Violet Aura: The Complete Guide

Violet Aura: The Complete Guide

Violet Aura Meaning

A violet aura symbolizes your desire to seek the answers to your life’s questions. You are at that point in your life where you need to know the answers that can help you figure out what to do with your life or understand who you are as a person.

A violet aura also signifies curiosity and inquisitiveness. You are amassing a lot of information, and this information is helping you form a more concrete view of the world.

You are slowly but surely gaining a better understanding of how life works. Your spiritual growth is also happening at a steady pace.

You are learning that you must have the vision and the versatility if you want to survive or succeed. You need to have originality and a pioneering spirit if you want the world to take notice.

The color violet symbolizes nobility in living, thinking, and doing. It’s the color of creativity, deeper awareness, and enlightenment.

Your aura radiates this color because you need to achieve a balance between your heart and mind. You need to experience healing, cleansing, and soothing in your soul.

Violet is the color aura of people who meditate. It’s the color of oneness and love for humanity.

It represents your innocence and the inner child in you. It also speaks about your trust issues and personal sense of stability and security.

Violet Aura Personality Traits

When people say that they can see your aura and it’s violet, it means that you are very sensitive and highly psychic. You can see, hear, and feel what others don’t. This makes you more knowing and more enlightened.

You are attuned to the moods and emotions of others. You know when to be kind and gentle, and you know when to be strong and firm.

You have a good idea on how you can broach a certain subject without offending someone. You know when to play their strengths and weaknesses for the benefit of all.

Someone with a violet aura like you can also be quite mysterious and secretive. You don’t like to lay all your cards on the table. You want people to ask for more.

You have a very curious mind. You are always enquiring and intuitive. This makes you an extremely knowledgeable and interesting person.

You never run out of things to talk about, and being in your company is always a pleasurable time. Talking to you is never a waste of time because people always have something to take away with them.

You may not have a lot of friends, but the friends that you have now have been your friends for a very long time. They are also well loved, admired, and respected, just like you.

You connect well to nature and animals. It’s as if you can sense what they’re feeling. Animals approach you and play with you, and they feel safe around you.

You’re the kind of person who will take in stray animals. When you see an abandoned puppy by the side of the road, or a kitten follows you on the way home, you will open your doors and take them in.

As someone who has a violet aura, you are also highly organized. Your home is very neat and orderly. Every room smells nice, clean, and fresh. It’s definitely a space that you would love to come home to every day.

Your office space is also the same level of neat and orderly. Everything is where it belongs. Everything you need is just within reach.

As soon as you sit behind your desk every morning, you are not overwhelmed by the tasks you must accomplish. Because everything is so organized, you can think clearly and function effectively.

If you have a violet aura, you are able to direct other people with respect. You are not an authoritarian leader who terrorizes the people you work with.

You are intelligent, analytical, and strategic. You are capable, approachable, and resourceful.

You dedicate your time, energy, and talents to make a change. You use your talents and abilities to make something of yourself and inspire others.

You are a mover and a shaker. You have a strong mind, ready wit, and keen observation.

You are fueled by a strong desire to excel. You keep challenging yourself to be better, and you keep raising the bar of excellence.

When you have the violet aura personality, you are blessed with creativity. You can turn even the plainest things into works of art.

You take care of how you look, and you always want to look your best. People often think that you are vain, but you just want to present the best version yourself every time.

When you show up looking beautiful and very put together, it gives a very positive message to the world.

Love and Romance for People with a Violet Aura

They say that people who have a violet aura personality tend to be unlucky in love, but when you do find the right person for you, you will enjoy a loving and lasting relationship.

Everyone will experience heartbreak sooner or later, but that doesn’t mean that you will never find true love. People with a violet aura know this, and this doesn’t stop you from falling in love again.

You are a person that has a lot of love to give. You are always in love, even if you’re not in a relationship. You believe that life is too short to be spent not loving or being in love with someone.

You crave for romance and passion. You feel you are at your most beautiful when you are in love and when someone loves you back.

You possess a sensitivity, confidence, and quiet beauty that’s just attractive to people. You have a magnetic personality and genuine kindness.

People are just generally drawn to you. People fall in love with you the more time they spend with you.

You are a hopeless romantic, and you can be real dreamy and imaginative when it comes to love and romance.

You like roses and chocolates. You like big and small gestures of love. You like old-fashioned romance.

When you have a violet aura, you like to be pampered and treated like a queen. You want to be reassured that you are loved and that you are special.

You are pretty low maintenance. It doesn’t take much to make you happy. You are very simple and modest despite what other people take you for.

As much as possible, you don’t post about your love life on social media. You prefer to be low key about it because you want to share the wonderful moments only with the people who matter.

Violet is the color of the heart and the mind blending harmoniously. Your aura radiates this color because you have achieved that right balance of heart and mind.

You don’t allow your heart to rule all the time, and you don’t go with logic every time, either. You’re the right mix of emotions and logic.

When you are in a relationship, you still maintain your independence. You work hard to keep your own individuality instead of being just part of a couple.

Violet is the color of selfless love. It’s the color of commitment and emotional security. You radiate this color because you are searching for something real and something more permanent.

You feel ready to take it to the next level if you will find the right person for you. You are ready to make the necessary sacrifices to make sure that this one will last.

Violet is the color of someone who likes to think about beautiful possibilities. It’s all the things that can happen to you when you fall in love, and it’s the magical bubble that you will live in where you will allow love to blossom.

