Purple Aura: The Complete Guide

Purple Aura: The Complete Guide

Purple Aura Meaning

A purple aura means that you are spiritually in a good space. You are connected to your spiritual thoughts,and you are experiencing spiritual enlightenment.

Purple signifies your higher purpose. This color is about psychic inner vision, natural clairvoyant powers, and the collective knowledge of life.

A purple aura points to your balanced reasoning, your powerful intuition, and your extra sensory abilities.

It indicates that you are experiencing open awareness and equilibrium.

Purple is the color of healing and cleansing, of security and stability, of enlightenment, and of unending devotion.

When you have a purple aura, you have the ability to send and receive spiritual messages.

It’s the color of your evolving soul, which means you are aware of your true self and how you are one with the universe.

It speaks about the need for interdependence, and the healing and cleansing of the soul to achieve a healthy spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Purple is associated with the divine and with being more open to understand anything that’s spiritual.

It is connected to the wisdom of the unconscious.

Purple is a lighthearted color. It indicates trust and innocence, and empathy and desire to help others.

When you have a purple aura, you are brimming with creative ideas. It also speaks about your ability to change, adapt, and grow gracefully in body, mind, and spirit.

Purple Aura Personality Traits

People who have a purple aura are highly psychic. You can sense things that other people cannot, and this makes you very attuned to the world around you.

You are very aware of how people are feeling and thinking. You are very sensitive to the moods and emotions of other people.

Just one look or one word, and you know just how to approach them and make them feel better.

Your caring and nurturing nature makes you a good friend to have and a wonderful person to fall in love with.

When you have a purple aura, you are secretive and mysterious. You are fascinating and intriguing.

You don’t do it on purpose. It’s just in your nature to be interesting and captivating.

You’re a very philosophical person. You understand life’s complexities, mysteries, and wonderful surprises.

You know that everything you do in this life will come back to you sooner or later, which is why you’re trying to live a life that you will be proud of.

When you have a purple aura, you are curious, enquiring, and intuitive. You want to find out how everything works, why people are the way they are, and what will happen if you do something a certain way.

You like answers as much as you like questions. The more you know, the more you can better understand life and people.

You have a sense of urgency to achieve your goals. You want them to happen right now so that you can set new goals.

You desire to make the world a better place without drawing attention to yourself.

You desire to learn. You never want to stop exploring and discovering new subjects or new areas of interests. As a result, you are a very interesting and knowledgeable person.

When you have a purple aura, you don’t have a huge circle of friends, but you keep a few real and wonderful ones.

Much like how Facebook works. You have over a thousand Facebook friends but you only really talk or spend time with a handful.

People can trust you with their secrets. When they share something in confidence with you, you will bring this secret to the grave. You simply are the best friend anyone could ever have!

You love to take care of people. You make sure that they’re happy, safe, secure, and well-fed.

You are a gentle and free spirit. You are sensitive, but you will never show it.

You possess a charismatic and alluring energy that attracts people to you even if you are quite introverted.

You’re quiet not because you’re shy but because you choose your words carefully, and you choose when you’re going to say them. Sometimes you won’t say anything at all because it will just not be appropriate.

You are a natural leader and a visionary. Anything you put your mind on is possible because you have talents and abilities.

When you have a purple aura, you are very organized and systematic. You like everything to be in order because it helps you think and make the right decisions.

You are versatile and flexible. You have a sound mind, ready wit, and ability to see things that others cannot.

People also think of you as creative and eccentric because you have a great imagination, and you love the unconventional.

Love and Romance for People with a Purple Aura

When it comes to love and romance, you are very empathic. You absorb the emotions of other people, and it influences how you think or feel about love.

You are supportive and understanding, and you are always thinking of other people before yourself. Sometimes you know other people better than they do themselves!

You are quiet, reserved, and introverted. When you want to relax, you just spend time at home and decompress, which it makes It challenging for you to attract a partner.

Not to mention that you have very high ideals in a partner. They’re not impossible standards, but they can be challenging to find because you are someone incredible yourself.

But people are naturally drawn to you. Even if you stay holed up in your apartment day in and day out, when a person is meant to be with you, nothing can keep you two away from each other.

