22 Cancer Quotes That Will Shock Most People

22 Cancer Quotes That Will Shock Most People

Cancer is the 4th Zodiac Sign that mysteriously sits between June 22 to July 22. The Zodiac symbol is the elusive crab and they are ruled by the planet moon.

Cancers are all about loving the family and their home. However, they are one of the most difficult signs to understand, aren’t they?

Extremely emotional and sensitive by nature, they are very sympathetic towards everybody. But, dear friend, let me remind you, they are quite unpredictable too.

One can never know what’s really going in the Cancerian mind. Beware, for they provide such a lovely sense of security and warmth, it is hard to unclip yourself from their spell!

give everything it takes to a Cancer or rather stay away from them. The choice is yours!

Here are 22 absolutely shocking yet true Cancer quotes to empower you with the real truth about Cancers. Know them better and closer with our help!

1. Family, Friends, Food & Repeat!

Cancers make for greats friends and parents as this cancer quote suggests. Encounter one yourself and you will realize the same.

Their devotion to their family and to their roots is beyond applause.
Their home is their comfort zone.

They would rather stay at home than go out for dinner or drinks. Boring, right? Well, no, they make for great hosts and their company is worth investing in.

2. Luxury is the Key to Living a Life

An intriguing quote about the Cancer sign: they absolutely love luxury. Every bit of it. For them, comfort is above anything else. They live in the moment and spend for the moment.

Fancy, right? To be in the company of a Cancer is a chance only a few get and when they do, they are sure to experience the time of their life.

3. A Heart as Pure as Gold

They are the gifted souls, really. They will all abide by this cancer quote; these are, without exception, sympathetic people. Exactly the right people whose company one wants to be in.

These are people who can read the others’ minds. With their profound understanding, they can sense the emotions of people surrounding them.

Try to hide your feelings from them, and I assure you a failed attempt.

They are nice and happy souls but not just nice— they’re good to the level that is difficult for the others to reach. Just their presence is enough to make someone’s day.

Feeling sad, depressed, or have no one to share and care? Find a Cancerian, and my friend, you are sorted in no time.

4. Cancers Are Like Coconuts- Hard Outside, Soft Inside

Yes, you got me right. Cancers may appear strict and composed from the outside, but once you get closer, you will find the heart of a child. The stricter they appear, the softer they are from inside.

They cover up themselves with this shield outside to prevent themselves from getting hurt. Cancerians maintain this aura which is hard to miss and can’t be taken lightly!

5. Food is Life, Life is Food!

This cancer quote holds totally true. Cancers are foodies. They like gourmet and fancy food. Give them good food and they are yours. They enjoy a lazy cozy night with a warm home-cooked meal.

They are a sucker for all things good and all things food.  You know what, for them, food is an emotion. In fact, Cancers possess great culinary skills themselves.

They are born chefs and love to explore this side. Go out for dinner and drinks with them and they will make up for a great company at the table with their stories and knowledge of food.

6. They Possess a Protective Side Which is Hard to Miss

If one has a Cancer friend, they would easily relate to this cancer quote. It is a matter of great pride to have a Cancerian for a friend, for they are fiercely loyal and extremely caring.

They possess this strong instinct to nurture and protect the ones they are close to. Hurt their friend and let me warn you, you are in for some deep trouble!

They will go out of their way to help people in need and despair. That’s really the friendship one aims for, isn’t it?

7. They Are Good Decision-Makers

Cancers carry wisdom and experience. Rationality and thoughtfulness drive their decision-making process.

Moreover, Cancers provide great support in any decision one makes and they are not judgmental at all.  It is with this quality of theirs that they are able to win people’s heart.

While they are extremely emotional, at the same time, they can be totally detached. This makes them fair and unbiased decision makers.

8. Cancers Are Hopeless Lovers

Cancers follow their heart when it comes to love. For them, love is above everything in this world.

If one encounters a Cancerian, they are sure to find themselves falling for them, such is their charisma!

Their actions are an example that they do everything with love in their mind and in their heart.

Having a Cancerian as your love is one of the greatest gifts from God, for they will care for you as nobody ever can. They value intimacy and understand more than casual romance.

9. Give And Take? Well, NO, Give More Than You Take!

Haven’t heard of anything like this before? Meet Cancer and you will understand this cancer quote. Cancers are the epitome of generosity and kindness.

They express their love bestowing their loved ones with little gifts every now and then. They love bringing a smile to their loved ones’ faces and can go to great lengths for their happiness.

They are one of the most generous personalities one can ever come across. What’s interesting is, they do not expect anything in return. What are they, God? Well yeah, close!

10. Peace And Harmony Lovers- Absolutely Yes!

Cancers are the kind who resolve disputes and not the kind who would ever want to start a dispute. They have this great skill of being unbiased and unmoved.

Fair and square are how they play a game. They are programmed in such a way that they hate arguments and fights. As they are sworn peacemakers, they are less dramatic and more practical, you see why?

