Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus

Venus, the Ruling Planet of Love and commitment; in Taurus, the Sign of the Bull. The Bull is solid and strong.

However, with Venus in Taurus, they provide balance to their foil. Finding balance will lead you to find fulfillment. Finding fulfillment will best the best preparation for you finding love.

Venus in Taurus Traits

You are a grounded person and think pragmatically and practically. You are a no-frills type of person.

The things you do pay special attention to, especially when sharing with a loved one, are smells, tastes, feels, sounds, and touches.

Taurus, your temperament carries both strengths and weaknesses. Your drive to accomplish goals may seem a bit obsessive from the outside, looking in.

Peers may question your methods. Graciously accept questions and critique. Then, head back to the drawing board and apply what you have just learned.

Venus in Taurus Women

Women with Venus in Taurus are going to be attracted to the sensual side—literally the 5 senses.

Your fiery and stubborn nature, combined with the feminine and devoted Venus, will have you wanting to try new things to keep your partner happy.

Remember Taurus, when you get overly excited you tend to lose sight of your goals.

This woman is not to be lied to. You prefer monogamy over open relationships. You do not tolerate cheating because it just cuts you too deep.

Venus in Taurus Women is hot to your tough. You are the mix of hot and tough that drives men wild. You are always able to fit in with guy friends—perhaps you grew up around sports.

You are the type of Earthy woman who can turn a man on while hustling his money at the pool table.

Women with Venus in Taurus show their love in practical ways. Getting your car washed for you.

Making your favorite meal is a more heartfelt treat, and this is important to the passionate Man with Venus also in Taurus.

Venus in Taurus Men

Each sense is essential to pleasing a Man with Taurus in Virgo. And while this man is alluring as hell, he will always make you feel like you are in hell.

Do not expect Taurus to be totally honest with you. Men with Mercury in Taurus often stray.

Accept this man for who he is, especially if he has tried to be honest with you about it. Do not think you can or should try to change or save him.

You are more than likely not a one-person rehab or psychology practice, so just leave that to the professionals.

A man with Venus in Taurus will benefit from the loving perspective the feminine Venus exposes to him. This man may love his own mother, but perhaps not respect her.

He may also make you fall in love with him, paying no mind to how your heart will most likely be broken by his actions. Taurus men are handsome, funny, charismatic—well—prone to habitual cheating.

If he wants to change his ways, his best chance of doing so are by planning and mentally and emotionally preparing.

He should do this while Venus is in Retrograde. When Venus shows as in Direct transit again, you can step out and start a new life.

Just make sure you are doing this for yourself—changing to please others never works out, even when Venus is in Taurus.

Taurus, the Bull, is very tactile. He wants instant gratification in love and lovemaking. His Fiery nature, along with Venus in Taurus will make for some very passionate actions in bed.

After that though, Taurus will usually hit the road and leave you wanting.

On the off-chance that you find the rare Taurus man who wants to settle down and commit for the long-haul, you need to be prepared.

This man is not good at apologies, and sometimes will take your joking too far, and get personal. If you start feeling like the guest of honor at a Roast, then communicate your frustrations to Taurus.

Venus in Taurus will facilitate an understanding being reached, but know this could easily emerge as a regular pattern with a Taurus man.

They are great lovers and great leavers and rest assured there is nothing you can do or should do, to try and change him.

Venus and Taurus in Love

Your best prospects for love are partners who will respect you both in their words and actions.

Venus and Taurus in Love is a physical and lovemaking force to be admired. Tell him how much he means to you.

If you explain that you have been using Retrogrades as reflection periods and found that you truly admire him. What man would not want to hear this from his lady?

Your worst prospects for love are partners who cannot appreciate your determination and drive. Some people see your stubbornness as a deal-breaker.

Some may fight your zeal for live a little over-the-top. Everyone is entitled to their own taste, but you may find a great match in the eccentric and mystics, Aquarius.

When you make a special effort to communicate to your partner how much you value them—even their quirks—you are bonding.

When you can laugh with each other for so long it hurts—you are bonding. In Love, Venus allows Taurus more confidence and willingness to open up, emotionally.

When a Taurus gets mad, you are the Bull. You will charge, trample, and try to gore the other person, before you let up.

