Cancer Rising Personality- 6 Facts People Always Get Wrong

Cancer Rising Personality- 6 Facts People Always Get Wrong

Most people consider their zodiac sign as the only astrological parameter that has a bearing on their personality types.

However, this is simply not the case, for, the sun sign is just one among the several astrological determiners of your personality.

One of the most important ones is your Rising Sign, also called the Ascendant. This refers to the sign that was rising above the horizon at the time of your birth.

For instance, if Cancer was the sign rising above the earth, like the sun, at the moment of your birth, you will have a Cancer Rising Sign.

Our rising signs have a key role to play in determining our interactions with others around us.

They will describe the way we tend to project ourselves and the ways we go about achieving our goals and needs. It is thus extremely critical to consider your rising sign when studying your chart.

Cancer Rising signs are extremely sensitive individuals who are characterized by their nurturing and caring nature.

They will be deeply concerned with the feelings and emotions of those around them, attending to their needs selflessly.

They often come across as moody individuals with an unpredictable behavioral pattern but it’s just a matter of the starts!

They have an extremely well-developed sense of intuition and will sense the environment and its energies in a split-second. However, it is these very abilities that sometimes pull them down if not used the right way.

Cancer Rising signs will often be overly concerned about the past. They will not have a huge friend circle but a small group of very close friends.

Friendship is forever, believe Cancer Ascendants. Like them, their friends too have artistic inclinations. They love traveling with their friends too, vacationing with them often.

Here are 6 facts about the Cancer Rising sign that people always get wrong.

1. Are Cancer Rising Signs Non-Expressive Introverts?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Cancer Rising signs are naturally shy and will try to not attract much attention to themselves.

Though they are extremely sensitive and have a flurry of emotions inside, they are often considered introverts.

However, it is not their fault but that of the observer: the Cancer Rising sign will continuously radiate emotions in all directions. They do that all the time.

They are, in fact, naturally communicative individuals who love to talk. They will frequently use their hands in a characteristic way while talking which is so revealing of their rising sign!

When they are able to freely express themselves and their feelings, they will feel at ease. In all other cases, the Cancer Rising will withdraw into his/her shell in no time.

With the moon as their ruling planet, they are extremely moody individuals. They will have periodic emotional swings. Though they appear tough, they are extremely sensitive.

Crab, the cancer sign is very self-protective and uses its hard shell to protect its soft inner body. In a similar way, the Cancer rising signs are very emotional and moody individuals who are very protective of themselves.

They will construct huge walls around them for their own security. You won’t find them entering a room making noise; they will slowly enter, almost inconspicuously, walking along the sides, being extremely sensitive to their inner and outer environments.

Whenever they sense any danger, they will immediately withdraw into their shells. Often, when faced with few situations, people, and things, they might feel threatened and close onto themselves.

Make no mistake though— they have a lot going on inside and it’s not in their nature to be introverts: it is just the way they’ve been designed to guard against danger at all levels! They are also known to be highly unpredictable!

You might find them laughing with friends and family, enjoying life only to see them crying the very next moment for no apparent reason. It isn’t their fault, it’s in the stars!

2. Cancer Rising Signs: Shy Lovers?

Once again, something completely opposite to the real nature of a Cancer Rising sign. Cancer Ascendants are highly romantic individuals who will see everything with pink glasses.

They tend to fall in love easily and will not use logic and analysis in their approach. It’s all heart to heart and soul to soul for these passionate lovers.

Security plays a critical role in any relationship. Cancer Rising Signs will prefer a strong partner who is as loving and caring as they are.

They will need partners who can provide a strong emotional support to these very sensitive individuals.

They will not rush into marriage and relationships and will often marry for status and security alone! A Cancer Rising sign will only commit to a relationship when he/she is really sure.

The right partner is chosen based on his/her achievements and qualities. Physical appearance and looks take a secondary position. The ideal partner is very devoted and loyal too.

They prefer partners who provide financial security and are emotionally stable. They cherish relationships based on well-defined relationships.

The need for security is so intense that they are often ready to acquire it even at the expense of sacrificing their personal freedom.

Cancer Rising signs are very family-oriented people and take a practical approach when it comes to marriage.

They might often become over-possessive and over-protective of their partners and children in relationships which can create problems, at times.

While it’s great to care for and protect your loved ones, it is also important to respect the personal space we all need.

Libra Rising individuals are naturally attracted to the Cancer Rising signs.

3. A Cancer Rising Sign Nurtures Others: True!

Cancer Rising signs, by their very nature, tend to excessively care for and nurture those around them.

