Silver Aura: The Complete Guide

Silver Aura: The Complete Guide

Silver Aura Meaning

When you have a silver aura, you should know that it’s the color of abundance in a physical and spiritual sense. Silver in your aura symbolizes money. It indicates waking up your cosmic mind.

A silver aura also symbolizes mystery, hidden potentials, or secrets that when revealed can bring your life great joy.

Silver is also the color of feminine intuitive wisdom. It symbolizes feminine power and magic.

For women, a silver aura symbolizes pregnancy. It also signals a good time for conception.

When people tell you that your aura is color silver, it means that you’re experiencing growth. You are brimming with creativity and imagination.

It symbolizes your awakening seductiveness, your excitement, and your stimulation. Silver is also the color of wisdom, learning from experiences, and putting the lessons in the right perspective.

Silver Aura Personality Traits

When you have a silver aura, it means that you are someone who’s exceptionally gifted with psychic abilities.

It’s the color of spirit, which means that anyone with this color aura can communicate with or invite spirits into their life.

A silver aura also means that you can understand or travel to other realms. You are sensitive and intuitive. This gives you a higher sense of awareness and enlightenment.

You have a sharp and disciplined mind that helps you get right down to the issue. You don’t get sidetracked by unimportant details.

You can focus on the problem and not be swept away by different emotions. You let your mind take over when the heart is too weak or too confused.

You pay attention to the little things that make up the big picture. When you are familiar with all the pieces that make something whole, you can better find solutions that are good for the long-term.

When you have a silver aura, you have a very strong spiritual understanding. Your faith is strong, and you have a way of inspiring people to be strong in faith, too.

This is the reason why you do well in careers that involve teaching, counselling, or mentoring.

You’re very effective when it comes to helping people recognize their potentials, let go of their fears and anxieties, and heal from painful losses.

You have a comforting nature that allows people to see that every painful episode is just part of the journey. Your wisdom helps them to look at things from a different but better perspective.

As someone with a silver aura, you are versatile and adaptable. You can wear different hats and play different roles, depending on the situation.

You are willing to do what must be done if it means being able to change a person’s life.

You are never shy when it comes to your own growth and development. You will get the most from all the opportunities presented to you.

You will not pass on an opportunity that you know can change or improve your life.

When you feel that someone or something can help get your foot in the door, you will stick around for a while and try to make it work.

If it doesn’t, you easily get back up and move on to the next opportunity.

Your high intellect also allows you to make the right decisions and follow through with the necessary actions. You are very good at making quick but right decisions.

You have many experiences with thinking on your feet and visualizing the consequences of your decisions from different standpoints. This is the reason why people look to you to help them make tough ones.

You are wise, strong, and just, not to mention very attractive. You have a plenty of admirers.

There are so many people who wish to be a part of your life because of how great you are as a friend, colleague, and lover.

But like other silver aura personalities out there, you are very choosy when it comes to your friends and lovers.

As much as you are warm, friendly, and accommodating, you are careful and choosy when it comes to the people you let into your life.

You also value your health very much. You keep yourself free from addictions, both the physical and mental kinds.

You do not allow yourself to succumb to the weaknesses of the body and the mind, and you help others realize and achieve the same.

When you have a silver aura, you live your life with grace and quiet efficiency. You don’t draw attention to yourself. You don’t boast. You just prefer all aspects of your life to speak for themselves.

You don’t like to complicate things. If there’s an easier and more direct solution, you will always choose that option. You prefer clear surfaces and everything streamlined and simplewhen it comes to your personal and professional undertakings.

Love and Romance for People with a Silver Aura

When a silver aura personality falls in love, your encouraging and supportive nature comes to the fore.

You become a better friend and a better lover. You also become a cheerleader, motivator, counselor, comedian, and many other things!

There is an abundance of love and joy in your heart that your partner will surely enjoy. You are passionate as you are fun, and sensitive as you are nurturing.

You always think ahead and determine what’s good for the relationship. You are equal parts romantic and practical.

You are blessed with natural good looks and charms that can grab the attention of anyone who lays eyes on you. But it’s your quiet confidence and magnetic personality that usually reels them in.

You are a source of happiness, and you make sure that problems are talked about and resolved.

You bring out the best in people, no matter how broken or messed up they think they are. When you love someone, you help them see the many things you love about them.

You take your relationships and your commitments very seriously. When you decide to be with someone, that means you will be there for them through all the ups and downs!

Happiness is what you aim for, and you believe that you can achieve happiness by loving another the best way you know how.

Money and Wealth for People with a Silver Aura

When you have a silver aura, you should know that it’s a prosperity color. Your aura radiates silver because achieving abundance is what you’re focused on, and this is what emanates in your personal auric field.

You are someone blessed with so many gifts and talents. You can turn any plan, idea, vision, or goal into something concrete because you are willing to do the work.

You are very levelheaded when it comes to decisions that concern your financial affairs. You take risks from time to time, but not a lot and never too big.

You explore and do your own research when it comes to investments, but you don’t commit until you are 100% sure about it.

As a silver aura person, you have the personality to attract the right kind of people that will help you achieve your money goals. You have the knack for finding talents that can help make your dreams a reality.

Although your dreams are modest and conservative, they are big and life-changing for you.

You are often very lucky in all your money pursuits, and success comes very easily for you. But more than luck, it’s because you listen to good advice and your strong intuition.

You are blessed with abundance, both in the material world and the spiritual world.

Money is never in the list of your worries because you have it every time you need it. You work hard so that you don’t run out of it.

