and desire you have in your heart so as not to overwhelm the people with all that emotional energy!

How to Balance A Red Aura

Since the real nature of individuals with a red aura encompasses, enthusiasm, excitement, fascination, and desires, if you find that these natural attributes are being affected and that you often feel low, depressed, or exhausted, your red aura might need balancing and cleansing.

In fact, our everyday interactions with people, situations, and things leave us with our energy levels drained. It’s easy to know when your aura has been disoriented. You will often feel different and experience changes in your emotions and behavior. You might be impulsive and angry, or get very depressed and tired.

Understand People

Individuals with a red aura can often come across as very passionate and fierce lovers. However, this makes them feel envious and jealous at times. All these feelings can attract clouds of negativity in your life, disturbing your aura. It is important to understand that people are, after all, humans and that they will make mistakes every now and then.

Do not expect the other individuals to always understand you and read your mind. Communicate freely and express your feelings instead of bottling them up. Talk, talk, and talk! This is the best way to resolve issues in relationships and draw in greater positivity back into your life.

Keep Your Willpower Strong

Remember that as a red aura individual, you are blessed to have a great willpower and will always find a way through situations, no matter what. You have been gifted with the ability to swim through the toughest matters and create something beautiful with your hard work, commitment, and creativity.

The ordeals of everyday life might try to bring you down, but you will need to stay strong and fight back with all your might. Keep up the love, desire, passion, and fire that drives you and your aura. You will need these tools to experience life and make it more beautiful than it already is.

Remember, pain and suffering are temporary; let no amount of negativity bother you. Spend time with yourself every now and then and have this inner dialogue. You’ll be surprised how energetic it will make you feel!

Last but not least, feel grateful for everything in your life. Your life is a great gift— cherish it!

Express Your Creativity

It is important to channelize your energy in the right direction to ensure that your aura remains oriented and streamlined. As someone with a red aura, you are gifted with insight and tremendous creativity. Whenever you feel depressed or gloomy, think about what drives you.

Express the emotions that you feel through your creativity: art is supremely healing. Channel your energy and emotions into your expression. This will help release the unbalanced energies and stresses, restoring your natural energy levels.

Balance Your Root Chakra

The red root chakra can be balanced by wearing red clothing. You could also try using red gemstones: garnet particularly works wonders when it comes to removing anger. Bloodstone is another wonderful gem that will keep your energies grounded.

Consume red-colored foods such as cherries, tomatoes, red peppers, red apples, chili peppers, and cranberries.

Balance your chakras by firmly grounding yourself. You can do this by walking barefoot on the beach or the grass. As you do this, imagine all your negative energies being drained into the earth.

This will help restore your red aura and balance the excessive energies and emotions. Other powerful techniques to balance your red energy involve a salt water bath: salt is believed to be a natural healer and will extract all negative energies from your body.

The use of essential oils such as rosemary and ginger is also bound to be beneficial for those with a red aura.

My Final thoughts

The intense red energy can often be misdirected, resulting in excessive negativity that can disturb your natural aura. It is important to remind yourself of your real nature, meditate often, and ground yourself from time to time to release all negative energies.

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