Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces

Pisces, you are the most mature and spiritual of the 12 Zodiac houses. Your element is water, meaning you are fluid and flexible in matters of the heart and mind.

Venus in Pisces signals a time when you are most capable of anything. Your Ruling Planet, Jupiter loves to surprise you.

Venus in Pisces Traits

Venus in Pisces will usher in more comfort in your home and love life. Venus wants you to find a place you can call home—at least for now.

You are a loner, by many standards, but you are also and sensitive and mystical soul, so you will definitely be catching the eye of many could-be suitors.

Venus in Pisces will empower you to employ your sensuality in a romantic relationship. Venus will help you graduate to a new level if you are in a committed relationship, already.

If you are single, then know that Venus in Pisces is your window to make a move, just be careful that you are not making your big move during Venus in Retrograde.

Venus in Pisces Women

Venus in Pisces, for Women, is the time you will feel most connected to your inner lovemaking kitten. In day-to-day life, you do not doll up.

You may dress casually if work is okay with it. You may not wear makeup—Hell, you might be in a hard hat and safety glasses all shift.

Regardless, you will be appreciated by your partner. Most importantly, this is prime time for you to be feeling yourself.

You are somewhat introverted, and more spiritually-minded than all of the other Signs of the Zodiac.

Your symbol—Two Fish, Swimming Separately—is a very accurate depiction of inner turmoil and decisions you face.

You will find fulfillment when you find a balance between these halves. You will find love after you have found self-fulfillment.

Venus in Pisces, as in all women, governs how you feel about wealth and worth, with the feminine perspective of Venus.

You will value yourself exceptionally highly (and rightly so!) this year, because of the unusual brightness of Venus, at this time.

Old wives’ tales say that years with a brighter Venus, especially if you can see it in daylight, empowers women to the point of finally leaving a sour or abusive relationship.

Visualize Venus in Pisces as your own personal Amazon warrior personal security team. She will empower you to see the love in your spirit and share that love with others.

When you share love, it is multiplied. Your fulfillment will come when you find equality between your individual life, work life, and love life.

With Venus in Pisces, now is the time to focus on attracting the type of love you truly desire and deserve.

Be aware that Venus in Retrograde in Pisces appears in your 2nd House. This is the House of money, self-worth, evaluation of relationships.

This can mean in finances or in love, as in buying a home or getting married.

Retrograde is a time to think critically about these decisions, just do not make any permanent or long-term promises, until Mercury is shining brightly in Direct transit, in Pisces.

Venus in Pisces Men

Venus represents love and self-worth, as well as how you value closest to you. Men with Venus in Pisces will find themselves fulfilled and loved.

In relationships that lack enough affection and praise, this man might feel that he is not valued highly enough to stick around.

Venus affects Pisces in Men, because in the realm of Love when the Woman is affected, the Man will also feel it.

Men with Venus in Pisces can find fulfillment in jobs such as massage, physical therapy, and jobs in the industry.

Fulfillment within a job will help the Pisces Man feel confident and worthy of the love Venus is leading him to.

Have faith in yourself and value yourself—if others cannot see your true value, or appreciate you, that is your cue to cut them out of your life.

When Retrogrades end, you can count on this man to come out swinging. He will prove his business acumen, which a partner with Venus in Pisces will respect.

This man gains his self-worth when he feels he is staying true to himself and helping others.

Lovemaking with a Man or Woman with Venus in Pisces is a real treat for the soul. These lovers are spiritual and reassuring.

You will feel deep connections with this old soul. Venus wants to empower and serve the purpose of your truest commitments—be it a love of your job, friends, family or self.

Venus and Pisces in Love

Venus is here to Bless you, Pisces. Venus Rules Love. Venus in Pisces, especially this year, with Venus at its brightest.

Let this bright and radiant light of the Love Goddess planet shine through you and empower your search for love.

If ever there is a time to remain open to what the Universe brings you, it is right when Venus is in Pisces, giving her blessing for your long-term fulfillment.

Pisces, you may crave alone time. This is part of your nature and nothing to apologize for.

Your best prospects in love are with others who can give you your personal space, and pick up right where you left off when you are ready.

