The Sun in Cancer

The Sun in Cancer

The Sun in Cancer is a powerful reminder that all things are cyclical.  Your element is Water.  Your Ruler is the Moon.  Your journey will therefore sometimes feel more tidal, than linear.

Your Numerology is the fourth of the Zodiac. Just like in baseball, the concept of the 4th is the concept of making it ‘home’.  You love to care for others.  Your heart is warm like the sunshine, and you always warm the hearts of those in your home.

Cancers have a knack for moving strategically.  You move covertly.  You are conservative and private when it comes to the amount of personal information you will share.  Think of your Star sign, the crab.

The Sun in Cancer Traits

A crab does not walk forward in a straight line, and neither do you.  This can make for a wonderful life of learning but might feel like it leads you away from a shared path with a lover, at times.  Do not fret, for your intended love partner will love your zigs and zags.

Your most complementary colors are purple and silver.  You embody the mother-of-pearl aesthetic.  Even your association with white (which is a combination of all colors) shows your all-encompassing and well-rounded personality.

You are not known for your love of change.  You like to settle in and find a happy place for your roots.  This is due to your Numerology showing a 4.

You want to be a homebody.  When there is trouble, you want to go home.  This is because you saw trouble coming a mile ahead, and were determined to be prepared to survive it.

While you are not a confrontational person, you are very adept at handling uneasy moments as quickly as possible, and moving along.  You like to be secure and safe.  You like holding on to sentimental items.  You love the feeling of nostalgia.

It is beautiful that you can appreciate these types of items, but do not turn your life into a museum.  You must continue to live a new and exciting life.  Look for new ways to get out of your house more.  Or find ways to bring more influences you love into your space.

If you are scared to redecorate your home, for instance, there are baby steps/ways to do it.  Use the idea of the 4, your luckiest number, to help you group collectibles or hang artwork you like.  Stick to neutral colors and accent with purple and silver.

You will be creating a home that is more representative of your Star sign, but also yourself.  Find ways to broaden your home’s horizons.  Live your best life at home by making your nest as calming as it can be to your senses.

One caution, be wary of accumulating too many items.  Hoarding and overcrowding are not soothing for your soul.  If you get stressed in your own home, you have ruined the very sanctuary you hoped to create.  So, keep it simple and personal.

The Sun in Cancer Women

The Sun in Cancer Women provides a mother bear spirit that could love the whole world, given the opportunity.  Many Cancer women are known to be caring, maternal creatures.  Although not perfect, yourself, you can make others feel as though all is well in the world.

The most eternally iconic Cancer woman is the late Princess Lady Diana, of Wales (b. July 1, 1961).  She was a known philanthropist.  She left the castles of England’s monarchy to tour war-torn countries.  She was known for her compassion towards those afflicted by the AIDS epidemic.

Not only was she a beautiful example of the fairy tale princess come to life, she also illuminated the trouble outside the castle.  These trips are reminiscent of the Buddha’s journey into the reality of worldly, human suffering.  She was well-loved by the general population.  She made everyone feel like they were worthy of royal attention.

Another famous and archetypal Cancer woman is Priyanka Chopra (b. July 18, 1982).  She is best known for her role on Quantico.  Her character is a truth-seeker.  Priyanka portrays this character well, as a Cancer; she has had much practice avoiding and overcoming various obstacles.

Ariana Grande (b. June 26, 1993) is the quintessential young Cancer woman.  She is artistic, heart-warming, and fierce—all at the same time.  She has a one-of-a-kind talent, and heart to match.  When one of her concerts was interrupted with a terrorist attack, she was still able to help fans.

She rallied them with supportive words on social media.  She planned a benefit concert in the same town where the attacks occurred.  She organized a myriad of famous faces to perform to help raise money for helping the victims’ families.

Cancer women are strong.  You know how to protect themselves and others.  The winds of change bother you, but they never sweep you off your game for too long.

Cancer women are protective.  You speak out for the underdogs and disenfranchised.  You are actively against the marginalization of minority groups.  You are the future of peace in a very diverse society.

The Sun in Cancer Men

Tom Hanks (b. July 9, 1956) is famous for roles in movies about travel.  Many of them show him encountering disastrous events and overcoming them.  He is acting out the importance of 4 in the Numerology of the Cancer’s life; he is finding his way ‘home’.

Think of movies like – Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, Castaway, Captain Phillips, and Sully.  Hanks has been in over 75 movies and is great at putting audiences at ease, even in dire plot scenarios.  He is bringing them—the characters on screen and the audience members— ‘home’ safely as well.

Another iconic and well-loved character that is ubiquitous in pop culture was played by famous Cancer actor, Harrison Ford (b. July 13, 1942).  Cancer men, such as Ford, carry the charisma and gravitas to portray such larger-than-life figures as Han Solo and Indiana Jones.  He is a flawed hero, whom audience love to root for.

