Blue Aura: The Complete Guide

Blue Aura: The Complete Guide

Blue Aura Meaning

Blue is the color of quiet and calm. When you have an aura that radiates with this color, it signifies that you are someone who’s calm and relaxed. You are someone that also best enjoys quiet time.

Despite the many things that stress you out and cloud your mind, your aura still radiates a peaceful and relaxing color.

It indicates that you are good at finding ways to relax yourself, and that you don’t let the demands of your job or personal life affect you negatively.

Blue is the color of balance. No matter how lost or confused you might feel right now, you always find a way to stay grounded and centered.

It’s the color of true born survivors. It’s a relaxing color that can calm your nerves and help you achieve balance in mind.

The color blue aura also symbolizes your deep intuition and your ability to give unconditional love.

Blue Aura Personality Traits

When you have a blue aura personality, you live to serve and love other people. You believe that people are put in this world to take care of each other and love one another.

You believe that people should spend less time feeling angry, hateful, and indifferent, and just start looking out for each other. You believe that without love, nothing else in this world matters.

People who have a blue aura personality are introverted but friendly. You can be shy and quiet at first, but you can be a really great friend the more people spend time with you.

You are kind, sincere, and loving. You make sure that people are doing okay, and you have a genuine interest to know how they are doing.

You have a very nurturing nature. You take good care of your family and the people you love. You make sure that they have what they need, and you make sure that you are there for them when they need you.

When you have a blue aura personality, you give the love that you can. You give from the heart, and you are generous with your emotions.

You believe that your mission in life is to give love, show love, and know that you are loved. You are constantly helping other people, making sure that everybody feels loved and accepted.

People always turn to you for advice and comfort because they know that you give the best advice. They know that you will always be there for them, and that they will always have your shoulder to cry on.

You are someone who’s trustworthy. They can tell you something in confidence, and you can be counted on to keep this secret forever.

You are very patient with people. You are kind and encouraging, and this puts people at ease and open up to you.

You develop your concepts and ideas through your feelings and intuition, which makes you an emotional rather than an intellectual kind of person.

You are a happy person to be around because of your positive and happy energy. Even if people have only met you for the first time, they feel a kinship with you already.

You are very social and outgoing. You have the gift of making people relaxed and comfortable. You are always very sensitive to the needs of others.

People with a blue aura personality make wonderful nurses, counselors, therapists, and caregivers. You are a very good listener because you attune to the needs of others.

You can empathize naturally. You serve your loved ones with happiness and satisfaction, and you are just the person who can make anyone feel relaxed and at peace.

Love and Romance for People with a Blue Aura

People with blue auras are caring, supportive, and protective lovers. You are very loving, and you will show just how much you love your partner every chance you get.

You cook for them. You go to beautiful places together. You spend time with your family and friends. You celebrate anniversaries and holidays together and give each other meaningful presents.

You love with your whole heart, and you make sure that your loved one is happy with you.

When you have a blue aura, you are also very family oriented. You take care of your family and prioritize them over anything else.

No matter how busy you get, you make sure that you spend quality time with them. You feel bad when you miss an important program at school, and you feel like worst person in the world when you can’t be there for your kids when they need you.

You try to keep your professional and personal life separate so that you can maintain the balance and harmony.

You are also a friend for life. You are someone who will always be around for your friends whenever they need you.

When you fall in love with someone, you are focused on this love and the many ways you can make your love deeper and stronger.

When your aura is blue, you are very romantic and appreciative of your partner. You like to be cheesy and romantic, even silly and playful with each other.

You are creative with how you express your emotions. You love to receive love, affection, and attention as much as you like giving it.

When it comes to relationships, you are very monogamous. You don’t fool around when you are in a committed relationship. Your priority is love, your relationship, and keeping the love alive.

You live by your heart and your emotions. This means that you are highly emotional, but it also means you have a very colorful relationship with the person you love.

A blue aura also means that you have a gentle and forgiving heart. You don’t hold any grudges, and you always find yourself forgiving someone who has hurt you.

You believe that everyone makes mistakes, and everyone should be given the gift of forgiveness, especially if they are truly sorry.

Money and Wealth for People with a Blue Aura

Money and wealth don’t really interest you that much. You earn a good living, but you are not motivated by wealth and money. You don’t let your desire for money take over your life.

Your work hard to make a comfortable life for yourself and your loved ones. You are careful with money and your investments, and you are very conservative in your approach.

Because you love your family, you make sure that you’re protected when it comes to your financial needs. You are mindful of your expenses.

Your practical nature does not encourage you take a lot of financial risks. You stick with your tried and tested methods, and you go with what you know.

When it comes to wealth and abundance, you are always generous with what you have. You never forget to share your blessings, which is why you are always rewarded with good things.

The color blue aura also tells that you are never far away from exciting new opportunities. You always get the feeling that everything is falling into place.

There always seems to be a great job waiting for you, new clients to work with, and new streams of income.

Blue also indicates that you are on the right path. If you just keep doing what you’re doing, you can make anything happen in your life.

It symbolizes your motivation to succeed and change your life for the better. You are a dynamic and trustworthy person.

Your winning personality can make anyone at ease and put their confidence in you. This will be great when people want to invest in your business or in your company.

You are also encouraging and nurturing.  You are very calm and collected in the face of challenges, which makes you very calm and collected when it comes to money problems as well.

How to Tell if You Really Do Have a Blue Aura

If you have a sensitive soul and crave for calm, balance, and peace in your life, you have the blue aura personality.

People with a blue aura have a job that takes care of people or helps them feel good about themselves and their lives.

You are the kind of person that makes big decisions based on what you feel. You are also very emotional and can be moved very quickly to tears.

More often than not, you are swamped by other people’s emotions and get involved with them more than necessary.