You are always receptive to new ideas, no matter how outrageous they are. This can also be the reason why you are so successful. You don’t reject something that you think has potential without trying it out first.

As someone with a silver aura, you are highly intuitive, which also helps you in weeding out the undesirables or the untrustworthy ones.

How to Tell if You Really Do Have a Silver Aura

You will know that you have a silver aura when you are highly sensitive and intuitive.

You have psychic abilities that can make you see things that no one else does, interpret meanings that other people can’t, and reach other realms that other people don’t even know exist.

You are gifted with clairaudience and clairvoyance. A silver aura also means that you have angelic presence in your life, and that you are strongly connected to God.

You have a deep appreciation for life. You know that your life is a blessing that must be cherished.

Every decision you make, every person you love, and every chance you take is all because you want to have a beautiful and happy life.

You are a practical person. You occasionally give in to a few luxuries, but you always take the practical route. It gets the job done in half the time and with the same result.

People are drawn to you because of your natural beauty and charm. You possess a certain beauty that both men and women appreciate.

It’s a gentle and non-threatening kind of beauty, but it’s your magnetic personality that truly makes people fall for you.

You are someone who always has luck with money. You always stumble upon loose change inside the taxi. You always find loose bills inside your pockets. You win in contests, raffles, and draws.

When you need money, opportunities arise for moneymaking ventures or freelance jobs.

Old friends or family members suddenly reach out to you on social media or via email to collaborate with you.

Everything falls into place when you’re short on money. You don’t worry about it because you know that something will come up to help you resolve your money issues.

You have a silver aura when you are receptive to new ideas. Whether they are brilliant, groundbreaking, ridiculous, or hilarious ideas, you don’t knock them until you’ve tried them.

You let your instincts guide you, which helps you make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

You are someone who’s very nurturing. You make sure that everyone you care about is okay in every sense of the word. You help them whenever you can, and you anticipate their needs.

You are ready to forgive and forget for the people you love. You are willing to climb mountains and break down walls just to reach out to someone.

Someone with a silver aura is very sensitive and understanding. People don’t need to tell you what’s bothering them.

You instantly know just by the way they act, the way they keep silent, and the way they express themselves through their choice of words.

My Advice for People with a Silver Aura…

You silver aura is a very revealing feature about yourself. It shows your personality that is without your learned habits and any kind of outward appearance.

Your silver aura shows who you truly are. You just need to make sure that you are ready for people to see the real you as well.

Whether you’re searching for love, or trying to determine which is the best career for you, or just soul-searching, your silver aura can help take you to the right path.

Your emotions, thoughts, and personality traits can pave the way for you. Which is why it’s very important that you know the meaning of your aura in your journey through life and self-discovery.

Knowing the meaning of your silver aura can give you a better understanding of yourself. It can give you access to your hidden thoughts and emotions. It can also allow you a glimpse into your long-forgotten memories.

Once you discover the real meaning of your silver aura, you can begin to heal, change, and let go of the things that are holding you back. You can finally begin to achieve you true potential and make your best life happen!

How to Balance A Silver Aura

Those with a silver aura are special beings indeed! Since the silver aura is associated with strong psychic abilities and has attributes of divinity, power, and enlightenment, the people who possess such an aura have a strong sense of connection to the spirit world and can communicate with spirits.

However, their greatest gift can sometimes prove to be their biggest curse. It is imperative for such individuals to maintain a balance in their communications with the other world.

While silver aura is believed to have spiritual vibrations that are very positive, an imbalance in the aura is associated with a weakening of the immune system and general sickness. Often, such a disorientation of the silver aura can be a serious issue and can take a toll on the individual’s health and personality. If you feel depressed or gloomy, this is an indication that your aura needs to be cleansed.

Here are some very powerful and effective techniques to balance and cleanse your silver aura.

Wear Silver

Those with a silver aura should consider wearing silver pendants and jewellery. The precious metal silver is associated with abundance and thus helps balance the silver aura. This would help maintain their energy level and restore positive vibrations.

If you suffer from an imbalance of your silver aura, considering wearing warm colors like yellow and orange. These are known to balance the silver aura.

Using Aura Crystals

Certain silver aura quartz crystals are also known to uplift the spirit and motivate those with a silver aura. These specially designed crystals combine the healing properties of crystals with the natural grounding of a precious metal.

When you feel sad or depressed, try carrying a silver aura crystal with you. This will help keep your energy and spirits high.

Know That You’re Different

Individuals with a silver aura know that they are here on the planet for a different purpose. They know they’re special. They possess an extremely strong intellect and a strong connect with the spiritual realms.

This means that too deep a dive into these endeavours could lead to an imbalance their energy levels and tire them, resulting in anger and frustration. It is, therefore, essential to maintain a healthy balance.

Meditate Often

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse and balance the silver aura. Whenever you get the time, meditate and focus upon your mind and that which is beyond. Feel the warmth of divine energy all around you and imagine positive vibrations filling each and every cell of your body.

Meditation and breathing exercises are particularly useful for those with a silver aura as they can help focus the mind on the present moment and relax.

My Final Thoughts

Individuals with a silver aura are attractive personalities and have a strong sense of intuition. They are versatile and exceptionally gifted but need to often cleanse and balance their aura since their deep connection with the spirit world can exhaust and tire them.

Silver is the color of abundance and is associated with monetary wealth and spiritual as well as psychic awakening. Thus, these individuals already live a very balanced life and do not have any addictions; they only need to maintain a healthy balance in their day-to-day affairs.

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