This quality of theirs makes them great lovers too. Their ability to accept faults is what makes them truly great.

11. Little Complicated, Very Mysterious

An amazingly true Cancer quote this! They might seem like a bit of an enigma at times due to their quiet ways. They like to play the underdog and not become the queen of the room.

Moreover, due to their shy nature, it gets difficult for them to open up easily.  They hide their emotions under numerous layers which are difficult to open.

To know a real Cancer from the inside demands years of trust, love, and faith. It is not easy to earn a Cancer friend!

12. Cancers Stay Away from Superficial People

A Cancer’s personality is as such that she will like to keep a distance from people who are obnoxious, dramatic, and unreal.

People who just care about themselves will never be able to find a place in the heart of a Cancer.

Neither can someone boss over Cancers neither can they demand anything from them, unless the Cancer wants to herself.

They like to stay away from petty issues and petty things. They get repelled by those who are fake and bossy, you see.

13. Are Cancers Psychics? No, They’re Intuitive!

This Cancer quote describes how Cancers possess this uncanny ability to read minds.

However, it is their power of being extremely intuitive and aware of their surroundings that enables this great superpower.

Cancers can understand the change in one’s behaviour pattern and acknowledge such change. To lie to a Cancer or to deceive them is not easy at all.

Cancers are extremely observant and mindful of the actions of the others.

14. Cancers Are Great Writers

The pen is mightier than the sword! The pen is definitely mightier than the sword for Cancers. For, they believe, it is the power of words which can do wonders and bring real change.

For them, writing and expressing is easier than speaking their mind. These individuals possess great writing skills.

They love penning down their thoughts, experiences, and desires. At the same time, they are extremely creative and innovative when it comes to the art of writing.

We have had great writers, who have been Cancers.

15. Their Mind is Like a Parachute

What this Cancer quote means is that these are open-minded people. They can work diligently only when their mind is open and not distracted.

They are extremely imaginative people and their imagination, in fact, knows no boundaries. These individuals are open to changes and new ideas; they like to adapt themselves to the changing surroundings.

Cancerians believe it is the flaws of the people that make them perfect. It is the scars one has suffered, that make them stand out.

16. They Turn a Deaf Ear to Complaints

A true quote for the Cancer sun sign. You are a gross disappointment for a Cancer if you are a constant complainer or the kind who is never happy and satisfied with what they have.

Cancers do yearn for better things in life but they also rejoice the things they already have rather than complaining and whining about them.

If you are around a Cancer, do not whine and cry. This will irritate them and distance them from you!

17. They’re the Most Sentimental of All Zodiac Signs

For cancers, it is the little things that matter the most. Don’t do anything special for a Cancer but do not break their trust either! Once broken, it’s hard to repair.

They are easily hurt and disappointed too, which complicates matters. Cancers feel sorrow in the pain of others as well.

They take it upon themselves to lighten the moods of the people around them. It is this quality that makes them the most loved out of all.

18. Either Left or Right, Nothing in Between: Cancerian

This Cancer quote states that Cancers are extremists by nature. Yes! Either they will love with all their might or they will not care at all.

Cancers are good at holding grudges and find it difficult to forgive someone easily. Love them with all you have and you will experience and share the most beautiful bond.

19. They Are Partly Adaptive

Why Partly? This is because Cancers love their freedom and more importantly, their shelter, but at the same time, they can adapt to the situations surrounding them.

However, time is the key to adaptation. Give them time and they can be yours totally; push them and you have lost them.  As the crab comes out of its hard shell, so does a Cancer.

20. They Have Razor Sharp Memories

Don’t agree with this quote for Cancers? Just give it a try. One can’t argue with Cancers without providing solid facts and evidence.

Cancers have a sharp memory and it’s not easy to prove them wrong until they genuinely are. One cannot lie to Cancers and have their way out.

If you don’t remember their anniversary date or birthday, run, you are in trouble, my friend! It is with their sharp memory that they make great scientists and scholars in any field.

21. Cancers Are Introverts

At the first glance, Cancers may seem fun-loving and easy going. However, deep down inside, they are really introverts. They need that little push to come out and explore their true potential.

They are highly capable and smart people hidden beneath layers of shyness. Once a Cancerian comes out from her shell, she is capable of doing much!

22. Cancers Are Great Business Minds

Earn money and spend lavishly. What else could one want? That’s precisely what this Cancer quote says these individuals do.

Their intuitive and imaginative minds make them highly successful business owners and leaders. They shine bright like a star once they realize and use their true potential.

They possess this driving force to achieve financial stability in life and once they do, nothing can stop them from living the best life.

My Final Thoughts

Look out for a Cancer partner to enjoy good health, wealth and food! Well, that pretty much sums up this amazing Zodiac. Their magnetic attraction is sure to pull you towards them.

All these cancer quotes must have convinced you enough! Give Cancerians a chance— they’ll take your breath away and sweep you off your feet. Love them and let them love you!

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