You have a strong need to win every battle. Some of these are not battles you should have chosen to fight.

In time, and with Venus in Taurus, you will find a more loving outlet—one that could work for you in the long-term as an anger management tool.

You would also benefit from mindful meditation on your temper and your relationship responsibilities. Find friends who you can talk to honestly.

These same people might just wind up stealing your heart, just by showing you their compassionate side.

Once you find the right person, and you fit your stride as a couple, you will be able to look at your charts together and analyze your relationship from many different angles.

This helps you find love and fulfillment, right where you are.

Dates for Venus in Taurus

Venus enters Taurus on June 6th. Venus will appear for you on March 4th, in Retrograde. Venus will be back Direct on April 15th.

Remember that Venus in Retrograde is a time to sit back and coordinate your plan for moving forward.

Brainstorm some new life goals, which you can test out, as soon as Mercury is Direct, again.

Use your worry at this time as a growing pain—letting you know where the growth is needing to continue. You are strong and you will thrive, once you can declutter your mindset.

Taurus, Venus is blessing you with her divine feminine presence and sowing the seeds for your future love life. Be grateful for the universe’s harmony and inner workings.

Do not try to understand every complexity of life, religion, and philosophy.

Sometimes respectful acknowledgment is all you have time for, Taurus and accepting that you do not have time to sample everything in life will actually come as quite a comforting thought to your restless mind’s eye.

7 Little Known Facts About Venus in Taurus

At the point of Venus entering into Taurus, then you should be aware of a number of factors that could influence the way in which you view life in general.

While this is often positive in nature, you do still have to spend time looking a facts attributed to this combination to then get a better idea of the way in which this combination is able to affect your life.

1. It gives you a sense of balance.

One of the most positive attributes has to be the way in which it gives you a sense of balance in your life as this is something that is often missing.

Taurus is the bull, and it can make you somewhat stubborn, but Venus is able to counteract that leading to you viewing things in a better light.

2. You are going to be somewhat grounded in life.

Venus has the ability in this instance to make you more grounded in life.

This will mean you can view things in a better light, and one that is not as disturbed allowing you to make better progress in a shorter period of time, which is hardly going to be a bad thing.

3. You can obsess over achieving a goal.

One thing that you may be guilty of doing is becoming somewhat obsessive about achieving a goal, but you will carry on regardless as it does mean that you can get things done.

To others, it might come across as being quite strange, but you have a sense of contentment coming over you that is more powerful than that.

4. You are attracted to the sensual side of life.

As a woman with this combination, you will often be more attracted to the sensual side in life and this will also help you to feel somewhat inspired to get on with things.

You are more in touch with this aspect of being a human than you would normally be, so enjoy the difference that it makes to how you feel about things.

5. You can bring up a fiery side.

This combination does often result in you being able to bring up a more fiery side to your nature, and you are not going to be afraid to display that at different times.

Also, people are aware that this is always a possibility, so it will keep them on their toes as they certainly do not want to cross this particular line.

6. You have charisma.

A man with this combination is going to have real charisma, but do not allow that to completely sway you or how you feel about them.

There is always the chance that this man can stray due to his star sign, so the charisma could be quite shallow in nature.

7. You feel the need to plan things.

Thanks to this influence, you are going to feel the need to really plan things, and that makes life easier.

You are able to go ahead and do this both physically as well as mentally, so take advantage of the space that it gives to you.

There is little doubt that this combination is able to inspire you, but be alert to it pushing you too far to the point of it turning into a negative.

This is always possible, but just being alert to it can prevent it from happening.

Final Thoughts

Taurus, you are not the type for cheap and easy hookups, when Venus is governing your decisions.

You are a someone who takes emotions—and especially emotional commitments to loved ones—to heart. Your word is your bond, and those close to you know that you are a person of your word.

Your Earthy nature signals that you can be as free as tall grass swaying in the wind, or as fixed as a half-buried boulder.

Remember that you are a person of the Earth, so draw inspiration by trying to get the lay and feel of the land around you.

Also, Venus in Taurus will remind you of your worth. Not only will this help your self-image, but also make you more confident, as a public figure.

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