You possess a great imagination, and this makes you a very creative lover. You are a hopeless romantic, and you look at life and love through rose-colored glasses.

You are a compassionate and sensitive lover. When you decide to give your heart to someone, you will be loving and loyal for life.

When it comes to your personal affairs, you prefer them low-key. You want to keep quiet and very private because you don’t want others to be privy to what goes on between you and your partner.

You don’t brag about how happy you are on your social media accounts, and you don’t post photos that are only meant to be shared with your closest circle.

A purple aura signifies a balance between your heart and mind. You are a deep person and a passionate lover, and you can strike a healthy balance between the two quite easily.

You can dish out wise and practical advice when it comes to matters of the heart. You are incredibly smart, and no one can force you or trick you into doing something that you don’t want.

You just need to be careful about being indecisive because this can affect the dynamic of your relationship.

You can also do away with self-limitation. Being in a committed relationship does not mean the end of your dreams or curtailing your freedom.

You don’t need to fear being in love or being in a relationship because it will not always end disastrously.Definitely not, because you and your partner will be working hard at it every day.

Money and Wealth for People with a Purple Aura

When you have a purple aura, it means that you have a pioneering spirit. You have a vision, and you will not stop until you make this vision come true.

You make a good entrepreneur because you are aggressive when it comes to opportunities. You’re also not afraid to try different methods and approaches because you pride yourself in being someone unconventional.

You are honest and modest. You are bold and dynamic.

You’re a dreamer with big plans. You have a wild imagination, and you are an excellent judge of character.

When you have a purple aura, you are very motivated and driven by your desire for perfection. You will not allow setbacks to ruin your plans or dash your spirits.

You are someone who’s capable and resourceful. You are intelligent, analytical, and strategic.

You can generate many ideas because you can see the big picture. You’re also not afraid to try different things to help you do your job well.

There’s no time for idleness because you are always productive. You are always busy thinking of other ways you can add to your money flow.

You find that you are more productive when you can work by yourself, at your own pace.

You are more focused and energized. You have more energy to work through the problematic spots.

With your strong drive to succeed, nothing can stand in your way. You simply deal well with adversity.

You enjoy wealth and luxury, but you choose to live rather simply. Your hard work and efforts attract a lot of followers, power, money, and good fortune.

How to Tell if You Really Do Have a Purple Aura

You know you have a purple aura because you know you were sent into this world to fulfill a purpose.

You were born to accomplish something big and wonderful, and you’re just in the process of finding out what it is.

People with purple auras won’t stop working until they finish or complete a goal. You will be completely focused on it, and you will use all the resources available to you.

You have healing abilities, but not the physical kind of healing. You can change a life or begin emotional healing just by the words you say or the emotions you make them feel.

People feel instantly calm and relaxed when you walk in the room. They like to be around you all the time even if you are an introvert.

You are greatly intuitive. You just know things that many others don’t.

You are secretive even to your closest friends. Very few people know the real you. Not that it’s something bad, but you are just very choosy when it comes to people you trust and let into your life.

When you have a purple aura, you don’t like being copied. You don’t like copying others, either. You don’t like being just a part of the crowd and dealing with everyday problems.

You are a person who has great ambition, big dreams, and high ideals. You love to travel and see the world, make new experiences, and meet new people.

You often hold a powerful position at work, but you delegate the tasks that you don’t enjoy doing or are not interested in.

You are a good judge of character. You know when people are just pulling a fast one on you.

Once you know which ones can or cannot be trusted, you either put your walls up or down.

As someone who has a purple aura, you have a compulsion to help people and do your part to make the world a better place.

You can see the potential in everyone to evolve and create a better and more beautiful world.

My Advice for People with a Purple Aura…

Note that your purple aura can change anytime, depending on what thoughts you harbor in your head and what emotions you carry in your heart.

It’s a very personal thing, and it will depend on many factors.

Your purple aura can change because of the things that you are passionate about right now, and the things that you will like or dislike a few days from now.

This color will usually appear in your aura when you are seeking a New Age path.

