Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer Traits

Venus is the Ruling Planet of love and commitment. You sweep lovers off their feet.

Venus in Cancer might inspire your man to make you breakfast in bed, or let you sleep in while he takes the kids to school.

In friendships and romantic partnerships, you can count on Cancer to have your back. These people also have ingenious skills for getting out of uncomfortable and dangerous situations.

Like your Zodiac symbol, the Crab, you hide when agitated—unless you agitated enough to fight back.

Being a Water Sign, ruled by the divine feminine, Venus will serve you well in matters of the heart.

Your Fluid nature means you can find the path of least resistance—like water flowing downhill. Venus in Cancer brings an emphasis on love and commitment.

Venus in Cancer Women

Venus in Cancer Women manifests in her communication and flirting languages. She is the ultimate fantasy of her man. This woman can go with the flow, as a Water sign.

Cancer qualities of hers include homemaking, caregiving, and the myriad other jobs that would usually fall to a wife or mother.

You are the maternal loving spirit that Venus in Cancer brings to the relationship.

You are an amazing lover, thanks to your sweet Cancer nature, and the influence of the Love Goddess, Venus.

With this combination, you can make any man look your way. Your looks will snag him, but your brain will keep him locked into your vibe. You are classy and funny, and love is coming your way.

Prepare the way for the blessings Venus in Cancer wants to bestow upon your search for fulfillment. Venus is the Ruling Planet of Love, and she is steering you straight towards love.

You are probably the motherly type and love children. You may have a body that suggests you have high fertility.

The man you end up with will also want a lot of children and a close-knit family. Men with Venus in Cancer are especially drawn to your sweet nature.

You can find real happiness, fulfillment, and love in your family. You may want to be a stay-at-home-mom.

Do whatever feels best for you and the love that is coming into your life. You will be protected by the hard crab shell Cancer uses to shield you from harm.

You will also be blessed by the Goddess of Love, Venus, on your path to fulfill your dreams of family and love. You have the world at your fingertips, and Venus in Cancer—you are basically walking love potion!

Venus in Cancer Men

Venus in Cancer Men shows up in the man’s visualization of his perfect Venus. This is what you might call ‘his type of girl’.

Cancer likes familiar feelings and things that make him feel at home. His security blanket is the woman of his dreams.

When a Cancer, under the influence of Venus, catches you, he will do everything in his power to keep you happy.

Cancer men are true gentlemen. They like to stay in and cuddle up and watch movies or make dinner with you. He does not crave fancy things or lavish gifts—he just wants time with you.

This man will be loyal and help you feel safe and at home in his arms.

A Man with Venus in Cancer may hit a rough patch when Mercury goes Retrograde. This affects everyone differently.

This man is Ruled by the planet of love and is a sensitive Cancer, so it may hit him extra hard. Cut him some slack during this time.

A sweet Venus in Cancer dreamboat will never take his frustrations out on you. He will tend to beat himself up, more.

Show your Man with Venus in Cancer that you can take care of him and nurse him back to feeling like himself—which will happen when Venus returns to Direct transit.

A Cancer Man with Venus blessing his journey will find love. This man has a pure heart and pure intentions. He wants to protect you, and build a family together.

This man may be drawn to you because you remind him of his own mother, or because he recognizes what a good mother you would be for his children.

This is the thought that gets him hot and bothered. A Man with Venus in Cancer will keep his kind demeanor for you and the children, never raising a hand or voice to any of you.

This man will lead your family to find fulfillment and love, as a family unit.

Venus and Cancer in Love

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who appreciates your need to retreat sometimes, especially in self-defense.

Your ideal match will love staying home with you in the nest you fluff, together. An Aquarius or Pisces might be a good match.

Eccentric and sweet Aquarius is a nurturer who can reciprocate your TLC, while a Pisces will keep you interested, but possibly hoping for a closer connection.

Your worst prospects for love are with partners who do not appreciate the home your curated for them. A Leo or Sagittarius might be to the public for your taste.

It is hard for Cancers to maintain healthy relationships with people who do not like being at home.

Sagittarius may be a bit too confrontational, which you avoid at any cost—especially when you are trying to enjoy the time you have with Venus’s guidance.

