Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn

The celestial Love Goddess, Venus, will bless you with a triple-shot of love.  Venus in Capricorn will affect you in work, family, and romantic pursuits.

Venus is the Ruling Planet of two houses, so it can affect you more than you may have originally thought.

Venus in Capricorn Traits

Venus in Capricorn Rules the 10th House, which governs your livelihood.

Venus in Capricorn will appear as Retrograde in the 4th House, the house of family—in this case, the Mother.  The 5th House governs values and the family home.

Retrograde in the House of Family, the 4th, is not a signal that your family will break up.  On the contrary, you must address lingering problems.

Tie up loose ends, in preparation for the rebirth of a family or familial relationship.  Mercury in Retrograde is about restoring the lost and shedding the dead.

Venus in Capricorn Women

Venus in Capricorn is rare—both in timing and in characteristics.  You are a fluid Water sign, under the divine feminine influence of Venus.

You will take your time getting physical with a partner.  Capricorns are not the prudes they sometimes get labeled as.

Venus in Capricorn women will manifest as super sensual and teasing lovers.

You love the arts of burlesque, pole dancing—and maybe even thought about giving one or the other a try.  Venus in Capricorn is not a silly or rough lover, but a slow and patient partner, in bed.

A woman with Venus in Capricorn will take time getting to know her partner before giving over trust right away.  You will benefit from a trusting and honest form of communication.

When Venus is in Retrograde in Capricorn, you will feel the loving energy.  Use this time to rest and prepare for what lies ahead.

Retrograde is not to be viewed in a negative light.  See it as a stoplight—signaling that a certain behavior can continue, should slow, or is free to move forward into your future.

Do not make heavy decisions when Venus is in Retrograde.  Do not drunk call or text your ex.  This is not the time to dwell on old heartaches—it’s time to honor them and move on.

While some might think you are a bit cold-hearted, you find comfort in strategic detachment.

You like practical solutions to problems and sometimes grow impatient with more creative thinkers. Seek a partner that not only matches the values Venus is asking you to consider.

You can find love and fulfillment in relationships that feel stable and secure.  You crave honest communications and a life partner.  You are always the one to come through for your friends.

You are dependable and smart but would still love a man around the house.  Venus in Capricorn will empower you to own the fact that you would like—but do not need—a man’s help.

However, asking a man for help

Venus in Capricorn Men

The Earthy and wise Capricorn Man, influenced by Venus, might look for an Earth Mother type of woman.

He wants a woman who feels connected to the Earth, and also to a greater good.  Symbiosis is a comfortable word for your chemistry—you feed off each other’s energy, balance out negative qualities, and work as a team.

Venus in Capricorn Men demonstrates a feminine influence over this man’s communication skills or view on long-term commitments.

Understand that this man is probably trying to operate on the boundary of insecurity, but at least willing to try something new.

Do not expect this man to be seeking the limelight.  He is more of a strong and silent type.  While he knows how to have fun, he is not the class clown nor does he want to be the center of attention.

He would rather take the time to focus on you.  Traditional relationship norms may not be his style, but a committed Capricorn Man is loyal, especially with Venus in Capricorn.

Venus and Capricorn in Love

When it comes to Love, you must first be fulfilled while single.  Next, start busting down the emotional barricades you are so good at building.

Relationships will open up and grow under Venus in Capricorn in Love.  Just as important as finding new love is letting go of that which is not healthy for you anymore.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who will inspire you to be more productive.  A tenacious Taurus or vivacious Virgo would be a great match.

Taurus has passion and determination.  Virgo offers a keen and critical eye, with the measured words of an introvert.

Your worst prospects for love are partners who will distract you or slow you down.  For different reasons, Leos and Cancers could be hard to stay with long-term.

The Cancer is a cozy cuddle-buddy, but they will encourage you to call in sick to binge tv with them.  You need a more outgoing partner, but a Leo might be too authoritarian for you.

Capricorn men tend to be ambitious, loyal, and tend towards serial monogamy.  Venus in Capricorn gives them the ability to seduce you, with words alone.

This is the time at which the Capricorn Man will come across with the most confidence.