An Aquarius or Libra might be just the unbiased and spiritual truth-seeker you can get along with, in a committed relationship.

Your symbol, fish swimming opposite ways, can be interpreted in many ways. In love, this signifies your openness to new concepts, willingness to change your mind, and a fair amount of the live-and-let-live vibe.

Your worst prospects in love are with those who are closed-minded, or more comfortable in their own little shell, like Cancer.

Pisces, even those close to you find you somewhat mysterious. Venus is Pisces in Love will help you find a fulfilling balance between your private and public lives.

Dates for Venus in Pisces

Venus appears in Pisces on January 3rd. You start the year on the right foot, on your path toward love and fulfillment.

Venus is the Ruling Planet of Love and long-term commitments. On April 2nd, Venus in Retrograde appears in your Sign, Pisces. Venus will be Direct again by April 15th.

Remember that Venus is the Ruling Planet of love and attachment. With Venus in Pisces, you will be stronger than ever, in terms of appraising your self-worth and love life.

This will be most clear to you while Venus is in Retrograde around you. Do not despair, for Venus in Retrograde in Pisces can serve as a dedicated period to focus on what you love most and how you want to maintain that attachment.

When Venus is in Retrograde in Pisces, this is Venus stepping in as editor-in-chief to whip you back into shape.

Venus is about committing to take better care of yourself, as well as your loved ones. With Venus’s love and support, re-evaluate your life at this time.

See this time as a period of reflection; an investment in your future emotional health.

5 Little Known Facts About Venus in Pisces

When Venus moves into the house of Pisces, you can obviously expect a number of things to happen due to the power and influence that this planet can hold.

However, that does not mean that it will be something to fear. Instead, if we look at a number of facts connected to this combination, we can then determine that a number of positive things could potentially occur, if you are open to the influence that it may have over you.

1. You feel capable of doing anything.

One of the first things to mention is that you will feel as if you are capable of doing anything, and this is a wonderful thing to feel.

Your confidence is high, you do not see as many things as being problems, and you dare to dream.

This is all due to the positive influence of Venus and the excitement that it tends to bring with it that really can change your life.

2. It gives you comfort at home.

Venus wants you to feel as if you have a place that is comfortable to you, and that is almost always going to be your home.

It wants you to get that special place where you can just unwind and relax as well as just get away from the stresses that come with modern life.

This should become a priority over and above pretty much anything else, but then you still require some directional help to allow you to get to this goal rather than feeling lost and stressed about your ability to achieve this.

3. You are mystical and sensitive.

Venus is going to usher in a new feeling of being rather mystical in life as well as sensitive to the needs of others.

You are often viewed as being somewhat of a loner in life, but you do not completely push others away.

Instead, you are there for them when required, and you seem to really be tuned into what they need even to the extent of you being better at it than they are regarding themselves.

4. You feel more connected to your inner self.

As a woman with Venus in Pisces, you will discover that you are more in contact with your inner self than you have ever been at any other point.

This is an exciting time for you whereby you can go on a journey of exploration and uncover new things about you that you never knew even existed.

5. You feel more fulfilled.

For men with this combination, there is a real sense of being fulfilled in life with this being a state that you have been working on for some time.

It brings a certain relief to you that you have been able to achieve this, so you need to revel in the warmth and comfort that it brings as much as possible.

Ultimately, this combination is about just relaxing and connecting with your own self more than anything else.

In doing so, you will then be in a better position to help others, but you need to start with helping yourself.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to reflect on the Venus cycles—18-19 months and 8 years are both important numbers to keep in mind when reflecting to figure out which chapter of your life is ready to close; and which new one you are now prepared to open.

If you are unsure, you can find free astrological chart generators online, that will help you find Venus in Pisces, and keep learning more.

Finally, be aware that of all the Zodiac signs, Pisces is usually the most comfortable on their own.

You make great friends and loved ones, but do not feel the need to tie yourself down to just one person, place, or religion.

Just knowing the option to remain rambling is open to you puts you at ease. Never settle for what will make someone else happy—Venus in Pisces wants to empower you to live your esoteric dreams!

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