What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Cancer For The Year Ahead?

Intuitive and emotionally intelligent Cancer is a star sign that’s often misunderstood – and sadly, a star sign also sometimes overtaken by the less positive side of life’s natural currents.

One bout of unexpected bad luck after another can feel soul-crushingly disappointing to Cancer people, who believe in loyalty, kindness and the solidarity of the family or community.

These people are naturally nurturing and hugely witty, which makes them very easy to love and respect – bud sadly, also a little too easy to let themselves get exploited from time to time.

Believe me when I say that Cancer folks are among the most intuitive and psychically gifted of any of the star signs out there, and these gifts – if enhanced, trained and fully trusted – can lead Cancer people to brighter tomorrow after brighter tomorrow.

But of course, as with anyone, a little good luck so often helps! And here, looking even beyond the lucky colours for Cancer, the lucky gemstones for Cancer, even the lucky days of the week for Cancer, we can see how Cancer lucky numbers can play their part in helping these sensitive souls find success.

Cancer Lucky Number 2

Perhaps the most famous Cancer lucky number is the number 2 – and the more you understand both the symbolism of this number and the nature of the Cancer soul path, the more this makes a great deal of sense from every angle.

The number 2 is, of course, the number of people in a couple – and the Cancer individual never quite feels quite at peace unless he or she is in a loyal long term relationship.

Couples and the love and loyalty that comes with them are very important to Cancer people, who always need somewhere to let their nurturing emotions shine.

By trusting in the very number 2 itself, these souls can find that life seems to pave the way to romantic success time and time again if they learn to let go and trust the process.

Looking at the symbol of the Cancer star sign, the glyph represents the two claws of the crab – another connection to the number 2 as much as the innate duality with which Cancer people see life.

These are very black and white people as far as their views often go, and so the number 2 can help to create these points of clarity that guide their thoughts and actions wonderfully.

Cancer folks born in a year ending in the number 2, or on 2nd July, often feel the lucky influences of this number the most acutely, but it’s far from a hard and fast rule.

Anyone with a Cancer star sign, or Cancer placed prominently in their birth chart, can feel the success and good fortune this number – and other numbers detailed in this article – can bring them.

Lucky Number 11

Looking at these two numbers side by side, it makes sense why the number 11 is such a strong good luck charm for Cancer people – after all, one plus one makes two!

It goes a little deeper than simply being a reinterpretation of the energies of lucky number two for Cancer folks though, even if you take that this could be seen as the number 2 in Roman numerals into consideration.

Number 11 is in many ways a number that represents security and solidarity – things that Cancer people are driven by and strive towards.

Seeing the number 11, even on a subconscious levels, inspires these sensitive folks to know that they’re heading in the right direction.

If you imagine the number 10 as representing the whole of something, the number 11 suggests having all of it, and an extra 10% besides.

This appeals greatly to Cancer people, as having abundance, in money and emotional support especially, is very important to these people.

Number 11 is lucky for Cancer people for that reason – the suggestion that there is more than enough for them, and so they can relax and enjoy their lives without being so fraught with worry all the time.

Lucky Number 7

Cancer folks love tradition, so how wonderful it is to see that the most traditional lucky number of all, no matter your star sign, is so closely tied to the energies of this star sign.

Lucky number 7 is lucky indeed for Cancer people, and it represents the unexpected moments of sudden good fortune that can indeed shine down on Cancer folks just when everything seems at its bleakest.

The number 7 is also a cautionary tale though, because triple-7s often represent gambling, which can be a bit of a vice for a Cancer soul who lacks caution and knowing when to back down.

Cancer people can get very set in their ways, and be so determined to win – either at the gambling table literally, or in a metaphorical way – that they lose themselves, and their fortunes or hearts.

Number 7 alone lead as Cancer down a path of knowing when enough is enough, but also gives them enough good luck to rely on that they needn’t be distracted into straying in other areas of life.

The grass isn’t always greener – and the comforts of home can be all the more appealing with lots of good luck to boost Cancer’s confidence.

Lucky Number 16

Sweet 16 is seldom sweeter than when it’s shining the light of good fortune directly onto Cancer folks.

In fact, turning 16 years of age is often a huge deal to people born under the Cancer star sign, even more than it would be ordinarily.