You get affected by them because you just can’t believe the pain that other people go through in their lives.

You are very generous with your time, and sometimes you have a hard time saying no to people, especially people that you love.

You have a blue aura personality when you want to help others by sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

You want to enlighten their minds and teach them something new. Something that will help them become better at their jobs and at the roles they play in their personal lives.

You excel in communication and listening.

You have a way with words than can soothe tired hearts and ease confused minds.

You have a strong sense of family. You value loyalty.

You have a blue aura when you play a peacekeeper role, or when you are the glue that keeps everyone together.

You are not demanding of attention, but you like your presence to be felt. People just notice you even if you’re not doing anything special!

You want to be in a loving, committed, and connected relationship. You desire and need loyal, loving, and supportive partners.

But you have issues with your self-worth sometimes. You want to be loved but often doubt people’s intentions or actions. When you don’t feel loved, you become upset and overly emotional.

My Advice for People with a Blue Aura…

The color blue represents calm and relaxation. But as a blue aura person, you also have the tendency to be moody or depressed. Blue is the most emotional personality in the aura spectrum, after all.

You will cry when you see a sorry-looking puppy, when you attend a friend’s wedding, when you watch a viral video of a baby and a new parent, when you watch your favorite romantic comedy, or when your loved one surprises you with something sweet and memorable.

One word from someone and it can make you sad, hurt, angry, or sentimental. Your mood can change instantly, and this can be a cause of struggle for you and the people who love you.

The blue aura personality is an overall great person, wonderful friend, and passionate lover. But you must also learn to love yourself.

You are so busy giving love away that you sometimes forget that you need good loving, too.

You also need some time to pamper yourself. You need to have a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by everything that you love, doing the things that you love.

As a blue aura personality, you need to let go of your fears of being loved and being treated like a queen from time to time.

When you do, you can more freely express yourself. You can live the life that you want. You can truly be happy and fulfilled!

Your blue aura personality can be confusing or complex because it’s a challenge to find the right balance between your emotions and logic-based responses. You sometimes find it hard to decide or react using your heart or your mind.

It’s important that you let your emotions flow freely and do whatever feels right to you. Otherwise you will feel that something is blocking your personal energies.

This can result in feelings of depression, detachment, and resentment.

You may falter from time to time because you’re only human, but don’t forget that you have so much to give to yourself and to your loved ones.

Welcome a little more change in your life and step out of your comfort zone so that you can be up to any challenge!

How to Balance a Blue Aura

Blue is itself the color of balance. An individual with a blue aura will always find a way to stay grounded no matter how confused one is at a given point of time. Even though people with a blue aura are calm and affectionate, there is a high probability that this balance could be disturbed at times.

Here are certain powerful techniques to restore the balance of a blue aura:

Meditate Visualizing Blue Light

It is highly advisable for individuals with a blue aura to meditate regularly. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself being surrounded by pure positivity. Now visualize a blue light at the base of your throat and at the other locations where you experience problems.

Inhale while imaging the blue light. Imagine that these areas are being cleansed with each breath. Exhale and feel all stresses and tensions leaving the body.

Meditating often will help balance the chakras and also allow your emotions to stay balanced. It will help those with a blue aura to provide enough rest to the mind which in turn will replenish the lost positive energy.

The Power of Blue Gems

Wear a beautiful pair of blue earrings or you could get yourself a gorgeous neck piece to balance your blue aura. Blue gems help clear the throat chakra thereby balancing this aura.

Blue gems are associated with the throat chakra and wearing them will help you to balance this chakra well. Remember, blue is the color of this chakra.

Maintain Emotional Stability

Blue is the color of relaxation. However, individuals with a blue aura can have mood swings and depressive thoughts at times. They are considered the most emotional amongst the individuals of all aura types.

They might suffer emotional outbursts at times even at the instance of something as simple as a child’s cry or an emotional surprise from the people they love.

Emotional stability is a must for those with a blue aura. Their emotional instability can lead others to take advantage of such people who might end up harming them.

Developing a habit of maintaining one’s emotional stability and learning to attain a stabilization of emotions is the key to balance the blue aura.

Pamper Yourself

People with a blue aura are very passionate about their relationships and are hence good friends, lending a helping hand whenever needed. But in the due course of being available for the others, they often tend to forget themselves. This is the point where they need to exercise care and balance their attitudes.

In between loving and supporting others, one needs to love himself as well. Pamper yourself in a relaxed environment. Consider doing things that you love to do and pursue your passion so that there is a realization of self-worth. This will provide you with the balance between the self and the others. A powerful way to keep your blue aura balanced.

Express Yourself Freely

If you think you have been bottling your emotions, it’s time to let go and release them. Often, people with a blue aura have several latent fears and do not really express who they are.

If you keep your emotions to yourself, this can alter your aura and disturb the balance. Express yourself freely and without any hesitation. This will help to maintain a positive balance in your blue aura.

Forgive Yourself

It is important to remember that we are all human beings and that it is okay to make mistakes once in a while. Don’t take the burden or guilt of your mistakes.

Release and let go. Let this be your mantra. Just remember the good things, and remember that this behavior is just a part of your aura personality. It’s thus important to release all hidden emotions and guilts from time to time to restore the balance.

Remember the love and affection that you showered on others. It is absolutely fine to commit mistakes. Don’t over-think about them. Treat them as your learning milestones and move ahead!


People with a blue aura are very clear in their thinking. However, they can often fail to express themselves and this leads to an emotional blockage. Take a vacation and find time to rest and rejuvenate, doing things you enjoy. This will help release the blocked emotions and allow you to retain the balance of your blue aura.

Certain foods, such as blueberries and plums are also known to clear and balance the blue aura. Try some herbal tea with lemon and honey as well.

Finally, express yourself freely and meditate often!

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