Cancer and Cancer Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

When two resilient but soft-hearted souls meet, the true beauty behind Cancer and Cancer compatibility blossoms – but so too do many of the challenges this couple will undoubtedly face.

While like attracts like, and gives plenty of reasons to celebrate a long and deep emotional bond, the similarities in this pairing can be so great as to drive one another crazy if these partners are unprepared.

To save you from the heartache, take a look at this overview of Cancer and Cancer compatibility – the definitive guide to helping these two soulful spirits find success in romance.

Cancer and Cancer compatibility overview

Matching star signs often have so much in common that there are as many advantages as there are issues to overcome – and that’s definitely the case with Cancer and Cancer relationships.

Both individuals in this relationship, infused with feelings and tenderness as it is, are people whose star sign is ruled by the moon.

While most other star signs in the traditional zodiac use larger planets, or sometimes even the sun, to symbolise them, the moon rules Cancer and brings with it a sense of mysteriousness and secrecy only another Cancer soul can understand.

The moon doesn’t just symbolise emotions that are hidden or that which is obscured, though.

In astrology, the moon also rules unconscious thoughts and action, thoughts of home, and the basic needs we all have to survive.

So far, these are all very Cancer traits indeed, and when you understand the Cancer animal of the crab and what it symbolises, even more becomes clear.

The crab is an animal that walks sideways both under the sea and on land, which to many astrologers symbolises how Cancer people sidestep and scuttle around issues they’d do better in confronting directly.

However, crabs being comfortable both on land and underwater is something said to intensify how Cancer people are adaptive to their surroundings, always seeming at ease at both the loudest parties and the most dignified, quiet ceremonies.

Cancer people can turn their hand to almost anything and find their feet fast with it – assuming they believe in themselves.

Naturally, crabs also have a hard shell that conceals a more tender and easily wounded interior, and their claws can grasp onto practically anything with a tenacity that means they’ll never let go.

So it is with Cancer people, who hide their vulnerabilities well and also tend to clutch onto what they believe is theirs without even considering relinquishing their grip – especially when threatened.

Of course, you can already see how this can translate into a stubbornness on the part of both partners in a Cancer and Cancer couple.

Likewise, both partners will tend to hide away their vulnerable sides, even from one another – there will be a side to each individual in this relationship that the other partner perhaps will never see.

Matches between the Cancer woman and Cancer man

The Cancer woman and Cancer man are pretty in tune, but are also people who prefer the more subtle and indirect approach.

As such, it’s pretty likely that this pair will dance around one another, putting out feelers with a timid grace, for ages.

Yet neither is likely to take the initiative unless success is guaranteed, even as friends and family get exasperated at the clearly brilliant match before them that neither individual involved wants to act on.

Of course, whether the match is as brilliant as it seems depends on the individuals involved.

The Cancer woman is someone who seeks stability and security, not so much financially, but rather the knowledge that she’s not settling down with some fly by night playboy who’s only after a short-term thrill.

She’s thereby reassured in seeing such a family focus front and centre in the Cancer man. If he’s not close to his family, he’s certainly eager to start one – food for thought indeed for the Cancer lady.

She’ll flirt as overtly as she dares with him, although his inner workings are not shared so readily with just anyone, so she won’t know if she’s getting through to him or not.

Hopefully, she won’t take any lack of response for a lack of interest, especially since she’s a risk-averse individual by nature.

However, the space and the opportunity to take time in establishing an emotional bond is a quirk of this relationship’s early days that the Cancer man appreciates, and he’s sure to repay in kind.

Once things get going, this is a sentimental and nourishing relationship blessed by thoughtful gestures and emotional depth.

However, both partners should be mindful of their crablike claws as time goes on, be it through clutching jealousy or relenting in generosity with what they think is theirs in later moments.

When this dynamic is in play, the Cancer woman comes across as clingy, and the Cancer man seems possessive – both characteristics that could irk the other.

The good points:

  • Plenty of chemistry and a shared outlook on life help the Cancer woman and Cancer man open up to one another
  • Emotional honesty from both sides ensures that communication flows well as the relationship develops
  • Both the Cancer woman and Cancer man are seeking to settle down long term and start a family

The bad points:

  • Both partners could sink so deep into the relationship they lose sight of everything else in their lives as individuals
  • No matter how emotionally open, the Cancer man seems always to be hiding part of himself from the Cancer woman
  • Stinginess with money, time or affection could hurt this couple day to day

Matches between the Cancer man and Cancer woman

Every astrological match is a game of two halves, even when the star signs involved are the same, and it’s therefore very smart to approach questions of Cancer and Cancer compatibility from the perspective of both potential partners.