The emotional beings that they are, they constantly worry about the others and their feelings. They will often support their friends and those around them, catering to their needs like a mother.

They will end up engaging at a very deep level with the environment which can often take a toll on their own personality, draining their energy. They will overly concern themselves with others and their feelings.

It is important to draw the line when it comes to taking on the responsibilities of the others on your own shoulders.

These individuals might often find themselves surrounded by those in need. While it’s good to nurture, support, and care for others selflessly, it is imperative to consider your own needs as well.

Dependency and guilt do not define relationships and friendships neither do the latter rely on them for a healthy bond. They are very protective of their loved ones themselves.

4. It’s Not That A Cancer Rising Sign Is Unconcerned About His Future, It’s Just That They’re Emotional!

A Cancer Rising sign might often spend too much of his time reliving past experiences and emotions that are long gone.

They have very powerful emotion storages built-in that register emotions at a molecular level! The excellent observers that they are, they will remember all fine details of an event even years down the line while others might hardly remember a thing!

This ability allows them to re-experience past emotions and feelings time and again which is, more often than not, a very painful thing.

They will often cling to things, people, and situations that hold emotional significance in their mind. There is an extremely strong urge to stick to positive and negative feelings.

As a consequence of all the above behaviors, they often fail to dwell in the present moment but will continue living in the past.

It is important for a Cancer Rising Sign to use their power of intuition to make the most of the present and the future instead.

This will ensure they do not suffer the pains that result from the back and forth dwelling in the past and the present and also allow them to open up to life and the limitless adventures it has to offer.

5. Are Cancer Rising Signs homebodies?

Well, without a doubt, Cancer Rising signs need to feel strong and protected as a basic requirement. Their home is where they find comfort, solace, protection, and security.

They are very domesticated and will often be great at the culinary arts. They love to cook for themselves and their loved ones.

Their home also serves as their shell where they head to when depressed and hurt. They will like their homes to be clean, beautiful, and peaceful.

They will like personal and home-like surroundings wherever they are. They value ancient traditions too. Music and water play an extremely critical role in the life of a Cancer Rising sign. It is from them that they derive their inner strength.

While there’s nothing wrong with preferring to be at your home, Cancer Rising signs should ensure they do not isolate themselves from the rest of the world and continue interacting with those around them.

Their home is often their most prized possession. They will long for a luxurious home with all modern amenities.

It is at their home that they enjoy life to the fullest and chase their dreams. While they are very domestic at home, they are real warriors at work.

6. Do Cancer Rising Signs Have Psychic Abilities?

Cancer Rising signs do have an extremely evolved sense of intuition. They are very minute observers and will completely take in everything in their environment.

The sensitive individuals that they are, they are observing and processing everything, including the feelings and expectations of the others.

It is important for the Cancer Rising sign individuals to closely observe their inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Silently, witness everything that’s happening within.

They are blessed with a special biorhythm that tells them what to do. Your instincts are extremely sharp and will make themselves evident at just the right time. Pay heed to them, for, they’ll lead the way.

Cancer Ascendants are known for their extremely well-developed sense of intuition that will always be spot on, without exceptions! So, in a way, yes, these are special individuals gifted with far greater insights into life than the others.

My Final Thoughts

The Cancer Rising sign is ruled by the moon which subtly, but in a very powerful way, influences their emotions and moods. For a Cancer Ascendant, life is all about emotions and feelings.

These are the very parameters they measure and sense the world with. While they might initially look like the hard-shelled crab on the surface, they really are the softest and most sensitive of all signs. The Cancer Rising sign will seek emotional support and care from his/her family.

These individuals have an average height and easily gain weight. They sport round bodies and will usually have a pale complexion.

Cancer rising signs have small feet and hands and usually a broad chest. Their eyes will be very expressive— this applies to Cancer Rising women. For the men, on the other hand, lazing around at home without doing anything specific will be the favorite hobby.

They have motherly attributes and are deeply sensitive to the emotional needs and feelings of others. This comes very naturally to their personalities.

A Cancer Rising sign is immensely polite and humble. He will never like to hurt someone and will himself tolerate everything without complaints. Their childhood usually affects their personal lives in later stages.

They will use both their mind and instinct to function in life. They just need the security and protection that they can retract under in times of distress and confusion.

Cancer Ascendants often love traveling and seek the amazing experiences that travel brings along. Travel will be even more enjoyable if they are visiting their home or families.

They are blessed with a very strong sense of intuition which means they can see the world around them in a completely different way.

It’s just a matter of time before they develop these abilities even further so they could guide them and show the way ahead in life!

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