Cancer Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

Cancer Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

Cancer Woman and Cancer Man Love CompatibilityIf you’re looking for a great match, the first thing that probably would come to your mind is to look for somebody that shares the same values, the same interests, and the same perspective as you. If this is how you look at dating and romance in general, welcome to the club.

In fact that kind of philosophy is pretty much the main assumption behind most of the world’s dating website. Whether you’re trying to match up a friend or trying to match yourself up, you’re always looking for what you have in common.

This is what makes Cancer woman and Cancer man love compatibility interesting.

Usually when people look at the compatibility between people born under the same sign, they always focus on what they have in common. I would argue that the secret to Cancer woman and Cancer man love compatibility is not so much what you have in common, that’s pretty easy to see; but what separates you.

It’s your difference that can make or break your relationship. I’m not at all arguing that you must have as little difference as possible.

Far from it.

I am saying that as more differences you have, the higher the likelihood that Cancer woman and Cancer man love compatibility will not just work out but will lead to a flourishing and emotionally rewarding relationship.

You Know the Routine

When you look at each other you know the routine: You know that they act. What is the Cancer act? Its very simple. The Cancer is based on the crab and the crab is an animal that has a very tough exterior. If you approach the crab with unprotected fingers, chances are, the crab will basically pinch your finger with its pincers.

A crab can be quite nasty. However, once you get under the shell of a crab, you can see that its internal flesh is very soft. In fact, it’s very mushy like gelatin. This pretty much sums up the cancer personality.

The old saying of what you see is what you get is definitely not true when it comes to Cancer.

The Cancer can put up a very tough front. The Cancer can put up quite a tough act. The reason why the Cancer is doing this is because deep down, he or she is very sensitive. The Cancer is very emotionally in tuned deep inside.

In fact, he or she feels that he is so emotionally in tuned that the person is basically over sensitive. This in turn, pushes the Cancer to put up an even tougher act outside.

Do you see where this is headed?

It can actually lead to a downward spiral. In the worst case scenario is that you are facing a Cancer that no longer knows the reality behind the disconnect between how she feels inside and how she responds outside. Those are the extreme cases.

For the most part, the typical Cancer woman and Cancer man know the dichotomy behind their personality. This is the secret to Cancer woman and Cancer man love compatibility.

What secret is that? You know the routine. You know how you respond to the world. You know your sensitivity. You know your need for emotional authenticity. You know the act that you are putting up.

By being aware of this, Cancer woman and Cancer man love compatibility can work out.

It’s all about awareness. It’s all about knowing the rules of the game

It’s A Question of Who Will Truly Open Up First

If you put two crabs together, it can be a fight to the death or it can be a waiting game. By fight to the death, I’m not talking about physical violence. I’m talking about emotionally opening up to each other. You have to remember, you’re looking at two people that are so protective of themselves and are so afraid of being hurt that they will hang on to the tough act for as long as they can.

One key element of Cancer woman and Cancer man love compatibility is for both partners to give each other time to fully open up. This means not pressuring each other.

This means not engaging in emotional blackmail. This means focusing on the things that are fun, being around each other, and supporting each other during challenges.

You have to remember that the best friendships in the world happen not when two people are going through good times. When two people are going through good times and having fun times together, they can easily go off in different directions.

Why? Because there are other people.

The social scene is quite wide. However, when they go through a challenging time together, they learn to trust each other. They learn to lean on each other. They learn to draw strength from each other.

This is one key to Cancer woman and Cancer man love compatibility. Focus on the challenges together. It’s easy to base your relationship on the good times. It’s easy to base your relationship on physical intimacy and physical pleasure.

However, by going underneath the surface and helping each other resolve tough emotional wounds that you may have suffered during your childhood or from a bad breakup from a past relationship, or past abuse; you both put yourself in a situation where your relationship can be built from that soft stop.

One fundamental truth to the Cancer personality is that real relationships, real healing, real restoration, real friendships are based on hurt.

It’s not based on whatever strength you project. The keyword here is project because you are really just acting out. You’re really just putting on a show. When you let the other person in your life truly get under your skin and really dig deep and you trust that person enough not to hurt you, real healing begins.

Again, it’s all a question of who will truly open up first.

However, once one of the partners open up, Cancer woman and Cancer man love compatibility really starts speeding up. It really starts ramping up to a much higher level because it all begins with trust. It all begins with that soft squishy internal part of your personality.

Once you stop pulling off each and you start trusting each other more to not harm each other and to really walk with each other, you could start growing together. Fully evolved Cancer relationships are based on a solid bedrock of trust.

Does this trust mean that there is no space for people’s feelings getting hurt? Does this mean that there is no space for betrayal?

Get real.

We are dealing with a real relationship.

There will be a point in time that you will feel betrayed. There will be a point in time in your relationship that you will feel used and abused.

The issue here is whether you are willing enough when it comes to Cancer woman and Cancer man love compatibility to move forward and move on so you can both heal together and grow together.

That is the real underlying question.

What do you think?

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