Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Love CompatibilityThe Cancer woman and Virgo man love compatibility can either lead to a very frustrating relationship, or can be a relationship marked by joy, fulfillment, and contentment.

It truly depends on how evolved both partners are.

However, the majority of the weight tends to focus on the Virgo man. This should not be a surprise.

Virgo men are similar to Libra men in one point: they tend to have a tough time making decisions. While a Libra guy has a tough time getting off the fence because he’s always weighing new ideas, weighing new facts, and looking for more data, the Virgo man is very indecisive for completely different reasons.

You have to understand that the sign of the virgin is a very perfectionist sign. In other words, the Virgo looks at the world in terms of ideals. If his or her life doesn’t match the ideals, then there’s a problem with the world, never with the ideals.

That’s how interesting the Virgo mindset is.

The Virgo is always blaming situations, other people, and even his or her upbringing for the things that go wrong with his or her life.

It’s not uncommon for Virgos to believe in luck. In many cases, they are on the business end of luck. In other words, they’re getting the raw end of luck.

As a professional that studies the horoscope, I can tell you for sure that while the horoscope tends to general directions based on thousands of years of direct observation of human behavioral patterns, the vast majority of lives turn out is still the result of our choices.

That’s right, I said it: Choices.

You are a human being. You have free will. You can make choices. And unfortunately, the Virgo tendency is that choice is thrown out the window.

In their minds, they are living this melodramatic replay, where they are the protagonist in this tragedy. They are living lives of constant disappointment and frustration. Why? They always compare the way things are with the way things should be.

As anybody with even a modicum of emotional depth can tell you, that’s not the way to live your life.

Unfortunately, the Virgo has a tendency to do this. This thinking has a deep gravitational attraction to Virgos. As a result, they often live their lives failing to live up to their highest potential.

It’s not uncommon for Virgos that would otherwise have made for excellent lawyers and artist, to work as paralegals or artist’s assistants.

It’s not uncommon for Virgos who would have become amazing professors to live out their careers and waste their lives as essentially lower-paid and untenured adjunct professors. They know this. They are smart enough to understand this. And this only adds to their frustration.

I’m focusing a lot on the Virgo aspect of the Cancer woman and Virgo man love compatibility because, as I have mentioned earlier, analyzing this compatibility issue tends to weigh more solemnly on how the Virgo man evolves in the relationship.

The Charming Virgo Man can Charm the Cancer Woman

Make no mistake about it. The Virgo man can charm the pants of a Cancer woman.

Whether we’re talking about the arts, philosophy, emotional depth, dreams, ideals, or about her, the Virgo man can really put on the charm.

The reality is that the Virgo is a very deep and sensitive soul. The problem is that the Virgo man is so deep that it becomes debilitating, seriously. In many cases, if there is any one sign of the horoscope that can use a chill pill, it would have to be the Virgo.

The Desirable Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is no slacker when it comes to the looks department. She may not look as awesome as Kate Upton, but it wouldn’t matter. She knows how to take care of herself.

Moreover, she knows how to make you look good in front of other people. The term trophy wife seems to have been designed with the Cancer woman in mind.

That’s how much appeal Cancer woman brings to the table. They are very desirable partners at many different levels.

A Relationship Knee-Deep In Frustration

Hitting things off is not the problem. Attracting each other’s eyes and getting into a relationship is not the problem.

The problem is getting past the initial stage. The problem is taking the relationship to a much higher level. Real, fulfilling, and mutually-enriching relationships help both partners grow at many different levels. We’re talking about mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Unfortunately, the Virgo’s frustration is like a cancer that basically eats into the tissues of Cancer woman and Virgo man love compatibility. There’s this deep and profound dissatisfaction that the Virgo brings to the table.

The Cancer woman really has two choices at a certain stage of the relationship. She can let the relationship become retarded. In other words, she can basically relate on a fairly shallow emotional level with her Virgo male partner, and just leave it at that.

Interestingly enough, this is the coping mechanism of many people who find themselves in a relationship with a Virgo man. They just tend to leave the relationship at that level.

Or, she can challenge the Virgo man. This is like a serious roll of the dice. On the one hand, you might basically just push the Virgo man out the door. Or, you can challenge him enough that he starts to change. He sees that life doesn’t have to be an endless series of disappointments, and life doesn’t have to be an impossible comparison of the perfect with the practical.

One key way that the Cancer woman can challenge her Virgo male partner is through her materialism.

Make no mistake about it. Regardless of what horoscope sign you’re born under, Cancer materialism can put a strain on your relationship.

Even if you are just friends with a Cancer woman, her tendency to become very materialistic can put strains on your relationship.

The key to Cancer woman and Virgo man love compatibility is for both partners to push each other forward.

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