As such, insight into the Cancer man and Cancer woman relationship at hand offers vital insight into how the couple get together, but also interact longer term.

The Cancer man is an individual who, even at an early age when his fellow lads are looking to play the field, has already started thinking how he can settle down longer term with the right woman.

And by that, he definitely means the right woman – he’s not prepared to settle for anything less, and his heart is not given easily.

As such, he can prove difficult to read, but then again so can the Cancer woman when he meets her, even when all the indicators of compatibility are there.

In fact, both the Cancer man and Cancer woman have an almost cagey and suspicious opinion of good fortune sometimes, finding it rare and too good to be true when it arrives.

Because of that, even with every green light to get together imaginable, this duo still might take their time – and hopefully not miss their chance!

The Cancer man will find the Cancer woman a creature of deep and profound mood swings from time to time, but he’s just as guilty in that regard.

Both partners have a brooding side that comes out every so often, making them agitated and sour even when simply everything in their lives is going their way.

The Cancer man will win the loyalty of the Cancer woman easily by showing that he has so very much loyalty of his own to offer.

These two individuals, thanks to having a star sign in common, are the kind of people who dedicate their lives to their partners, and not even the hint of straying ever crosses either mind.

This does plenty in helping the family values embedded in the soul of the Cancer man gain traction in the family he’s likely to start with the Cancer woman.

These two are quietly ambitious and often good at getting money together, meaning they’re more than likely going to build quite the nest egg for their lives together.

The good points:

  • Effortless chemistry sees this couple hit it off from the get-go – even if they take a while admitting it
  • The Cancer woman helps ease the vulnerabilities of the Cancer man out into the open, proving she can be trusted
  • The Cancer man doesn’t have to pretend to want to play the field, and here has found a partner who shares his family seeking traits

The bad points:

  • Clinginess on both sides can prevent the couple living guilt free as individuals
  • Both the Cancer man and the Cancer woman are homebodies, and might get so caught up indoors with each other they lose friends
  • Moodiness from either partner can hurt or alienate the other

Cancer and Cancer friendship compatibility

In love, Cancer people are known to be loyal, giving and protective.

Yet Cancer and Cancer friendships benefit from those exact same principles too, and it’s likely that such a duo would become close fast and build a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Cancer people have a heartfelt and often somewhat wacky sense of humour, and recognising that in one another is quite often how Cancer and Cancer friends first meet.

The lively, lilting and often loud laughter of Cancer people often gives them away to savants of astrology, and they’re among the first to take the ball and run with it when it comes to humour.

Cancer people often find fun in one another as a result of this, swiftly becoming shopping buddies, ladies who lunch or the boys out on the town who do all the shots and reminisce foggily about the hangovers.

That said, it’s not just making mischief and creating memories in which Cancer friends excel.

Their shared zodiac sign gives these friends a select insight into how one another does things, meaning the kinds of quirks in behaviour they often have to explain to others are understood naturally without discussion.

Cancer friends are also sensitive with one another too, thanks to a mutual nurturing personality and a keen sense of intuition that lets them interpret the deep, often hidden emotions in one another.

It’ll often be the case that a Cancer individual will keep some inner hurt secret, hidden from everyone they encounter, only to have it recognised and coaxed into the open by their comrade in arms.

When Cancer people are hurt, they withdraw into themselves like a hermit crab slinking into its spiral seashell home.

Nobody can get through to them in moments like this – with the possible exception, of course, of their Cancer friend!

However, Cancer friends also instinctively recognise in one another when it’s time to give some space.

This will be a friendship in which there’s as much information and humour freely shared as there is unspoken communication and secrets shared in confidence.

Cancer and Cancer marriage compatibility

Cancer people are born into this life with an inbuilt dedication towards family, connection and the creation of the ideal home – one in which all can feel safe, warm, welcome and wanted.

Often at a subconscious level, Cancer folks spend their entire lives preparing for marriage and waiting for the sign that whoever they’re interested in currently is “The One”.

They do this not just for romance, but for a sense of inner security.

All in all, Cancer people are very compatible with marriage as a whole, perhaps more so than any other star sign in the entire zodiac.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that a Cancer and Cancer marriage is one destined for greatness, and often that’s the case – but the marriage should be approached with the seriousness it deserves, not letting the urge to get together mar the chance for happiness by rushing in.

In truth though, there’s little danger of that being an issue.

Cancer and Cancer relationships tend to find their feet very gradually, and even once the two are dating, not all is revealed until years into the relationship.