Money and Wealth for People with a Violet Aura

A violet aura personality is the best when it comes to business and entrepreneurial ventures. That’s because you are game for anything, and you are aggressive when it comes to opportunities.

You go beyond what is expected of you. In the face of challenges, you refuse to take no for an answer.

You possess a creative imagination that churns out one great idea after the next. You are a visionary because you anticipate what people need and want.

You are unconventional, bold, and brave. You make big plans and work hard to make them a reality. With the right motivation, you can make all your visions come true.

Violet aura personalities are also prone to laziness and procrastination. However, the desire to work through these challenges is greater.

Your dedication to succeed and to make a name for yourself is what propels you to succeed.

You are very careful about where you spend your money. You indulge in a few luxuries here and there, but you also think about the future. You also think about your financial security and stability.

Your life is not dictated by the desire to have so much money. But you have a clear understanding that to be influential and effect change, you must at least have some money.

How to Tell if You Really Do Have a Violet Aura

If you have a charismatic personality and like to take on leadership roles, you have a violet aura. Most violet aura people are leaders, politicians, influencers, teachers, or therapists.

You love to perform and be surrounded by a crowd. You’re comfortable with people’s eyes constantly on you.

You are a dreamer with high ideals. You like to think about the best possible ending, but you can also see the big picture of each situation.

You have an intimidating personality. You are often mistaken as anti-social because you are more interested in deep conversations and quiet time with friends and family.

You are more involved with the realization of your dreams than spending your time on unimportant topics or worthless pursuits.

It often creates a distance between you and other people because they want to spend time with you. They want to remain close to you despite the difference in opinions or priorities.

You are very passionate about what you do, whether it’s your job, your hobby, your personal advocacy, or even lovemaking.

You are also involved with music because you love music. You are a performer, writer, or artist of some sort.

You are in a leadership position, and you know how to communicate with people that will make them inspired or motivated.

As a violet aura person, you always feel like you’re running out of time to achieve your goals. You have so many ideas, dreams, and plans that you want to accomplish. You can multitask but often feel scattered or overwhelmed.

You believe that accomplishing your dreams is just as important as achieving stability in your relationship, or having a happy marriage.

You often feel the need to talk or communicate, and you always have something wise to say.You easily become bored with meaningless conversations.

You are a deep thinker, and you are wiser beyond your years.

You have dreams of traveling the world.

My Advice for People with a Violet Aura…

People with a violet aura personality are natural born leaders who can inspire and motivate with just a few words. You are drawn to educate people and to help them improve the quality of their lives.

You have the ability to handle your personal and professional affairs with confidence and practicality. You believe that you are here to do something important with your life, and that you need to take action if you want to fulfill your purpose.

But don’t worry if you don’t always know how you can do it. Sometimes you just need to slow down, still your mind, listen to your inner voice, and pay attention to your higher vision.

People with violet aura are visionaries. Your belief is strong that the world can be a more beautiful, peaceful, and magical place by bringing about change in each one of us, and you can very well be the person that will motivate all of us to do it!

How to Balance A Violet Aura

The violet aura, as you are aware, is the color of spiritual awakening and knowledge. Since those possessing a violet aura will be very compassionate, spiritual, creative, and inspirational souls, it is easy to identify when this aura falls out of balance. You’ll immediately find yourself to be a different person— both emotionally and behaviourally.

You might feel depressed and sad, which is against your nature. However, this is absolutely normal, since, your interactions with people of other aura, who are, more often than not, spiritually on a state of lower consciousness than yours, will leave you drained and exhausted. It is time to cleanse and balance your aura to restore it to its natural state.

You Are Here For Something Important

Whenever you feel low and depressed, remember that as someone with a violet aura character, you are destined to do something extremely significant in life.

You will never fit into the crowd and will always inspire people with your breakthrough ideas. You are a born leader and are here to make a change. Let this guiding principle be your motivator always in moments of despair and sadness. Once this realization dawns upon you, you will find yourself rise again with a renewed sense of optimism and hope. This will, without a doubt, heal your aura.

Mediate Regularly

Find time to be with yourself. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in and with every passing breath, as you exhale, imagine all negativity being drained away. You are pure, conscious awareness.

Your aura color violet is cleansing and balancing by its very nature. For thousands of years, it has been used by sages to meditate and reach higher states of consciousness.

Meditation and visualisation techniques can help purify your aura and restore its balance.

Spend Time With Nature

Nature is the biggest healer. Whenever you feel exhausted and drained, head to the outdoors and observe nature. Listen to the melodious calls of the birds, the gushes of wind, and the freshness of the environment.

Observe the green trees swaying to the wind, dancing. Nature’s so happy! Close your eyes and continue to feel. Let nature fill you with positivity and inspiration.

Walk barefoot in the fresh green grass: this will ground you well and drain away all negative energies.

This exercise is bound to cleanse and balance your violet aura. It is also a great idea to take a break every once in a while and head to a natural park for a rejuvenating vacation.

My Final Thoughts

Violet aura is truly rare. Because these individuals are so spiritual and compassionate, others around them are bound to absorb their aura in the course of their daily activities.

While you cannot avoid this energy exchange, which causes you more loss than it does to the others, you certainly can heal your aura by spending time with yourself, meditating, and spending time with Mother Nature.

We also recommend the gifts of nature: essential oils and herbs which are a great way to cleanse your violet aura and restore the auric energy.

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