Harrison Ford, however, revered, also does not seem to mind his reputation as being a bit of a jerk, at times.  Do not forget that Cancers are Crabs.  They will snap at you with their claws if they feel you are coming for them.

Comedian Nick Offerman (b. June 26, 1970) is best known for playing Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation.  This Crab pulls off the crabby Swanson swimmingly.  The character shows some of Offerman’s natural tendencies:

Swanson’s character (not surprisingly, a Taurus, born on May 6, 1960) loves to eat the same foods—all the time.  He loves brunettes and has married more than one Tammy.  He hates change.  Cancers, like Nick Offerman, are so similar to the tendencies of Ron Swanson, that the actor probably understands his character completely.

The Sun and Aries in Love

Cancers may come across as moody old curmudgeons.  This will usually come out when they are facing changes.  Crabs struggle with change.  Like a child, what they know seems to be their whole world.  When anyone tries to alter the homebody’s modus operandi, expect push-back.

For many Cancer men and women, though, fears and crabbiness can be assuaged by reassurance from loved ones, bosses, and the community they live in.  Love will find you and give you this peace you crave.  Remember, a new love is worth the compromise it sometimes requires.

This type of deeply personal compromise will present a challenge for you.  You can do this, Cancer.  Your partner will love and encourage you along the way.

Make sure to thank them.  Reciprocate their love and loving actions.  Never forget that they are making sacrifices and compromises, also.

The Dates for the Sun in Cancer

A New Moon on January 12th will help your year start off with a calming tone.  You are a nurturer.  This quiet time for reflection in the new year is exactly what you need.  Take the time to think of you- and a possible future love.

Use the time between January and June to fluff your nest.  Take care of unfinished personal business.  Take stock of what you have and need.  Once you know what you need, you will already be prepared to gratefully receive your gift.

June 4th will see Mars enter Cancer.  Mars is an aggressive symbol.  This wind change will see the winds swirl around you.  Things are about to get interesting in your love life, Cancer.

A month and two days later, on June 6th, Mercury will cross your sign and you may feel a bit dizzy from the quickened pace of your relationships.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Enjoy being where you are.

On July 31, Venus will heighten your passions.  You will feel the presence of Venus when around those that mean the most to you.  Your intimate relationships will flourish at this juncture.

Ride this high wave for the rest of the year, Cancer.  Your star sign will be resting from August to December.  Being a homebody, this suits you.  And, seeing as you are going to be nurturing new loves, this is the perfect time to grab a cozy blanket, snuggle up with your sweetheart, and stoke the growing heat in your already-glowing hearth.

Using the following Numerology Chart, you can count on the dates listed below to be included in Lucky Days, or Months, of the Year:

1:         A         J          S

2:         B         K         T

3:         C         L         U

4:         D         M        V        

5:         E         N         W       

6:         F          O         X        

7:         G         P          Y

8:         H         Q         Z         

9:         I           R

Cancer = 3

Cancer + Sun = 3

Cancer + Love = 9

Cancer, your Numerology readings show the importance of 3 and 9, in your sign.  Your sign reading is 3.  The Sun in Cancer, by Numerology, also reveals itself to equal 3.  Take this as a powerful symbol that the Sun is your ally.

Cancer, according to Numerology, your sign and love equal 9.  This is the highest compliment to your loving spirit.  For 9 is the sacred apex of single digit Numerology.  You are a natural at making others feel at home because 9 embodies and reflects all the best qualities of numbers 2-8.

With the Sun in Cancer and 9 being your Love number, you are in luck.  Love will find you.  The number 9 tells that wisdom will inform your love life. Learn from those you love and look up to.

You are building the home you want around you.  Remember that you make the rules.  Center your efforts and intentions around the energy you need around you.  Like the quote from Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”.

Love is seeking you out, Cancer.  And when it finds you, and the abode you have lovingly maintained for it, love will want to stay with you.  Forever.

Final Thoughts

Your romantic and sentimental nature may find you a bit depressed at times.  This is understandable.  When someone breaks your heart, it tends to stay broken longer than that of other star signs.

As a Cancer, you care deeply about the comfort of others.  You defend them.  You nourish them.  You think of ways to better the community while daydreaming.

You want everyone to get along.  You want everyone to feel safe.  And then, you just want to go home and rest.  You wish everyone had a comfortable and safe place to call home.

You love to see everyone smiling and happy.  Often, your humor is the source of their happiness.  Because the Moon is your Ruler, you have a quirky take on life.  You crack your friends and family up, constantly—and they would not trade you for anyone.

A Question for you, Dear Reader:

You are known as a peacemaker, when out in the world.  At home, you want comfort, peace, and quiet.  What is more important for you to accomplish—world peace or peace with self?

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