Capricorn Women tend to be just as upwardly mobile as male counterparts, in many fields.  Women who have Venus in Capricorn are the unconditionally loving companion.

She forgives and tries to forget.  And if she cannot, she will not sugar-coat the truth for you.

A true sign of a Capricorn’s respect is when they trust that you can handle the truth.  Not everyone can.  Be aware of the fact that people look to you and a source of leadership.

Trust is something people are investing in you, so make sure that you do your best to give them a full return on their investment.

Capricorns like hard limits and rules to follow, but that does not mean they are square.

Lovemaking with a Capricorn who is under the influence of Venus will be mind-blowing because these people are sticklers for details and getting things done correctly.

Dates for Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Retrograde happens every 18-19 months and is the rarest of planetary transits.  Venus will appear for you on March 4th, in Retrograde.  Venus will be back Direct on April 15th.

The key for Venus in Retrograde is to not act during that time.  Even breakups will be messy.  Use this time to plan, and use Venus in Direct transit as your time to make a move.

Plan and apply for a new job during Venus in Retrograde, but do not leave your current job during this time.  Develop a crush during Venus in Retrograde, do not propose at this time.

You must seek fulfillment in a time when the sky is bright, and hibernate when there is a shadow.

There are other times you can watch Venus enter and interact with other Signs.  Friends who know each other very well can pick out the days when you feel under the dark cloud of a Retrograde.

Remember to be grateful for Venus in Retrograde—it is literally extra time to study at home for a pop quiz on the love you know is coming the very next day.

5 Little Known Facts About Venus in Capricorn

When Venus comes into Capricorn, then it can bring with it a number of different attributes that you may very well find to be very useful in the grand scheme of things.

However, there is no way of knowing how it can influence you unless you spend time looking at a series of facts connected to it all, and that is what we can spend some time doing at this point.

1. You will be hit with a feeling of love.

One thing that will be loud and clear is that you are about to be hit with a real feeling of love, and it can come from a number of different directions.

This is going to be powerful and potentially overwhelming, but it is something that you are just going to have to contend with.

Enjoy the positive feelings that come with it as you never know when you may encounter it again in the future.

2. You feel the need to deal with problems.

Venus is going to have the ability of making you feel that there is a real need to address any problems that may have been hanging around for some time.

You have the ability and desire to deal with them, and people will also be more than willing to listen to what you have to say making it easier for those wounds or issues to be dealt with in a concise and confident manner.

3. You will take your time in getting to know people.

As a woman with Venus in Capricorn, there is a very real sense that you will take your time getting to know people and will not rush into anything whether it be a love interest or just a normal friendship.

You are somewhat protective of your own self, and you are not about to do anything that can damage that, so while some may see you as being somewhat slow in dealing with all of this, you will benefit from taking this approach.

4. You are down to earth and wise.

For a man with this combination, there is an idea of them being somewhat down to earth and rather wise in anything and everything that they do.

They take their time and will not rush into decisions simply because they like to weigh up the possibilities that they have often overlooked.

5. You are dependable and exceptionally smart.

Finally, you are also known as being rather dependable as well as exceptionally smart, which is not exactly a bad way for people to view you.

However, this is something that you need to continually work on as you do not want to allow your standards to slip when there is no need for this to be case.

Ultimately, Venus is a powerful figure that is going to allow you to make progress in life like never before.

However, embrace the new you because it is going to be exciting and you will see that you are able to change things whereas before you may have felt that everything was a lost cause.

Final Thoughts

Do not be discouraged by Venus in Retrograde.  All the activity that Venus brings your way is positive.

Just think- Venus affects 3of your Houses when Direct and Retrograde also applies to the same 3 Houses.  This means you will clearly recognize concerns in work, family, and love—while Venus is in Retrograde in Capricorn.

When Venus in Capricorn is back in Direct transit, you will find love and fulfillment at work, with family, and with your partner.

Remember that words like ‘home’ refer to both the security of your shelter and your security in the relationships with other people within your home.

Family can include biological, adopted, and chosen family.  Fulfillment and love are yours for the taking, especially with Venus in Capricorn.

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