Often there’s a big windfall, an inheritance held back until coming of age, or a beautiful love affair awaiting Cancer folks in their 16th year of life – but it’s not just age that this lucky number for Cancer represents.

The number 16 can also represent the coming of age of ideas, concepts, relationships, job opportunities and so forth – an unlocking of the door to the next phase of a given set of circumstances.

So for example, a Cancer who is marking a 16th wedding anniversary may well find themselves going through a second honeymoon phase with their live that reignites passions and feels like it depends the love and makes it feel new again.

A Cancer who’s worked at a company for 16 years might find themselves invited to sit on the board of directors, or even bee given a handsome share in the business.

More simply, job interviews that occur on the 16th day of a given month often lead to the best results and the most satisfying careers.

And of course, let’s not ignore the obvious here either – 1 plus 6 is 7, a very lucky number for Cancer people.

Is 20 really a lucky number?

Round figures are often given a great deal of meaning in our society, but that’s often with good reason.

And yet while 10 might seem like quite an inauspicious number to many of us, to the Cancer individual, it’s one of the luckiest numbers of all.

Family minded as they are, many Cancer individuals have a stroke of good luck leading to a new baby, pet or family member born through another relative around their 20th birthday.

Likewise, career prospects for these people often go very well from age 20 onwards.

Naturally, the number 20 connects to the number 2, which is lucky for Cancer people to begin with. Some Cancer people I’ve worked with insist it’s ten times as lucky, but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that!

However, good things tend to happen to people on the 20th of a given month, at the 20th house on a given street, or even if they visit the town 20 miles from home for some reason.

The more Cancer people recognise the presence of the number 20 in their lives and how it affects their good fortune, the more these good energies amplify and help.

Numbers to avoid

Because Cancer people see everything so black and white in life, they know instinctively that for ever lucky number of prosperous symbol, there is an unlucky number of symbol of misfortune best avoided at the same time.

Their instincts are as sharp as ever in this case, because there are definitely numbers that only seem to spell disaster for Cancer folks if attuned to too closely.

In fact, just as traditionally lucky number 7 brings Cancer people such good energy, so too does unlucky number 13 seem to so often offer moments of despair or bad fortune.

The number 26 is likewise often an ill omen for Cancer people. This number often leads to self-doubt, encounters of criticism and unkindness that cut Cancer folks deep, and issues with arguing with a partner or having vital money being held up in some way.

I once knew a Cancer who, despite drawing in a monthly wage, insisted to her boss that she be paid a day later than her coworkers, who all got paid on 26th, simply because she didn’t trust the date not to meddle with her money, see it get delayed entering her account somehow and so forth.

This extreme take isn’t always the answer, of course, but definitely goes to show the lengths to which some Cancer people will go to to avoid misfortune!

Always do this when you see lucky number 25

The number 25, as well as of course being another way in which you can take two numbers as written and add them together to make Cancer lucky number 7, is a hugely lucky number for Cancer people in and of itself.

The number 25 represents comfort and contentment, which are things that Cancer people sometimes spend so much time in life trying to find that they don’t recogniser that they have plenty of it right in front of them, if they only take the time to look.

This number attunes the Cancer soul energy to feeling grateful for what has already been achieved, and in helping these often self-doubting individuals to respect themselves for the incredible progress they have made in their own soul journey.

At age 25, Cancer people often experience a sudden and profound moment of good fortune that complete changes their life.

Many Cancer people fall pregnant at this age and go on to be incredible mothers – other land their dream job or partner at this time of life.

My Final Thoughts

The star sign of Cancer is one of the most fascinating to study, explore and learn about.

These summer babies are souls of tremendous intelligence and good humour, but also easily broken hearts that need reassurance and can lack confidence.

Lucky numbers for Cancer can help to remind these easily discouraged individuals that there is plenty in life worth striving for, being thankful for and having faith in.

When the going seems its toughest, it’s often because the next breakthrough is truly close at hand.

Cancer people are very intuitive, and this intuition extends far further than the rational mind can comprehend.

A Cancer soul who has read through our guide today might well find that she or he has been surrounded by these numbers all along – has always felt guided to them, but could never articulate why.

Cancer people who have faith in the realms of life outside their own control – lucky numbers being just a part of that – can find that the little things that crop up get to them less, and that a full heart and a plump wallet is right around the corner.

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