Seek a partner that embodies a balance of homebody and a pleasant person.

Look at your partner’s charts—their Sun and Moon Signs, their ruling planets, and other aspects will affect their personality in different ways.

For those with Venus in Cancer—you will hear wedding bells and the pitter patter of little feet in your daydreams.

You dream of becoming a parent, and a fellow Cancer could be a great life partner to do so with.

Because Venus is the Ruling Planet of love and long-term commitments, and Cancer is the sign of the protective homebody—you two might just build a nest so cozy you never want to leave.

Dates for Venus in Cancer

You will see Venus appear on March 4th, in Retrograde. Venus will be back Direct on April 15th.

Venus enters Cancer on July 31st. There are other times you can watch Venus enter and interact with other Signs.

Friends who know each other very well can pick out the days when you feel under the dark cloud of a Retrograde.

Remember to be grateful for Venus in Retrograde—it is literally extra time to study at home for a pop quiz on the love you know is coming the very next day.

Venus in Retrograde in Cancer lands in the House of professionalism. Due to Venus in Retrograde, this will be a time of struggle for you.

Remember that when you hit these obstacles, they have lessons to teach you.

I know you may feel wedding and/or baby fever hitting your hormones hard, but do not make any major life decisions while Venus is in Retrograde.

Use this time to think all your options through. Once Venus is back in Direct transit, your decision-making will be much clearer, and you will be blessed by Venus in Cancer.

6 Little Known Facts About Venus in Cancer

At the point of Venus entering into Cancer, what you are then faced with is the very real possibility of a number of changes taking place in your life, but only if you are willing to embrace these changes.

After all, there is no doubt that it can influence a number of different parts of your life, if you allow it to, but you will only become aware of these areas if you are able to look at facts that surround it all.

1. You know how to sweep people off their feet.

One thing that becomes very clear to you is that you have this ability to sweep people off their feet at different times.

You love to do this when it is least expected, and it keeps others on their toes providing you with a sense of power over them, which is also something that you tend to enjoy.

However, this is all done from the point of view of a good heart.

2. People know that you have their back.

Another important point is that people know you have their back, which is a common trait when you are dealing with Cancer.

People have this sense of you being aware of what is best for them, and that you are able to offer significant support at the most difficult of times.

3. You like to find the least resistance.

When you are influenced by this planet, then you seem to develop the ability to discover things with the least amount of resistance.

The path ahead may come across as being rather difficult, but you can identify the easiest way to reach your goal, and you will not become too flustered when doing so either.

4. You have a maternal loving spirit.

Women that are influenced by this combination are going to have that real maternal loving spirit, but this is something that is applied across their life and to everybody that they are close to.

They are viewed as being someone with respect and a firm grasp on what it means to be nice to someone, and the love that comes from them can be somewhat overpowering.

5. You are a true gentleman.

A man with this combination is going to be the quint-essential true gentleman, and that is clearly a positive attribute to have.

It will be difficult to attribute any problems in this area simply because they are thoughtful and kind to people, and who wouldn’t then find that the type of person that is easy to love?

6. You seek being fulfilled.

Another thing that you are going to be aware of is that there is a strong sense of you feeling as if you are fulfilled in life, or at least actively seeking it.

This can be in various areas of your life and is not limiting in any way, so embrace the idea as there is nothing that you can do to counteract it.

Ultimately, this combination is very powerful and is able to help you to move forward in life in ways that you never imagined.

Love that concept and be open to change because there is no doubt that it will make a huge difference to you.

Final Thoughts

Sweet Cancer, you will find fulfillment within yourself. This will lead others to see you in a new light when Venus in Cancer.

Remember that Venus in Retrograde in your Sign will be a time to lay low, rest up, and prepare for what is coming down the line, at you.

When Venus returns to Direct transit, you will be ready and confident enough to tackle any problem standing between you and love.

At the time that Venus enter Retrograde, you can be thinking of what to unpack and what new things you should add to your metaphorical toolbox.

Let go of relationships and commitments that are no longer serving your greater purpose. You will find peace, fulfillment, and love in your Home Sweet Home, thanks to Venus in Cancer.

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