Some say this is manipulative, others say it’s just humble shyness, but it’s actually simply in the Cancer person’s nature to keep the most tender parts of their persona hidden.

It doesn’t even occur to them that someone else can be entrusted with such intimate knowledge, even well into marriage.

Yet once both Cancer people here are wed, they may well surprise each other with how trustworthy they are – it’s just getting there that’s the issue!

Honest communication, however uncomfortable, is vital to strengthen the bonds of love.

The marriage is likely to last no matter what, but one or both Cancer partners in it could bubble with silent unhappiness if teething issues aren’t worked out.

Luckily, love and loyalty for a lifetime is well within reach for any Cancer and Cancer marriage, as both partners look to build a home and family together and dedicate every waking hour to furthering that goal.

Always there for one another in a pinch, the marriage between two Cancers is never at a shortage for trust, dedication and warmth.

However, as married life continues on for Cancer and Cancer couples, care ought to be taken that quarrels don’t erupt over money.

Cancer people sometimes get some criticism for seeming stingy with money, but actually they equate money with security – and security is as vital to Cancer people as breathing.

Arguments over money could colour the marriage of Cancer and Cancer from time to time, especially when wallets are slim, but if the couple remember they’re both on the same team, these can be turned into opportunities to band together instead.

Cancer and Cancer: Common issues and problems

Even in as strong and steady a match as this, there are some Cancer and Cancer pros and cons to keep in mind throughout this relationship.

The first and perhaps most obvious of these issues is those crablike grasps these folks have, as already touched on earlier in this guide.

Essentially, the talent Cancer people have for making something their own – a job, money, and of course a relationship – is a matter of self-preservation.

Once that vice-like grip is set, little can shake a Cancer individual into letting go.

So ingrained is this behaviour that Cancer people can be stubborn even with their fellow Cancer partners, and hold onto money, past slights or jobs no longer serving the couple’s best interest way beyond the time they should have been let go of.

Letting go of anything, in fact, is difficult for Cancer people and often wounds their pride.

One thing that Cancer people hold onto for a long time that they could each definitely learn to let go of faster in relationships is grudges. When one partner forgets an anniversary, misses a date night due to work commitments or even lets their stare linger a bit too long on the waiting staff while the pair are out and about, seething resentment bubbles up.

This can be made all the worse if the silent treatment or general cold shouldering gets involved in these episodes.

The couple will feed off one another’s spite if the cycle isn’t broken, mistreating one another for weeks that could be better spent pulling in the same direction.

These issues aren’t helped by the fact that Cancer people often don’t deal with things that irritate them directly, and instead make passive aggressive remarks or affect the flow of the relationship indirectly.

Learning to overcome these tendencies is thankfully not impossible, and once a more open and expressive communication style is encouraged, blowouts like these can be avoided altogether, letting all the strength of the relationship come to light.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Two-star signs dating doesn’t always work out, but it’s delightful to note just how often Cancer and Cancer relationships not just get together, but actively go the distance into lifelong, happy marriages.

It’s important – especially if you’re reading this on behalf of two Cancer people you know who would be fantastic as a couple – to be patient in this connection.

Cancer and Cancer couples take their time in getting together, and longer still truly opening up and connecting every aspect of themselves to one another.

Many people, including other Cancer people, think this is an unhealthy approach, but it’s simply a question of letting events play out as they should.

That said, it can be easy for one or both of the Cancer people involved in this relationship to rest on their laurels and dance around the situation, waiting for a “perfect opportunity” to confess their feelings that never seems to come.

They need to learn that opportunities need to be created as much as found and taken.

Cancer people are naturally afraid of being betrayed, abandoned or cheated on, and this is a big part of their guardedness when letting a new person enter their life.

Again, even with the natural chemistry, tremendous and almost psychic connection of minds and altogether kinship in philosophy seen when Cancer and Cancer partners first meet, this cautiousness is a natural part of them.

Yet luckily, Cancer loyalty flows effortlessly both ways, and this couple has nothing less than a lifetime of commitment to offer one another.

Of course, forever is a long time, and it’s still up to the Cancer folks involved to make sure that the relationship is a happy one, filled with humour and adventures, but also honesty, generosity and the capacity to be vulnerable when the need arises.

Vulnerability and weakness aren’t the same thing, and sooner or later a strong Cancer and Cancer relationship will incorporate that knowledge into what promises to be a remarkable, long lasting and ultimately unbreakable relationship.

There’ll be highs and lows, as there are in any relationship, but two Cancer people pulling in the same direction have the tenacity and adaptive nature needed to turn even life’s greatest challenges to their favour.

Cancer and Cancer compatibility score: 8/10

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