Just don’t feel like you have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Everybody is responsible for themselves. And although you may feel responsible for the people you love, you only are temporarily.

Don’t forget to relax and give yourself some time to breathe. The color purple means that you are going to experience, or are experiencing, a period of cleansing and healing.

This will be very beneficial to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

How to Balance A Purple Aura

If your aura is purple, you are undoubtedly a very spiritually uplifted person.

While possessing a purple aura implies you’re in a good position spiritually, undergoing spiritual learning, it can vanish anytime as it completely depends on your thoughts in the mind and the emotions in your heart.

The purple aura is a very individual and unique thing which depends on many factors. After all, purple is the color of purity, reliability, wisdom, and deep loyalty. Let’s see some simple steps to balance and cleanse your purple aura.

Know Yourself

The first step towards restoring your energy balance is to know yourself. People with purple aura are very mystical.

They are often oversensitive and sense things that others cannot easily. Usually, it has been observed that when one pursues a new path in life, the purple color appears in his/her aura.

The purple aura can, however, vanish as your attitude continuously changes towards the things around you.

Situations, individuals, and things you might be very passionate about at a moment may not be as appealing the next moment.

If you think you are undergoing a major change in your emotions and behavior, which now lean more on the negative side, contrary to how have always naturally been, it might be time to balance and re-energize your pink aura.

Relax Your Mind

Never assume all the weight of this world is on your very shoulders and that you are responsible for everyone and every incident. You are just a witness. Be aware that everyone around you is accountable for their own activities and that you are responsible, only temporarily, for them.

Change your daily routine. Spare some time for you to breathe and relax. Be with yourself. This technique can help people with a purple aura experience a period of cleansing and healing. This is always very useful to your all-round well-being.

Wind Therapy

In ancient Greek and Latin, the word “aura” means breath, wind, or breeze. In fact, we can use wind, the powerful gift of nature, to balance and cleanse our aura.

When you notice winds, simply go outside and turn your face towards the wind. Stretch your arms, close your eyes, and let the wind be one with you. Completely. Imagine the mighty wind flowing, taking away all your negative energies and leaving your mind and body with pure positive energies. Bliss!

Relax your mind; be like a child, and run freely and playfully in the wind. Feel free to give your body a roll on the grass or meadow. This exercise will often be more effective on a sunny day as the sun, pure and energetic, will add its own energy into the mix. This powerful process will undoubtedly balance and cleanse your purple aura.

Use Natural Herbs and Oils

This is believed to be a native American ritual, though practices such as this are found around the world in different cultures. Man has been using natural essential oils and aromas for centuries now. They are, without the slightest doubt, the greatest healers.

In this process, we will use smoke from herbs such as lavender, sage, and sweet grass, which are known to help cleanse the purple aura specifically. Fire a smudge stick and allow the flame to get extinguished. Once the smoke arises, surround your body with the fumes, moving the stick all around your body from left to right and the top to bottom.

Visualize the fumes penetrating your energy fields and removing all negative energies from your body. This process, it is believed, is very effective in balancing and cleansing your purple aura. Each aura, however, has its own specific herbs and formulations that can make the healing process more effective.

Let Sunlight Be All Around You

Cover yourself with the all-encompassing and mighty sunlight. Try to spend as much as time in natural sunlight as possible to enhance your purple aura.

Sunlight always cultivates, feeds, and amplifies your natural aura. It nourishes our senses in unique ways and makes us more energetic, optimistic, spiritual, happy, and playful.

When you expose yourself to sunlight, feel every single ray of light planting energy into your soul and the heat of sun extracting away all negativity from it.

Face the sun, close your eyes, take deep breaths in, and exhale slowly. Feel the tremendous power, intensity, and divinity of sunlight, which is now cleansing and balancing your purple aura.

My Final Thoughts

Nature has the answer to all of man’s queries: in fact, it can heal our auras in unique ways. If you possess a purple aura and feel that your energy levels might be disoriented, it’s a great idea spending time outdoors. Allow the sun and the wind to calm you and fill you with positivity.

Try the simple meditation and visualization techniques described above to re-energize your spirits and balance your purple aura.

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